Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing (PRoVisG)

Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing (PRoVisG)
By Konrad Willner, Heinrich Unbekannt, Robert Kaden
About this podcast
PRoVisG is a EU FP7 funded collaborative project of European and US American institutions and businesses building a framework for planetary robotics ground processing. It will develop technology to better process and visualise existing and future planetary robotics mission data to enhance the exploitation of these data for research.

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July 29, 2010
In the future, planetary robotic missions are expected to focus on in-situ exploration of planetary surfaces and atmospheres. Such missions typically involve autonomous exploration tools, either surface (rovers) or aerial vehicles (balloons, aerobots etc.). The Planetary Robotics Vision Ground Processing (PROVISG) project, sponsored by the EU FP7 (European Union, 7th Framework Program) started in October 2008 and aims to build a framework for planetary robotics vision ground processing. This podcast will give an introduction on the topic of planetary exploration and where PRoVisG will fit into the overall picture.
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