The Transcendinnerlists Podcast (iPhone)
By The Transcendinnerlists Podcast
About this podcast
We are a group of friends who get together once a week to eat dinner and enjoy mind expanding conversations.

Episodes (Total: 3 / Page: 1)
April 7, 2015 · 01:01:47
This week our Transcendinnerlists talk about what the future of technology looks like and what does that do to our mortality.
March 17, 2015 · 00:59:56
This week our Transcendinnerlists have breakfast for dinner! Then we discussed what makes a human a person. Are animals people? And what the fuck is wrong with serial killers?
March 3, 2015 · 01:02:38
FIRST EPISODE! After a dinner of Ritz cracker crusted chicken with a mushroom cream sauce the Transcendinnerlists discuss the nature of time.
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