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Whether you like it or not, your world is shaped by data. We explore how it impacts people, society, and llamas perched high on Peruvian mountain peaks—through interviews, inquest, and inference. Buckle up.
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Sept. 19, 2017 · 00:25:12
Hilary Mason is a huge name in the data science space, and she has an extensive understanding of what’s happening in this space. Today, she answers these questions for us: What are the backgrounds of your typical data scientists? What are key differences between software engineering and data science that most companies get wrong? How should […]
Aug. 9, 2017 · 00:16:55
Tesla isn’t the only car brand in the world producing or aiming to produce self-driving cars. Every single car brand is working on developing self-driving cars. But what does this mean for our future? We talk about this and other interesting deep learning projects and history with Ran Levi, science and technology observer and podcaster, […]
July 16, 2017 · 00:17:48
When Julia Silge’s personal interests meet her professional proficiencies, she discovers new meaning in Jane Austen’s literature, and she gauges the cultural influence of locations in pop songs. Even more impressive than these finds, though, is that she and her collaborator, Dave Robinson, have developed some new, efficient ways to mine text data. Check out the book they’ve written called […]
June 11, 2017 · 00:17:16
According to the CDC, people have been written descriptions of malaria—or a disease strikingly similar to it—for over 4,000 years. How is data helping Zambian officials eradicate these parasites? Tableau Foundation’s Neal Myrick opens the story to us. Below is a partial transcript. For the full interview, listen to the podcast episode by selecting the Play button […]
May 28, 2017 · 00:20:17
What does the creation of new artificial intelligence products look like today, and what do experts in this field foresee realistically happening in the near future? One thing’s for sure, the way we work and function in life will change as a result of growth in this field. Listen and find out more. Below is […]
May 14, 2017 · 00:17:48
What would the world look like without honeybees? In theory, if there were no honeybees, it could drastically change our lives. Bjorn Lagerman, though, never wants to know the actual answer to that question. but the honeybees current worst foe, Varroa Destructor, is killing off honeybee hives at intense rates. Bjorn’s in the middle of […]
April 29, 2017 · 00:25:11
What if you found out your infant had eye cancer? That news would rock anyone’s world. But what if you had a tool that helped you catch it early enough that your baby didn’t have to lose his or her eye and didn’t have to go through chemo? You’d probably do almost anything to get […]
April 15, 2017 · 00:20:15
If someone came up to you and randomly asked you, “How many slaves work for you?” maybe you’d think, “Slavery ended a long time ago, Bro.” Or maybe you would take the question seriously. With 20 million to 46 million people enslaved in the world, it is a serious question, and while we don’t see […]
April 2, 2017 · 00:21:16
We now know black swans exist, but Europeans once believed that spying one of their kind would be like stumbling across a unicorn in the woods—impossible. Then, Willem de Vlamingh spotted black swans in Australia, and this black bird, which once represented the impossible to Europeans, shifted to represent the unpredictable. One company now dons the name “Black Swan.” Find out how it aims to predict […]
March 18, 2017 · 00:25:07
How did one boy’s stuffed yellow elephant permanently intertwine itself in history? What is a data scientist? Why is right now the golden age for data science? We take a crack at all three of these questions—the second two, with the help of Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro and Ryan Henning. Transcript Ginette: “Over the past few years, we’ve […]
March 1, 2017 · 00:19:06
From a small building in Pennsylvania to widespread usage across the world, we track the compelling story of one of the greatest technological innovations in history, setting the stage for the age of data science. Transcript: Ginette: “I’m Ginette.” Curtis: “And I’m Curtis.” Ginette: “And you are listening to Data Crunch.” Curtis: “A podcast about […]
Feb. 16, 2017 · 00:22:38
Transcript: Ginette: “For many reasons, she isn’t your typical English girl from the early 1800s. She’s a girl who at one point examines birds to discover their body-to-wing ratio so she can invent a flying machine and write a book about it. These are goals that show mathematical skill, creativity, and initiative. She’s also a […]
Jan. 31, 2017 · 00:21:59
Pirates in folk stories and popular movies conjure up strong imagery: eye patches, Jolly Rogers, parrots, swashbuckling, scruffy voices that say “Aye, Matey.” But what do the lives of successful pirates look like today? And what’s being done to stop them from plundering and smuggling our ocean’s precious resources? World Wildlife Fund’s project Detect IT:... Continue Reading
Jan. 13, 2017 · 00:30:55
The history books teach that slavery ended, but it still exists; it’s just morphed its form—different commodity, different location, but same abuses. The commodity is seafood. The location, Southeast Asia. The abuses, forced servitude with all its ugly associations. Some people make a substantial living off illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing, which fuels a […]
Dec. 9, 2016 · 00:12:45
Who were the people pushing the limits of their time and circumstances to bring us what we know today as data science? We examine what motivated them to do their important work and how they laid the foundations for our modern world where algorithms and analytics affect everything from communications to transportation to health care—to […]
Nov. 18, 2016 · 00:18:06
When breakfast food takes on hurricanes, who wins? For another interesting take on the Waffle House Index, see this article the Fivethirtyeight blog, which they posted December 6, 2016. Transcript: Curtis: “I love waffles. I fill up each of the little squares with the precise amount of syrup so that each bite is a perfect […]
Nov. 1, 2016 · 00:21:39
Imagine you have to leave your home immediately, and you have little time to grab anything to take with you. You don’t know where you are going—you just know you have to flee for your life. Many people face a similar situation—one in every 113 people on the earth, in fact. There are 65 million […]
Oct. 13, 2016 · 00:11:03
What if one day, out of the blue, you find yourself sick—really sick—and no one knows what’s wrong. This is a podcast about a sleeper illness and what one team of data scientists led by Elaine Nsoesie is doing to reduce its reach. Sam Williamson: “It felt as if I were on some kind of hallucinogenic […]