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Jan. 21, 2017 · 00:13:01
Last year, I met Heather Brunner, CEO of WPEngine in Lisbon. In an interview broadcast on Midlands 103FM we chatted about WPEngine's investment outside of the US, in the UK and Ireland but in this extended version we talk about a lot more. What has powered the growth of WPEngine since 2010? What's life at a tech company in the Silicon Hills of Austin, Texas? How WPEngine's customer focus is in their DNA and the importance of WordPress in democratising publishing in a new media world. Recorded at the WebSummit, Lisbon, 2016 | Produced by Andy O'Donoghue Licence: CC BY-NC 3.0 You may broadcast, edit and transmit this audio content, but if you do, you must attribute it to the original producer and you may not charge for the content, or sell it, or offer it as part of a subscription only service.
Oct. 8, 2016 · 00:14:08
This year, Cartoon Forum was held in Toulouse, from September 13-16 with 950 participants including producers, broadcasters and investors. 2016 was the inaugural year a special 'Focus on...' country, with the selected country being Ireland. Cartoon Forum is a pitching & co-pro forum for animated TV projects. 3 days, producers have the opportunity to pitch their project in front of 900 broadcasters, investors and other potential partners from 30 countries. Since its creation in 1990, 680 series have found financing, with a total budget of 2.3 billion EUR. Images by and © Cartoon Media Interviews: Annick Maes: Director of Cartoon Forum Director Paul Young: Animation Ireland & Cartoon Saloon, Ireland. Eileen Bell: Enterprise Ireland Deirdre Barry: Salty Dog Pictures, Ireland. Cliff Parrott: Salty Dog Pictures, Ireland. Nayoung Cho: Anyzax Animation, South Korea, Zsuzsana Krief: Director, The Adventures of Candide - Popfilm, Hungary. Ben Harper: Creative Director, Giant Animation - Creepers, Ireland. Adrian Mulvey: Producer, Keg Kartoonz, Ireland. Produced by: Andy O'Donoghue Licence: CC BY-NC 3.0 You may broadcast, edit and transmit this audio content, but if you do, you must attribute it to the original producer and you may not charge for the content, or sell it, or offer it as part of a subscription only service.
Aug. 31, 2016 · 00:16:54
Fitbit was established in 2007 and dominates the fitness tracker market They’ve just announced revised versions of their Flex and Charge trackers and some Fitbit execs were in Dublin to officially open their new EMEA HQ, where they say they’ll employ 50 people by the end of this year. I sat down with Chief Business Officer, Woody Scal and we discussed gamification, new products and how companies might be able to unlock the potential of fitness tracker data for the benefit of customers, health services and society as a whole, but first, I asked Woody about this significant investment for Fitbit, outside the US. License: CC BY-NC This Podcast may be reproduced, or broadcast but should not be sold and should include attribution to the producer. Produced by: Andy O'Donoghue Recorded at: FitBit EMEA HQ, Dublin 2, Ireland. Recording Date: 31-August-2016
July 29, 2016 · 00:11:02
I've been buying razor blades for two decades, and have never given any thought to the science & engineering that makes shaving possible. In a Podacst recorded last year, I had a fascinating conversation with Dr Kristina Vanoosthuyze, from Gillette's R&D facility on follicles, prototyping, women in science and how shaving has evolved.
Oct. 28, 2015 · 00:12:00
Recently I got to chat to Charly Lester for the Midland 103 Tech Special, but a chat with Charly is more about life, society and love, than tech. The founder of and the UK Dating Awards, she's a regular on BBC Radio 4 and Editor-in-chief of The Guardian's Soulmates website and Global Head of Dating for Time Out - she knows dating, online and off but I think she knows you and me, and that's what makes her insights so lucid. The first people I knew that fell in love online were a couple of CompuServe users in the early 1990s - where there was a maelstrom of unmoderated poking, flirting and propositioning across the Atlantuc. CompuServe's 'channels' were the Wild West of dating and thankfully things have matured since then - not only the interface! So in Podcast 21, I asked Charly how she started her blog 30Dates, Tinder's pricing strategy for older users, the truth about the 'Hook Up Generation' and, if you are online looking to connect, her top tips for finding love in the wires. Image:
Oct. 5, 2015 · 00:18:35
Tonight was Dublin Beta 15 - that, in a transient world is consistency. I haven't been for a while and this seemed an appropriate evening to rekindle things in The Hangar on Dublin's Andrew's Lane; Fingal Enterprise Week started today and by lunch time I'd met hundreds of people planning on starting small businesses and tonights Dublin Beta was a The Startup Gathering edition. John O'Rourke Russell Banks and Gene Murphy make Dublin Beta happen once a quarter and although this is a mature event there's still a lovely Indie feel to it - there's a rawness and a swagger to the event that's helped it retain its audience and it has similarities not so much to London events, but to start-up events you might see somewhere like Berlin, So, I headed off to Andrews Lane, and found that FIntech had found its way in to Dublin Beta - food and drink, hospitality were there but the first pitch that caught my eye was Daire O'Neill's A5 Technologies……
