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Evolved Radio Podcast: Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.
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Nov. 13, 2017
James built an offshore support team to augment his MSP business. He found the offshore strategy enabled a scaling of his business that he otherwise never could have achieved. As more and more peers asked him how to do the same he recognized a business opportunity and Benchmark 365 was born. James and I discuss his journey, some of the common resistance points around offshoring and how his team integrates with existing MSP businesses.
Oct. 7, 2017
Ted is the Chief Revenue Officer at Itopia. Itopia's mission is to make it easy to migrate Windows workspace environments to the cloud.We talk about the evolution of Cloud computing, including Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and using the public cloud for rapidly deploying computing infrastructure. This is a rapidly growing solution in the IT industry enabling providers to spin up remote desktop environments in no time at all. Ted and I also talk about the competition between AWS, Azure, and Google in the public cloud arena.
July 21, 2017
Tim Kane is co-founder and CEO of myHSA. myHSA is a technology company that facilitates Insurance brokers with the ability to offer in-house health spending accounts. In my interview with Tim, we explore his evolution from brick and mortar business owner to digital entrepreneur. His journey has been filled with hard lessons about building a software business as a non-technical founder. His passion, determination, and strong focus on customer service have served him well. Tim and his co-founder Steve have grown the company from two people and a database to 8+ staff and a fast growing client base. 
June 15, 2017
You have probably heard the term Big Data. What does that mean anyway? Today I'm joined by Alastair Woolcock, to talk about Data Science. We uncover the science of data analytics and how data is unlocking market changing insights at all levels of business. Whether you're a small business trying to understand social media and it's influence on your marketing efforts, or an enterprise organization trying to understand client behavior, data can be a powerful tool. There is a growing industry of data science that is trying to use the power of hypothesis to mine for insights in the mountains of data that our modern businesses produce. 
April 17, 2017
Today's podcast I'm joined by Raj Goel, CISSP. Raj is the founder of Brainlink and the creator of SOP Culture. Raj and I explore the benefits and the challenges of creating a SOP driven culture in your business. SOP Culture was formed out of years of Raj standardizing his teams work at Brainlink to ensure a consistency of service that gives him an unusual competitive edge in the market.
March 23, 2017
Dr. Ray Hsu and I discuss how higher education needs to evolve to best serve students and innovation.
March 13, 2017
Dr. Ray Hsu Professor at UBC. He is both the founder of the VR/AR  working group and faculty in residence at the emerging media lab, conducting research on the immersive technology. When most people think of VR they think of video games. Like many of us, Dr.Ray sees the value of VR in the gaming field, but his vision for its impact go far beyond that. In particular, I wanted to talk to Dr.Ray about his view on how VR/AR will influence education.
Feb. 21, 2017
My guest today is Miguel Sanchez with Mass Ideation. I think that augmented reality and mixed reality are going to have a massive influence on how brands market their ideas and products. Why simply have a glossy photo with some cool print, when you can have a mini-movie built into your advertisement. Miguel's company is leading the way in the industry helping companies use leading-edge technologies to create a more memorable and engaging experience in their marketing work. This market is evolving fast with all the big names getting behind AR after the success of Pokemon GO. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Miguel.
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