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Hello there!! My name is Charish Lee or Charlee if you'd rather. I'm 21, the oldest of 7 going on 8 children and as the title suggests, I'm an INFJ. I hope you enjoy my podcast as I let you in on my inner thoughts, feelings and a few stories you m...
This is foodcast, in which we discuss not just food but its history and impact.

The Jealous Vegan Podcast

By The Jealous Vegan - Raising the bar on plant-based dialogue
We believe that plant-based eating is better for all humans and for our planet yet we recognize how hard it is to transition and maintain. The Jealous Vegan podcast exists to: 1) support, encourage, and cheer for those who want or need to sustain...
The Squad is all here! Rick, Edina, D-Rock and friends! After the show, Z90’s Morton in the Morning takes you home with them to enjoy just a little bit more. Stories, interviews, arguments and topics of the day brought to you through the insane...
Story telling about art and bussines. My jurney from project to exhibition. And interviewing some amazing artist.
Welcome to our podcast, only great things happen here... We challenge status quo.
De l'art et de la Musiques dans les Oreilles. Chaque semaine, retrouvez les podcasts Art & Jazz d'Art District Radio. Chroniques, interviews et reportages sonores thématiques pour une plongée dans l'actualité culturelle.
Textes, poésies, petites nouvelles… Quoi de neuf au pays de Verlaine !
Just a couple of thoughts on how my internship is going right now. Also a couple thought on How being back in buffalo is right now
Artsenta is a shared studio for people within the mental health community. This show is hosted by users of the Artsenta facility and features music and updates on Artsenta initiatives.
Um podcast meio aleatório onde eu, David Ferreira, falo sozinho durante alguns minutos.

