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Dec. 21, 2016 · 03:06:08
In This Episode... In Segment 1,  Rod and Keith talk about the newly released Sony A6500. Rodney is psyched about the feature set of this new camera and they talk incessantly about the advantages and disadvantages of it vs Micro 4/3. Segment 2 features Rod and Keith lamenting about Apple's Vintage and Obsolete Mac List and what makes a computer 'Vintage...' And how Keith nearly bricked his venerable 2010/2012 12-Core Mac Pro by attempting to upgrade to the dual 3.46Ghz Xeon Processors himself instead of using OWC's Processor Upgrade Service. Then in Segment 3, Keith and Rod return to what put TechMove on the map, another "Put Me In A Coma" segment, where Keith induces a un-wakable sleep state by talking about his He talks about his newish Canon 24mm 1.4 L II and Canon 70-200 F4 L IS lenses in "What makes a lens good?" In Segment 4, Keith talks all about the latest stuff he's acquired in the past year, such as the Westcott Flex last deal, Limostudio Photo Video Photography clips , the Lastolite Joe McNally UpLite Kit turned into something called a "Book light," the Cyberpower 1500VA PFC UPS LCD Battery Backup, and Dracast LED1000 Silver Series Foldable Bi-Color LED Light. In the Outtro, Rod reprises his discussion about the  Sony A6500. and a TechMove listener tries to put doubt in Rod's mind that this is going to be his new camera. Keith then describes his latest warranty-destroying hack achieved by first going the official Sony Playmemories site - then going to the hack site - thereby breaking the Sony 30-minute recording barrier which then needs a long-lasting camera power solution, the Atomos Power Station Video battery system. Will Keith brick his 3 Sony A7-series cameras? Then Keith teases an age-old question: will he 'switch' from Premiere Pro to FCPX at last?
Nov. 16, 2016 · 02:38:43
In This Episode... In Segment 1, Keith tells Rod about his new stuff such as his sensor cleaning techniques and tools like the Eyelead SCK-1B, his Rokinon 12mm E-Mount and Rokinon 16mm full frame lenses, and his new Fotodiox Fusion ND Throttle Auto EF to E Mount adapter. Then in Segment 2, Keith tells Rod about his 4K data explosion dilemma and how to deal with his mounting data storage needs with drives like his new Mobius 5-bay RAID enclosure, the new Seagate 8TB Expansion Desktop Drive, and Softraid. Then in Segment 3, Keith and Rod discuss 3 new and one newish Canon Cameras, the 5Dmk4, the XC15, the C700, and the C300mkII price drop. In Segment 4, Keith tries to talk Rod off the ledge of ditching his GH1 in favor of something like the Sony A7rii or A6300. Will Rod take the plunge? Rod and Keith wrap up Episode 33 with a philosophical discussion "Is Micro Four Thirds Dead?"
Oct. 19, 2016 · 02:26:50
In This Episode... In Segment 1, Rodney and Keith discuss the Rode Lavalier and Rode's 'Micon' concept, the Sigma MC11 adapter and Sigma 18-35mm Art Lens Combo, the Sigma USB Dock Software fiasco, and does the Metabones Update fix issues with Sony Cameras? Then in Segment 2, Keith tells Rod about his Came-TV Single Repair, Rodney tells Keith about his Apple iWorks experience, and they talk about the D&P Curve Fit iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector. And in the Last Segment, we wrap up Episode 32 Phantom 4 Cases, Backpacks like the DroneGuard Backpack From Lowepro, and accessories like batteries and neutral density filters and Creative Cloud 2015 (isn't this 2016?) updates and price hikes... And is there a new camera in Rod's future???
July 6, 2016 · 02:58:35
In This Episode... n Segment 1, Rodney and Keith prepare the TechMove minions for nearly 3 hours of kind of relevant Cine Gear show news and interviews Then in Segment 2, Keith and Rod take us to the Cine Gear 2016 Live from Paramount Studios in Hollywood ▪ Gerry Marzacco,  Hollywood Cameraman ▪ Jeremy Young of Atomos ▪ Ready Rig Gimbal Support Vest / Arm ▪ Mathew Duclos of Duclos Lenses ▪ Black magic Design's Ursa Mini 4.6K ▪ Juan Martinez of Sony on the FS5 Raw Update ▪ Nick Lampke of Filmtools And in the Last Segment, we wrap up our Cine Gear show with a few final thoughts.
