Brucy Parry is a filmmaker, author and explorer. In his documentary series for the BBC entitled Tribe, Amazon and Arctic, he is living with remote indigenous people. His latest project is Tawai, a documentary film about the Penan in Borneo.
We’re talking about an important subject in many tribes: the connection to nature, each other and ’something bigger’. How important is this connection? How is it that we have lost that and how can we find it?
Bruce explains what makes the Penan people so special. How can they live without hierarchy? Is living a hierarchy a natural state for people? What is real nature and what role do narratives play in our society?
We’re talking about the amazing and wonderful experiences Bruce had during his visits. What rituals of initiations have made the biggest impression? How did plant medicine affect his life?
We’ve had an amazing conversation about some of our very favorite topics, so enjoy this extra long episode!
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