Rituals of the Rich and Famous

Rituals of the Rich and Famous
By Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood
About this podcast
Discover incredible rituals, powerful mindsets, and real-world, actionable advice including: * Exclusive access to private, never-before-revealed rituals from some of the world’s most successful people on how to achieve peak performance, maintain calm in the midst of high pressure, and create balance in a very busy life * Vitality-based rituals for working with your body's energy and adding more infectious vibrancy and positivity to your days * Starting down the path towards deeper meaning, a higher purpose, and a stronger connection with your own mind, body and spirit * Improving your relationship with money, sharpen your ability to attract wealth, make the right investments, and have the resources, freedom and confidence to pamper your loved ones * Rituals for managing your time by creating set routines for your daily activities - you have specific times for specific activities and effortlessly transition when appropriate * Rituals for managing your thinking so you stay focused on the things that will move you forward, rather than on the things that can drag you down.
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Sept. 29, 2014 · 00:30:59
Our first episode features the world-renowned investor and #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Phil Town. Phil is a longtime ritual practitioner and has applied ritual with great success to the process of creating wealth. He’ll teach you the basics of using ritual to secure your financial future including: Understand the counterintuitive principle of focusing on not losing […] The post RRF 002: Dollars and Sense – How to Use Rituals to Invest Wisely, Create Wealth, and Secure Your Financial Future appeared first on The Hidden Riches.
Sept. 29, 2014 · 00:02:51
Everyone has superpowers—whether it’s a mind like a steel trap, a heart with the power to transform lives, the ability to get to the essence of the matter in just a few moments —you have superpowers that can be unleashed by practicing rituals. Many people think rituals are either religious practices or superstitions, yet they’re […] The post RRF 001: Welcome to Rituals of the Rich and Famous! appeared first on The Hidden Riches.