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The Minnesota BeerCast
By Andrew Schmitt
Minnesota craft beer news, events, and interviews with Andrew Lee of Twin Cities News Talk & Andrew Schmitt of Minnesota Beer Activists.
Photographs, Pistols & Parasols
By Lee McIntyre
It's 1860, you're a landscape photographer, and the dazzling sunlight is playing havoc with the photo you're trying to take. Without photography accessories shops around, you improvise and use your fashionable parasol as an improvised lens shade. Problem solved. ... It's 1895, you're an itinerant photographer travelling dangerous backroads alone. You're not worried, though: a man's hat hides that you're a woman and besides, you've always got your pistol at the ready. ...Those are but two of the many intrepid women who found success as professional artisan photographers, pursuing careers in photography shortly after it began in 1839. These women were successful entrepreneurs who ran thriving photography businesses and produced high-quality photos with the ever-changing technology, but unfortunately their accomplishments are too often marginalized or left out of the history books altogether. Join host Lee McIntyre twice a month as she introduces you to the captivating stories of talented women who started their professional photography careers between 1840-1930.
How to Shakespeare
By Teri Tenseth Market
The official podcast of Great River Shakespeare Festival! Bringing you exclusive interviews with directors, actors, designers, educators and more! Get the behind the curtain and learn more about The Bard in Winona Minnesota!
I'm Not an Expert But...
A video game retrospective podcast where we emphasize on discussing and learning about games that are either cult hits, underappreciated contemporary games, or older games that deserve a modern recontextualization. Despite having academic and literary pretensions this show aims to remain grounded in the humor and comradery between gamers, and focus delivering good analysis with the level of enthusiasm of a drunk grad student running a discussion section. If this still sounds cool to you then congrats you are in main intersection of our weird Venn diagram and we invite you to listen and play or replay these games along with us.
Les chroniques de la mariée
By Les chroniques de la mariée
Retrouvez des conseils et astuces pour organiser votre mariage par vous-même comme une professionnelle! Je suis wedding-planner / organisatrice de mariage et je souhaite partager mes connaissances avec vous. Pour vous faciliter le travail de titan qu'est l'organisation de son mariage et également pour vous éviter de commettre des erreurs. J'aborde tous les thèmes qui gravitent autour du mariage comme par exemple: -Organiser son mariage: Par quoi commencer? -Choisir son lieu de réception. -Conseils indispensables pour choisir sa bague de fiançailles. -Comment financer mon mariage? -Comment gérer la famille pendant les préparatifs du mariage? -Comment trouver le traiteur idéal? -Qu'est-ce qu'une cérémonie laïque et comment l'organise-t-on? -Les erreurs à éviter pour créer son plan de table du mariage. -Quelle robe de mariée me correspond? -Comment gérer mon budget mariage? -Quel maquillage et quelle coiffure pour mon grand jour? -Quel photographe conviendra pour notre couple? -Etc. Vous l'aurez compris, je vais vraiment vous parler de tout ce qui tournent autour du mariage. Je suis disponible pour vous également sur le site www.marisamirioni.com pour une organisation de A à Z, une organisation de mariage à l'étranger et aussi pour une coordination du jour J. Pour tout ce qui est coaching individuel et personnalisé pour vous aidez à réaliser votre mariage seule, par vous-même uniquement, contactez-moi sur le site www.leschroniquesdelamariee.com et découvrez tous mes articles gratuits rempli de conseils, rien que pour vous.
By Christian Konglund
Historien er full av store hendelser vi har lært på skolen, lest i en bok, eller sett på film. Dette er stedet for alle de små historiene som druknet i mengden - om oppdageren som kun oppdaget at det ikke var noe å oppdage, om en helgen som fikk generasjoner av jenter til å bli anorektiske, og den grufulle historien bak et helt passe koselig bilde.
By Tobias Egmose & Johanne la Cour
Velkommen til Gejst - et podcast om mennesker, der bobler over. Der brænder for noget. Dem, der vil gøre en forskel. For sig selv og alle os andre, og ikke bare for sig selv.