Arts Hub

By Tania Robinson, Kristy Pearson
Join Tania Robinson and Kristy Pearson each week for a wrap up of what’s going on in the local arts scene. Feature interviews with artists, administrators, writers and arts practitioners and an entertaining and informative mix of reviews, preview...
This is Alimoon. Welcome to my Lyrical Audio Candy Tour 🍭. Where we explore words that please every taste. Come on, let’s go! Tantalizing literary treats await!
These are stories that have intersected my life and should impact yours. Not much of a theme, just bouncing around to the things that move my heart.
Hey there! My name is Alec Meijerink, a young creator who enjoys collaborating with others and bringing things to life.
Two Daves tasting and talking about beer either from each other’s shed, brewery or venue that sells craft beer.
Aprende fotografía con
Me expressing my knowledge in the best way me grow!
Dunedin artists Ron Esplin and Andy Cook present tips and info for budding artists, as well as music with an arty theme.
Art Therapy is the podcast dedicated to learning about the creative process, and motivating artists with ideas and inspiration in their craft.
Κουλτούρα για τις μάζες
We talk about our favorite teams in detail as well as other teams mainly in basketball and football, cricket as well. Also have many people come in and give you a good laugh:)
Sports lover, music listener, GGTK. Good guy to know
Art Mode is a podcast for all the artists out there struggling with navigating the 21st century art world.
In our podcast we take short plays of 10-15 minutes and adapt them for an audio only presentation. Special thanks to Le Chat Noir, a Black Box Theatre in Augusta Georgia, for providing support, space, encouragement and access to actors. Plays. The...
Um podcast sobre livros e leituras.
Welcome to Stories in the Dark, a weekly podcast of short stories that tend towards the dark, the creepy, or the dangerous. I am Gabrielle S. Awe and I write, and write, and write...both short fiction and novels. I have a few full-length projects ...
「不可理论」是一档带你用理论来理解生活的播客节目。宗旨是,不可用学术的方式做理论,不可用理论的方式谈理论。 邮箱:[email protected] 微博: 知乎: 微信公号:不可理论(bukelilun)
ROOTed:Extended will candidly go over everything you've ever wondered about hair and skincare. As a supplement to The Root Cause Shoppe's blog, we'll be diving into personal experience from TRCS's owner, Asia Endicott, as well as other industry ex...
“The prayer for Zen”We are calling for praying in our daily lives.A piece of picture hanging on the wall takes us to the enlightenment world.This art work is the prayer for Zen.
За что новые Отелло  душат новых Дездемон? Кто устраивает реновацию вишнёвого сада? Куда несётся сапсан «Желание»? Кто заказал доброго человека по-сычуаньски? Что вообще происходит в современной драматургии? А главное - зачем в эпоху ютуба и торре...
Life and how things have changed.
Arms Out Like Wings is an anecdotal memoir about my seven years spent in a ballet boarding school from 1969 to 1976 aged nine to seventeen. A ‘Pygmalion-esque’ story that takes me from my crowded, loving council house home of siblings, cockney, l...
The Voice Cast. Stemacteur en voice-over Albert-Jan Sluis spreekt met collega's uit het vak.
Real people. Real talk. All things social media. Tips and tricks and frustrations handled!
Stories so spooky spooky that they don't even need to be written or thought of beforehand.
My mid20s point of view. About film and music
A podcast in which writers Jennifer Ellision and Alex Brown chat about their writing methods and tools of the trade.
Schofield Watch Company's Giles Ellis takes you through what it's like to run one of Britain's most successful watch companies. Answering six questions he provides insights into design, manufacture, history and inspiration, allowing a rare glimpse...
West End news, ticket tips and interviews
Twisted States a series where each week we take a look state by state at some of America's most nefarious killers, elusive cryptids, and bizarre mysteries. Look for new episodes every Friday uploaded between 12 am and 9 am Pacific (this time fram...
Kristin Lehrer (aka "Voolenvine") shares conversations with friends and inspiring creatives in the knitting community.
Soup boys is your number 1 source for soup based audio content! There might be other soup podcast out there, but none of them have this much flavor. Join Salvador, and Manuel Esqueda every week as they discuss soup history, culture , and science. ...
Un podcast per scoprire tutta la cultura che ruota attorno al design con interviste a illustatori, fashion designer e tutti coloro che nella vita danno forma alla creatività.
A fortnightly look at manga, with a focus on joint in-depth discussion of titles both old and new.
It’s PTI meets TMZ. Will and Ashley’s Entertainment Podcast is a fast-paced feature with a focus on entertainment headlines, wild card and rotating segments including audience feedback, movie anniversaries, notable entertainment deaths and debates...
Listen…and become the most intelligent person you know
The First Women of TCP gather together for a weekly discussion on everything #Queening. Learn how to #AdjustYourCrown not only for yourself but also for another Queen. No topic is off limits when these Queens of TCP get together! Click on one of t...
I tell stories - if you like listening to them, sit back and enjoy!
Realist Productions Inc. Bring up all and everything that people will not say. I believe in people. I believe love moves! Hope and faith will keep me 100%. “Always on a mission!” Every single thing is worth something. I like money... do you? Money...
Somerset House Studios is a new experimental workspace in the centre of London connecting artists, makers and thinkers with audiences. The Studios are a platform for the development of new creative projects and collaboration, promoting work that p...
O UÁINE é um podcast em que um enólogo e um tipo que não percebe nada de vinho se juntam para falar sobre o tema. São conversas sobre vinho (mas não só...), sem rolha.
From the airwaves to your earbuds, Nick Vasos goes in-depth with our on-air guests at FOX4.
