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Scott Herrold's SOS Radio Podcast
By Scott Herrold - SOS Radio
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Scott Herrold is known for his interviews. He does a daily radio show on SOS Radio. This postcast is conversations about worldview, faith and culture with famous personalities.
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Oct. 20, 2017
Moriah Peters talks about how being a solo artist can sometimes make you feel like a "brand" instead of a real person. We talked about identity. She also shared about how her new band TRALA came to be! Moriah Peters and TRALA will perform at Winter Jam! First responders in Las Vegas get in FREE!
Oct. 9, 2017 · 00:07:43
Denise McLeoud is pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Key West. She gives us an update on the healing & rebuilding efforts in Key West. Plus she talks about dealing with tragedy between Las Vegas, Key West, Missoula & Houston.
Oct. 9, 2017 · 00:08:30
Danny Gokey shared the story of how he lot his first wife on American Idol. He's spent a lot of time in the healing process, so he wanted to share what he's learned about managing emotions after tragedy. He also talks about working with students at Pinecrest Academy's St Rose Campus!
Oct. 6, 2017 · 00:11:00
Charles Moser has been a police officer & worked with SWAT. He shares stories about heroes in Las Vegas and how to encourage law enforcement families after a tragedy. He runs
Oct. 3, 2017 · 00:06:33
Dwight Bain is a counselor/life coach & therapist. He shares ideas on how to talk to your kids about tragedy like the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas. This is powerful!
Sept. 28, 2017 · 00:10:02
Jonathan Cain is a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as member of the legendary band Journey. He talks with Scott Herrold about how money & fame never solved his lack of happiness. In this podcast, Jonathan shares what he has learned about true contentment and where the switch happened.
Sept. 28, 2017 · 00:12:35
Banning Liebscher is founder of Jesus Culture. He talks about the best way to weather through the storms in life. He talks about how to develop a deep root system in our faith. He also explains how we can know when the Holy Spirit is speaking instead of just relying on hyperactive emotions.
Sept. 27, 2017 · 00:09:44
Paul Teutle Jr and his dad have had a complicated relationship on American Chopper. Paul Jr talks about how he's learned from his relationship with dad and how he's doing things differently with his son. Paul challenges dads to think differently about their kids in this podcast.
Sept. 27, 2017 · 00:07:39
New York Times Best Selling Author, Tim Keller talks about how satisfaction isn't ultimately based on our circumstances. He talks about how we can love science and still make sense of God. He also talks about why we can't we be free to live as we see fit, as long as we don't hurt anyone else.
Sept. 27, 2017 · 00:11:04
Hope fuels everything Danny Gokey does. You might remember his story from American Idol after he lost his first wife right before trying out for the show. Danny talks about how we can keep our hope front and center in our marriage, family & career.
Sept. 27, 2017 · 00:05:23
This is one of Scott Herrold's favorite podcasts. Chuck Norris reflects on his black belt patriotic life. He shares some laughs about how he first heard about Chuck Norris facts. He talks about things he wished he did differently in the past and shares his faith story.
Sept. 27, 2017 · 00:08:56
New York Times Best Selling Author, Judah Smith talks about how we refresh our soul. There's a difference between being physically tired and soul tired. Each has a different strategy to refresh. He also talks about how God teaches us while we're waiting.
Sept. 20, 2017 · 00:10:36
Jim Daly from Focus On The Family talks with Scott Herrold about how divorce is the biggest contributor to poverty in America. They also talked about Jim's childhood in foster care. Focus on the Family is partnering with For Good and Mully Children’s Family to bring a fil called "Mully" to theaters on October 3rd, 4th and 5th. The film tells the true story of Charles Mully who felt compelled by God to make a radical decision that ultimately led to rescuing more than 12,000 children from the streets through the largest children’s rescue, rehabilitation and development organization in Africa.
Sept. 20, 2017 · 00:06:58
Pastor Jonathan Carey from Glad Tidings Church in Key West shares about the specific needs the city has after the hurricane. He shares some amazing vision for reaching people who have lost so much! You can support their efforts by giving through
Sept. 12, 2017 · 00:02:11
If we keep our ears open, we'll hear a million stories being told all around us. If we keep our eyes open, we'll see a piece of ourselves in them. And if we keep our hearts open, we'll realize that we're telling stories of our own. When Hurricane Irma cut short Dan Young's Florida visit, he found himself in a sea of humanity at Orlando Airport. Here's what he learned.
Aug. 31, 2017 · 00:01:44
When life takes a turn for the worst, we can find ourselves dealing with doubts. Does God really exist? And if I share these thoughts with somebody, will they see me as less of a Christian? Dan Young from SOS Radio shares how walking through his own season of doubt actually strengthened his faith in God.
Aug. 23, 2017 · 00:01:33
In the final segment of a five-part series, Dan Young puts all the pieces together, and encourages you to be courageously vulnerable with the people in your life!
Aug. 23, 2017 · 00:02:03
We all have ways to deal with unpleasant emotions. But when it comes to running away from vulnerability and intimacy, we tend to settle on a handful of tactics. In part four of a five-part series, Dan Young talks about the dangers of our escape routes.
Aug. 23, 2017 · 00:01:40
Let's be honest. Some people are simply not safe. In part three of a five-part series, Dan Young talks about the types of people that do not deserve your vulnerability, and insight from scripture on how to handle them.
Aug. 23, 2017 · 00:01:41
Does the idea of being truly open and honest with another human being seem a little scary? In part two of a five-part series, Dan Young dives into the reasons why we fear vulnerability, and how to overcome them.