Boob Tube Betties : Orange is the New Black
By Boob Tube Buddies
The Boob Tube Betties do post-episode recaps and reviews of your favorite TV shows from HBO, Netflix, AMC, Cinemax, and more. Don't get caught with your pants down at the water cooler! Check out our brother podcast, Boob Tube Buddies for additional commentary. We have covered shows such as Fargo, Twin Peaks, Big Little Lies, Westworld, Luke Cage, and many, many more!
Be Hurd - New Music Podcast
By We Are Hurd
Welcome to Be Hurd! There's a simple aim to this show.. To share the awesome music that makes our office rock each week. Jam packed with tracks submitted to us, there will always be something different. Let's get discovering! Find more: wearehurd.co.uk
Cocktails with Queens
By InBetweenBranches
We dive into pop culture news over delicious cocktails crafted by us.
Buzzin Cousins Episode 1: Holt's Pick- Moana
By Hello Mother
This is the show where we judge eachother based on the movies we like and the music we listen to. We also pair our choices with a fine beverage.
Bruce on the Loose!
By Dino Lorenzo
An overview of the life and career of B Movie Cult Superstar, Bruce Campbell.
Branka Čubrilo, Author
By Original audio stories
Novelist and short-story writer whose published work includes Fiume - the Lost River, The Lonely Poet and Other Stories, and Mosaic of the Broken Soul. Books here: http://amzn.to/2pSm05G http://brankacubriloauthor.com
Podcast – Vexin photographie
By Julien Deleplanque
Je vous propose de passer un quart d'heure à parler photo. Vous pouvez visiter le blog vexin-photographie.fr pour retrouver tous les articles.
Biker Chowdown
By Trent Wheeler
Biker Chowdown where it's not just about the food, but the adventures and friends we make along the way.
Kjells Vinkjeller
By Nettavisen
Kjell-Gabriel Hendrichs er glad i vin, og han har plukket opp mye morsomt om vin siden han tok sin første slurk med Black Tower tilbake på 90-tallet. Kjell vet han begynte på bar bakke og visste ikke opp eller ned på vindruer, områder og korket vin, så nå har han lyst til å innvie deg i vinenes vidunderlige verden.
Liwanag Podcast
By Glen Inocencio
The Liwanag crew discuss why we came together to build this podcast for Filipino Americans
By The Brunch Club
Experts is an upbeat and informative podcast that blends casual conversation and genuine curiosity about comedy and The Industry ™. Each episode features one or two of the best women in the scene right now, focusing on a specific topic related to performing or producing comedy. Alex Brown and D.J. Mausner curate guests and topics, pairing comedians and industry with subjects the hosts believe their guests are experts in- and then chat with them about their process, obstacles, and successes!
Erlebnis-Photographie Podcast
By Erlebnis-Photographie Podcast
Wie nochmal ein Fotopodcast? Ja Leute! Ich denke ich habe eine Marktlücke entdeckt: Wir machen einen Fotopodcast. Es gibt nämlich noch keinen! Ich habe in letzter Zeit viele Podcasts konsumiert. Angefangen von Calvin Hollywood, Michael Omori Kirchner, Jonas Peterson, Nina Schnitzenbaumer, Frank Fischer, Jan Kocovski und viele mehr. Deshalb wird sich dieser Fotopodcast sich nicht mit Dingen, wie Marketing beschäftigen. Auch nicht mit Kaufempfehlungen von irgendwelchen neuen Kameramodelle, sondern mit fotografischen Hardfacts und Basics. Wusstet Ihr zum Beispiel, dass die Fotografie möglicherweise schon über 40.000 Jahre alt ist? Wolltet ihr schon immer einmal den Unterschied zwischen Schärfentiefe und Tiefenschärfe kennenlernen? Dann seid ihr bei uns genau richtig. Wir machen Fotografie hörbar. Einfach und verständlich. Zu den Basics gehören bei uns nicht nur die Bedeutung von Blende und Belichtungszeit - also die Technik - sondern auch die Geschichte der Fotografie oder die Arbeit und der Stil bekannter Fotografen.
