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Welcome morons, bunker dwellers, conspiracy theorists, blue nosers, right wing nuts and somewhat rational people to the irreverent political ride known as the Drive Time Happy Hour. Take a journey into an entertaining and honest look at politics from different perspectives along with fun and possibly insightful banter.

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May 5, 2017 · 01:55:21
Is there such a thing as the backfire effect? The idea that if one is presented with factual information contrary to what they believe to be true that that person will retreat further into their falsehood. That the factual information actually codifies their ignorance. Of course the original study was done to show how conservatives are idiots. But Mr. PC has some questions. In fact, so do other scientists and researchers. As the two morons discuss this topic one of them practiced a form of backfire when discussing whether or not there is more evidence to either the Trump wiretap allegations or the idea that Trump was in collusion with Russia during the elections. Most importantly. On this episode the Drive Time Happy Hour actually solves the health care crisis. It seems like every episode the morons are solving global issues. If only major think tanks, CEO’s and world leaders would listen to these guys. Plenty of things that are just not right, booze stories and positive feminist stuff happening in India too.
April 27, 2017 · 01:54:14
This show covers a lot of ground. Mostly useless ground per usual. However it contains the best “Mammals of Mass Destruction” of all time. What are sanctuary cities? With all of the discussion going on many people are clueless as to what the actual political rhetoric means. Let us break it down for you. We also delve into the breastfeeding discussion. Barring that fact that both of us love boobies the discussion is about whether or not a woman breastfeeding her child should be considered “natural”. Believe it or not there are those in our society putting out studies and making the case that describing breastfeeding as “natural” is unethical. Nine out of ten morons agree that this idea is ridiculous. Plenty of booze stories and to top it all off a poop story too! This show is jam packed with plenty of entertainment and mind dulling information.
April 21, 2017 · 01:52:03
The world seems to be on a collision course with destiny. That destiny is the new sitcom scheduled for shooting this summer in Ocala Florida - Kung Pao Boom. The story of an Indian Deli shop and convenience store owner who is reminiscent of Archie Bunker. This is a passion project for the two morons on the DTHH. Follow the show on Facebook to get information about casting and production. In other news the protestors are getting more aggressively weak. It is like a huge community of Larpers coming out of their mother's basements to wreak havoc on the pinatas they've been making all year. They are even pissing off the janitor at Berkley by stealing the rolling dumpster. Someone has to track that thing down. Lord knows that these peace loving and environmentally friendly idiots aren't using it for their trash. Russia is getting pushy, sex scandals, booze, beavers and a fabulous poop story! Check it out and leave commentary.
April 14, 2017 · 02:04:39
The morons play a new game called, “Guess Who Said That”. The globe prepares for war. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Syria, where did they come from? How does the psychological norms of society impact the younger generations? There are a lot of questions on this show and believe it or not, we have the answers. Including how United Airlines could have easily solved their overbooking issues and come out they other end smelling like a rose. In fact, our strategy could have increased their stock value. Perhaps someone should hire the Drive Time Happy Hour for imaging. And yes, we were talking about Uranus!
April 6, 2017 · 02:02:48
After a slight respite the morons are back and as pointless as ever. PC and Buddha are joined by their friend Aladdin to discuss a myriad of inappropriate topics. The show ebbs and flows as it weaves between topics like college lectures about straight white male gay sex to prove their own masculinity and the origins of the Universe at the hands of aliens. By the way, did you know there is such a thing as Hindu Vigilantes? Neither did we. And guess what - there are animal noises. The world would be a dark place without hero dogs. This show is simply a fun and whacky ride.
March 29, 2017 · 01:54:07
So we won our film contest. On this episode we talk about the experience of making a film in 72 hours. The challenges were rough. But our team had so much heart that we were seemingly unstoppable. This win is actually propelling us toward a the production of a 6 episode web series of our main character. We field calls from cast and crew. We talk about the Universe, terrorism and cosmic reason too. Strange. You can view our film here. Be sure to like Bride On The Side's Facebook page to stay in the loop about where this film project is headed.
March 16, 2017 · 02:01:45
A real live free mason came by to talk about an amazing event that is happening in Central Florida next week. The George Washington Gavel will be on display and open to the public. Find out more at Anyway, the moron Mr. PC and the enlightened Buddha were all too curious about the Illuminati and whether or not Bill Catsullis (The Mason) could float if we threw him in the river or sink like a witch. Also, there is a free event downtown Ocala on Sunday the 19th. The screening of the short films for the Jump Cut Film Challenge. Stop on by and say hi and vote for our film.
