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A Minute with Miles
By Alfred Turner
Illuminating 60-second flights through the world of classical music with host and longtime NPR commentator Miles Hoffman. Produced by South Carolina Public Radio.
The Hippocratic Hustle
By Carrie Reynolds, MD
In this podcast we will interview Independent Women MDs and DOs from all walks of medical life and learn the nuts and bolts of how they got started with their business or side-project. We will hear stories about the unique ways doctors practice their profession. We will discover what inspires and motivates these entrepreneurs. We will explore ways to make your money go further and learn ways to achieve financial freedom.
The Angry Mama Show
By GoZen! Transformational Entertainment
We all get angry, it's natural. What we do with it, that's a different story. The Angry Mama Show is the world’s first ever anger transformation show. If you're a parent, a teacher, a teen or young adult who deals with anger, angry people or angry situations in your life, this show is for you. Every week we drop knowledge and mad skills; uniting real-life practical tools, creative solutions, practices and comedy to transform anger into a positive catalyst for change. Your hosts are Positive Psychology and Resiliency Expert Renee Jain and Emmy Winning Writer/Comedian Ed Crasnick.
The Nod
By Gimlet
Luther Vandross ballads. Oil sheen spray. ‘Twice as good.’ What do these things have in common? They are each, in their own way, essential to some facet of the Black experience. In The Nod, a new podcast from Gimlet Media, co-hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings gleefully explore all the beautiful, complicated dimensions of Black life. It is a fun, yet poignant examination of both the biggest moments and most underexplored corners of Black art, media, and culture.
Compassion Church Danville
By Jeff Lynch
Thanks for listening. We hope you will take what you've heard and follow Christ like never before.
Compassion Church, Axton
By Seth Robertson
Compassion Church, Axton featuring speaker Seth Robertson
Worship Q&A with Dwayne Moore
By Next Level Worship International
Award-winning author and veteran worship leader, Dwayne Moore, answers questions worship leaders are asking--from practical how-to questions on leadership and team building to theological questions about worship and ministry. Join Dwayne for this short weekly podcast presented by Next Level Worship International (nextlevelworship.com), the non-profit organization Dwayne founded to serve worship leaders around the world.
No Title
By All Saints Episcopal Church Clergy
All Saints' preaching makes the Gospel relevant to our lives, in weekly sermons of 10-15 minutes. www.asaints.org
Adventurer's Log Podcast
By Dorin Adam
RPG podcast focused on storytelling and exploring different RPG storytelling tropes.
Fantasy Football Frenzy
By Fantasy Football Frenzy
Admit it… Fantasy Football is a huge part of your life. It’s woven into the fabric of who you are. You need it. You crave it. You can’t do without it. Join “The Fantasy Executive” Corey Parson, legendary award winning legendary analyst Jake Ciely and high stakes fantasy player, “Wall Street” Matt Modica for their daily take on the ever changing Fantasy Football landscape. Broadcast live on FNTSY Sports Radio Network 10am-11am ET Monday through Friday. NOTE: Not responsible for obsessive listening habits.
Market Like A Pro Podcast
By Cory Huddleston
Welcome to Market Like a Pro with Cory Huddleston. When it comes to digital marketing, where do you even begin? You've worked hard to build a company, and marketing it has come with it's own unique set of challenges. Truth is there's no end to the list of things you can do, so what should you do? These are the questions. This podcast is your answer. Be a part of the conversation as we explore traditional and new digital marketing strategies and platforms that will help you learn to make sense of it all and learn to market like a pro.
Der Automobil Podcast: Experten | Praxistipps | Brancheninfos | Business
By Gründer Car Consulting
Der Automobil Podcast von Gründer Car Consulting ist ein Podcast für Führungskräfte, Unternehmer, Fuhrparkleiter, Manager und alle, die ihren Gewerbefuhrpark optimal aufstellen wollen. Du möchtest unnötige Ausgaben vermeiden oder dich allgemein intensiver mit der Automobilbranche beschäftigen? Dann bist du bei uns richtig. Wenn du dich für Themen wie Mobilität, Automobil, Alternative Antriebe, Wirtschaft, Kostensenkung im Fuhrpark oder Aufwandsreduzierung interessierst und deinen Fuhrpark bestmöglich optimieren möchtest, findest du im Automobil Podcast viele Tipps, unterhaltsame Geschichten und unabhängige Experteneinschätzungen zu aktuellen Themen. In spannenden Interviews mit Branchenprofis erhältst du besondere Mehrwerte aus vielen Jahren Erfahrung und nebenbei interessante Insider-Infos aus erster Hand. Wir liefern regelmäßig Anregungen, Gedankenanstöße, neue Wege und Optionen für deinen Erfolg im Business.
