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Relevant Truth - Relevant Truth Podcast
By Roger Mason
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A podcast dedicated to examining Biblical truth. The Bible is filled with useful, practical and relevant truth. The Bible is a mirror, a map, a guide, a light, a hammer, a voice, a drink, food and life.
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Oct. 17, 2015 · 00:28:32
In today's podcast we want to look at the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10.  The Samaritan showed compassion to a helpless man on the road while others ignored him and passed by. Actions often reveal the heart and in this story this is true.
Sept. 19, 2015 · 00:32:24
Healing the sick was a large part of the ministry of Jesus. In today's podcast we want to examine the question Is Healing God's Will? A more specific question would be Is it God's will to heal the person I am praying for? It is imperative that the Christian come to some kind of conclusion about this faith issue. 
Sept. 5, 2015 · 00:28:39
In today's podcast we want to look at the Bible's description of the Lord's return and the rapture of the Church. This amazing future event the Christian is to eagerly anticipate and prepare themselves for.
Aug. 22, 2015 · 00:31:25
In Psalm 1 we are presented with a sharp contrast between two ways of living. The way of righteousness and the way of the wicked or we say the way that leads to blessing and the way that leads to perishing. In today's podcast let's look a little closer at these two ways of living described in psalm 1.
June 27, 2015 · 00:29:06
Jesus urges us in his sermon on the Mount to resolve our conflicts with others quickly. Unresolved conflicts create all kinds of pain and heartache. In today's podcast we will be looking at what Jesus has to say about murder, anger and unresolved conflict.
June 13, 2015 · 00:30:23
In today's podcast we will be examining God's Protection elaborated for us in Psalm 91. "Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty."  This psalm speaks of both physical and spiritual dangers that the Lord will protect us from as we trust in God as our refuge and fortress.
May 30, 2015 · 00:27:11
In today's podcast we will be looking at the words of Jesus spoken to his distressed disciples. The disciples were bewildered, confused and discouraged and Jesus asks them to trust in Him. It is during times when we experience trouble in our life that we need to choose to trust in Jesus. This is what Jesus asked his disciples to do in John 14. E-mail - [email protected] site -     Facebook page - relevant truth podcast
May 16, 2015 · 00:30:04
How do we view our children? Are they an inconvenience or an unwelcome intrusion in our lives or are they a joy and a gift to us from God? In today's podcast we will be looking at what the Bible says about children. In particular we will be looking at one mother. Hannah the mother of Samuel from I Samuel 1.
May 2, 2015 · 00:34:26
In today's podcast we want to examine the story of a mother and two sons who approach Jesus with a request recorded in Matthew 20. Incidental to the story we learn a valuable lesson about the nature of leadership in God's Kingdom. Servant leadership is the big idea we want to examine in today's podcast.
April 18, 2015 · 00:33:23
In today's podcast we want to examine the story of a man healed of leprosy from Mark 1. Jesus is approached by a man with leprosy who is unsure if Jesus would be willing to heal him. In this story we discover four important factors about receiving and keeping the healing God offers us.
April 4, 2015 · 00:37:13
Today I want to examine the last words of Jesus spoken from cross. Matthew, Luke and John all record these final words of Jesus before he died. The big idea in today's podcast the final words of Jesus.
March 21, 2015 · 00:33:21
Today we will be looking at what has been called the triumphal entry. The historic entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem the Sunday before his crucifixion. All four gospels record this account. We will start today by looking at Luke's account in Luke 19:29-44.
March 7, 2015 · 00:32:42
In today's podcast we want to look at a story from the life of David from 1 Samuel 23. Saul saw David as a rival and sought to kill him. David was running for his life as a fugitive. David sought direction from the Lord, Saul assumed he had a direction given to him by God.  Today we want to examine four false assumptions concerning the will of God.
Feb. 21, 2015 · 00:33:45
In today's podcast we will be looking at an episode in the life of Jacob from Genesis 32. Before Jacob faces his offended brother Esau he had to face God. He spent the night alone at Peniel and he literally limped away from that experience a changed man. Jacob wrestled with God at Peniel and he emerged both broken and blessed. Broken but blessed that is the big idea in today's podcast.
Feb. 7, 2015 · 00:31:04
In today's podcast we will be looking at Mark 3. In this text various groups speak out about the ministry of Jesus. Their words are not very encouraging. How did Jesus handle discouragement? That is the big idea in today's podcast What do we do with discouragement.
Jan. 24, 2015 · 00:32:23
In today's podcast we want to look at a King named Jeroboam the first king of the divided Kingdom of Israel. Jeroboam was given a promise by God but the complete fulfillment of that promise never came to pass because of Jeroboam's sin and disobedience. Promise lost that is the big idea in today's podcast.
Jan. 10, 2015 · 00:30:02
Paul encourages his colleague Timothy to be a faithful minister of the Gospel. Paul told Timothy not to neglect the gift that is in you but instead he was to stir up the gift of God. All of us have spiritual gifts God has given us but for some reason we have failed to use these spiritual gifts. Today's podcast is entitled "Don't Neglect Your Gifts."
Dec. 27, 2014 · 00:34:39
As we approach 2015 many people are making new year's resolutions. They want to bring about some positive changes in themselves for the new year, they want to improve themselves in some way. A new year's resolution often involves the breaking of negative habits and the development of a positive ones. In today's podcast we want to look at Lamentations 3. It is important to review our lives regularly, to take an honest, objective look at how we live our lives. Self-Examination this is the big idea in today's podcast.
Dec. 13, 2014 · 00:30:02
In this podcast we will be looking at the Christmas story found in Matthew 1 and Luke 1. Think about how the life of Mary and Joseph was disrupted, challenged and changed by the birth of Jesus. Mary and Joseph were required to surrender to the plan and will of the Father even though it subjected them both to great difficultly. The nature of surrender that is the big idea in today's podcast.
Nov. 29, 2014 · 00:34:34
All of us have experienced delays. In our modern society there are many types of delays. Delays are just a fact of modern life we will always face some kind of delay. As a Christian we sometimes experience a God delay. Today we want to look at God's purpose for delay that is the big idea in today's podcast.