June 2, 2016 · 03:21:45
In This Episode... In Segment 1, Rodney and Keith prepare the TechMove minions for over 3 hours of now-irrelevant NAB 2016 show news and interviews Then in Segment 2, Keith and Rod take us to the NAB Show 2016 Live from Las Vegas ▪ Dave Dugdale ▪ Came-TV ▪ Westcott Lighting ▪ Hoodman ▪ Convergent Design ▪ IO Industries ▪ Atomos ▪ DJI Then, in a bonus segment, Keith reviews his first experience with the DJI Phantom 4... And in the Last Segment, we wrap up our NAB Show Marathon with a few final thoughts.
April 27, 2016 · 02:14:32
In This Episode... Segment 1: Keith's Buyer's Remorse? Rod asks Keith... ▪ Is Keith's Sony FS5 Crippled? ▪ Why did Keith return these  Zeiss, Sigma, Canon lenses? ▪ Any why did Keith return his Varavon Cage, his Seiki 4K monitor? ▪ Is Keith finally happy with his new 27" Dell 4K Monitor, his upgrade to Mac OS 10.10 and his Nvidia GTX980ti? In Segment 2, "Keith's Gearbox", Rodney then questions Keith about some of his new gear such as... ▪ Cinevate Grip Reacher ▪ SmallHD 501 ▪ His Self Balancing Scooter- AKA "Hoverboard" ▪ Westcott Flex Lights Then, in the last segment, Rod asks Keith about his gear he's purchased but hasn't actually yet used such as... ▪ DJI Phantom 4 ▪ Came-TV Single Gimbal with encoders ▪ BlackMagic Ursa Mini 4.6K Disappointment
April 17, 2016 · 02:01:18
In This Episode... TechMove Interviews the legendary Dave Dugdale of fame and talk all about the Sony A7rII and Dave's amazing new training course...
March 5, 2016 · 01:58:49
In This Episode... In This Episode... Rod and Keith Talk about their Upcoming Black Friday Gear Quests... ▪ Rod introduces his soon-to-be purchased Pixco booster ▪ Keith's Metabones adapter testing ▪ Sony A7sII, - focusing, manual focus assist, auto focusing, advanced mode, clearzoom ▪ Sony FE 24-70 f4, Sony FE 24-240, Other Canon lenses, Rokinon, and Low Light Tests ▪ Sigma Art 24-35, Canon 24mm 1.4 and 2.8 Lenses ▪ Nvidia GTX980ti GPU Card for Mac Pro ▪ Keith's adventures Tiptoeing while filming a podcast ▪ Varavon Zeus A7sII cage review
Dec. 11, 2015 · 01:33:14
In This Episode... In the first segment, Rod and Keith continue with "Fix It Even If It Ain't' Broke - A7sII Edition" with all kinds of neat mods for your Sony A7sII including ▪ Fixing the overly sensitive auto-switching of the EVF sensor with LightDims ▪ Enhancing the A7sII eyecup using the Altura Eyecup ▪ Protecting the A7sII LCD... with the Expert Shield In the outtro they discuss a myriad of topics, including... ▪ A philosophical discussion, "Is Filmic Going Extinct," referencing HBO's "The Greenlight Project" ▪ Keith's new Zacuto Gratical HD and Gratical X and Zacuto Axis Modifications, ▪ Why camera parts are so expensive and the Really Right Stuff FH-350 Handle Assembly ▪ Newly announced products, such last the BlackMagic Micro Studio 4K, the new DJI Osmo and X series of cameras. ▪ Does the A7sII Overheat? Keith reports on his findings... ▪ Keith's new take on the C300mkII vs the Sony FS5 ▪ Oh, yeah, and find out how to Win Your Free Flocking!
