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just one poem

I read you one poem and tell you why I love it so much.

Sol Good

By solgoodmedia
The solgoodmedia podcast is an exploration of the human experience. What drives us to do what we do, what gravitates us towards our passions.

All Things K-Pop

By Peter Jesse
Enjoy all things K-Pop from undiscovered music to acoustic covers to interviews.

jerseybeerguys's podcast

By Rob Towey
Show about the exploding craft beer scene in NJ and what it's all about. Four friends talk to brewers and others about what is going on, where the industry is headed and why you should give craft beer a try

The Golden Goose Book by L. Leslie Brooke

By Loyal Books
A charming little book full of the most gorgeous illustrations. We see a number of stories in which kindness is rewarded and selfishness is punished but Brooke squeezes a number of intriguing and quite bizarre twists and turns into the story so it is not nearly so predictable as you might imagine. Victorian moral fairy tales from a delightfully inventive mind.

The Brain Wrap

By Midtown Cinema
The Brain Wrap is a film podcast brought to you by the Midtown Cinema, Harrisburg Pennsylvania's home for independent, foreign, and classic movies. Each episode we'll be talking to artists involved with some of today's best filmmaking.

All The Things

By Marilyn Diaz Norris and Mikaela Edwards
Two twenty-somethings talking about all the things, we are so happy you're here!

Earl On Tap Show

Earl talks about beer and opens the floor to conversations with the community.

Audio Story Lab

By This Wachter
Im Audio Story Lab-Podcast stelle ich in unregelmässiger Folge Artefakte aus meinem Labor vor, die für mich oder für andere entstanden sind. Wer experimentiert, lässt sich von Anderen inspirieren. Deshalb werde ich zudem hin und wieder mit Menschen sprechen, die in der Audiowelt Neues wagen.

Bookscreenz Podcast

By Annabelle and Karin Greenberg
A teenage girl, Annabelle, and her (librarian) mom, Karin, discuss books and their movie adaptations.

Adventures in Rural Journalism

By Martin Hesp
ADVENTURES IN RURAL JOURNALISM follows award-winning writer Martin Hesp as he meets and interviews the fascinating people who will appear in his newspaper features. Food and drink from the countryside, rural affairs, rural rambles, foreign travels… Martin says: “If it isn’t interesting, different or unique it won’t appear in print - or in the podcast.”

Clear the Room

By Rhys Pope
A new one on one interviews podcast which tries to find out more about why artists and creatives make what they make.


By musical_innovation
What products are changing the music world today?

THE MEMORY OF… With John Galliano

By Maison Margiela
Coinciding with the house’s first Artisanal Men’s show, Maison Margiela launches a new first of a kind fashion podcast series: “The Memory of ... With John Galliano.”The podcast tells a story usually only heard by select fashion insiders. It takes you on a journey to Creative Director Galliano’s Paris atelier where he personally reveals the thinking behind his first Artisanal Men’s Show. He speaks to new definitions of masculinity and femininity, his introduction...

Dug's Open Mic

Welcome to Dug’s Open Mic! Based out of southern Rhode Island, this is a podcast spotlighting local musicians, bands, and song writers! For more information on sponsors or guests, follow Dug’s Open Mic on Facebook!

Reality on the Record

By Marcus Wadsworth and Matt Storms
Matt Storms and Marcus Wadsworth talk about music, gripe about daily struggles, insult each other and talk about Matt's record store patrons and other various topics. Reality on the Record is recorded from Matt's record shop, Red Rooster Records, in Des Moines, IA. Special thanks to Handlebar for allowing usage of their track "Pink Pocket." For more information about Handlebar please visit Handlebar on Facebook or ReverbNation. The artwork for Reality on the Record was created by Katie ...