Marketing Bites
By Emily Foster • GlowingPotential.com
DIY Marketing for Healthcare Professionals with your host, Emily Foster, RD. If you're at the stage where you're walking past doctors practices screaming "refer to me", like an insane person, this Podcast is for you. You're a one-woman/man band and even thinking about marketing gives you the heebie-jeebies. Humour me and give my Podcast a listen.
Creative Spaces Podcast
By Highway 85 Creative
This podcast covers everything from what to do if you're business is attending a trade show, to how to market and brand your company through design and story. Listen to Highway 85 Creative's CEO Guy Zwick and featured guests as they share great knowledge and insights, so you can make sure you to make the best out of your next trade show.
Hero Talk
By Joe Anthony
HERO TALK is a new original digital series, produced by Hero Studios and hosted by marketing pioneer & Hero Group CEO Joseph Anthony, that engages in one-on- one in-depth conversations about the important issues and ideas of our time with both established and burgeoning game-changers and “Heroes of Culture”.
How To Create Your Own Web Empire
By Bo Bennett, PhD
This is the podcast for YourWebEmpire.com. A web empire is a collection of websites created by an individual or single organization. YourWebEmpire.com provides entrepreneurs and web content creators a single platform to quickly and efficiently create unlimited multiple websites, and manage them with ease. In this podcast, the founder and 20-year veteran of the web industry, Dr. Bo Bennett, discusses ideas, strategies, and how to's related to creating a web empire.
Beyond Bunheads
By Beyond Bunheads
Join Liz and Julianna as they discuss the details of the dance world as only two Bunheads can! Whether you're a Bunhead, dance student, professional dancer, clueless novice, dance parent, or someone just interested in the dance world, this podcast is for you!
By GrantCardoneTV
This video series will pull back the curtain on how auto transport really works. John Costelac, founder of Direct Connect Auto Transport, takes us on a journey through the growth of his company and how different customers needs have to be met with expertise and professionalism. Working with private owners, auto dealers and military families, you will learn about how this business comes to touch the lives of everyday Americans, every day!
Podcasting for all
By Dominique Stansberry
You love Podcasts? So do we! Host one here.
Podcasting – Media Stable
Mediastable Experts Podcasts
Online Warriors
By The Online Warriors Hosting Group
The Online Warriors is a new multi-subject podcast that strives to keep you entertained. Our main interests lie in the realm of technology, video games, movies and books. Every episode, we'll have in depth discussions on some of our favorite titles or some of the latest news in the industry. Stay tuned!
Fun With Books
By Melissa Barbosa, Marcus Brito
Melissa e Marcus conversam sobre livros de todos os tipos e outras nerdices.
Book Talk Radio Club
By Book Talk Radio Club
Listen to interviews with upcoming writers talking about their books and the inspiration for writing them. ​ Discover new and exciting books in all genres.
By True Crime with Suruthi & Hannah
RedHanded the podcast jumps head first into all manner of macabre madness. We cover everything from big time serial killers (and those you may never have heard of), to hauntings, possessions, disturbing mysteries, bizarre whodunits and basically anything that tickles our creepy fancy. So, join us, plug in, sit back and prepare for scares.
Reform Radio
By Reform Radio
Broadcasting the best music, arts & culture from the Old Granada Studios & getting young people into employment in the process. Listen via our website or @tunein This is where we'll host most of our bespoke project work including private commissions and collaborations. For our full schedule of live shows and to listen back on demand visit www.reformradio.co.uk.
Smarter Than We Look
By Smarter Than We Look
Trav and E discuss highbrow culture, lowbrow smut, and anything in between
Small Town Big Dreams
By Small Town Big Dreams
Welcome to the Small Town Big Dreams podcast... thoughtful conversations with incredible people sharing their unique stories.
Smart Arse Casual Podcast
By Smart Arse Casual
Two old mates, Andy Maher and Mic Byrne, rambling about life. It's a little city, a little country, occasionally cohesive.