Dec. 1, 2015 · 01:49:45
In This Episode... The first segment, Rod and Keith discuss his new iPhone 6S+, adding a screen protector, as well as his fantastically high purchase price and the new AT&T subsidized pricing... In Segment 2 they get back to cinematography and review full frame zoom lenses, from the Tamron SP 70-200MM F/2.8 DI VC USD Telephoto Zoom to the Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM Lens as well as some terrifying news about overheating in Keith's Sony A7sII... In the final segment, and a new TechMove Favorite, "Fix it even if it ain't broke," Keith talks about his Meike A7sII battery grip and his trials and tribulations while fixing a Commlite EF to E mount adapter's flaring problems... As well as a new TechMove Giveaway (more to come in Episode 26)...
Oct. 29, 2015 · 02:50:00
In This Episode... In another Epic TechMove, in the first segment, Keith and Rod discuss software, including Keith's battles with Turbotax - yes turbotax, and finding a podcast player solution, including trying to jailbreak as well as finding the Podcruncher ap for his lowly iPhone 4 Swimphone. They also discuss the newest Premiere Pro CC 2015 update, as well as feedback from other Premiere Pro users...They also discuss the upcoming Sony FS5, and how Keith is giving it a second look. And they also talk about a newly announced potentially amazing tool for 'one man band' shooters, the SoloShot 3, a robot for pointing your camcorder... In segment 2, Keith and Rod delve into the GoPro Hero Black, it's knock-off the SJCam, Protune, Keith's gimbal for his GoPro, the HiFly FunnyGo, and how he uses his GoPro, Gimbal and a common painter's pole to produce huge professional jib shots... In a brand-new segment "Fix it even if it ain't broke," Keith explains his technique of using USB Overdrive and Keyboard Maestro to turn his mouse and keyboard into an editing control surface... In the Outtro, Keith reveals to Rod the results of his own GH13 tests with the Metabones Speedbooster and a variety of lenses, and they discuss the delivery and installation of the long-anticipated Panasonic V-Log L, an alternative solution by Balazer at DVXUser, new FAA Drone Regulations, and will Keith order the new Sony A7SII?
Oct. 12, 2015 · 03:10:15
In This Episode... • In TechMove's Longest and most bloated Podcast Ever, Rod and Keith discuss what's new and on their minds about Home Theater and Cinema Cameras • Keith and Rodney discuss Rod's New iPhone 6, the upcoming 6S, car bluetooth audio, and the relatively new form of Blu-Ray copy protection called Cinavia • Keith discusses his HDMI distribution woes, HDCP, and component HD video • Keith and Rod discuss the GH4 and how to get more out of it, using Panasonic's new VLog, Fast Lenses such as the Sigma ART 18-35mm and Speedboosters • In the Outtro, Rod and Keith discuss the new crop of Sony A7 mark IIs, the new Sony FS5 4K Camcorder, and Keith gives his unabashed review of Premiere Pro CC2015
July 30, 2015 · 01:57:29
In This Episode... • Rodney asks Keith about how he does interview lighting, and Keith reveals the standard setup, and his new interview lighting secret weapon. • Then Rodney and Keith discuss Practical DIY, including Keith's use of the Davis & Sanford Steadystick, Manfrotto 494RC2 Ball Head, Panasonic GH4, Convergent Designs' Odyssey 7Q, the Cotton Carrier Camera Vest, and the Nebula 4000 Lite Gimbal. • Then, in the famous and ever-popular "Put Me In A Coma" segment, we nearly lose Rodney as Keith explains filters, particularly the mind-numbing circular polarizer and ever-popular variable ND filters. • In the Outtro, Rod and Keith discuss a listener's audio recording microphone question, Keith's Sony A7s and all the accessories he's added to make it work better, including the Meike MK-AR7 battery grip, EOS to E mount adapters such as the Metabones "Speed Booster", the Fotodiox Vizelex ND Throttle, the Commlite EF-E mount adapter, and Keith installs the Cineasy Touch onto his A7s while on the air - will he void his warranty again?
