Buy up-to-date Podcast Database

As of this moment, I 've got 354,965 podcasts & 19,379,448 episodes in the database of Listen Notes. It includes the meta data of (almost) all podcasts you can find on the Internet
You are able to buy this podcast database now.
Some of my customers use the data to train their AI models or jumpstart their podcast-related software effort (e.g., podcast player app), but you may have other use cases.

How much?

One time $1000 flat fee. No recurring charge.
In San Francisco, you pay at least $50/hour for an entry-level software engineer. $1000 is about 20 hours (or 2 normal workdays) of your entry-level software engineer's time.

How does the data look like?

Four database tables:
  • Podcast: title, description, RSS feed, web site url, author, iTunes id, image, language.
  • Episode: title, description, audio length, audio download link, publish date, what podcast it belongs to.
  • Genre: Genre name (e.g., Music, Health, Business ...)
  • Podcast-Genre-Relationship: Podcast id, Genre id (i.e., what genres do this podcast belong to)
Take a look at the sample CSV data (1K podcasts & 10K episodes) in Dropbox or in Google Sheets.

What do I deliver?

  • A Dropbox download link to four database tables, each of which has a CSV file and a postgres dump file. So, 8 data files in total: 4 CSV files & 4 postgres dump files. I also include a simple script for you to restore postgres data.
  • Refresh data any time you want for 3 months, for free.
  • Afterwards, $100 to refresh data any time you want for every 3 months. Of course, if you don't need the most updated data, then you don't pay this $100. If I raise price after you purchase the data, you can still pay the earlier price.
For example: You pay $1000 on March 9, 2017. I email you a download link within 12 hours. On April 10, 2017, you request for the most updated data. I email you a download link within 12 hours, for free. On Oct 21, 2017, you pay $100 and request for the most updated data. I email you a download link within 12 hours.

How to buy?

  1. YOU: contact me at [email protected]
  2. ME: send you payment url.
  3. YOU: finish payment.
  4. ME: send you 1) an invoice, 2) a Dropbox download link of the entire Internet's up-to-date podcasts & episodes.
Note: Purchasing this database signifies your acceptance of the Terms of Sale below.

Terms of Sale

All sales are final. No refunds.
The price may change at any time in the future.

Updated: 2017-09-26