Enterprise Media Hackers - with Jon Reed of diginomica.com

Enterprise Media Hackers - with Jon Reed of diginomica.com
By Jon Reed
About this podcast
In this semi-regular video and podcast series, Jon Reed of diginomica.com talks enterprise media with folks who are dismantling tired ideas about PR and marketing with fresh approaches and kickass content. Informal talks hit on the creative use of media to earn attention and authority, and navigating the perils of disclosure and virality. Guests have been known to put Jon in the hot seat also. Some episodes are not completely safe for work, especially if the topic of Klout is brought up. Social networks are not the focus of this podcast series - creating effective media is. But some discussions of social networks, and how not to screw up the use of these tools, is unavoidable.
Latest episodes
Feb. 6, 2015
On his recent New York City jaunt, Jon stopped by the international headquarters of Lua, enterprise communications upstart, to talk shop with Lua CEO Michael DeFranco. On this seventeen minute chat, Jon and Michael chat about why enterprise communications need to change. Jon airs out his own email irritations and how solutions like Lua can change the inbox. The guys get into the cultural impact of moving to a better way of working; Jon asks Michael for examples of how Lua is catching on the enterprise. Stories about using Lua in low communications/high stakes situations are hit on before the guys wrap it up. 
Dec. 24, 2014
In part two of their content strategy video discussion, Michael Brenner of NewsCred joins Jon Reed of diginomica.com to continue their talk on the impact of content on marketing, the role of marketing tech and personalization, and the challenges facing the modern CMO. 
Dec. 24, 2014
In this first of a two part "content challenges" series with Michael Brenner of NewsCred, Jon Reed of diginomica.com chats with Michael about the problems facing the digital CMO, the ROI of content, and why he has staked his career on content. 
Dec. 10, 2014
Is customer experience a fantasy, or an achievable goal? At Argyle's Digital Marketing Leadership event in Boston, Jon pushed his skeptical view on customer experience with CX expert Howard Beader of SDL. Jon and Howard kick around the lessons (and poll results) from the marketers/CMOs in attendance, and talk about how data fits into the customer experience challenge. Jon also pushes the issue of the difficult marketing-IT relationship and Beader shares his own view on the role of IT as marketing shifts to cloud
Nov. 28, 2014
In this audio combo of two diginomica video shoots, Jon first talks with Ray Wang about the future of digital and whether the Chief Digital Officer is a BS idea, or a pressing need. Then, Jon shifts gears to talk to Brain Sommer about the future of selling and why selling is changing profoundly. The guys also kick around the impact of media on selling - "stop putting, and start blogging."
Nov. 28, 2014
In this frank and informal - and informally taped - presentation at Western Mass Podcamp 2014, Jon Reed conducts an interactive discussion regarding the impact of (free) content and the limitations of social medial without such content. The impromptu title of the session was "Create (free) content that matters - before you do any social media". Note: this 40 minute recording is not an "enterprisey" conversation but has content strategy lessons for companies of all sizes. 
Nov. 28, 2014
Jon hits the TechEd Expert lounge floor in 2013 for his annual freewheeling "live without a script" talk on whether social media is BS - or has actual value for ERP/SAP professionals. Special guests include Joshua Fletcher, Karin Tillotson and Phil Loewen. WARNING: NSFW starting at 10 minute mark (PG-13)
Aug. 2, 2014
In this informal Boston chat, Jon talks with Kate Gundry of Pluck PR about whether PR is dead, whether the press release is dead, and the role of a new kind of PR in the B2B enterprise startup space. They also hit on the perils of social media transparency, and how PR assesses the value of the so-called "influencer."
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