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Buy Podcast Database

Data is new oil. You are able to buy this kind of new oil from Listen Notes now :)
Listen Notes has the most comprehensive podcast database that you can find on the Internet. You can purchase a one-time database dump (in CSV) from us to jump start your next project right away.
$2,000 USD
Meta data of all podcasts

Good for doing data analysis, AI / machine learning, social science, teaching data science...
$6,000 USD
Meta data of all podcasts
✔ RSS urls of all podcasts

Good for prototyping any podcast-related services, advanced data analysis that need to access RSS feeds,...

(Optional) Quarterly data refresh, contact us
$15,000 USD
Meta data of all podcasts
✔ RSS urls of all podcasts
Meta data of all episodes

Well, you've got the whole Internet's podcast data. Sky is your limit :)

(Optional) Monthly data refresh, contact us

Terms of Sales

All sales are final. No refunds.
Unless specifically authorized in advance and in writing by Listen Notes, Inc., you will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise make the Data available to any third person or entity and you will use your best efforts to prevent the misuse or unauthorized use of the Data by any third person or entity.

How to Purchase

  1. YOU: tell us which database (Hobbyist, Startup, or Enterprise) you want to buy via email.
  2. US: send you a PayPal link for payment.
  3. YOU: finish payment.
  4. US: send you an invoice & a Dropbox link that contains CSV file(s).

Meta data

  • Podcast: title, image, description (html), language, website, iTunes id (if it's on iTunes), publisher, categories, and podcast uuid.
  • Episode: title, description (html), audio url, audio length, pub date, episode uuid, podcast uuid.
Note: uuid is used to uniquely identify podcast / episode on Listen Notes.

Should you buy this database or not?

In the tech industry, we always face the "to buy or to build" decisions. So, should you buy this database, or not? There are several factors you may want to consider:
  • Hiring a junior engineer in San Francisco costs at least $50/hour. Hiring a experienced consultant costs more.
  • To keep the podcast database up-to-date, you need to run your own infrastructure to constantly refresh data from massive amount of podcast RSS files. Mediocre developers may set up very costly infrastructure that easily costs you $1000+ per month.
  • Podcasts rely on RSS to distribute contents. Podcast RSS files are prepared by podcasters themselves. Human beings are always making mistakes. So it's not surprise that a big portion of podcast RSS files on the Internet are broken. So as a developer, you need to continuously improve your code to deal with all kinds of edge cases of broken RSS files.
  • You can build the podcast database from scratch, but it takes time (weeks or even months) to catch up the comprehensiveness of Listen Notes podcast database. Or you can spend money and get the database right away, so you can immediately start building fun projects on top of the high-quality podcast database.