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Dual Booting
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In the world of technology and social media, there is always something NEW. "New Stuff" is a show discussing some of the new trends, services, and gadgets available to consumers with opinions on what's working for them and what's not.
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Nov. 3, 2016 · 01:21:07
Alan and Chess talk about the announcement of the new MacBook Pro, fun with adapters and the impact on the dongle market, Microsoft’s surprising Surface announcements, and Twitter shutting down Vine.  Plus, they provide their recommendations of the month for web sites or interesting mobile apps. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
July 7, 2016 · 01:30:33
Chess and Alan discuss the latest round of Mac and iOS system updates and speculate on rumors of Apple buying Tidal to add to their Music service.  Chess updates us on what’s going on in the world of video games from the E3 conference… but then Alan gets to pull a surprise by actually admitting he has played with a new video game technology BEFORE Chess.  As usual, Chess has some technology rants to share… and Alan joins in on the game this time around.  The episode ends in traditional fashion with their technology picks of the month. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
March 24, 2016 · 01:21:54
This episode is coming out pretty late… so most of the news being covered in Alan and Chess' discussion is no longer "news”.  But feel free to jump in the time machine and hear what they had to say about some important tech topics before they became no longer relevant…  the Apple/FBI/iPhone controversy, the March 2016 Apple Event and what to expect, experiments with VR and Google Glasses, Tesla, and much more.  And, as always, Alan and Chess share their tech picks of the month. Picks Chess: Flowstate - Overman Alan: Gridblock - PulseFix LLC   Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Feb. 9, 2016 · 01:21:19
Alan and Chess wrestle with the biggest tech issues of the day… which includes coming up with a new name for the show. It looks like “Dual Booting” may be the winner… but no one is ready to commit quite yet. In other news, they discuss Apple’s latest quarter report, rumors of wireless charging on the next iPhone, iTunes Radio shutting down free streaming, and drones… lots and lots of drones. Alan and Chess also give their picks of the month: Chess chooses “Airmail” and Alan picked “Sleep Cycle”… both available on the iOS App Store! Airmail Sleep Cycle @alanjackson @chesshoyle
Nov. 19, 2015 · 01:13:46
There’s lots to talk about in the world of tech, with a special emphasis on Apple-related news.  Alan and Chess talk about the new Apple TV (which neither of them own) and the new iPad Pro (which neither of them own), and why they do not own either of them yet.  Along with the typical Apple prognostications, they also talk about Twitter’s change from “Stars” to “Loves”, Facebook getting into the Snapchat game, and the popular movie genre known as “body-switching” films.  Judge Reinhold, you are welcome on our show anytime. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Oct. 20, 2015 · 01:15:33
In this month’s exciting episode: iOS 9!  El Capitan!  Amazon bans Chromecast!  And the Oculus Rift can help you defuse bombs!  Alan and Chess talk through the latest tech news (with a severe slant toward the "Mac side”), but first you have to listen to them talk about their recent computer woes (it’s riveting audio content, we promise you).  Plus, they share their app picks of the month… all on this episode of podcast-soon-to-be-renamed-but-currently-still-called “New Stuff”! Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Sept. 17, 2015 · 01:31:28
The latest Apple announcements have brought us an iPad Pro, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and a new Apple TV (to Alan’s extreme excitement).  Chess and Alan pick apart all of these new products, discuss whether or not they will plan to get one and why, and do a little slamming of the Apple Watch while they’re at it.  Along for the ride on this episode is Apple fanboy Chris Frye (co-host of the Footcandle Films Podcast). Plus, there is some very brief talk about Google and Microsoft somewhere in there… maybe towards the very end. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com), Chris Frye (Twitter: @chrisfrye, www.jginteractive.com) Alan's Pick: Calm (iOS) Chess's Pick: Boxer (iOS) Chris's Pick: The Simpsons - Tapped Out  
July 15, 2015 · 01:00:09
