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Continuing his catechesis on Christian hope during his general weekly audience this morning, the Holy Father spoke about hope and death. “These are two things that we may forget to associate with each other, reported Ashley Noronha, Relevant Radio Rome Correspondent, on Morning Air®. It’s that old saying of ‘everybody wants to go to heaven […]
Oct. 11, 2017
For people of all religions, when faith is an important part of their life, they want to share it with those they love. Just as Catholics, we may invite non-Catholic friends to a Baptism, First Communion, or to Sunday Mass, it is common for Protestant friends or family to invite us to their services. But […]
Oct. 10, 2017
The #1 prayer request we receive at Relevant Radio is listeners asking us to pray for their children who have fallen away from the Catholic faith. Fallen-away Catholics make up 10% of the U.S. population, and only 30% of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing. Chances are you or someone you know has […]
Oct. 10, 2017
The common (and unfortunate)  perception of our culture is that the Catholic Church hates gay people. This is untrue, but the Church’s teaching on homosexuality is often misunderstood because it rejects both anti-gay bigotry and the unconditional endorsement of homosexual relations. And this misunderstanding isn’t just for non-Catholics. Many Catholics find it difficult to know how […]
Oct. 9, 2017
Sometimes we forget that we can’t get to God on our own. It is easy to fall into the thinking that if we pray enough rosaries, read enough Scripture, or do enough penance that we can work our way to salvation. But that’s not how it works. Recently on Heart to Heart, Mother Miriam reflected on […]
Oct. 7, 2017
One of the wonderful things about live radio is the opportunity for our hosts to interact with listeners who call in. Some offer their opinions, ask questions, or reach out to us in times of distress. Most of the time, when our hosts offer advice or encouragement to distressed listeners, we don’t get to hear […]
Oct. 7, 2017
Most of us, at some point in our lives, will experience a crisis. A job loss, the death of a loved one, a betrayal, a health crisis, a crisis of faith – there are a number of things that can make it feel like our world is crashing down around us. Recently on The Joe Sikorra […]
Oct. 7, 2017
Do you worry what others think about you? We all do at times, but are you letting other people’s perception of you dictate how you live? Recently on The Joe Sikorra Show, Joe discussed how we can live more freely by living for the glory of God rather than the acceptance of those around us. Joe […]
Oct. 6, 2017
Do you know someone who says, “I would never step foot in a Catholic Church!” Well, here’s the story of someone who said that, and what she experienced when she finally did: I had been an Evangelical Protestant for 18 years, trying to save Catholics. I graduated Protestant seminary, I read the Bible through every year. […]
Oct. 5, 2017 · 00:09:30
Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann - What happens after pornography is revealed in a relationship, and how to heal.
Oct. 4, 2017 · 00:09:30
Fr Rick Heilman - A woman\\\'s late husband\\\'s prayers brought her daughter back to the faith.
Oct. 3, 2017 · 00:09:30
Jesse Romero and Mike McCartney - Jesse Romero (from Immaculate Heart Radio) and Mike McCartney (SWAT coordinator) talk about the Las Vegas attack.
Sept. 21, 2017 · 00:09:30
Juan Landa - Mexico and the devastation from the Earthquake
Sept. 20, 2017 · 00:09:30
Ginny Seuffert - Why “helicopter parents” hurt their children’s development.
Sept. 15, 2017 · 00:09:30
Patrick McCormack - How important dads are in their daughters’ lives.
Sept. 14, 2017 · 00:09:30
Father Simon Says - The Death Penalty, The Old Testament Law, and the Fulfillment of the Law.
Sept. 13, 2017 · 00:09:30
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers - Read the Bible Like Never Before.
Sept. 12, 2017 · 00:09:30
Ashley Feasley - Incredible dialogue with a caller experiencing DACA and Ashley Feasley from the USCCB.
Sept. 11, 2017 · 00:09:30
Anthony Kovic - Emergency Preparedness
Sept. 7, 2017 · 00:09:30
Fr Burke Masters - How Jesus heals people in the Bible, and how he can heal us.