Culturadoria na CBN - Carolina Braga
Uma verdadeira curadoria das principais atrações da cena cultural de BH. O melhor do cinema, teatro, shows e exposições para ajudar você a escolher o seu programa para o fim de semana na capital mineira.
FW Team-Up
By Siskoid
Podcasters team up to talk about comic book team-ups!
Thick in the Throat, Honey
By Thick in the Throat, Honey
Discussions on creativity and the parent-artist life. Parents John C. Savage, musician, and Claudia F. Savage, writer, interview parent-artists and answer your questions about balancing family needs, art-making, making money, and keeping marriage steamy without going (completely) crazy. All in under 30 minutes.
By SnappBeer
Descubre las mejores cervezas del mundo
30 Years of D'oh
By Screaming Dachshund Studios
Join host Chris and a smattering of Simpsons geeks as they discuss Simpsons 30 years on.
42 and Counting
By Adam Greenfield
At the beginning of the 42nd year, let's see if any lessons are learned.
Dead Ends
By Jack Grimes
Dead Ends is an exploration of failed ideas, inventions, and technologies from across history. Why did these concepts fail? Maybe it was marketing, or culture, or maybe they were doomed from conception. On Dead Ends, we're dedicated to bringing these obscure failures into the spotlight they deserve.
Executive Interrupted
By Executive Interrupted
Hosts Sanjay Patel and Moneesh Arora discuss and debate timely topics that are both disruptive and innovative, often with some humor mixed in.
Culture Crunch
By Sam Lazarev/Joel Ronson
Welcome to Culture Crunch! In Culture Crunch, Joel is delving into the New York music scene. He chats with artists from all over the spectrum of genre, and every episode includes musical performances from the guest, whoever that may be. CultureCrunchRadio.com Hosted by Joel Ronson Produced and Recorded by Sam Lazarev
Book Off!
By Book Off!
Podcast by Book Off!
Bloc-Note - Photo
By Marc Boussoulade
Bloc-Note photo vous propose un podcast mensuel autour de la photographie. À chaque épisode, nous abordons l'actualité du mois passé, un point technique, une aide pour le matériel et l'agenda des semaines à venir.
Analog Talk
By Analog Talk
Christine Bartolucci, Erik Wahlstrom and Timothy Ditzler talk about film photography. Each week they bring on a special guest co-host and discuss their love of analog photogrpahy
Architecture Masters
By Architecture Masters
Architecture Masters is a new podcasts about the people behind the buildings: a series of short conversations with some of architecture’s leading lights. These are the people quietly shaping our cities – all hugely respected within the architectural profession, yet somehow their modest profile often belies the impact they have on the world around us. This is a programme for those that are interested in the people who are shaping our world.
Hopcast Houston
By Hopcast Houston
Hopcast Houston is the home of craft beer conversation in the HTX. We take beer seriously, but not ourselves. On each episode we will feature craft beers made locally in the Houston area by local independent craft brewers. We will also feature interviews with brewers and industry insiders involved in the Houston craft beer scene. Taking a light hearted approach, the Hopcast crew will examine all aspects of craft beer culture including fashion, bottle shares, whalez releases, cellaring, trading, and more. #drink local
Hospital Prison University Radio
By Jakob Jakobsen
Hospital Prison University Radio is broadcasting from the Hospital Prison University Archive in Copenhagen. Talk radio about art and revolution; past, present, and future.
Herbarium Podcasts
By Herbarium Podcasts
A family of podcasts that span the multiverse
Fandom Fodder
By Bradley Stafford and Amanda Jean
In the age of spoilers, you don't need to watch a show or film to understand its fandom. We can all talk about who Luke's father really is, which Doctor is who, and the fate of Ned Stark. But what happens when your friends ask you about what happened on last night's episode? Do you admit your ignorance, or do you flounder bravely onward with a lot of creative hand-waving? Bradley Stafford and Amanda Jean challenge each other (and the occasional guest) to describe what the heck happened on that one thing they didn't actually watch but probably saw gifs of and get real educated about various fandoms in the process.