By Sip Squad
We got FACTS. We got TRACKS. We got LAUGHS. We are SIPWORTHY. A Podcast that delivers table talk conversation with a twist. Join us every Sunday LIVE on Tha AfterParty Radio from 6 - 8 PM CST or Listen to the Podcast delivered every Monday to iTunes, Soundcloud, and Google Play.
Reliving Reality
By Reliving Reality
Podcast by Reliving Reality
Official Hockey Troll Podcast
By Hockey Troll
You like hockey? Good for you, you're amongst the smartest of all sports fans, but not as smart as I am. Wanna fight about it? Twitter: @HockeyTrollin
AGRelates - A candid talk about relationships and connection
By Andrew Grossett
Podcast by Andrew Grossett
Aguntasolo Unaccented
By Feyi Fawehinmi
Conversations on politics, economics and culture
Alegoria da Taberna
By Cabo Cinético
Conversa mensal entre os elementos do Cabo Cinético onde as mais variadas temáticas são discutidas. Todos os meses uma nova temática com os mais variados convidados.
Alexandre Lacharme
By Alexandre Lacharme
Je VLOG, j'interviews, je voyage. Au départ créateur d'Inside Cannes en 2014, média indépendant d'interviews pendant le festival de Cannes, j'élargis aujourd'hui mon audience au delà de cet événement pour proposer sur la chaîne tutos, recettes, VLOGS, conseils, immersion !
Shep, Shower 'n Shave
By Yellow Flag Productions, Matt Shepard and Chad Shepard
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00pm, Matt Shepard and Chad Shepard will be discussing all of the latest news in the Sports World
Sports Medicine
By insideSTL.com
Sports Medicine with Dr. Rick Lehman
Sports Kingdom Podcast
By The Sports Kingdom
Kevin Walsh hosts the Sports Kingdom Podcast. Caution: Takes will be HOT!
Sports Made Me Do It
By Austin Layton
Welcome to Sports Made Me Do It. Austin Layton gives his comical opinion on the biggest news in sports. Follow @odoggyfresh on Twitter to interact with the show.
Southeast Hoops
By Blake Lovell
Southeast Hoops is a daily podcast hosted by SEC basketball insider Blake Lovell. The podcast features discussion on all-things SEC hoops with analysis, interviews, and much more.
No I in THREAT Podcast
By THREAT Sports: Youth Coaches Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids
THREAT Sports No I in THREAT Podcast is dedicated to helping the wonderful men and women that coach our young athletes every day. Their hard work and dedication is appreciated. We aim to be a resource to each of these coaches, giving them the guidance they need to deal with an ever-changing dynamic in youth sports. From the difficulties of coaching your own child or running an effective practice to the wonders of being a mentor to our players, coaching youth sports is never anything short of a challenge but what a wonderful experience it can be when we focus on the players first, giving them the Skills to Compete and the Character to Succeed. We hope you enjoy our podcast and we look forward to be playing a role in changing the culture around youth sports.
No Holds Barred Wrestling Podcast
By No Holds Barred Podcast
WWE Podcast Talking about the WWE and "No Holds Barred" on anything we say......PUN INTENDED!
No Name Wrestling Podcast
By Adam Tatum
We are the No Name Wrestling Podcast
No Suppression
By Sideline Journal
Podcast by Sideline Journal
Raising The Bar MM
By RTB Podcast
This podcast is the collaboration of Atlai Quistian and John Fannin. Both young men come from vastly different childhoods and have had to examine on their own what the feel makes a man truly masculine and manly. Atlai coming from a single parent home and John coming from his time in the Marine Corps, these two young men have decided that the lessons learned from good choices and bad choices are equally valuable in teaching and helping other young men realize their potential to be men of conviction, honor, character and integrity. The road has been rough to say the least, from Atlai becoming a father at a very young age and John dealing with depression and suicide, both of these men have decided they will fight their flaws and strive to be the best men they can be. They have decided to include you on their journey so that you can see them laid bare, flaws and virtues alike, in hopes that others can learn from their success and their failures. They have adopted the mantra of "Always forward. Always!!" We hope that you adopt this same motto for your life as well, always seeking self improvement and never giving up on yourself. We hope you enjoy our show and welcome you to leave a comment and share with your friends and family. Thank you! -Atlai Quistian & John Fannin
Online Devotions
By Steve Perkins
A verse of Scripture, a reflection, and a prayer. For more Online Devotions, please visit tinyurl.com/onlinedevos.