March 9, 2017 · 01:42:23
Another Wikileaks dump with all kinds of accusations about the CIA hacking capabilities. Suspicions about the motivations or purposes of these types of hacking tools circulate. The morons give their take. And the women take yet another day off this year to protest. "A Day Without Women" - It is still unclear what the goal is to us at the DTHH. But keep in mind that we are proud morons. We discuss the idea of feminism and support it. Check this out - Freda. Freda is what true feminism looks like to us. Also on the chopping block is science bringing us another invasive species to the US that may have unintended consequences or will they save us from stink bugs? More winning, awesome dogs, sappy stories and meat cakes. Give us your feedback!
March 2, 2017 · 01:57:23
Christianity continues its slow painful death in the West much to the glee of leftists and atheists. Yet, in the East Christianity is growing at a staggering rate. Even in Muslim countries. On this episode we get a call from one of our atheist friends, ‘Metal’,  who is generally “semi-hostile” to the notion of faith in society. We discuss transgenderism in children. Is it child abuse to give your prepubescent child chemicals to block puberty? There are 5 new brain disorders due to the digital age. As well, the DTHH calls for a Truce on all sides. We continue to seek ways for all of us to come together in a meaningful discussion. Safe spaces, goofy fun and another animal noise failure. This episode has plenty of philosophical fodder as well as just plain old DTHH banter.
Feb. 16, 2017 · 01:57:32
First we offer prayers for Buddha’s family and the painful loss they have recently experienced. The rabid media continues to churn the news without saying anything apart from Trump is “bad”. Shocking. On this episode the DTHH continues to point out the differences between how liberals process opposing ideas and how people on the right do the same. Both have equal amounts of venom and vitriol to spew. But the left always seems to culminate in violence, death threats and some form of fascism. This is fairly easy to catalogue. Which is good for us because we are morons. Jews, death threats and fortune cookies provide fodder for the morons to dissect. And that’s just the first half hour. And these college kids today… what are they thinking? Good news, more winning, Mammals of Mass Destruction, Things That Are Just Not Right and more…
Feb. 9, 2017 · 02:01:13
PC and Buddha explore blatant facts about the Department of Education under Obama's tenure and discuss Trump's pick. It gives new meaning to the concept of special ED. Americans are losing control of their freedoms. The Federal Government continues to overreach while we bicker over trivial matters. Thank goodness there are some responsible people taking on Female Genital Mutilation in Egypt. Trump may be too late to melt the world down, Fukushima is well on its way! Global warming and Trump's phone leaks. We did a phone interview with Daniel H. Osborne about his new book "It Hurts To Be Mad - Stop Raging to Survive". The DTHH is on fire!
Feb. 2, 2017 · 02:04:54
PC and Buddha have taken a journey together on the DTHH. The initial goal of the show was to show two individuals with completely different views come together in a civil tone to share ideas. Do we really need all of this violence or even vitriol in political discourse? Do people in our society even take a moment to listen or consider a different perspective? For the most part the answer is no. People have become so hyper-partisan that facts, discussion or ideas that might be beneficial for all of us have no value. The only thing that has value is one’s biased opinion. George Washington warned us about this. There are many who have vowed to never even consider common ground with the other side. And why are we letting politicians and media box us into two sides anyway? The DTHH offers solutions for this societal dilemma. What does Trump really mean when he says “America First”? Our goal to promote feminism continues as we discuss what should be normalized in society. Another topic that simply will not go away is the transgender discussion. Texas has its first openly transgender Mayor. Is society ready for this?
Jan. 26, 2017 · 01:59:36
Hot off the heals of the Women's March, affectionately known as "The Broad Walk" on the DTHH the morons and the Admiral's Wife discuss the results. What was the message and what did it accomplish? The pro-life women and the transgendered folks both felt left out. Meanwhile there are still millions of women who are victims of Female Genital Mutilation, having to go into a hut with goats while menstruating, honor killings, wearing tents and so forth. Thank goodness for the Pu**y Hat. We delve into liberal and conservative stereotypes and ask questions about how to overcome these labels long enough to come together. Booby burns, snakes, mop man and Trump's first week in office. Is he a revolutionary for the people or a tyrant? From the pipeline construction to the EPA Trump is forging forward at a fairly quick pace. Get all of the goods on the Drive Time Happy Hour in this funny yet poignant episode.
