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Connecting people to Jesus and one another. The weekly audio podcast of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville Kentucky. Featuring Senior Minister Dave Stone and Teaching Minister Kyle Idleman.
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Oct. 15, 2017 · 00:36:31
Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Holding onto bitterness will choke the life out of you, but the gift of forgiveness sets you free to live as God intended.
Oct. 8, 2017 · 00:37:33
God's plan for your life is so much better than health, wealth, and prosperity. Every gift He gives you, great or small, is an opportunity to serve others in love.
Oct. 1, 2017 · 00:31:24
Sometimes God's plan takes longer than you thought and doesn't work out exactly as you hoped. But if you're willing to trust Him, God will show you His way is better than anything you could have imagined!
Sept. 24, 2017 · 00:35:01
Compromise might feel right in the moment, but it wreaks havoc on the good plan God has for our lives. Will you fight to keep your integrity even when it comes at a price?
Sept. 17, 2017 · 00:34:02
The past isn't always pretty. Our scars remind us that life often isn't as it should be. But through God's power, grace, and the call to move forward, we are more than conquerors.
Sept. 10, 2017 · 00:38:04
As we celebrate the ways God is working all around us, let's humbly seek His blessing on the road from where we are to where He's calling us to be.
Sept. 3, 2017 · 00:37:17
Jesus causes parties to break out in the most unlikely places. When He turns our mourning into dancing, we catch a glimpse into the everlasting joy that awaits us in His presence.
Aug. 27, 2017
When someone who was lost is finally found, Heaven erupts with joy beyond our wildest dreams. We join in the parties of Paradise every time one of God's children comes home.
Aug. 20, 2017 · 00:35:15
When Jesus holds a party, He goes out of His way to welcome the unworthy. God's house is full of misfits and outcasts, turning our worship into a celebration of amazing grace.
Aug. 13, 2017 · 00:35:05
For centuries, God has invited His people to celebrate regularly. The Old Testament festivals were parties with a purpose: remembering God's faithfulness and anticipating His promises.
Aug. 6, 2017 · 00:38:41
July 30, 2017 · 00:34:58
Joining Jesus on His world-saving mission is a challenge too big for any one of us to handle. It's time for unity. We're in this together—so what role will you play?
July 23, 2017 · 00:32:09
The call to follow after Christ in our service to others isn't a hobby or side projectit's our main mission! Going all in won't be easy, but the difference you make will always be worth it.
July 16, 2017 · 00:35:37
You won't always get instant gratification from serving Christ and His Kingdom. It takes commitment and perseverance as you trust God to bring lasting results.
July 9, 2017 · 00:35:05
Following Jesus takes real sacrifice. But once we remember God's lavish mercy, the challenge to give ourselves fully to Him becomes a life-giving privilege of worship.
July 2, 2017 · 00:31:08
A Patriotic Concert with the Master's Men
July 2, 2017 · 00:35:00
If you want to live intentionally in the long run, dont forget to regularly reorient your life around God. Keep seeking His Word, His ways, and His people.
June 25, 2017 · 00:33:37
Sometimes we look to people and things other than Jesus for our hope, help, and comfort. When that happens, we need to turn intentionally from our everyday idols back to Him.
June 18, 2017 · 00:31:28
You can't guide someone to a place you're not going. If you want to lead your loved ones in their walk with Christ, you must be intentional about following Him yourself.
June 11, 2017 · 00:33:24
Our golden years count for more than retirement. Once your children have children of their own, God offers you new ways to pass down your faith to a new generation.