Of The Dead
By Алекс Лури и Паша Меркулов
Читаем про зомби, смотрим про зомби, играем в зомби, говорим про зомби, зомби зомби зомби
Making Excuses
By Chase Carter
Podcast by Chase Carter
Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks
By Stockholm Fashion Tech Talks 2017
Initiated by Patriksson Communication in collaboration with ASFB - Association of Swedish Fashion Brands
By The Stoke Collective
Worship resources and encouragement for the church.
Stop the Machine
By Philip Lymbery
Join Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming as he meets the philosophers and farmers, lobbyists and scientists behind the revolution in food that aims to bring an end to factory farming. Theme music by Jordan Bellamy from original music: Run by Ross Bugden (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ) Licensed under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0)
We Tried. We Failed. The Podcast.
By B. Benesh, N. Sloan
Two film industry workers talk movies, films, tv, music, beer; pretty anything with a lean towards the film industry.
By StudioPress
With their new podcast Sites, Jerod Morris and the team from StudioPress and Copyblogger deliver weeklyy insight on the four pillars of a successful WordPress website: content, design, technology, and strategy.
Literary Canon Ball
By Literary Canon Ball
Literary Canon Ball is a podcast for anyone who wants a fun and feisty conversation about books.
Stefan Zweig: Kaleidoskop. Noveller (lydbog)
Stefan Zweig nævnes ofte som romanbiografiernes mester, men sit kunstneriske gennembrud fik Zweig med sine noveller. En blanding af elegant sprog og dybdeborende psykologi karakteriserer skildringerne af de vidt forskellige menneskeskæbner, og i Kaleidoskop er ti af de bedste noveller samlet.
Giacomo Leopardi Opere
By quartaradio
Messa in voce di scritti, canti, poesie e dialoghi di Giacomo Leopardi. Drammaturgia del suone e voce di Gaetano Marino.
By Book Riot
An audio documentary series about books, reading, and language.
Join the Party
By Amanda McLoughlin, Brandon Grugle, Eric Silver, Michael Fische
Join the Party is a collaborative storytelling and roleplaying podcast. That means four friends create a story together, chapter by chapter, that everyone from seasoned players to true beginners can enjoy. Where else can you get adventure, intrigue, magic, drama, and lots of high fives all in one place? Right here. After each episode we sit down for the Afterparty, where we break down our game and answer your questions about how to play at home. It’s a party, and you’re invited!
Josh Talks
By Josh Talks
Josh Talks is a collection of remarkable ideas & stories from all across India. From business to stand up comedy to social activism and even space exploration, what you get through our talks is a whirlwind of our country seen through the eyes of some of our most enterprising doers, achievers and change-makers.
Jose-Maria Alvarez's Podcast
By Jose-Maria Alvarez
Esta es la página de podcasts de Música en Red Mayor, conducido por José María Alvarez
Jotxs y recuerdos
By Neta RGV
Jotxs y recuerdos is a podcast that archives social movements and LGBTQ+ experiences, stories, photos, and spaces in the RGV. Created by Alexandra Nichole Vasquez.
By 两地书TheLetter
I can make it, so do you.
HOW TO MAKE LADY?中国人マダム直伝レディのつくりかた
By maia(マイア)
今この音声を聞こうとしているあなたはネイルがハゲたままになっていませんか?うっかりメイクを落とし忘れていませんか? まだ10代だった頃、20代や30代の女性はとても大人に見えたかもしれません。そんな素敵な思い描いた大人にあなたはなれていると胸をはっていえるでしょうか? 「私の人生これでいいのかな?」 「」 ちょっとのぞいて見て下さい。 この音声は私が10代の時に出会った「本当に美しい」リッチな中国人マダムから教わったお話を少しずつお伝えします。 あなたの毎日が少しずつ変化して、いつのまにかにレディの思考が身につきますように。
Just آية
By Just آية
أنت وحدك هنا، معي
Ghost City Comics Podcast
By Ghost City Comics
Giving indie creators a behind-the-scenes look into the comic industry.
