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This Mobile Life is a podcast that explores the different aspects about mobile & being mobile by living in the cloud. We discuss & share insights into what's happening in the industry. From mobile product management, mobile design, marketing, wireframing, mobile video, SaaS and the latest news. In the podcasts, Matthew Ho interviews experts from around the world. These podcasts are available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and your favourite podcasting apps! This Mobile Life is by Inspiredworlds.
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Aug. 9, 2017 · 00:49:23
In this episode, we have my good friend & co-host Francis McCarthy from UNIKRN hailing from Seattle. We discuss the following topics: 1. Life in USA 2. ROKU beats chromecast, Apple TV, amazon 3. Key learnings from Mobile Growth meetup in San Francisco: We heard from speakers from Amazon, Smule (50mil users), Doordash and Branch metrics.  4. Product craft meetup 5. Sydney Startup AMA on raising $$$ 6. NBA update: Kyrie Irving's trade demand and the fallout  For more info check out the blog To view the video go here:; If you like the episode, please rate it 5 stars on iTunes and share it with your friends!
July 5, 2017 · 00:32:05
Our latest podcast / FB Live episode, live from San Francisco! We're live with Francis McCarthy from Unikrn. In this episode we discuss: 1. NBA Trades 2. Tech News - Women in tech being harassed (11.30) 3. Product Craft meetup (14.00) 4. The art of sparring - testing your ideas, encouraging healthy debate for your product decisions (16.30) 5. Maslows' new hierarchy of needs - having battery charge for your mobile. Reviewing the Anker mobile charger. (19.25) 6. Visiting the LinkedIn office (22.00) 7. Fox news no longer writing news and focusing 100% on video. We discuss how to atomise your content. (24.00) Check out the blog for more goodness: This podcast is also available on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher and your favorite podcasting apps!
June 23, 2017 · 00:40:30
This new pod is with regular guest Francis McCarthy from Unikrn. We cover the following topics: 1. Father’s day in the US 2. NBA finals (Game 5) 3. NBA draft preview & trade scenarios 4. Networking in the Bay Area 5. Mind The Product Conference 6. Amazon buying Whole foods: what this means for Amazon, Instacart and the potential opportunities.
June 16, 2017 · 01:03:06
In this pod, we cover NBA finals (Game 3)& the impact of Amazon Prime. With regular guest Francis McCarthy from Unikrn & special guest Helena McCarthy, university recruitment programs from Amazon. 1. NBA Finals - Game Review - Financial impact of a longer series - The Draymond Green effect 2. The impact of Amazon in Seattle 3. Amazon Prime - Range of services you get with Prime - Free & Same Day Shipping, Video, Kindle books - Life before and after prime - Prime Pantry 4. The opportunity with Amazon Video 5. The everyday store 6. Review of Amazon Mobile app 7. Mobile’s impact on eCommerce. 45% on eCommerce purchases are on mobile. 8. Special Guest - Helena McCarthy from Amazon university recruitment programs - Working at Amazon - Culture: Leadership principles, Customer obsession - Impact of Amazon Prime on their personal lives - Amazon marketplace - The expense of meetings - Amazon Go
June 11, 2017 · 00:37:16
We're back! This Mobile Life has relocated to USA, keeping with the theme of being mobile :) We return with regular guest, Francis McCarthy from Unikrn. In this pod, we chat about: 1. Internet plans in USA 2. NBA Finals - We attended Game 1 in Oracle Arena. We share what it was like at the game itself, including making a Spectacles video. Do Cavs have any shot? 3. The in-game technology experience at NBA finals 4. USA A-OK: Moving to USA. Now In the Bay Area! 5. Haven't recorded a podcast in 3 months: Still updating with a multi-media approach. Snap, blog, facebook live/posts, twitter, Sydney startups 6. Our hands-on experience with Snap Spectacles. Recording first person views. 7. The Ringer leaves Medium for Vox Media If you like the episode, please rate it 5 stars and share it with your friends. Check out the blog for more info:
March 8, 2017 · 00:32:15