Aug. 16, 2015 · 00:20:17
Over June 15 & 16, the world of FinTech converged on Belfast for MoneyConf. Andy O'Donoghue from The Gadget Buzz was there and he got to chat with some of the companies launching at MoneyConf, including Margaux Avedisian from MonetaGo who announced their Bitcoin Exchange platform would go live in 40 countries, as well as Irish start-up iSave who are building a savings platform to help consumers get their finance under control. Andy also talked to two of the keynote speakers from MoneyConf, Jane Zavalishina, CEO of the Yandex Data Factory and the broadcaster Max Keiser. The first thing Andy asked Max? Who's more afraid of crypto - Clearing Banks or Central Banks? And before MoneyConf kicked off, its sister conference, EntConf brought together the enterprise sector and one speaker Andy was keen to chat to was the new VP of EMEA for Power Storage - James Petter. This Podcast is licensed under Creative Commons: by-nc-sa/3.0
Aug. 3, 2015 · 00:11:26
The most charming Kickstarter I've backed is Sabrina Cotugno's Bleeding Heart campaign. Sabrina is a storyboard artist on Gravity Falls and Bleeding Heart was a step away from animation and in to the world of comics. Bleeding Heart was 28-pages about a young man named Henry - a scientist-in-training who one night encounters an injured werewolf collapsed on his doorstep. Honestly, who could resist that tale? Coupled with great rewards it was an unstoppable campaign, soaring past 100% funding in a day, and going on to raise $23,000 from almost a thousand backers. I really hoped I'd get to chat to Sabrina for the Podcast, not so much about Kickstarter but about Sabrina's thoughts on animation; she attended CalArts and honed her craft at Gobelin in Paris so I was curious particularly about one thing; script or pictures, what's first in making great animation?
June 7, 2015 · 00:32:28
It's 30 minutes of WWDC 2015 speculation with redcert host Andy O'Donoghue and Tapadoo & Ull Conference founder, Dermot Daly before he boards the plane for the Moscone. Among other topics: iOS9, AppleTV 4, Apple TV Streaming, Craig Federighi's script and Developers and HomeKit. And Andy heard someone's making home-security cameras for Apple to launch by year end - so is Apple going to put more hardware in the home, with AppleTV as the HomeKit hub, or is a phone just fine? He's convinced but Dermot, well he always looks sort of curiously sympathetic at him.
May 8, 2015 · 00:31:15
A month to go to WWDC 2015 and Dermot Daly the CEO of Tapadoo will be packing his bags again for the iOS developer pilgrimage of the year, but what are we likely to see revealed this year? There's been virtually no chatter about iOS 9, but it appear in June, and will iRadio be launched? And speaking of iRadio, where is Dr Dre? Zane Lowe joins Apple along with (allegedly) some key BBC Radio 1 producers - so Apple must be planning something exceptional (iTunes Lounge?). Also in this Podcast, we discuss what Apple's R&D spend really indicates and, as I often do, I run one of those left-field theories by Dermot: iOS Everywhere - in a world where Apple likes glass, there will be lots of it, with icons?
Jan. 20, 2015 · 00:32:38
In this Podcast Dermot Daly joins Andy O'Donoghue for Episode 15 to talk about the Death of Google Glass, Apple & IBM and the life-cycle of enterprise apps. What's likely to be important across the technology industry in 2015? Will Apple Watch revive the idea of iBeacons in retail as Marsh Supermarkets launch an iBeacon initiative, Google Glass gets a change of direction as Google's haute couture device slips under the wing of Nest's Tony Fadell and could this really be the end of Google's Explorer program or where will we see, or see through, Glass next? Did British Prime Minister David Cameron really suggest that Snapchat be banned? No, it's all about encryption - but if encryption isn't secure - could that be a threat to the future of e-commerce, and how much privacy are we willing to give up to live safer lives? We talk about events and trade shows in 2015: is CES still important? Do any trade shows set agendas anymore or are they no more than one big shiny sales pitch? And yet, everyone with an online presence seems to be planning a live event...where should we flock to this year? Finally, Dermot and Andy discuss New Years (tech) resolutions and whilst they both admit to probably owning a drone and an Apple Watch by year end, can a smart watch, even an Apple Watch, ever take the place of something that may be of incredibly important sentimental value?
Nov. 21, 2014 · 00:35:28
'While you're waiting for Taylor', Dermot's had his first look at WatchKit, we discuss Amanda Palmer & Swedish composer Helienne on Spotify: crowd-fund your next album or your first book? Tony Fadell of Nest at the Web Summit and as far as the connected home is concerned, is anyone making apps? And Dermot tells me I may have been a little ahead of myself proclaiming that that #StrapsAreTheNewApps. We'll see, oh we'll see...