Oerend harTT
By RTV Drenthe
In Oerend harTT vertelt RTV Drenthe drie sterke verhalen over de TT.
Off Label
By Off label
Everything doesn't have to be labeled. Friends discuss everything from current events, personal life journeys, relationships, social media, and of course reality TV.
BackSeat GMs
By BackSeat GMs
A podcast diving into the world of sports off the field as well as discussing the on field action with your hosts Joe Cenname, Nick Zsitkovsky, and Matt Stonebrook
Phil's World
By Phil Dooley
Welcome to Phil's World of Life & Leadership
Philosophy Live! Podcast
By Nick Jade
Where the Thinking Is Done For You.
PSO - Larry Lawson
By The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network
In over 36 years in law enforcement, Larry Lawson learned a few things. The most important is the proper gathering and preservation of evidence is vital to putting the "Bad Guy" behind bars. It’s no different in the world of paranormal investigation. Whether it is the search for the afterlife, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials and UFO's, how we gather the evidence of their existence, preserve that evidence and present it to a court of our peers will make the ultimate difference in proving the existence of worlds and entities that are beyond our imagination. Join Larry Lawson on a journey that seeks to prove, with indisputable evidence, what man has struggled to believe for centuries.
Make Shift Happen Show
By Wildfire Radio
The Make Shift Happen Show is a lifestyle show that will shift your perspective on life, people and the world we live in as we spotlight the latest in exclusive restaurants, shopping, fashion, nightlife and entertainment and the people who make it all happen.
Make New Friends
By Mary Akemon & Sienna Mooney
Make New Friends is a weekly podcast about the trials and tribulations found in the realm of friendship. Join Mary Akemon and Sienna Mooney every Wednesday as they search for the meaning of true friendship, all while sharing research, advice, and embarrassing stories!
By Retrobold Podcast
Retrobold er din fodboldnostalgiske podcast. Fast på programmet: Ny gæst i studiet hver gang. 1/ Åbning af fodboldkortpakker fra VM 1994 2/ Optimering og af Best 11 udfra kortene, startopstillingen udvikler sig fra hver episode. 3/ Gæsten bliver udfordret i en Retro Quiz.
By Daniel Meßner
Der Fußball ist voll von Anekdoten, Geschichten und spannenden – bisweilen auch tragischen – Ereignissen und Schicksalen: In diesem Podcast geht es um alle Facetten der Vergangenheit des Fußballs. Alles, was den Fußball geprägt hat – auf und neben dem Platz.
Spill The Beames
By Spill The Beames
A podcast with a wide range of unique people from professional Boxers, MMA & Jiu Jitsu folks to music producers and all around crazy humans who put in work when most peoples work day ends. If that sparks your interest, give this page a follow and keep up to date with what's going on. Full video of the chats available on Youtube! Youtube: spillthebeames.com/youtube Web: spillthebeames.com Facebook: spillthebeames.com/facebook
In Between Reps
By CrossFit Hippo
Podcast by CrossFit Hippo
It's A Work
By Professional Wrestler Tristin Hayze and Pro Wrestling outsider Ian Matthews
The It's A Work podcast is an insiders and outsiders perspective of the world of professional wrestling as a whole. From two a-holes who love to talk trash, and smack and aren't afraid to admit "IT'S A WORK". Segments will include Pro Wrestling gossip and news, interviews with various wrestling stars from all around the world of pro wrestling (including: WWE, IMPACT, ROH, the Independents and more) Pro Wrestling Blitz updates and random entertainment.
It's Always The Off-Season Somewhere with Mike Stubbs
By AM980
Sports talk for London and Southwestern Ontario during your drive, walk or workout. You get 20 minutes of what sports fans in the area are talking about and close coverage of the London Knights, London Lightning, London Majors, London Nationals, Western, Fanshawe, and athletes from the region. Hosted by the radio voice of the London Knights, Mike Stubbs.
Melted Puck Podcast
By Melted Puck Podcast
Melted Puck Blog and Podcast
Lions AFL 'Fans' Podcast
Brisbane Lions 'unofficial' podcast - by the fans, for the fans. Review and preview of each week's matches; and chatting about all of the big Lions news.