Bestselling Author Studio

Authors, are you getting marketing advice that actually works? Or do you feel like a fiction cog stuck in a nonfiction wheel? In these ten-minute broadcasts, editor and marketing expert Lara Helmling gives you the most important do's and don'ts in book marketing today. Discover how to use your gift to find your tribe and sell your books. Learn more at Music by

Two Beers and a Book

By Two Beers Production
Listen as the worlds great literature is discussed over two beers

Process Talks

By Jennifer Cloutier
A creative, raw, and unfiltered podcast featuring conversations with Artists by an Artist on the creative process and artistic journey. Covering topics that range from what it takes to go from an idea to the final product, mediums of choice to express, to what it means to create and what is the purpose in the first place. Revealing each of their unique stories from how they got their start, to sharing their inspirations, mentors, struggles and adversities. Documenting a range of creatives wor...

The Funky Writer

By The Funky Writer
All About The FUNK of Writing!

Random And Weird Things But Lovely Too

By emojie world cool times
Just talking about random stuff

2 Fast 2 Pass

Hi! I’m Dylan Goulding, a teenager at high school. I love music, media and celebrity gossip. My show’s called 2 Fast 2 Pass

Finish Media

By Mines. Official
Arts, politics, world view, from our perspective.


I m music producer,singer and audio engineer . Subscribe me on my YouTube channel


By Kisha_Kee
A woman of class and dignity. Sharing different topics, motivational and encouraging words of wisdom from journey's of experience. Self profound Graduate Broadcast Student reaching for the stars through prayer and execution. Welcome to my Podcast! Eccentric words for the soul.


By Morris Abbam
Welcome to Maurice,podcast where the amazing things happen...

Place Press

By Place Press
Place Press is a publisher exploring the intersection between people, places and culture.

F-Sane Podcast

By F-Sane
The F-Sane podcast is about science, human behavior and life in general :)

Blood drops(poetry by Nusrat Ajimudin)

By Some person that needs a voice
A poem recitation of one of my first poems to be written and shared.

Human Thoughts

By Humans Thoughts
Welcome To Human Thoughts, where daily thoughts comes into questions and the possibilities of great answers.

Walk with me

By Jessica
Taking a journey through life and what it brings.. break up’s, parenthood, work and family.

Andyz Podcast


Helen Storm adventures

By Helen Storm
Little and big life changing adventures and readjustment to the city I grew up and returned to 6 months ago.

Film Alchemist

By Joshua Griffey
A weekly Film Podcast featuring Griffey and Dandino exploring movies they love and what makes them magic.


By Shivam Pant
It is a rap song or I can say a cover of song dab by raftaar

Brothers and Beer

By Steve Rowland / Ken Rowland
Each week two brothers, Steve and Ken, drink and discuss 4 different craft beers, or weird beers as Steve calls them, and bullshits about the insanity of life. The beers will start out local to our their home state of Ohio, and often times include a beer that Ken brewed himself, but will eventually expand into beers from all over the country, and even the world. We will also be discussing different topics throughout the episodes. These may be current events, controversial topics, sports topic...

Random Garfield

By Random Garfield
Daily random Garfield.



Hargun peom

By Jagvinder Singh Ghumaan
Welcome to Hargun Chahal peoms


By Stephen Griffin
There is a debate over what the 'H' in IMHO stands for. Some say it stands for 'humble' and others believe its 'honest.' Whatever you think, 'In My Humble/Honest Opinion' (aka IMHO) explores the world of sports, entertainment and culture. We try not to fall into wild speculation, but we will alway give our h***** opinion.

Food and Drink Show

By RadioReverb
Hosted by Karen Morton, The Brighton & Hove Food and Drink show celebrates the very best of the city's epicurean and quaffable delights. With a focus on small independent businesses, food festivals and other culinary events, every month you'll get to meet some of the people behind the food and drink.

Through My Lens with Clay Daly

By Clay Daly
A podcast by a Surinamese photography & technology enthusiast laying bare some things that are on his mind. Hosted by Clay Daly the co-founder and co-host of Cybrcast. Can find more at Tune in to this infrequent, possibly rant laden solo (maybe a guest on occasion) podcast.


welcome everyone, and thank you for hearing me!