I chat to Francis McCarthy, Senior Marketing Manager at Unikrn. He was previously on Season 2. Now he's back for a 2 part episode (S3E3 & S3E4). ABOUT UNIKRN Unikrn is the ultimate esports experience. It lets you bet on esports matches, play your favorite games, and win awesome prizes. PODCAST SUMMARY 1. What's it like travelling in the US now? 2. The media's role in society and the purpose of the free press 3. The DeMarcus Cousins trade breakdown 4. Are the Chicago Bulls in tank mode? LINKS
March 8, 2017 · 00:54:17
I chat to Francis McCarthy, Senior Marketing Manager at Unikrn. He was previously on Season 2. Now he's back for a 2 part episode (S3E3 & S3E4). We always have an awesome chat and this time is no different! We cover everything from esports to my favourite sport, NBA! We also go in depth to chat about the future of content in Snapchat stories vs Instagram stories, Snap's IPO and Medium. ABOUT UNIKRN Unikrn is the ultimate esports experience. It lets you bet on esports matches, play your favorite games, and win awesome prizes. PODCAST SUMMARY 1. Intro - what is unikrn? 2. What's the latest news with Unikrn? 3. I discovered that Unikrn has sponsored a podcast called Rough Drafts for the past 2 years. How's that going? What's the strategy behind that? 4. Last time we spoke about Snapchat and instagram. Immediately after instagram launched instagram stories. Now there's Facebook daily stories & whatsapp status. Thoughts? 5. Snapchat announcing their intention to IPO 6. We also spoke about Since then they've had a big pivot in their business model. 7. Facebook has launched Facebook Jobs and sponsored content inside messenger LINKS
March 8, 2017 · 00:34:01
I chat with Peter Chen, Head of Design & Co-founder at Beaconmaker. I met Peter via the Sydney Opera house hackathon which he won. Peter previously was Head Of Design at Yatango. He also has a lot of digital and advertising agency experience at Holler, Tribal DDB, Soap Creative and WHYBIN. I've always been impressed by Peter's designs and his approach to design. So super excited to be chatting to Pete himself - also his twitter handle! ABOUT BEACON MAKER Create visitor guide apps with well designed features and modules tailored for you and your museum audience. The all-in-one mobile marketing platform. Their customers include Sydney Opera House, Oz Comic Con, Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, BIG W, and Mirvac. SUMMARY 1. How did you get into mobile design? 2. Tell me about beacon maker? 3. What's the journey been from winning Sydney Opera House hackathon in 2013 to now? 4. What's the thinking behind the beacon maker app design? 5. Designing mobile vs web 6. iOS vs android (material design) 7. What's the challenge in whitelabelling vs building your own apps? 8. What are some of the cool use cases of iBeacons? 9. As a DJ, do you see that a cross over between the worlds of DJ-ing and mobile design? LINKS
March 8, 2017 · 00:42:32
I chat to Brett Fox, co-founder of Photzy. The topic of this podcast is email marketing which is critical to building, retaining and monetising their audience. Brett is an awesome online marketer. I sat next to him for 1.5years at the co-working space Fishburners. ABOUT PHOTZY Photzy is a sister site to Lightstalking is the 2nd biggest photography blog in the world. Photzy started as a small side project in 2012 by the light stalking team. The goal was to provide more in-depth photography training, in the form of ebooks and video courses to Light Stalking’s readers. Since then, we have quickly grown into our own photography community now with over 70k members, providing a full library of photography tutorials via a digital locker. Essentially, we’re a very education-focused version of Light Stalking. Unlike other photography blogs and training websites, Photzy’s content comes in the form of beautifully designed, easy-to-follow ebooks. Which can be downloaded and viewed on any device, at any time. IN THIS EPISODE 1. How Brett was the inspiration behind the This Mobile Life podcast 2. How photzy does its online marketing? 3. Who is Photzy's customer? 4. How often does Brett send an email campaign? 5. How some small changes increased Photzy's email conversions by 3x 6. Brett's 80/20 advice 7. Why email is a powerful tool for retention 8. Why Brett subscribes to both US politicians email campaigns 9. What tools Brett uses for email marketing LINKS
