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By Ron Mallett
A podcast that details the history of Tasmania utilizing personal genealogy as case studies.
By Audioboom
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By Steve Cree
Join us as we think about who Jesus is and how that relates to life in our world. We're a Brisbane church trying to reach our city and reach our world with the good news about Jesus. Find us in the real world in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
By TechTarget
Delivering news and expert perspective on enterprise content management and collaboration
By talkSPORT
Tom Latchem and Ged Mills bring you the best bits of the weekend from Extra Time on talkSPORT
By talkRADIO
A daily digest of news, views and insight from Mike Graham and Theresa May’s former comms director Katie Perrior
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2008 ICAPP Economic Development Summit (audio) May 15-16, 2008
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Georgia currently ranks #1 in the nation for entrepreneurship and dovetailing on National Entrepreneurship Week (February 20-27, 2010), the Summit hopes to promote continuous activity that encourages entrepreneur development throughout the state. The Entrepreneur Summit is designed to offer innovative best practices and entrepreneur education to Georgia’s economic developers, chambers of commerce, local officials, tourism professionals, downtown leaders and others interested in fostering ent...
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2007 ICAPP Economic Development Summit May 17-18, 2007
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WGUR: Amateur Hour
By Radio City 96.7
The very best of Radio City's Pete Price. Listen again to him on demand here.
New dads, seasoned dads, dads that have transitioned to grandfathers. This a place where we can come together and share our experiences and lets face it some dad fails! Mike and Adam will be bring dad's on to share their experiences and advice. All of this while we document our experiences with our kids. If you have a suggestion or would like to share your Dad Experience email us at [email protected] or follow us on twitter @dadexppodcast. You can find Adam on Twitter @adambusuttil
By Radio City 96.7
With so much comedy going on in the city it was about time that it had it’s own podcast featuring headlining interviews, special features, comedy news and a what’s on guide.
By La Musique
Somos quien narra la Historia del sonido, los héroes encargados de dar vida a las nuevas experiencias de la música, nuestra nave espacial recorre el universo musical en búsqueda de nuevos sonidos, embarcando en las estaciones estelares que promulgan su culto por la electrónica, el pop, el rock y el movimiento alternativo, hablamos de nuestra casa a través de su música, pues es ella quien nos recuerda de donde venimos y para donde vamos, quien se sube, viaja junto con los héroes de la música y...
By DotsFam|DotsBand
DotsFam - логическое продолжение группы Многоточие. Выразить респект и поддержать группу вы можете на Яндекс.Деньги: 410011253694090.
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The resources here give educators a chance to explore motivating tools to enable students to meet the educational technology goals of today. This collection was developed from a CEET MoodleMeet where educators from all over the world shared ideas for using online tools in the k-12 classroom.
中文大学简介  University Guide (Chinese) - 大学ガイド(中国語)
University Guide (English) - 大学ガイド(英語)
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
EGREPA 2007. XIth International Conference Physical Activity, Health Promotion and Aging. Realizado del 18 al 20 de octubre de 2007 en Pontevedra, España.
By 中央大学広報室
By Adam Jaffrey
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By Damian Whitehouse
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MA, MS & MFA's in Film, TV, Media Ventures, Journalism, Emerging Media Studies, Advertising, Mass Comm & Public Relations. #liveit #Boston [email protected] https://bucomgrad.bu.edu/
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Welcome to 'The London Minute VOICE MEMO', the talking technology column for Computer America. By Patricia Rykiel 's recent posts to audioboom.com
By Philipp W. Wilhelm
Philipp W. Wilhelm's recent posts to audioboom.com
By Emily Jordan
Podcast by Emily Jordan
By Audioboom
The Vexoid team talk about everything nerdy in a brand new weekly podcast. Subscribe to hear about the best new releases and the latest news every Friday.
By Brad Rukstales
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A continuación reproducimos ‘La ciencia y la tecnología’, título dividido en tres cápsulas que hacen una breve revisión histórica, desde la época prehispánica hasta nuestros días, subrayando de manera particular los logros alcanzados en diversas áreas de especialización universitaria. Producción Descarga Cultura.UNAM / Coordinación de Difusión Cultural / UNAM D.R. © UNAM.