Alan and Chess get together again to give an assessment of Apple Music so far, discuss the big layoff in Microsoft’s phone hardware division, review the new “Steve Jobs” movie trailer, and much more.  Really, it’s just two guys talking about tech… so if you’re into that kind of thing, this podcast might be for you. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
July 2, 2015 · 01:11:10
Alan and Chess dissect Apple’s recent Worldwide Developer’s Conference, discuss Mac OS X “El Capitan!”, iOS 9, and Apple Music. Chess then gets to talk a bit about the video game industry on display at E3, his excitement over HoloLens, and some games of interest. Then, it’s a grab-bag of topics and the guys discuss Adobe, Microsoft, Mailbox, and other things that pass through their brains during the hour. Picks: Noteburner M4V Converter Plus and Jackbox Party Pack   Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
April 16, 2015 · 01:10:20
Have any of our panelists ordered an Apple Watch?  (Spoiler: the answer is ‘no’.)  Despite that, they are still at least talking about the Watch, the newest MacBook, some Internet TV set-top box rumors, and the new Photos app on OS X.  Alan and Chess hold down the fort and talk about the latest tech and Apple-related news.  And apologies all around for this episode posting so, so late… Picks:  Alan picked the “Fan TV” app, while Chess picked “Periscope”. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)  
March 19, 2015 · 00:53:45
Alan and Chess are excited about some of the recent Mac announcements:  new MacBook, USB Type-C connectors, HBO Now… oh, wait, there’s a new Watch coming out as well, right?  They have a few things to say about the latest announcements and whether or not you will see a timepiece on either of their wrists in the near future.  Plus, other random tech news… and does Chess have anything to rant about?  We honestly can’t remember.  App picks and more on this episode of “New Stuff”! Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Feb. 24, 2015 · 01:04:49
Alan and Chess discuss something they never thought they would say on a public podcast… Microsoft may be cool again!  Between Windows 10, new Surfaces, the new mobile Outlook, and the Xbox, Microsoft is doing the the right things… and Alan and Chess give their opinions on the happenings in Redmond.  Plus, they talk about the new Photos for Mac application that is meant to replace iPhoto, the Apple “iCar” rumors, and Chess’ exciting experience getting his MacBook Pro repaired.  App/Web Site picks are at the end of the episode, as always.Chess recommends:  Alfred Remote DesktopAlan recommends:  IFTTT.com and its various iOS apps Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Jan. 20, 2015 · 01:16:30
Although none of the guys were able to attend this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), they were able to expertly pull up web sites that talk about CES and therefore make themselves sound knowledgeable about the new products being unveiled.  Home Automation devices, Google Glass, Sling TV, Curved Television Sets, and a word of warning about 5k iMacs… all on this months roundtable discussion episode of “New Stuff”. Picks of the Month: • Chore Monster • Key Ring • Black Mirror (TV series)   Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Dec. 16, 2014 · 01:10:52
Did you know Sony Pictures was recently hacked and had terabytes worth of data stolen and shared? And did you know cab-sharing service Uber is experiencing some public relations issues? And what about the iPod classic… did you know it was officially “retired”? Alan and Chess know these things. And they talk about them for the good part of an hour, along with Chess’ rant about the Xbox, Alan’s pontification on Internet set-top boxes, and Chess’ second rant about Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s all on this month’s Lee-Free episode of “New Stuff”! Picks of the Month: “Acorns” (Alan), and “Adobe Shape CC” (Chess), both on iOS App Store. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com), Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Nov. 18, 2014 · 00:52:27
Lee, Chess and Alan start off this month’s conversation by digging deep into the idea of Net Neutrality… what is it?  Why should we care?  And what did our President recently have to say about it?After that discussion, the topics turn to things a little less grand… such as the Amazon “Echo”, Microsoft Office’s recent changes, some iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite feedback, and Twitter’s new mission statement.And, as always, the guys share their Pick of the Month… Chess: Schedugram Lee: Sidekick Alan: Adobe Voice Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com) Lee Yount (Twitter: @leeyount) Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