Al pasar la página

By La pasta dura
Tres de nuestros indeseables de confianza se juntan para hablar sobre literatura y lo que se les atraviese.

Not Craft Podcast

By Joshua Taylor
Not Craft is a design podcast about all the soft skills you need to be successful in your design career—from the people that have learned them first hand.

Potentially Catastrophic

By Books and reading podcast by Jonesey
This is a podcast about reading and finding relationships between randomly paired books. The first season's episodes start with a book I'm currently reading, and then add a book that I read two years ago that is determined in a fairly random way, I see what there is to see in the matter between them. Sometimes it's amazing. Sometimes ... well, I get a laugh out of it, at least.


By Richard Robinson
I am not sure right now, we just have to see.

B+ Average

By B+ Average
Are you kinda average? Pretty normal? Secretly basic? So are we. Meet Maia and Angel, two average women working white collar jobs by day and comedy stages by night. One in SF and one in NYC. We talk about what it's like being ordinary in an extraordinary world. Welcome to B+ Average.

Wild And Exposed Podcast

We’re an international collaborative of professional wildlife photographers and filmmakers who are thrilled to share our outdoor adventures and tips of the trade with you! Follow along as we take you into the wild with us! Find out what it takes to walk the tundra with caribou, discover the intricacies of working with bears, enjoy the mesmerizing mountain vistas as we share our career journeys with you. Our podcasts will include cutting-edge gear tips and developments, social media and comm...

Yoel's hang outs Podcast

By Yoel Aynalem
Yoel Aynalem am the host of Yoel's Hang Outs interview comedy show. I invite guests that I feel may be interesting to talk to or that I simply find funny. I intend on having a guest for every show and some of my friends as reoccurring guests. My vision is to have a show where my listeners and I both learn something but laugh along the way.

Hear It With Lola

By Hear It With Lola
A creative Fashion & Acting blog by Lolade Rufai

Kritical Blue Reviews

By Kaiwan Pittman
Welcome to Kritical Blue Reviews May it be film, music, or sports they will all be Kritically Reviewed.


A wrestling podcast just two fun loving guy's a few inside jokes and speaking about our drug pro wrestling.

The Talk

By MDShenanigans
Drew and Heather get together for some sexy talk, and not necessarily the fun kind. It’s time we learned a thing or two about the opposite sex.

Whose City?

By Lawrence Herzog & Howard Blackson
Designing the San Diego-Tijuana region, with Howard Blackson, urban designer, and Larry Herzog, Professor of City Planning, San Diego State University. Exploring critical place-making issues and urban design challenges that all citizens are concerned about in the region.

Trans* Mission with Danny Brave & Tommy Venus

By Danny Brave & Tommy Venus
We're trans. We're here for a reason. We are a twin flame couple (both trans men) talking about our love, our life, the things that suck about the world, and the things that bring us joy (typically spirituality, art, gender, sexuality, lifestyle, & the list continues!). We seek to live from the heart and change the world by being our authentic selves and sharing stories from our every day lives, while sometimes interviewing our friends & fellow activists, artists, & healers. ...

Shaping Elvis

By WTVA Podcasts
From WTVA Podcasts and Producer Josh Ward comes the perfect chatfest for any and all Elvis Presley fans. Broadcasting from the King's hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi, Josh interviews those who knew the legend before he became a legend, and those who travel the globe the see his birthplace.

Elseworld's Finest

By Diana Koenigsberg
Welcome to the home of Elseworld's Finest! Lead by the wonderful Diana, we talk about movies and comics and tv shows.

No Cure For Curiosity

By Chichester Bellusci Bratteson
What do a comic book writer, photographer/musician and playwright/filmmaker have in common? They all ended up working together in advertising. But they never left their original creative passions behind. Dan Chichester, Mark Bellusci and Jeff Bratteson learned that keeping their creative passions alive is not a hobby; it’s a vital part of what they do, who they are, and how they succeed both financially and creatively. Now they’re podcasting the thoughts and discoveries that keep them perpetu...

