Relevant Church, Niles

Relevant Church, Niles
By Muta Mwenya
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Sermon podcast from Relevant Church in Niles, Michigan.
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Oct. 15, 2017 · 00:39:12
Pastor Derick closes out our series We Are That Church with a great message about the mindshift it takes from being a believer to becoming a follower of Jesus!
Oct. 8, 2017 · 00:46:12
We all got issues. Maybe that's why Jesus prayed for unity among his followers. What does that look like practically? Listen to Pastor Muta share what it looks like to love across boundaries.
Oct. 1, 2017 · 00:47:57
As we continue our focus on the vision of Relevant Church and what type of church God has called us to be, Pastor Muta teaches a message on passionately following Jesus and inviting other's to do the same.
Sept. 24, 2017 · 00:41:45
Pastor Muta says that "you may be little but your influence doesn’t have to be small". So what does it have to do with being the "light of the world?" Listen to the first message from our new series We Are That Church!
Sept. 17, 2017 · 00:46:10
Everyday we face decisions. Some decisions have the potential to change the course of our lives. Other's have the potential to change the course of our eternity!
Aug. 27, 2017 · 00:33:55
What happens when the hands you've been dealt leave you feeling stuck? Listen to this powerful message from Pastor Marcus Martin on not settling settling for anything less than God has promised.
Aug. 13, 2017 · 00:37:03
What does grace look like in the life of a prodigal son? Check out this message from Dwayne O'Dell as he shares his testimony of overcoming addiction from the story of Hosea and Gomer in the Bible.
Aug. 6, 2017 · 00:37:18
Pastor Jason North kicks off our new series Best Sermon Ever with a compelling message from Matthew 14. What are you willing to risk?
July 30, 2017 · 00:50:48
How can Jay Z relate to King David? Check out the last message in our series Summer Playlist as Pastor Muta explores Psalm 51.
July 23, 2017 · 00:38:47
Why do you sing? Do you sing? Should you sing? Pastor Derick teaches a great message in our Summer Playlist series from Psalm 96:1-13.
July 9, 2017 · 00:37:33
The writer of Psalm 19 says that the "heavens declare God's glory and the sky's proclaim his handiwork." Are we as willing to boldly share God's goodness with others? Listen to the first message in our series Summer Playlist Vol 2.
June 14, 2017 · 00:47:38
June 4, 2017 · 00:39:22
Is your life lived as a slave to religion or as a free son or daughter of God. Unfortunately many people don't know the difference. Check out Pastor Derick's teaching on Galatians 4:19-31.
May 28, 2017 · 00:18:46
Listen in as Lewis Boyden teaches our 8th installment of our series Bad Religion, a study through the book of Galatians.
May 21, 2017 · 00:51:59
Galatians 3:29 says "And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise." Are you living like son of God or a slave of circumstance? Listen to Pastor Muta as he teaches on Galatians 4:1-7.
May 14, 2017 · 00:22:56
Through life the desire to have better careers, better relationships and more influence can arise. Is there anything wrong with having these desires or cravings? Listen to Pastor Christine as she delivers an awesome message on Mother's Day that everyone can relate to!
April 23, 2017 · 00:34:05
The life of Jesus is more than a good story. However, too often we can box Jesus into a story than our reality. Check out the second installment in our series Who Said from Pastor Muta.
April 16, 2017 · 00:26:07
What does someone do after they are raised from the dead? You'd be surprised. Check out our Easter message from Pastor Muta from Luke 24:13-31.
April 9, 2017 · 00:41:43
God doesn't just call pastors, he calls all of his people; because the first, most common, visible experience people will have of God will be with his people. Pastor Muta teaches a message on Acts 8:26-38 about running to the people God puts in our path.
April 2, 2017 · 00:40:22
Most of us enjoy receiving gifts in the mail; and most of us don't want to wait to open that gift! Then why is it most of us don't "open" the gift of God's blessings given through Jesus Christ? In this message, Pastor Muta teaches from Galatians 3:15-29.