Oct. 16, 2014 · 01:07:58
Our conversation starts with Alan throwing the rest of the panel for a loop and asking them about their reaction to the Windows 10 announcement… but then things return to normal as Lee, Chess and Alan discuss reactions to the latest Apple mobile operating system, iOS 8 (as well as some of the issues that have been reported), bendable iPhones, speculation on the upcoming Apple hardware announcement event, and much, much more! Recommendations: Cool Tools Group Me Boomerang for Gmail Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com) Lee Yount (Twitter: @leeyount) Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)  
Oct. 2, 2014 · 01:20:34
Lee, Chess and Alan talk about the biggest Apple announcement from their latest keynote:  there’s a new U2 album on iTunes for free!  Oh, and there's also the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Apple Watch, and Apple Pay…. they try to squeeze in a few minutes on those as well.  They also have some great app recommendations to share… all on this episode of “New Stuff”! Recommendations: Mailbox - www.mailboxapp.com Evernote - www.evernote.com Wunderlist - www.wunderlist.com Sunrise - www.sunrise.am Simpler - www.ytdevelopment.com Elevate - www.elevateapp.com Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com) Lee Yount (Twitter: @leeyount) Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)This episode is sponsored by the Greater Hickory Kia Classic at Rock Barn Golf & Spa in Conover, NC. For tickets and additional information go to www.greaterhickorykiaclassic.com    
Sept. 2, 2014 · 01:06:24
Boy, is this embarrassing… we recorded a great episode in mid-August, well before the Apple iPhone/Watch announcement and before any other interesting Samsung/Motorola phone announcements in early September… but have just now got around to posting the episode.  The egg on our face is quite noticeable.  So, if you like hopping in a time machine and listening to three people talk about news and events that are probably irrelevant by now, here you go!  If nothing else, the App Picks of the month should still be worth checking out. Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com) Lee Yount (Twitter: @leeyount)Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
July 31, 2014 · 01:19:42
Lee is back in the studio with Alan and Chess to talk about Appl… wait, no.  We’re determined to talk about things OTHER than Apple or Mac products.  Things like the fact that Facebook is valued at $190 billion dollars, the Amazon Fire phone is getting some tough reviews… Microsoft lays off 18,000 employees… we can’t take it any more!  We have to talk about Apple!  Like Apple's third quarter earnings report!  The elimination of Aperture and what it might mean for the pro market!  The upcoming iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite!  All of this, plus our app picks of the month.  It’s another great episode of “Mac Stuff”… no, wrong again.  Another episode of “New Stuff”, here on theMESH.tv.   Your panelists: Chess Hoyle (Twitter: @chesshoyle, www.aisle7studios.com)Lee Yount (Twitter: @leeyount)Alan Jackson (Twitter: @alanjackson, www.jginteractive.com)
June 17, 2014 · 01:00:15
It’s just Alan and Chess on the microphones today, as Lee had to go off and do something silly… like get married.  Regardless, we digest all of the Apple WWDC goodness, including thoughts on OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 and the general state of the Mac after this event.  Plus, we try to squeeze in some quick hits about Tesla, E3, and their picks of the month.  And look!  Just for our most dedicated fans, we have put together a nice list of links to articles below supporting what we talk about this month.  Isn’t that nice?Follow Alan on Twitter at @alanjackson, and find him on the web at www.thejacksongroup.com.Follow Chess on Twitter at @chesshoyle, and find him on the web at aisle7studios.com.Quick Hits:OS X Yosemite and iOS 8http://lifehacker.com/all-the-new-stuff-in-ios-8-1584893352http://lifehacker.com/all-the-new-stuff-in-os-x-10-10-yosemite-1584870045Speed Reading Apphttp://www.spritzinc.com/#E3http://www.joystiq.com/2014/06/13/wrup-e3-of-future-past/http://www.engadget.com/2014/06/12/halo-the-master-chief-collection/http://www.engadget.com/2014/06/10/sony-e3-game-roundup-2014/http://kotaku.com/nintendos-e3-2014-youre-buying-a-wii-u-now-right-1590356800Teslahttp://www.teslamotors.com/blog/all-our-patent-are-belong-you