By The Jeff Adams Show
What is the Jeff Adams show about? It's about ordinary people doing extraordinary things! Who wants the same boring celebrities that everyone books on their shows? We take calls! We interview influential creative people LIKE you artists and Authors. We also try to help you understand the meaning of life with CREATIVITY . We try to laugh we sometimes but sometimes get serious. In the end we want you to the road of recovery of being Creative with purpose. In the end that makes you ...
fichiers mp3 en huit langues, enregistrés par des locuteurs natifs, libres de droits pour une utilisation pédagogique ou personnelle, abonnement au podcast anglais, podcast allemand, téléchargement de fichiers mp3, compréhension de l'oral en allemand, anglais, français, espagnol, russe, italien, portugais, CECRL, apprendre l'anglais, apprendre l'allemand
fichiers mp3 en huit langues, enregistrés par des locuteurs natifs, libres de droits pour une utilisation pédagogique ou personnelle, abonnement au podcast anglais, podcast allemand, téléchargement de fichiers mp3, compréhension de l'oral en allemand, anglais, français, espagnol, russe, italien, portugais, CECRL, apprendre l'anglais, apprendre l'allemand
Tomás Eloy Martínez (1934-2010) escritor y periodista argentino. Reconocido por su trayectoria profesional con el Premio Ortega y Gasset 2009, es considerado uno de los escritores más importantes en lengua española. Inmerso en un contexto de opresión y censura en su país, y con la visión que el dolor del exilio le propició, suele impregnar a la ficción de sus novelas con una verdad fáctica que aborda la situación de su natal Argentina en tiempos de la dictadura militar. Entre algunos de su...
By bee and theresa
bee and theresa are here to talk about chuck todd. nothing more, nothing less. we are in no way affiliated with chuck todd, though he seems like a really chill dude.
Cette banque nationale de vidéos SVT est ouverte aux contributions des enseignants de toutes les académies. Elle a pour but de proposer des ressources vidéos utilisables par les enseignants de SVT dans leur cours.
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Colloque international, 8 et 9 octobre 2009, organisé par le Cerce EA 3532
By SBS Contents Hub
만담꾼 고현준이 진행하는 전화 연결 이슈떨이 팟캐스트. 각 분야 전문가들에게 전화를 걸어 직접 묻고 듣고 뜯어본다! 떡밥은 [email protected] 으로.
卒業生の足跡 [ Alumni Interviews ]  明治大学をご卒業され、様々な分野でご活躍されている「先輩」の皆さんに、明治大学時代を振り返っていただきながら、熱いメッセージをいただくシリーズです!
プロモーション, オリジナルCM [ Promotion Original CM ] オリジナルCM [ Original CM ] 「個」を強くする大学 A University that Strengthen the Individual
By Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals, SA
Resum setmanal sobre l'activitat del Parlament de Catalunya. Jordi Corbalan ens posa al dia del que fa el nostre legislatiu.
By Josiah Ward & Daniel Bright
Every week, Josiah and Daniel discuss the latest Sports & Star Wars news, alternating between topics every episode.
By YLE Areena
Kiinnostavimmat kirjailijat, ajankohtaisimmat kirjat. Tekijät itse, omalla äänellään kertovat teoksistaan ja meidän ajastamme. Nadja Nowak ja Seppo Puttonen valitsevat vuorollaan Viikon kirjan.
By Seattle DINING!
Monthly program about restaurants and food events, news and people in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest
By Jenny Nordbak
Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club! We are two authors who read, write, and love everything about the romance genre. We celebrate female empowerment and sex positivity.
By Sally Route
Sunday Morning Sermons at New Life Church.
By Greg Knapper
Bethlehem Baptist Church
By Audioboom
One word - Disruption! Interviews + Live Events featuring the smartest guys in blockchain + disruptive fintech
By Audioboom
Thomas C. Nevius's recent posts to audioboom.com
By CCNN Live
Three high school students from Miami discuss the current state of technology. New episodes every week.
