Recommender Applications
By Dave Hunkins
About this podcast
Pilot series on recommender applications: how they work, where they are used, problems solved during implementation and discussion of applications in social networking.

Episodes (Total: 4 / Page: 1)
Sept. 25, 2009
Podcast: first in a series of four to introduce recommender applications: editorial recommenders, social recommenders, content filtering and collaborative filtering.Listen now.
Sept. 25, 2009
2nd in a series of 4 podcasts on Recommender applications; user data gathering, scaling, privacy and user data ownership issues; Google News, Amazon recommendations, product suggestions, Netflix, iTunes, now.
Sept. 25, 2009
User value derived from and user perception of recommendations from recommender systems; quality metrics; role of content aggregators and media conglomerates in recommender ecosystem: Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, CNet, Consumer Reports, iLike, Flixster, MovieCritic, MovieLens. Questions from listeners on multi-tiered print recommenders like Zagat.Listen now.
Sept. 25, 2009
Fourth of four podcasts in this series on recommender applications. Cross-domain recommendations, social networking applications, drivers for the growth of recommender applications, recommender niches. Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, 'Search Inside', Movielens, Flixster, MySpace, Visa, Facebook, F8 platform, Netflix Prize.Listen now.
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