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Duel 95 Podcast
By Gouldy
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An audio podcast about Video Games, Music & Technology, hosted by Liam Gould.
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Feb. 18, 2012 · 00:08:06
We have a look at the Legend of Zelda timeline released by Nintendo in the Hyrule Historia. We have known of this since last year but decided to bring it up now. Timeline from an english translation by Glitterberri.
Jan. 29, 2012 · 00:11:17
Taking a look back at some old nintendo fan sites around 2004 like Yoshilore, Super Mario Portal, Crazy 4 Yoshis, etc.Website: http://duel95.com/podcast
Jan. 19, 2012 · 00:10:57
Episode 1: A review of the Roland Tri-Capture, a 24-bit 96kHz USB Audio Interface which features 3 inputs (MIC-XLR; Guitar-TRS Jack; AUX-Stereo RCA).Website: http://duel95.com/podcast