JoeFlo and Bader Show podcast
By Mark Bader
FloWrestling weekly podcast with Flo originals Mark Bader and Joe Williamson having on the biggest names in the sport as guests.
Basketball Reasons
Julien Rodriguez (@Juicemanji) and Brandon Montgomery (@BillMonty_) talk all things NBA
Deutsche Jagdzeitung
Kanzelklatsch - der Podcast der Deutschen Jagdzeitung. Über 30 Jahre gab es uns nur zu lesen oder seit 10 Jahren auch im Video zu sehen. Nun gibt’s was zu hören. Jeden Monat wird es einen Podcast zum Titelthema des aktuellen Heftes geben. Egal ob Ausrüstung, Jagdstrategien, Reviereinrichtungen oder Jagdhunde. Alles was mit Jagd zu tun hat, ist ein Thema für uns. Seien Sie gespannt!
Det 3. Hjul
By DocEye Digital
Det 3. Hjul er en podcast der kort og kontant giver dig et overblik over dagens etape og kommer med velbegrundede bud på dagens potentielle vindere.
DFR Podcast
By Daily Fantasy Rankings
Daily Fantasy Rankings - Australia's #1 hub for DFS news, reviews, rankings and interviews. If you play Daily Fantasy Sports in Australia, come and find out where you're ranked for free - www.dailyfantasyrankings.com.au
Futbolgrad Network
By Futbolgrad Network
Born in the post-Soviet Space the Futbolgrad Network brings you independent, and reliable, football journalism from around the world. Our podcasts have a special focus on the former USSR, the Bundesliga, as well as the United States and Mexico. Our goal is to explore the world through the prism of the beautiful game.
By CRC Broadcasting, Inc.
1580 The Fanatic is Arizona's New Home For Sports! All the best local hosts along with CBS Sports Radio and SB Nation! 1580 The Fanatic is also heard on 99.3FM. Owned and operated by CRC Broadcasting, Inc. Also, visit 1580TheFanatic.com
Movie Hopping
By Too Many Thoughts
Two unapologetic film nerds are on a mission to Make Cinema Great Again.
WildBuck Hunting Podcast
By WildBuck Media
Deer, Exotic and Big Game Hunting throughout Texas, the U.S. and Mexico. Outfitters, Ranches, Hunting Products, Deer Nutrition and Protein.
We're On Live, The WNBA Show
By We're On Live
Podcast by We're On Live
Wild Rye Radio
By Wild Rye Radio brought to you by Wild Rye
Wild Rye Radio shares stories of breaking trail, and the characters who led the way. Brought to you by Wild Rye, makers of design-forward outdoor apparel for women. #playwild
Total 90 Podcast
By Nick Brown
Premier League living Spurs > Liverpool
HypoCritix Podcast
Opinions that matter from the people that don't. Pop culture news, obscure reviews and the three friends who blow their fuse
Holyview Podcast
By Holyview Podcast
Papa Sanchez and crew talking sci-fi, fantasy, action and comic book movies, in depth from a Christian point of view. Analysis, reviews, spoilers and a few laughs thrown into the mix...join us fortnightly as we explore some of the newest box office smashes and retro favourites.
By Scene-It Cast
Each week, members of the Scene-It Cast review 2 episodes of Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix in preparation for The Defenders and Season 2!
Live From The RR Podcast
By Live From The RR Podcast
Three friends talk about Twin Peaks from their favorite booth at RR diner.
Don’t Call This A Podcast
By Ron Harris, Ryan McLaughlin
Don't Call This a Podcast is a podcast hosted by The Kids Wear Crowns Blog. We will use this space to ramble about movies, music, sports and TV. Follow @TheKWCBlog for more
By Pipoca & Pamonha
Bem vindo ao CornCast :D Aqui você ira encontrar o Pipoca e o Pamonha, os dois apresentadores e postadores do CornCast o blog e podcast que é um estouro !! No CornCast iremos abordar um pouco sobre os filmes mais queridos pelos nossos ilustres apresentadores de maneira mais leve e fazendo vários paralelos com o nosso dia a dia !! Venha se divertir conosco !! www.corncast.com.br
Claqueta en escena
By Claqueta en Escena
Claqueta en escena es un podcast en español en el que charlamos sobre películas que se pueden encontrar en plataformas digitales, especialmente en netflix, o de nuevos estrenos, acá todos hacemos cosas diferentes pero tenemos una en común, amor por el séptimo arte.