By Columbia Metro Baptist Association
Welcome to the Columbia Metro Connection, the place to go to get Kingdom Resources for you and your congregation. The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 partner churches that support the ministry of the CMBA. Hosts for the Columbia Metro Connection are George Bullard, Director of Missions at Columbia Metro Baptist Association, Strategic Leadership Coach, Lead Missiologist, and Virtuoso of all things church-relate...
By Family Worship Center
Geneva, Nebraska
By Virginia Muzquiz
Welcome to the Passion + Purpose = Impact podcast where you'll discover the secrets to building a business that fuels your passions, funds your dreams and has MASSIVE IMPACT on the community where you live and serve! Now here's your host, Virginia Muzquiz
By Audioboom
Listen here to the latest interviews and insight from the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament in France. Check back for player and punditry throughout the tournament.
By The 45/54 Podcast Hosted By Nick Eden
The 45/54 Podcast is a show dedicated to educating content creators about Merch by Amazon, and the Print on Demand industry overall. Join host Nick Eden every week.
By Vermont Public Radio
The Catch-Up is VPR's news explainer series: We tell you what you need to know about the news in Vermont.
By Pastor Joshua Stump & Justin Lett
In 2016, The Eden Gate, and The Keeill Fellowhsip, united to become The Local Church. These 2 thriving churches in East Nashville desired to see the power of God evoked by humble unity in the Gospel. We were each convinced that we'd see this more, together, than we ever would separately and so with deep conviction to "become one," as Jesus' prayed for His disciples in John 17,... WE DID! John 17: 18 & 21 18 As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world... 21 I p...
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Teacher of the Year
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Distinguished Speakers
By 跟着圈圈吐泡泡
By Jackson Edwards & Gerald Devaille
To experience the wonder of Jesus.
By The Harbor Young Adult Ministry
The Harbor exists to connect young adults to community and encourage them to take their next step in following Jesus. We do this through a weekly gathering with worship of God and teaching of his word. We are a ministry of Calvary Chapel Melbourne, and we meet each Thursday at 7PM in the Youth Center auditorium of our Melbourne campus. This is a podcast of our weekly teachings.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
Estos recursos son material didáctico elaborado por la Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo, en ellos se presentan diversos perspectivas de los principales conceptos involucrados en el mercado de valores y las finanzas.
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Student Support
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Distinguished Speakers
By TSF Radio Notciais
Edição de 31 de Agosto 2017 - Pedro Pinheiro, jornalista, director-adjunto da TSF (Lisboa)
By Cadena SER
'Tres en uno' es un programa que recibe su nombre por el spray arreglatodo, y que no pretende arreglar nada, pero sí tratar temas de actualidad con reportajes, entrevistas y crónicas. Con José María Patiño.
By Kevin Blackstock
By ICI Radio-Canada
Dans cette première série du balado Histoires d'Enquête, réalisé en collaboration avec le service de l'Information de Radio-Canada, Isabelle Richer partage sa vision du système de justice, aborde certains enjeux et concepts de celui-ci et nous explique au passage les différentes étapes qui mènent à un procès.
Since September 2011 DUST has been producing events at some of Dubai’s premier venues and locations, providing a platform for alternative club music and culture within the UAE. DUST are a UAE and UK based collective of DJs, music producers and record label owners with over thirty years of industry experience collectively. The collective includes Megadon Betamax (Voyeurhythm Records), DJ Solo (Another Music), Mr Yeti (Ten Thousand Yen) and James Locksmith (JembeMusic). Each member brings their...
By Cadena SER
Todos los programas de SER Poniente
By Cadena SER
Todos los programas de SER Almería
By CISM 89.3
By CISM 89.3
Sara et Sarah se font djs de votre chambre à coucher. Confidences, conseils et conneries sur l’oreiller.
En fejring af det bedste fra alternativ musik lige nu. P6 BEAT-værterne præsenterer 13 bands i seks timers radio direkte fra Koncerthuset.
By Bergmanpodden
Var med när Gunnar Bolin och hans gäster betar av Ingmar Bergmans filmkatalog från början till slut. Ansvarig utgivare: Mattias Hermansson
Milliardær og stifter af Saxo-bank, Lars Seier Christensen, tager med gadejurist Nanna Gotfredsen rundt i Danmark på besøg hos stofbrugere og hjemløse. Både Lars og Nanna er stærkt kritiske over for den måde, vores velfærdssystemet er indrettet på, når det drejer sig om at tage sig af folk på bunden af samfundet. I tre programmer hører vi de udsattes historier og gadejuristen og milliardæren peger de på, hvor de mener, at systemet fejler og kommer med deres bud på løsninger.
