Dead Air Podcast

Dead Air Podcast
By Nick Lee & Rob Oldfield
About this podcast
Internet radio show featuring two guys talking about whatever they like. We sometimes have celebrity guests.
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March 13, 2009
We’re back on form this week with proper jingles and structure, and even some planning having gone in to what we say! Rob has a tip to make you seem cleverer, offends most of Asia and reviews the Golden Compass, while  Nick reveals the big secret about own brand Weetabix, conceals hidden earnings from the [...]
Feb. 27, 2009
Two guys talking about films for an hour. And toilet stuff. Seriously.
Feb. 20, 2009
Nick talks about what its like to be inside, Rob Learns Spanish.
Feb. 13, 2009
This week we get very close to the boundaries of decency as Rob drinks wee, to try and cure his cough, and Nick mentions golliwogs  way too many times. We also get advice on how to handle parking tickets and learn what not to say to Polish women…
Nov. 28, 2008
VAT is the big story of the week, and Nick tries to explain what it’s all about. Rob has a story about Santa, and warns about the perils of dialling 99.
Nov. 21, 2008
We review the new Guns N’ Roses Album and Nick ponders the big questions in life, such as what day you put the bins out. Rob has supermarkets on his mind.
Nov. 14, 2008
Nick moans about the cinema for what seems like three days, and Rob performs an amazing magic trick!
Nov. 7, 2008
In this week’s episode, we find out what a podcast is, have a special surprise guest, and discuss bad language.