By Hexenloft
Musik begeistere Hobby Musiker reden über ihr Hobby der Musik, Musikalische neu Entdeckungen, über Medien bezogene Themen, Technische Neuerungen, sowie alles was noch wichtig sein könnte im Internet.
Hoppy Talk
By Beer Belly Bill
This is Hoppy Talk with host Beer Belly Bill. Episodes on all things beer and life, with a light as a pilsner take on it. Instagram: @beer_belly_bill Twitter: @beer_belly_bill Email: [email protected]
Horror City
By Horror City Studios
Radio dramas that will make your ears bleed.
Harvard Art Museums
By Harvard Art Museums
Podcast by Harvard Art Museums
By Hash.TopTeePapi
Just spreading truth an views to the ears of anyone who is willing to listen. Always been told that your voice is your greatest weapon in society.
Crucial Listening
By Jack Chuter
Experimental musicians and sound artists discuss the albums that are important to them. A bi-weekly podcast from ATTN:Magazine.
Creating Tag
By Selim and Manuel - creators of Tag
Podcast by Selim and Manuel - creators of Tag
Conoce y disfruta la cerveza artesana
By The Brewer Factory
conoce y disfruta la cerveza artesana
Bitchin' With Beatrix
By Neta RGV
Bitchin' With Beatrix is a podcast on drag culture, directly from the Rio Grande Valley. Hosted by Beatrix Lestrange with co-host Aeon Mavis York.
Beauty Is My Business
By Channa Bender
I really love what I do and I'm so super passionate about helping others love their work the way I love mine! On this podcast I bring you all the best practical and tactical advice on building social media based beauty business from Beauty Influencers from Instagram and YouTube as well as my own practical business advice from over 10 years of building successful business both online and off!
Artivism is the intersection between Art and Social Activism. ARTIVISM = ART + SOCIAL ACTIVISM | Hosted by arts veteran and founder of ArtUp, Linda Steele, Artivism showcases art and community stakeholders who are, at heart, activists.
Answers for Real Men
By Answers for Real Men
Answers For Real Men is a show about real men who have real challenges and struggles in their lives. This first episode is about Coach Arnie Fonseca, Jr and about his journey to this point in his life. As a man in his fifties Arnie has overcome many of life's challenges and he has learned that doing life alone as a Man is a losing proposition. In this episode Arnie not only explains what Answers For Real Men is all about but he goes deep into his own life including the struggles with is Dad. Arnie now knows that life is a team sport and by locking arms with other strong grounded men we can and will be better men. For more great information please check us out at www.answersforrealmen.com
By Phillipe Ledoux
We're not sure. But you could decide.
Vakfolt versus
By Vakfolt podcast
A Vakfolt versusban olyan filmeket mérünk össze egymással, amelyek a hírhedt ikerfilmek sorába tartoznak: meglepően közel, úgy egy éven belül jelentek meg, két különböző hollywoodi stúdió produkciójaként, mégis gyanúsan hasonló a premisszájuk.
Rabbit Cast
By Rabbit Cast
A show about rabbits!
By Red/Blue
A Podcast hosted by "Red" (Real name is top secret) and Blue (Better known as zxin but real name is also top secret)This show is devoted to all things fictional (Be they of quality or not). so prepare for shenanigans, unprofessionalism and streaming difficulties as these two friends* try and survive the fictional onslaughts of the armies of stupidity.*Friendship may be tested frequently.
We Are Adults
By Nolan McCausey and Colton Wesley
"We Are Adults" is a podcast by two adults. Nolan McCausey and Colton Wesley talk about stories, writing, art, language, people and nerd stuff. And also Wikipedia.