In Review
By In Review
We love movies. We love talking about movies. We hope you love movies and love hearing us talk about movies.
In the Middle of Our Street
By Luna Brekke and Liz MacDonald
A podcast where Luna Brekke and Liz MacDonald watch reality TV shows where strangers live in a house together.
Invalid Opinion
By Yesaya Ferdinand
A show where Yesaya Ferdinand talks about what caught his eye in Pop Culture, locally and internationally. A somewhat invalid perspective from a nobody—just a pop culture enthusiast with very subjective take on things he watched, listened, and read. New episodes every Tuesday.
Invitation to Talk – Der deutsche Twin Peaks Podcast
By Coopers Kaffee
Laura Palmer. Black Lodge. Red Room. Owls. BOB. Dale Cooper. Cherry Pie. And a damn fine cup of coffee. Twin Peaks. Der Podcast zu Season 3.
Blog - Aspen Ridge Church
By The Electric Car Superstar
Get the latest news on electric cars hosted by The Electric Car Superstar featuring music from FLX Beats
Signature Dish
By Zach Blackmore and Luka Brouwer
Podcast by Zach Blackmore and Luka Brouwer
No, You Move!
Three civic-minded geeks unite to discuss what's going on, and remind us that this nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, you move." ~Captain America
Asgardia Connection
By Asgardia Connection
A Asgardia News Brazil (ANBR) é uma iniciativa independente e, por ora, ainda não filiada à Asgardia, desenvolvida com o intuito de trazer notícias traduzidas da Nação Espacial e ajudar a informar os Asgardianos de língua portuguesa acerca das novidades e acontecimentos no fórum e website de Asgardia. Asgardia Connection possui a mesma funcionalidade com o intuito de aproximar ainda mais os leitores.
Amy Talks Politics
By Amy Jones
Amy Talks Politics is a bi-weekly podcast discussing the biggest current affairs issues of the moment, with interviews and opinion from guests in these industries and beyond. "Funin and Sunin" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
Whine & Roses: The Bachelor & The Bachelorette
By Previously.TV
Stephanie Green and Jeff Drake discuss America's only network-approved way to find true love -- on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
Primera Plana
By Cugat.cat - 91.5 FM
Emissions de Cugat.cat - Radio Sant Cugat - Sant Cugat - Barcelona - CATALONIA
I Hate Music
By Jason Walton
I Hate Music Podcast hosted by Jason Walton. Blind listens and discussions on music and life, with a cast of guests from the music scene and beyond.
God, Fam & Beats Podcast
By Tamiko Turner
Changing the world one song, one story, at a time.
Type1Radio shows
By Type1Radio
Bringing Type 1 right to your ears... The home of Bohemian+ Type1Radio has been bring you news, comment, chat and music since 2011 and now is broadcasting through Spreaker. You can now listen to the Lounge shows through iTunes.
Trump Speech Archive
By The Washington Post
An audio archive of some of Donald Trump's most noteworthy speeches as president, starting with his inaugural address. Subscribe to listen to full audio of his formal remarks.
Trust Issues
By Trust Issues
Trust Issues is a podcast about facts gone wrong. Every Friday, Sydney Brownstone and Heidi Groover will dive into conspiracy theories, fake news sources, and chain emails your grandparents sent our way to figure out why people believe what they believe.
TrumpWatch with Paul DeRienzo
By TrumpWatch with Paul DeRienzo
Keeping an Eye on the Trump Debacle; how does a New York City landlord with bad hair and fascist tendencies lead millions into new national nightmare? Is Donald J. Trump proof that it can happen here? Every week Paul DeRienzo will be answering that question and more. Paul DeRienzo is a teacher, father and activist. Working under a grant from the George Polk Awards DeRienzo is studying the effect of nuclear weapons production on the environment.
By Terry J. Aman
I'm a media packrat. My collection of VHS recordings began in the '80s and at once point filled five storage shelves in my home. Over the years, I've transferred these hundreds of tapes onto 2,500+ DVDs. What's on them? That's what we're here to find out. This podcast will track my progress in cataloging these DVDs as we discover together what the heck is on all of them, keeping an eye on my current viewing habits as well. Happy viewing!