Feb. 1, 2017 · 00:43:27
We chat to THE App Store Optimisation (ASO) expert, Gabriel Machuret from ASO Agency. Gabriel has written the first book on ASO, has courses on Udemy and has worked on ASO for hundreds of mobile apps. His clients include EA Games, Redbull and Xerox. He also has a podcast on ASO! We discuss the following questions: 1. Why is ASO important for apps? 2. Why is app store search broken? 3. How do you approach ASO? 4. What are Apple Search ads? 5. Is is similar to SEM? From reading your books seems that there is a lot of parallels to google adwords. 6. What is ASO desk and how does it help marketing of apps? 7. What do you think about upcoming iTunes changes? - Developers can respond to app store feedback - Rate apps without leaving app 8. How is it working remotely and living 5 hours from Sydney & Melbourne? SHOW NOTES * ASO Agency: * ASO Desk: * Facebook: * Fix The App Store * Zero Excuses ebook: * Podcast: * Mobile App Size On Downloads: This podcast is also available on: iTunes: TuneIn: Stitcher: Go to my blog to check out the blog for more info!
Jan. 15, 2017 · 00:39:33
In this podcast, we're hailing from TechCity in London! We interview Alan Byrne, co-founder of Cogmotive. Alan is a Sydney transplant now living abroad in London. We're super excited to interview Alan as he is also a moderator of the Sydney Startups Facebook Group. I found out that when we met up that he's running a SaaS business, so we had to interview him for the podcast! Cogmotive's vision is to create tools to make SysAdmins and IT Managers' lives simple - or at least simpler - by equipping them with the data they need while saving them time. Cogmotive is the leading global provider of enterprise level reporting and analytics applications for Office 365. They manage over 4 million seats & are used in 200+ countries. Cogmotive also uses Atlassian tools JIRA, Bitbucket & StatusPage! In 2016, Cogmotive was acquired by QUADROtech, a leading global provider of tools to manage the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files. Here's what we we discussed in the podcast: 1. Tell me your background & what Cogmotive does 2. How did you start the company? 3. Who's the ideal customer for your products? 4. What does a Sysadmin do? 5. How do customers find out about you? 7. Tell me about the SEO challenge that you & James Martin from OneFlare did 8. How much is the product and what's the pricing strategy? I notice you have a free trial and you can fill out an enquiry form to be contacted. 9. How do you decide on your roadmap, given that you are a plugin & the influx of customer requests from large customers 10. In 2014 you decided to spent the year travelling & working remotely. Tell us about that experience 11. You work with your wife in the Cogmotive team. What's that like? Do you have any tips for other couples looking to work together in their startup. 12. We've been involved in the Sydney Startups group for about 5-6 years as members and also moderators. How have you seen that group evolve? Where do you see it going. 13. We're both foodies. What are some of your favourite places to eat in London? Links:
Dec. 1, 2016 · 00:51:27
We chat with Alex Holmes, CMO from Influx. Influx helps you get customer support, done. They provide elastic support which is based on a transactional model. Influx focuses on assisting SaaS and eCommerce businesses. Alex is an online marketer by trade, having worked at Envato, Tripit and other online companies. In this episode we discuss: 1. Tell us about your background? 2. What's the difference between working in your own startup vs for a startup as an employee? 3. How is marketing different in a marketplace vs SaaS? 4 .What's your experience like at Envato? Its one of the unknown Australian success stories. 5. What is influx? 6. Who's your ideal customer and how do you reach them? 7. Have you seen any great examples of support for new products e.g. startup or more established company 8. If I'm launching a major release of my app / website, what's the co-ordination process like with support? 9. When should you outsource support vs keep it in-house? A source of learning for product team. 10. When do you know you have problems with scaling your support? 11. The difference between Customer support vs Customer success? 12. What's the startup scene like in Melbourne now? Links