Vi kender alle rygter og historier, som ikke vil dø. Som vi bliver ved med at tænke over. Hvad sker der, hvis vi følger rygtet? Hvilken historie opstår undervejs, og findes der en sandhed? Det er udgangspunktet for serien Rygtet siger... Kontakt: [email protected]
By Radio Télévision Suisse
"Toute une vie" propose des entretiens intimistes avec des personnalités ayant marqué l’histoire de la Suisse romande dans leur domaine (politique, sportif, artistique ou scientifique). L’entretien sera rythmé par des images d’archives auquel l’interviewé sera invité à réagir. Disponibilité des fichiers audio: -1.
日本論 〜趣味と都市:秋葉原とオタク文化〜 [ Taste and the City; Otaku culture and Akihabara ] ---English(英語),日本語(Japanese),Korean(韓国語),Chinese(中国語)  マンガ・アニメ・ゲームなど、オタク文化と呼ばれる文化が、東京の秋葉原という街にもたらした変化について、 国際日本学部の森川嘉一郎先生が解説します。後半には、明治大学で計画しているマンガ図書館についても取り上げています。
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
The School of Jewellery on Vittoria Street has been located in the heart of Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter since 1890.
By Radio France
La chronique de Christophe Chassol
By Population Media Center
Population Media Center (PMC) works worldwide using entertainment-education for social change. Our programs encourage positive behavior change among the audience. PMC produced a radio serial drama titled Cesiri Tono ("All the Rewards of Courage and Hard Work") in the countries of Mali, Burkina Faso, and Côte d?Ivoire. The drama was aired from November 2004 to October 2005 and addressed issues such as children?s rights, exploitative child labor, child trafficking and reproductive health. The d...
By Audioboom
Hospital Radio Reading is a truly local radio station. We serve the patients of the Royal Berkshire Hospital and their friends and relatives in the winder community of Reading. The station is run by a committed band of volunteers who have kept HRR air since 1957. The photograph of the Royal Berkshire Hospital is courtesy of Juan J. Martínez (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]) Under Creative Commons Licence
By U.S. Senator Cory Booker
Lift Every Voice is dedicated to shining a light on overlooked issues of injustice and inequality and sharing inspiring stories of change. Each episode, U.S. Senator Cory Booker will talk with grassroots activists, stakeholders, and organizers who are overcoming injustices and making positive change in their communities.
By Sean Sines
DJ | Producer | Subliminal Records
By The Huntington
Bringing together international leaders in the field of medieval studies, this conference focuses interdisciplinary attention on the recent resurgence of interest in fifteenth-century texts and manuscripts and reshapes the dialogue about this decisive moment in English literary history. This conference was funded by The Huntington's Dorothy Collins Brown Endowment and The Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside.
By The A Group
Програма «Через Біблію до живого Бога» є частиною всесвітнього служіння місії Thru the Bible («Через Біблію»). Духовна праця місії пов’язана з викладанням Біблії. Спочатку цикл передач розробив доктор Дж. Вернон МакГі, а потім ці матеріали переклали понад 100 мовами та діалектами. 30-хвилинні програми «Через Біблію до живого Бога» призначено для того, щоб за їхньою допомогою слухач систематично вивчав усю Біблію. Відтепер ці передачі доступні для вас в Інтернеті. Дякуємо, що Ви вирішили д...
By גלצ
סדרת מתח שתביא בכל פרק סיפורים אמיתיים ומסמרי שיער המגיעים למוקדי כוחות הביטחון וההצלה. כתבת המשטרה של גלי צה"ל, הדס שטייף, תגולל בפניכם את רגעי הדרמה הסוערים שנגלים בהקלטות בצירוף ראיונות מרגשים עם גיבורי האירועים ולובשי המדים.
By iTunes U Podcast Owner
OCCAM 2011