Technical Stew
By Scott da Geek
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This is a podcast that covers technology soup to nuts. This Podcast was created using

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Jan. 19, 2008 · 00:10:34
Sept. 29, 2007 · 01:01:16
Alternate energy sources, transparent LCDs, the Gateway One (iMac clone), security, and who knows what all.
Sept. 23, 2007 · 01:01:37
We missed the last one, so our apologies. This one will be about security, fuel cells,bad translations, lolCtulu, and who knows what!!
Sept. 8, 2007 · 01:06:16
Touched by the iPod, the wireless office, kick ass processors, the G-phone, and who knows what all.
Sept. 1, 2007 · 00:32:51
War tech, space tech, and who knows what else?
Aug. 11, 2007 · 00:59:39
Dr. Who, all things Fichey, the short attention span theater that is the internets, electric cars, and all other things tech.
Aug. 4, 2007 · 01:02:12
We'll talk about our new robot overlords, swiss army peripherals, and whatever else floats your boat.
July 28, 2007 · 00:59:37
We'll talk about all kinds of fun techie stuff!!
July 4, 2007 · 00:36:22
This is a preliminary episode. We're testing a variety of podcasting options.
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