Jan. 12, 2017 · 01:57:13
Buddha is convinced he is living in an alternate reality where Narwhal's never existed and the Simulation Hypothesis is a proven fact. PC is convinced that Obama is a fraud and that the "supposed" media is not really media at all. The media is just a bunch of leftist pundits pretending to be independent journalists. How can you not listen to this train wreck known at the Drive Time Happy Hour? The two discuss Obama leaving office and the President-Elect's unorthodox approach to becoming the Leader of the Free World. Is the Theory of Evolution broken beyond repair? Study after study does seem to point to an idea that Naturalistic Evolution is in crisis as a scientific model. Whatever you do today just walk away from the ever tempting "pickled egg challenge". It's not worth it. When you talk to your dog, they really do not care about the high pitched doggy voice. And finally...some animal noises!
Jan. 5, 2017 · 01:57:11
The first show of the year gets off to a fantastic start. Lots of fun, great ideas and buffoonery. The most important thing to come out of this show is that PC and Buddha actually came up with an incredible name for the impending women’s march coming to D.C. on January 21. The women couldn’t come up with a name that was sensitive and all inclusive…so we did, “The Broad Walk”. Are you excited about who is performing at Trump’s inauguration? Heck, we may be on the brink of war with Russia. ISIS is blowing up the world. People are constantly being shot and murdered in Chicago but at the very least…we have a list of those that will absolutely not be performing at Trump’s inauguration. Thank goodness for that.
Dec. 22, 2016 · 01:52:37
As the Western World gets ready to celebrate Christmas terrorist attacks ramp up. It is difficult to weed through all of the heartache, bloodshed, mayhem, chaos. But the morons give it the old college try. PC with his newly found Rye Whiskey and Buddha with his moon-crunchery try to find the balance of hope and goodwill vs. atrocity and global incompetence. The US has been meddling in foreign elections since 1948. Where was the media? Also good news for feminists from Obama’s home country of Kenya! Tons of insightful and horrid commentary on the DTHH this week. Merry Christmas.
Dec. 15, 2016 · 01:46:44
PC and Buddha are back it again. They explore Trump's odd and voluminous list of guests that keep finding their way to Trump Towers. They discuss the diabolical Russian plan to expose corruption in the Democrat party just to get Trump elected. And what about W? No, not that W. The original GW (George Washington) and his whiskey business. Who doesn't love whiskey aside from communists and Democrats? Before the show PC received a secret transmission from the Face On Mars. You aren't going to believe it. Things that are just not right, angry white men and submissive Russian women. It's all here on the DTHH
Dec. 8, 2016 · 02:06:19
The vacationing Buddha will be back next week. In this episode PC is joined by the semi - but not really famous Chuck D. As fate would have it, Chuck D is also a moron.  Join us on this blast from the past as they guffaw their way through all kinds of interesting information. Just like Godzilla smashing up a small Japanese town they destroy the idea of intellectual discourse.  If you can get past Chuck’s tortured explanation of his dating life the rest is pure gold nonsense. Even some lefty broad called in live to teach the morons what a smart person sounds like.
Dec. 1, 2016 · 01:59:14
PC and Buddha talk about Obama's legacy. Is America safer now? Trump's choices, flag burning, Fidel Castro, comparing Trump to Hitler and women in the Islamic World. There are poop stories, mammals of mass destruction and Gangsta Grannies! Cow farts and methane digesters. All of this and more into on jampacked episode, one of the worst shows in broadcast history - the one and only Drive Time Happy Hour!
Nov. 24, 2016 · 02:03:19
The Presidential elections come at a perfect time. While the country seems so divided it is hard not to be thankful in our blessed nation. Particularly when Thanksgiving comes around. We fight and complain about a lot of things. Yet, Thanksgiving gives us pause. Time off from work. Time to collect our thoughts about the year we've had and what is to come. Time to spend with our family and friends. Thanksgiving is a blessed time whether you believe in God or not. Our founders created Thanksgiving as a time to reflect on our lives and our relationship with Almighty God. But the idea was for all of us to express out thankfulness however we see fit. While there are many who may not be thankful about our opportunities, at the Drive Time Happy Hour we are very thankful for what has been bestowed upon us. Join us as we celebrate freedom in America for this beloved holiday known as Thanksgiving. This show features plenty of goofing off, unsuccessful attempts at prank calls, poignant content and overall DTHH banter between PC and Buddha. It is so worth it!
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