Oct. 28, 2016 · 00:43:52
I chat with Jordan Sim, Group Product Manager at BigCommerce. He focuses on enabling and implementing strategic business development partnerships with the BigCommerce product. Jordan oversees two areas - order fulfilment and shipping logistics. He's launched and managed product integrations with Intuit Quickbooks, Alibaba, and led the transition of MagentoGo & eBay Prostore clients to BigCommerce. Previously, he's worked in consulting as a Senior Digital Strategist / UX Architect at Deloitte. Jordan has a strong background in User Experience and Interaction Design (platform agnostic - mobile, tablet and desktop), and is heavily invested in planning for and delivering the most effective experience for users. Here's what we discussed: 1. How did you get into product management? 2. How has your background in UX & interaction design helped you in your role as a PM? 3. What do you do as a product manager at BigCommerce? 4. What's the difference between being a PM & Group PM? 5. How do integrations differ from partnerships? What are the different types of partnerships? 6. Why partnerships is about relationships 7. You've been involved with launching and managing partnerships with BigCommerce ecosystem. What are the keys to success in these partnerships? 8. Do you look for partners or do they find you? How do you assess who to partner with? 9. What's the process of launching an integration with BigCommerce? 10. What happens post integration? 11. How do you measure success of a partnership? 12. Has there been a time where an integration hasn't gone well & you were able to turn it around? 13. Why are integrations are becoming more important in a cloud world? Links
Oct. 2, 2016 · 00:51:22
I chat to Anna Lee Anda, UX research at Zendesk. She's based in Singapore. We met many years ago when we both lived in Melbourne. We have similar backgrounds in law/accounting, before moving into the world of tech. Anna has worked in UX and product. She shares some great insights into SaaS from Zendesk. Previously, she worked at, one of Asia-Pacific's largest recruitment marketplace. Anna has also worked on ANZ's Go Money app which has millions of downloads. Topics we discussed: 1. How did you get into doing user research? 2. You've done some product management. What is the overlap & differences between product & UX research? 3. How regularly do you do user research? 4. Why cadence is king in SaaS 5. How do you do user research for a mobile app? 6. How to rig up a mobile testing device - Macgyver style! 7. What's the typical process you do when conducting user research? 8. What's the tech scene like in Singapore? This podcast will also be available on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and your favourite podcasting apps. If you like the podcast, please rate it 5 stars on iTunes & share it with your friends! RESOURCES
Sept. 22, 2016 · 00:51:20
We chat to Mike Gardiner, Founder of Lime Rocket, the developers of BuzzyTV Games. Very excited to chat to Mike as its a very cool company and product! BuzzyTV Games enables multiplayer big screen games at events & in classrooms that are playable using phone as game controllers. With no app required, players can connect in seconds and be playing alongside hundreds of others to compete in leaderboards and win prizes. We discuss these topics: 1. How do you get people to play Buzzy? 2. How do you add "play" into products? e.g. Buzzy, Pokemon, entertainment games. 3. Choosing native app vs mobile web for their product 4. What has been some of the ups and downs of your startup journey? ABOUT BUZZYTV Last month BuzzyTV Games went live in Europe & was selected as one of the games for Australia's first inter school eSports competition. Recently launched games have included the world first VR vs The Crowd game Castle Rush VR and Lemonade Town a multiplayer version of the classic lemonade stand game. You can see some of their live multiplayer games in action here: SHOW NOTES BuzzyTV Games Website - Videos of games at events - Castle rush - Lemonade town -
Sept. 7, 2016 · 00:43:23