Fuck Leistung get Liegestuhl

By Lisa Maria
Fuck Leistung get Liegestuhl wird moderiert von einer studierenden Quasseltante aus Wien. Reden übers Leben, und wie es sich angenehmer gestalten lässt, ist ihr Motto. Von Blondinenwitze über Inspiration und Weltanschauung ist alles dabei. Die Intention ist das Teilen von positiver Energie. Lisa wünscht ein chiller vaniller listening!

Alliance Wine - On Air

By Alliance Wine
Alliance Wine is committed to creating a better world of wine. Working in the trade for over 30 years we have always taken a different path to ensure we find the best possible wine from all parts of the world. From emerging countries to establish regions we look for rising stars who share our vision. We are committed to low intervention and sustainability searching for producers who share these beliefs working with them fairly to ensure that everyone can make a living. This podcast is about w...

Tempered Fables

By N.T. Cloever
The Tempered Fables is a monthly podcast of short stories, or Fables in this case. The purpose of these fables, is to leave you with a lesson to remember. The genres range from: fantasy, comedy, horror, romance and any others you can think of. This podcast was created by Norman T. Chella, under the pen name N.T. Cloever.


By John Le
Can't sleep? Let me tell you some stories in a very boring voice to put you to sleep. These stories will primarily focus around mythology, religious stories and comics


By Musven
Hey people here's me a boy being stupid 🖤😌😌😌🙏🏻

Urban Tomorrow

By Urban Tomorrow
Anything goes, unfiltered podcast.


By Mukashi Mukashi
Que signifie être musicienne aujourd’hui ? L’industrie de la musique est-elle paritaire ? Est-ce aussi simple de faire carrière dans la musique quand on est une femme ? Qui sont celles qui font le son ? Avec Décibelles, je donne la parole à des musiciennes, qu’elles soient violoncelliste, cheffe d’orchestre, DJ, batteuse, ingénieur du son ou encore sound designer… Et au rythme des épisodes, nous irons à la rencontre de celles qui font bien plus que de suivre une partition !

Growing Up '80s

By Darren Foulds with Robin Harbron
Canadian Couch-Sitters Darren and Robin talk about all the great movies, video games, comics, music and other stuff from the 80s that they loved as they grew up and that they still enjoy!

Pop Off

By MaryKate Murphy
Pop Off is a pop culture podcast about nothing and everything, talking about everything that Pops Off and why you should care about it.

On Microsoft Design

By Ben Segal
In this series, I uncover untold design stories behind how Microsoft products were built and share career advice from the designer who built the products

In Bed with Too Many Pillows

By Too Many Pillows
Get into bed with us and our guests. Our series goes from bed to bed of our various guests, mainly from the world of theatre, we talk about a subject suggested by the guests themselves, chatting through topics from films to cities as well as politics, we talk about it all from the comfort of bed and with the artistic benefits of biscuits. Kick off your shoes, get comfy and get into bed with us.

Material Wise

By Nancy Fendler, Material Wise Host and principal of Fendler PR
Material Wise is your podcast on material matters hosted by Nancy Fendler, principal of Fendler PR, a communications firm specializing in materials and ingredient marketing. Driven by her deep curiosity, Nancy sets out to speak with designers, product developers and guests in the outdoor, fashion, home furnishings and other industries about what inspires and influences them to create, why and how they select the materials they choose and the relationships they’ve built with their customers an...

Foodable's Smart Kitchen and Bar

By Foodable Network
As restaurant people, we need to be up to date with the latest technologies, tools, media, food trends, food safety, education, sourcing, flavors, and techniques that affect our business every day. Foodable Network's Smart Kitchen and Bar studio is a state of the art facility, designed to bring you the most in-depth conversations, insights, and demonstrations by hosting real chefs, operators, and mixologists who live it daily.