The Threadless Podcast
By Threadless
This is the Threadless podcast! Where we talk to creative people doing creative things. There’s always something we can learn from creatives from all corners of the artistic world talking about their craft. If you’re looking to get inspired, find out about some amazing things to add to your binge-watch/reading/tunes list, and if you want to nerd out, then welcome home!
Rice In My Lunchbox
By Abel Sabarre & Pablo Lee
Rice in my Lunchbox is a weekly food podcast. Join Paul and Abel as they try foods and pretend to know what they're talking about.
Ribeye Radio Show
By Ribeye Radio
The official show of the Steak Cookoff Association. Sit back, relax, grab a cold one and let's see what is cooking in the world of steak cookoffs.
Ride Home Review Podcast
By Paul Schmidt
My name is Paul and I love movies. I still love the thought of going to the theater to see them. When it's over, I love to go over my initial reaction and talk about it. I decided to turn my phone camera on and record it while driving home. These reviews are the result to how I feel about a movie as soon as I've seen it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy doing them! Also, follow along with me here: YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qCIPt1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnoDeuceMult... Twitter: https://twitter.com/unodeucemedia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unodeucemedia
Some Really Personal, Yet Entertaining Stories From My Life That You Will Enjoy and May Even Find In...
By Bo Bennett, PhD
For more, visit http://www.thestoryofbo.com. What is a “normal childhood?” Does it include almost being murdered by your sister with an ax? Speeding around town in the back of a station wagon because your mom is chasing an “alien spaceship”? Being busted by the police for intent to light a pond on fire? Tackling your mom to the ground and wrestling a knife out of her hand because she was trying to kill your dad? While my stories may be unique, readers will be able to relate to the broader themes are part of a normal childhood such as sibling rivalry, eccentric parents, doing stupid things, and frequently preventing one’s parents from literally murdering each other. Although some of the subject matter is not something one would generally laugh at, you have my permission to laugh. Social rules don’t apply here; my rules do. It works for me, and who knows, after reading the stories from my past, you might be inspired to see your own screwed up past in a more humorous light.
Sci-Fi Double Feature Drive In Podcast
By Alysa and Jarrett
A drive-in cursed to play sci-fi double features for all eternity. Alysa and Jarrett guide you through cinematic mayhem and monsters. Episodes will abduct you every first and third Thursday of the month. Check out SciFiDoubleFeatureDriveIn.com to keep up to date with all our news and for more info!
Scott's Monday Musings
By Scott Bussen
Accompany Professional Entertainer Scott Bussen as he celebrates music, poetry and more! Shows include fun original songs, classic familiar poems, quotes and always a visit to the backyard meadow - all in about five minutes. For all ages. Visit ScottBussen.com to learn more.
Stories of Strange Women
By Stories of Strange Women
The Stories of Strange Women podcast is devoted to exploring the lives and careers of unusual and captivating women. Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Tonya Hurley and Morbid Anatomy Museum co-founder Tracy Hurley Martin, these identical twin sisters redefine 'strange' through their wide-ranging and in-depth conversations with a broad array of compelling female artists, artisans, performers, authors and just plain eccentrics. From filmmakers and pop singers to sword swallowers and witches, the Hurley sisters uncover the alchemy that makes extraordinary women so strange... in the best possible way. Engineered by electronic music wizard Vince Clarke.
The Tolkien Heads
By Richard Hronek, Christopher Stohs, Nathan Germain, and Matthew Boutilier
Join us as we read through J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings." Each week we work with a different chapter and explore various themes both in the novel and in our lives.
TC Sings With U
By TC Liu
TC (Teck Chai) Liu shares some of his favourite songs from all over the world, talks about their origins and encourages you to learn them with him.
Theatre Geeks Anonymous Podcast by Ebony and Pamela
By Theatre Geeks Anonymous
A Theatre podcast for people who are obsessed with theatre and have no desire to recover from their addictions. We talk about Broadway flops, scandals and new work. "Who Fails, Who Sues, We Tell Their Stories"
Por el principio
By Cadena SER
Un buceo por las primeras veces. Una radiografía sonora de la infancia. En cada programa una persona, relevante por su trabajo en el ámbito cultural, artístico, literario, o deportivo, nos habla de su familia, su barrio, su pueblo, la escuela...