Sept. 12, 2014 · 00:35:20
I can't imagine working with my siblings would be easy: you don't know my siblings. In a professional capacity, I've co-operated and collaborated with them a couple of times, but to work with them? Everyday? Rewarding and easy in some ways, yes; the understanding, the knowing - of how social and cultural experiences will be useful here, or a hinderance there - but I think I'd find it difficult - difficult to start, and difficult to quit. I put the question to myself having met the Mc Ginn sisters recently; three siblings and serial entrepreneurs embarking on their third start-up, OPSH.COM - 'The third way to shop' The catchy name hints at the disruptive potential in OPSH - reversed, back to front, inside out, then nudge on a syllable to opt-ion....and you see where we're going. Prowlster & What Will I Wear Today were the sisters' first two start-ups; it's fair to say fashion is a theme with Jennie, Sarah & Grace, but this isn't three women who are keen on fashion so they're launching a website; it's immediately obvious they have immersed themselves in an industry to understand the market, trends, technology and critically, their (soon-to-be) customers. Fashionable women yes, but they know the fashion business: back-to-front and inside-out. Subscribe on SoundCloud or on iTunes:
Sept. 7, 2014 · 00:34:28
It's only a couple of days to Apple's September 9th announcement but Dermot Daly & Andy O'Donoghue review last week at IFA with Samsung's VR and Note 4 announcements, the iCloud Hack and Victim Blame, and it's time for a discussion on who does the vacuuming, with Dyson's stunning step into the Internet of Things, the Dyson 360 Eye. But there's also time to start thinking about what Apple will do with iPhone 6, iOS 8 and perhaps the key to unlocking your (digital) wallet securely in public, with Two-Factor Authentication.
Sept. 1, 2014 · 00:36:14
So summer is officially over and it's a new season of the Redcert Podcast: did you unplug for the summer? Dermot Daly and Andy O'Donoghue discuss getting your 'Digital Detox' on the Brecon Beacons with UK company Unplugged Weekend, Apple's iTime patent, Wearable Experiments's Alert Shirt for Aussie Rules fans, parachute journalism in technology, the Skully AR helmet and that's for starters.
June 30, 2014 · 00:33:05
We recorded a Podcast, Episode 9, before Dermot Daly, founder of Tapadoo traveled to WWDC 2014 so on this Podcast we chat now he's back, rested and has had time to think. Did we get anything right? And in our nerdiest Podcast yet, we look at what Apple's new programming language Swift really means to app developers. And Dermot explains (briefly) how he very nearly didn't make it to the Moscone this year because of, what we'll call an admin error.
May 31, 2014 · 00:32:35
WWDC 2014 starts Monday June 2nd and runs to Friday the 6th, with 5,000 developers and 1,000 Apple Engineers converging on the Moscone in San Francisco. Yes, there's over 100 sessions at WWDC this year but all eyes are focussed on Monday's kick-off as Tim Cook takes to the stage for the opening keynote. Accused of sitting on its laurels and its cash, this year there's a feeling that Apple may be about to make the most strategic moves it has for years. Dermot Daly, the founder of Tappadoo came in, has packed his bag and is on his way to West coast. He came in to chat about what Apple may do this year, and what could 'Write the code, change the world' really mean? Wonderful image of ' Moscone West at Night' by Mark H. Anbinder : Follow us on Soundcloud or subscribe at:
May 13, 2014 · 00:24:24
ThoughtBox Learning make beautiful educational apps by applying the principle of Gameful Learning to engage a young audience - primarily with their Numerosity suite of Apps that teach Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication and soon, the Order of Operations. Named as one of the Best of App Store 2012, ThoughtBox is led by Cristinea Luminea, the Founder and CEO who I spoke with about coding in schools, working in partnership with established brands and about quitting your job, because you think you have a good idea.
April 30, 2014 · 00:21:24
Back in February at Mobile World Congress we heard about the Nokia X and learned that Nokia would be forking Android for a new line of Android handsets. But this wasn't going to be one of those dizzying, icon heavy layouts, it's wall to wall tiles. Android, but not as we know it? And, a quarter of an hour in, Dermot accuses Andy of 'Crazy Talk' when he suggests that a Device Tax might be the answer to European roaming charges.
April 28, 2014 · 00:12:48
Today, I was delighted to get to chat with Paul Campbell and Dermot Daly, about how the Úll conference in 2014 is transitioning, in its third year, to be a conference about making beautiful products. This year, Úll moves out of Dublin to the Lyrath Estate in Co KIlkenny and runs from April 28 to 30. Paul and Dermot discuss the returning speakers Jim Dalrymple, Jennifer Brook, Matt Gemmell and Dave Wiskus, and they reveal new speakers: Jean MacDonald who founded the wonderful App Camp For Girls movement. Jason Snell, SVP and Editorial Director of Macworld Magazine, Techhive and PC World. As well as Guy English co-creator of Napkin, Amanda Rösler, a games developer at Toca Boca and Linda Franco, co-founder of Machina which Wired Magazine called “The most beautiful wearable tech [of 2013].”
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