Umphreak Parents Podcast

By Sara Jachimiak
Your scene to chat about parenting, life, and of course Umphrey's Mcgee

Build Your Creative Business

By Akshaya Borkar
This is Build You Creative Career Podcast run by Akshaya Borkar, Founder of social enterprise The Art and Craft Gallery, helping creatives turn their passion to profession. This podcast will answer all the questions we get asked about the Art & Craft industry by artists, art lovers or curious minds on our social media accounts or events or in person!! Do send us your questions or doubts about your creative career and we would be glad to help you!! Don't forget to visit our website

Spatular Extremities

By Gene Hart
A guide to various DIY cultural projects throughout the years and hopefully some inspiration for creating our own.


By Latoya
Hey guys I love to talk and give you my point of views.

Generación Z Euskadi

By Cadena SER
Espacio de la Cadena SER que, en colaboración con UNICEF Comité País Vasco, pretende dar más voz a todos los niños, niñas y adolescentes de Euskadi.

Going Deep with Billy Harfosh

By Going Deep with Billy Harfosh
Hi Everyone! This is a radio show Going Deep with Billy Harfosh podcast. If you missed us on air you can always reach out us here. Amazing guests and their experiences.

Characters & Words Collection

By Characters & Words Collection Allistar
I hope your just as excited as I am about sharing my Author journey with you and the books I hope that will inspire children and adults.

Episode 1

By Gabbing With Gabbi

Vegetarian Zen Archive (Episodes 101 - 200): Nutrition, recipes, cooking tips, natural remedies & more for vegetarians, vegans, & the veg-curious

By Vickie Velasquez & Larissa Galenes: Entrepreneurs, Podcasters, Bloggers, Vegetarians
Happy Body. Healthy Mind.

Talking about Culture

By Unesco
UNESCO’s Culture Podcast features dialogues with UNESCO staff, external experts and cultural actors on key cultural issues. The talks burrow into critical topics such as heritage protection, freedom of artistic expression and the illicit trafficking of cultural objects through the first-hand accounts and stories.


By Dapel Kureng
Hello & welcome to kurengworkx podcast, where we tell stories of Africa by Africans Immortalizing African Legends. I’m Kureng Dapel from Nigeria, passionate about digital arts as informed by my skills in photography, arts and theatre. As the Winner of The Who is Who awards and the Africans Rising international Award, I use my technical know-how to advance human rights through some of my pictures. Gender Based Violence, Cultural rights and children right are my major fields of interest.

Maria Gentella

By Supriya Gentella

G4D: Grounds 4 Discussion

By G4D: Grounds 4 Discussion
Every week, John and Adam sit down with black coffee and have a chat about our album of the week, highlights about music news, and recommendations on new music we listen to.


By Randolph Rene Pierre-Louis
Welcome to the Chill spot.. vibe on


By Lollo_Gamer_ 06
This is a compilation with something.Good vision

Harry Potter

By Syed Azan Bacha


By Lahesh Kavinda
Sri lanka's first design dedicated edutainment podcast.

Black Art School Graduates

By Black Art School Graduates
Art Critique Through the Black Lens

Business Homies | Interior Design | Decorating | Business

By Michelle Binette
Real chats with Designers, Decorators and industry experts about the business of interior design.

Roll In Peace

By Gerard Edmonds


By rawpheat
General discussions, news headlines, motivation talks, my opinion,

Drag In Life

By Nadia Rain
A southern boy with a southern bell charm, dirty sense of humor, country boy at heart. A lover and this is Drag In The Life


By Adaobi ilono
No topic is off limit. Listen and enjoy.

Tell You What! the Podcast

By Mike Clabby
Tell You What! is a series of discussions with young songwriters. We discuss the craft of songwriting, the live music experience, and the related interactions.

AT HOME with Andrew John

By Andrew John
At Home is a home improvement show hosted by Andrew John, owner of John's Refrigeration. The show discusses any topic related to homes, including energy saving tips, plumbing issues, air conditioning and heating issues, pool maintenance, roof issues, mold problems, faulty wiring, and so much more. Each month a new guest specialist will be on to discuss a specific home topic, and offer tips and solutions to listener's issues and questions.