Listen API: Podcast Search & Directory API

Simple & no-nonsense podcast search & directory API. Search the meta data of 537,143 podcasts and 33,803,407 episodes by people, places, or topics. It's the same API that powers this website.
Updated: 2018-08-15

Pricing & Quotas

It's freemium model & pay as you go. You can find pricing details here.
FREE PLAN. If you use Listen API to build side projects for fun, it's unlikely that you'll exceed the quota limit. The headers of each API response includes usage numbers that you can check in your code, if you really don't want to pay :)
X-RateLimit-directory-apis-Limit: 1000
X-RateLimit-directory-apis-Remaining: 765
X-RateLimit-full-text-search-quota-Limit: 1000
X-RateLimit-full-text-search-quota-Remaining: 521
X-RateLimit-typeahead-quota-Limit: 10000
X-RateLimit-typeahead-quota-Remaining: 6207
PAID PLANS. In addition to higher quota limit, paid plans also provide higher-resolution podcast artwork images (1400x1400) than the free plan's (150x150).
Start using the API for free now:
Note: The first couple API requests may be extremely slow, which is likely a problem on the Mashape side. Once you get through the first couple requests, it'll be okay.

API Endpoints