The Morning Breakfast Show is like a breakfast buffet. It's the show that keeps on giving, with two explosive personalities that bring you relate-able, funny and accurate content. Start your day with S&M.
Noelzi is the DJ with the smoothest words; always having the perfect things to say at the perfect time. On Rhymes and Poetry, Noeleen takes a look at famous poems and their meanings, aspiring poets, as well as the variety of poems, rhymes and rap...
What exaclty is going on in the men fashion industry? Are you the freshest thing out since sliced bread ? Learn more about code wording with Rym'I Wear presents the best in audio entertainment. Ranging from Podplays (RADIO PLAYS) to our Detroit news and culture show, Konnector. Listen however and where ever you get your podcasts!
3 friends who love comic books, Peachy, Ooze and Sudon talk about all things comics in our weekly podcast, Stapled Together.
♳ SL is a step in decentralizing and redistributing the resources of the institution ♴ SL is the opening up of the introspective self-care of the institution into the extending of care for the labourers of an art economy ♵ SL aims to provide a pla...
Two low and slow backyard barbecue gurus share their tips, tricks, and stories from their combined years of BBQ experience and expertise. Join hosts Cory "Chief Bearcat" Gott and Jeff Fawver for a relaxed, humorous, and above all informative chat ...
We are a collective movement of indie black talent with blackness at the forefront and music as our guide;we are Squirrelly Mob. Stay full.
Reality Tv Reviews and Recaps.
Podcast exploring contemporary art of the Twin Cities and beyond
Just a guy who loves cinema but not as much as your average Joe. I love exploring the deeper and philosophical meaning into movies and series that the director tries to convey. So sit back, and if you not looking for bullshit then you gonna wanna ...
A Hair blog.
Chaque semaine Mad’moizelle M réunit des artistes qui n’avaient aucune chance de se rencontrer. Ils font l’actu. Ils peignent, ils chantent, ils dansent, ils jouent, ils écrivent ou ils photographient. Rentrez dans leurs univers. Venez faire c...
Ogni marterdì sul gruppo facebook "Marketing per fotografi" realizziamo contenuti dedicati a chi vuole vivere di fotografia. Strategia, marketing e stimoli costanti a supporto di chi vuole migliorare le proprie competenze professionali.
正社員とフリーランスの間を行き交うデザイナー、モンブランのラジオ。 日々のことやデザインの事などをゆるりとお話します。
This is a podcast version of my blog, which covers my life and various other topics. Sometimes I have special guests ;) Oh, and sometimes I read from the very beginning of my blog and other journals I've kept online throughout the years. (This wil...
A bookish podcast encouraging you to read what you want, not what you "should". Book reviews, ramblings, recommendations, and rants. Your comments are also read on the air, sparking insightful and fun book discussions!
大家好!我是鱼淼淼,你现在正在收听的是鱼淼淼讲故事【小主播】系列。【小主播】系列就是由小朋友来主讲,主播的系列故事,主角都是小朋友噢!大家现在收听到的这个系列的小主播叫蒋泽慧,是一位来自上海的7岁小姑娘!她将在这个系列中为大家播讲美国作家海伦·凯勒的《假如给我三天光明》,快让我们一起来听听吧!   【特别提醒:因团队人力物力有限,如推出的免费故事有涉及到版权疑问的情况,请及时联系我们,我们会积极配合处理。】
Welcome to Game Changers. We are back with our 5th series and among the incredible interviewees TV presenter Sarah Harris spoke to is her fellow Shark Tank presenter Naomi Simson. Naomi, the CEO of Red Balloon, was joined by four other amazing fem...
Just living life and spreading positive energy! Listening to the streets on politics,news,sports,music entertainment and fashion.. no judgements just want the everyday person to understand where I am coming from.
Hosted by Daniela Garcia and Andrew Glass the Indie Beauty House podcast will be reporting on weekly Indie Beauty News and Trend analysis as well as meeting with executives from prominent Indie Beauty Brands and Social Media Influencers from aroun...
Hosted by two besties on a quest to get to know each other better through one hobby they’ve never shared before: literature! Their tastes? Completely different. The commentary? Completely uncensored. Join them each month as they explore books they...
Hospitalidad y servicio, recetas, restaurantes, tecnologia e invitados
Carte blanche du Bureau des Jeunes du Foyer Rural de Tousson.
This Podcast contains bitesize SINGING LESSONS about voice care and vocal technique, aimed at Mums everywhere. Hi, I'm Carrie. I'm a Singer, Singing Teacher and Qualified Voice-Specialist Speech and Language Therapist working in the UK. At present...
L’absence d’un père, jeux de mots.
For The Table features anything and everything about whats happening in Tallahassee. For The Table is hosted by Matt Thompson and Eric Pounders who are the online voices behind For The Table Hospitality, the group that owns and operates Madison So...
Curators of Hip Hop (COHH) is an international movement dedicated to preserving Hip Hop culture. This podcast series is created to promote intellectual and creative conversations centered around artistry, technology, business and culture-- through...
Bringing Creative People Together.
Matthew Couper Photography talks on topics around our work with PHOTOSOCIAL, PHOTOSTORY AND PHOTOSCAPE. Topics covered include: portraiture, outdoors, hiking, photography, social media, kit, tips, our services, products and offers.
Welcome to the Fear Killing podcast where we talk about fear and it's unreal control and how we wrestle it back.
This network publishes meaningful conversations with the world's most interesting and committed people. We roll out Interviews, Music performances, brand new tracks and mushc more.
السلام عليكم. انا ملاك. من لايت قلو ليش هذي الشو موجود؟ عشان نفسي اخلق عالم جديد عالم حنون على بعض, تعاطف, تسامح, تفاهم بحب غير مشروط ونفسي يكون مكان كلنا نتقدم فيه سوا ونصير احسن. ووين بلقى هذا المكان؟ انا عارفة اني بألقاه هنا... وكمان عندي خ...
Mystical stories for all ages, fully scored with acoustic instruments from around the world and set to a backdrop of natural sounds.
Die tägliche Dosis Wahn und Sinn
Welcome to my podcast where I talk about things and stuff
This is my first podcast. Enjoy your hard work!
We are Podcasting contents developer.


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