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By Service Catalyst dba for Compliance Process Partners
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A free monthly podcast provided by Service Catalyst that provides insight for IT Executives about improving efficiencies, meeting service levels and preparing IT organizations to meet audit and compliance initiatives.

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Jan. 26, 2017 · 00:23:16
Service Catalyst shares experience with upgrading to Istanbul and we highlight many cool features that you will immediately want to take advantage of in your organization.
Dec. 8, 2016 · 00:24:31
Some of the Women of Service Catalyst (along with a couple of male back-up singers) provide a Baby Boomer and Millennial perspective on what it's been like to enter and continue to work in the world of Technology and IT. We discuss how things have changed, how they've not changed, and what's still left to do.
Sept. 26, 2016 · 00:27:14
Why on earth would you want to Tweet from ServiceNow? Think Major Incidents, Outages, Alerts, the ability to communicate when your own network is unavailable. How might you integrate ServiceNow to not only publish tweets but to bring info from your Twitter feed into ServiceNow to correlate that data with activities happening in your environment using Performance Analytics? Learn the why, what and how about integrating ServiceNow with Twitter in this informative podcast.
May 14, 2016 · 00:14:16
In this podcast we cover Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) from Ideation, Demand, capturing business and functional requirements through testing and beyond! PMs, BRMs, and App Dev teams listen up!
May 6, 2016 · 00:26:44
The Service Catalyst team introduces Asset Management and discusses how best to get your assets out of spreadsheets and into a system to help better track and drive your business and finances.
March 15, 2016 · 00:18:26
BRM and PPMOs everywhere rejoice! The BRM role may seem daunting at times, but the Service Catalyst team explains how to turn the Business Relationship framework into something actionable and manageable.
Feb. 17, 2016 · 00:19:28
The Service Catalyst (formerly CPP) team invites you to Save the Data! We’ll discuss how, by implementing Service Data Management, the basis of a successful intake process. Service Owners now have a place to manage their Services and Applications.
Jan. 24, 2016 · 00:17:57
The Service Catalyst (formerly CPP) team discusses the advantages of Intake Management, which allows incoming work to be identified and directed to the appropriate process, such as Incident or Request Management. This allows for cleaner distribution of work and more accurate metrics.
Aug. 30, 2015 · 00:31:08
The Service Catalyst (formerly CPP) team discusses their progress over the past year and shares insights behind the motivation to provide ServiceNow implementation and development. This decision augments their already dynamic Service Management process transformation to its clients. Listen and learn.
May 18, 2014 · 00:26:03
It’s hard enough building an Enterprise Architecture (EA) framework and team for your business let alone trying to gather the necessary critical mass within an organization for adoption. The Service Catalyst (formerly CPP) team shares their EA experiences for how large and small companies are adopting EA, the challenges they face and the breakthroughs for excellence.
Nov. 3, 2013 · 00:33:12
If you've ever wondered what other Companies are doing to improve the value of IT to the business, look no further. Episode 25 takes you on a journey of 4 organizations that are taking it to the next level including a State organization rolling out the Affordable Care Act, enterprise mobile and desktop Strategy, a large Data Center migration and a complete ITSM makeover.
April 21, 2013 · 00:21:16
Cut through the Cloud "Fluffernutter" with Jay and Val as they explore what companies should do when engaging providers. Whether you have or will be developing a private, public or hybrid Cloud approach for XaaS (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, MaaS), don't get Fluffernutter'ed? What's "Fluffernutter" and why should you care? Listen up...
Feb. 11, 2013 · 00:23:40
Has your end-user community come to expect immediate fulfillment of all there requests and issues? Do you often hear from them, "I want it fixed now Damnit!", but never get the budgets to fund the demand? If so, you should listen to this.
Jan. 24, 2013 · 00:13:23
Are you using Agile within your SDLC (Solutions Delivery Life Cycle)? How does your SDLC integrate with ITSM in an Agile world?
Oct. 30, 2009 · 00:21:53
Val and Jay discuss strategies for dealing with an IT Management team that does not, cannot and will not provide direction. This IT compliance-cast will help keep your organization and projects moving forward, even if faced with ambiguous management.
Oct. 1, 2009 · 00:25:11
Tracy Lampula of Vertex Pharmaceuticals discusses how to implement Change Management in a tough regulated industry. This podcast was recorded right after Tracy and Val presented their Change Management presentation at the itSMF Fusion forum in Dallas.
Aug. 28, 2009 · 00:24:39
Val and Jay update you on the Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00 security regulation changes and we discuss compliance frameworks that will help your company navigate and better manage the maze of IT compliance regulations you face.
July 3, 2009 · 00:26:43
Val and Jay discuss the steps you need to take to get your IT house in order PRIOR to outsourcing that saves time, money and improves your relationship with your current or potential outsourcer. Both of our hosts worked for an IT Outsourcer for 10+ years and have unique knowledge to share to make any IT Outsourcing relationship a win-win. This episode details the steps organizations need to take before, during and after entering into an outsourcing agreement and is applicable to outsourcing any part of your infrastructure.
June 8, 2009 · 00:24:01
Val and Jay discuss Incident Response and Management based upon a real security breach experience and how ITIL, ISO 27000 and ISACA have finally gotten it right. The concepts directly relate to Security and Continuity Incidents.
May 8, 2009 · 00:27:10
Val and Jay discuss the new IT Skills Demand and Pay Report - Are You on the Right Track? Summary on the Congressional Debate relative to Deep Packet Inspection and How it Affects Your Privacy (shame on Comcast for throttling Bittorrent and not telling its customers)
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