July 9, 2015 · 02:16:12
▪ TechMove Podcast's Rod Lui and Keith Moreau discuss more gear such as the Hoo Too TripMate Elite ▪ Moment iPhone Lenses ▪ The new Apple Watch ▪ The Rode Videomic Pro R ▪ and from Cinegear 2015 including ▪ Canon c300 Mk 2 Hands On ▪ Varavon Gimbal and Wire rig ▪ Ready Rig Gimbal Vest ▪ Put me in a coma with 8 bit vs 10 bit vs 12 bit luma and chroma sub-sampling 4:2:0 vs 4:2:2 vs 4:4:4
June 2, 2015 · 01:51:01
▪ TechMove Podcast's Rod Lui and Keith Moreau discuss more gear from NAB 2015 including ▪ The Nebula 4000 Lite Gimbal ▪ The 3drobotics Solo Quadcopter ▪ Westcott Flex lights ▪ Blackmagic Video Assist ▪ Videodevices Pixe ▪ Panasonic DVX200 ▪ Datacolor DC SCK100 SpyderCheckr ▪ X-Rite MSCCPP ColorChecker Passport
April 19, 2015 · 03:02:44
▪ TechMove Podcast's Rod Lui and Keith Moreau at NAB 2015 report on products from SmallHD, DJI, Kessler Crane, Zacuto, Atomos, Blackmagic Design, Panasonic, Really Right Stuff, Convergent Design, and Canon
April 9, 2015 · 02:05:02
▪ TechMove Podcast's Keith Moreau will be at NAB 2015 ▪ Rodney and Keith preview NAB 2015 and talk about what might be announced ▪ Keith and Rod discuss their DIY projects including Steadicams, Sliders and Timelapse Outdoor Boxes ▪ Preview of the new Canon C300 MK II, the XC10, DJI Phantom 3 and SmallHD's Sidefinder ▪
April 7, 2015 · 01:59:58
▪ TechMove Podcast is alive and well with our 2nd Episode in a week ▪ Rodney moves into the 21st Century with a SSD drive ▪ Keith relates his latest disaster with a happy ending ▪ Keith Interviews Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane ▪ Mini-Review of Kessler Crane's 2nd Shooter
April 3, 2015 · 01:51:16
▪ TechMove Podcast is alive and well. We bring you a newly discovered episode from the archives, and bring it all back to the present ▪ Find out what black friday deals Keith got ▪ Preview of Keith's Zacuto EVF and Zacuto Axis EVF arm ▪ Rod and Keith talk about Green Screen ▪ We then wrap up with a look the past year and recent disasters
Dec. 9, 2013 · 02:25:15
▪ Technology vs Humanity - why is Technology important to us at TechMove? Rodney and Keith share their philosophies about the importance of technology in these times  including discussion of Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and Keith's "Chicken Voodoo Dance" when things go awry, and his use of Cocktail and Digital Rebellion's Pro Maintenance Tools to save the day ▪ Keith interviews Jason Wingrove, international Director and Cinematographer, in TechMove's first-ever guest. They talk about Jason's gear, his Small HD DP6 and DP7, Red Epic X, Canon 1 DC, Canon 5D Mk III, Sony NEX 6 and Sony A7R, GoPros, his homebuilt $1,600 Movi from China, the High Fly, his love of lenses including his 3 Canon Cinema Primes, modified Contax and Leica Primes, his Canon 50mm f1.8 'plastic fantastic,' Rokinon Cinema Primes, Duclos modifications,  the Lightcraft Workshop RapidND and Genus variable neutral density filters and how to quickly get them onto his lenses using the CAVision LH80 82mm to 80mm clamp-on adapter, wireless HD monitoring with the Terranex and Paralinx units, and Keith's Zacuto EVF and Zacuto Axis EVF arm. ▪ Rod and Keith then discuss the Jason Wingrove interview including how Keith makes his Zacuto EVF work better with the use of HDMI swivel adapters and thin Ziotek HDMI cables. He also discusses his most recent acquisitions, the Sony FS700 4K update, the Convergent Design Oddessy 7Q 4K raw recorder, and the Rokinon 14mm Cinema Prime lens ▪ Rod and Keith then wrap up episode 15 with a short discussion of Rodney's foray into digital recording using his newly-acquired Behringer Xenyx Q802 USB mixer