This is Part 2 of our chat with Iz El-Bahnasy, founder of Gather. Gather is a Shopify app that boosts lead generation capabilities for eCommerce merchants. We cover the following: 1. What is business model canvas? 2. What is behaviour design? 3. How does the business model canvas interact with behaviour design 4. The hooked model 5. Designing with breaking points in mind Make sure to check out Part 1 which is S2E5. If you like the podcast, please rate it 5 stars, heart it and share it with your friends! SHOW NOTES Gather: Sourcecraft: Product Hunt: Business Model Canvas: BJ Fogg's behaviour model:
Aug. 31, 2016 · 00:26:24
We chat to Iz El-Bahnasy, founder of Gather. Gather is a Shopify app that boosts lead generation capabilities for ecommerce merchants. Iz also is the founder of Sourcecraft, which helps clients build new custom web and mobile application. He manages to juggle this with running the Product Hunt Meetup in Sydney as well! We discuss the benefits of building on top of another platform. Why channel partners are important. This could apply to any business building on iTunes app store, Google Play, or 3rd party ecosystem. We also have a good chat about conversions funnels. SHOW NOTES Gather: Sourcecraft: Product Hunt: Haha - Send Infectious Laughter: SumoMe: Pirate Metrics:
Aug. 21, 2016 · 00:48:12
This episode has a focus on social media apps, in particular the rise of Snapchat, Instagram and Medium. We chat with Francis McCarthy (Unikrn) based in Seattle and Jamie Andrei (Flying Machine Films) in Sydney. We discuss: 1. How Medium is changing the blogging game. 2. Snapchat vs Instagram (recorded before the launch of Instagram Stories). 3. The perils of publishing on LinkedIn. We recorded it using a 360 degree video camera. So you can touch, tilt, spin and explore the video to see it in all its goodness. If you have Google Goggles, you can view in immersive 360 view. Check out the Youtube video: We were also wearing microphones to record the audio. However, the original audio recording failed due to a faulty SD card (*shakes fist*). We were able to use the audio from the 360 video camera for the podcast. Hence we're calling this the lost episode! Its raw and mostly uncut. It simply features a couple of friends chatting about how tech is changing the world. RESOURCES Unikrn - the ultimate esports experience Flying Machines Film Yahoo Takeover: Verizon buys search engine $6.5bn Firefox Will Dump Adobe's Flash in August 2016 Nerding out on Pokemon Go - This Mobile Life The Enormous Power of Small Group Messaging Medium: Home Of The Ringer The Ringer Medium Email Form by Rabbut Medium is not a publishing tool This is not a new strategy What does Medium want to be when it grows up? More like Twitter, it seems Francis McCarthy's blog on the podcast episode Francis McCarthy on twitter
Aug. 13, 2016 · 00:47:20
I chat to my good friend Anthony Cole. Anthony is a product developer with a background in wordpress and frontend development. Originally hailing from Silicon Valley and via NZ, Anthony works in Melbourne for startup He shares insights on why you should use a pattern library. It is a set of components that you can reuse for common design problems. It also defines the interactions of components. By using a pattern library, it allows teams to focus on the bigger customer problems. Ultimately, it helps you ship products faster. We also discuss how you can implement it and best practices out there. Sources For more goodness, check out my blog: If you like the podcast, please like it, share it and rate it 5 stars on the app store :) I'm out like naming things, Matt Ho
Aug. 4, 2016 · 00:27:55
This episode is a podcast about podcasts! I describe the journey of making a podcast. Also the latest in mobile audio world. There's a discussion about Soundcloud, Spotify and Amazon's foray into podcasts with Channels. I've now got 800 subscribers in 10 months. I wanted to have 1,000 subscribers so 80% of the way there :) At the end of the day, it wasn't about numbers. The purpose was to share the conversations we have everyday in our industry about mobile and to teach people about mobile. Plus have some fun! I'm a huge fan of podcasts and believe it's a a great platform to reach people. Anyone can create their own radio station. Thank you for being on the podcast journey with me - Matt. SOURCES 1. Amazon paid podcasts called Channels 2. Soundcloud mulling billion dollar sale 3. Spotify mobile app changes form hamburger to bottom navigation 4. Spotify now does video and podcasts