Plein écran
By ICI Radio-Canada
Chaque mois, un thème est exploré avec des invités venus ou pas du milieu du cinéma. Helen Faradji et ses convives décortiquent tout, mais alors vraiment tout, ce qui passionne les amateurs de cet art qu'on adore adorer. Pas de langue de bois, ni d'œillères et, surtout, du gros plaisir.   Abonnez-vous au balado sur iTunes et sur Google Play. Pour consulter le blogue cinéma d'ICI Radio-Canada Télé : radio-canada.ca/tele/cinema/blogue
By Ivanna Shkromyda
Серія подкастів про українську музику від міжнародної ініціативи U Report
Oddity Gaming
By Oddity Gaming
Gaming news and content!
[공도사] 전방위 雜아트 팟캐스트. ZAP ART
By 인디아트홀 공 (indie art-hall GONG)
Podcast by 인디아트홀 공 (indie art-hall GONG)
1. FC PP
By 1. FC PP
Mehr als nur ein Podcast – hahahahaaa! Wir sind der 1. FC PP – der Puerto Patida Fanclub für Bürger*innen, Cyanist*innen und solche, die es werden wollen. Bei uns hört ihr alle zwei Wochen thematische Episoden, Hintergrundanalysen und Fangirltum zu unserem Lieblingspodcast über die Insel im Bermudadreieck, auf der Kandidat*innen angeschwemmt werden und in eine Welt aus blauen Wollknäulen, gefräßigen Spinnen und drolligen Früchten eintauchen. Von der Fantheorie bis zum geheimen Interview mit Menschen, die am Projekt beteiligt sind – wir besprechen alles, was ihr euch beim Puerto Patida-Hören auch schon immer gefragt habt. Damit sind wir der erste deutschsprachige Podcastfancast!
320 Experience
320Experience show’s cast consists of Kenny Dee & Cali Silva. The show was built to showcase the talents of music artists, actors/actresses, and entrepreneurs. It has quickly grown popular not only in the DMV, but a host of other cities and states. The show features segments of exclusive interviews with local and out of state talent. These segments give the fans and listeners an in depth look into the lives of their favorite artists.
Conspiritor Collective
By Discipleship Ministries
The Conspiritor Collective podcast features interviews with musicians, poets, visual artists and writers who live out their Christian discipleship through artistic witness. Through these conversations we meet new artist friends, learn more about God’s call in their lives and hone our understanding of the craft of artistic Christian witness through the Wesleyan tradition.
Steven Hoefer's Reader's Room Podcast
By Steven Hoefer
Science/Fiction author Steven Hoefer discusses the best speculative fiction and science in this weekly show. Regularly features book recommendations, groundbreaking science, original fiction, essays, and more.
Turn Of Phrases
By Turn Of Phrases
Here at Turn of Phrases I explore common idioms, old wives tales, metaphors, superstitions, and more. As I make my way through these phrases I look for their origins and see if I can find any truth in these little tall tales. Come along with me as I turn some phrases.
Big Bear's Den
By Jason
Big Bear's Den was once just a blog, for my random thoughts. Now its a blog and a podcast for my random thoughts, my short fiction, and anything else that I don't wish to pile into the other feeds. Plus generally Jen needs a break from wrangling me in, so here it is. Hope you enjoy.
Dennis DuBay Show
By Dennis DuBay Show
Dennis takes a look at the world around him, and slowly begins to devour it. You'll get interviews with up-and-coming artists (writers, musicians, actors, etc.), you'll also get spoken word pieces from Dennis and his friends.
Darkliy Lit Podcast
By Kaela Berry & Jesse Reyes
Each month we delve into a different example of horror literature. Encouraging listeners to read and send in their own comments and questions to discuss on the podcast.