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By Derick Bailey, Charles Max Wood, John Sonmez, Josh Earl
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Get a fly-on-the-wall perspective from 4 developers turned entrepreneurs, as they struggle with the business and learn lessons the hard way. This is the weekly mastermind group of the entreprogrammers - a no holds barred, unedited look at what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

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Sept. 19, 2017 · 00:57:15
0:15 We're live.  Just Chuck and Josh. Josh talks about a Chrome bug that is not letting him use his good mic. Also, some tech tech about Josh’s new screen. Chuck says it is rain and he is not going to fix this leaking pipe. 2:30  Chuck says he was doing Angular Dev Summit all week, and gain some 700 emails for his list. Chuck say it was a good summit ad great talks. Chuck mentions that he is home alone with he kiddos.  5:00 Chuck talks about working with Fulcrum an automation tool.  Chuck mentions that he has a new process with his podcast production. Chuck is also working on the renewals of sponsorships.  8:00 Chuck says he is finally releasing the episode before the show notes are done, then he can catch up with the show notes later. Josh talks about maybe using  a place holder for the show notes. Chuck talks about the downward spiral with a  show note writer.  10:00 Josh ask about the Angular Dev Summit, and some general attendee questions. Chuck talks about sending a email out about the summit to those who did not show up. Chuck says he want to find some to do this leg work for coordinating the summits and conferences.  15:00 Josh ask about how the “Free Model” work this time around. Chuck says the emails he gain were worth the whole event. This is a 5% bump for Chuck’s list. Josh asks about the popularity of Angular to React. Chuck explains the difference  17:00 Josh and Chuck talk about the Angular JS, and how React is growing. Chuck says he does not have a React show on yet.  But he is working on it. Chuck talks about the mainstream support of the different programming languages.  20:00 Chuck talks about the banner issue that was not happening with the sponsors. Josh mentions hat John is flying home now.  23:00 Josh talks about the revenue and reach of the sponsorship. Josh talks about finding the qualified leads and get the customer value. Josh talks about the $6 a click. Josh talks about how is learning and reinventing the wheel for the sponsorships and sales. Josh thinks that they need to out source sponsorship sales. Maybe a 15 -20% commission.  28:00 Josh thinks this is outside of his niche to do the sponsorship sales. Chuck talks about the sales process from his point of view. Josh thinks that his would be a full time job for him, but he might have better use for his time.  30:00 Chuck talks about what a new show means for the revenue of sponsorships. Chuck and Josh talks about all the task for doing sales call and working with the CRM.  37:00 Chuck says he wants to build his own CRM. Josh and Chuck about their biggest problems with a CRMs. Josh says he want to mash a CRM with Trello.   39:00 Josh says he is looking for someone who does media sales. Josh talks about doing some experimentation with LinkedIn Ads. But they’re expensive. Josh talks about the campaign he did, and who he targeted.  42:00 Josh talks about how  LinkedIn ads work. Josh says the is probably how he was find someone to help them. Chuck says he would give an introduction to someone who does marketing for podcasts.  44:00 Josh talks about a new licensing program they’re apart of for the new book and podcasts. Next this is working on the audio book.  47:00 Chuck says he like listening to audio. Josh says he does both kindle and audio. Chuck and Josh discuss the next process of the show notes on the podcasts.  Thoughts of the Week! Chuck - Creating the process and trusting the process.  Josh - It talks some time in marketing…  
Sept. 12, 2017 · 01:07:23
0:15  We’re Live! Just Josh and Chuck today. Josh is calling in form a rotary phone. Chuck mentions he had to write show notes. Chuck is firing again. Chuck talks about a high utility bill and trying to find out why? Leaking pipes! Murphy lives here.  7:00 Chuck mentions getting a new sponsor and getting some help to fund the month till sponsors pay.  10:00 Chuck says he is going to hire 4 writers to be responsible for the show’s notes. Also Chuck is working to keep production ahead so the production line has some buffer.  Chuck and Josh talks about evergreen content and how podcasting and publishing works to help traffic.  18:00 Josh mentions that Chuck could recycle some shows to buy some time to till production catches up. Chuck talks about planning ahead with the other podcast hosts to replace topics.  20:00 Josh talks what the process is on producing the show notes for one episode. Josh asks is the writers need to know code to write the notes. Chuck says no, that is no needed.  23:00 Josh suggests hiring 10 people to write the notes from UpWork. Chuck talks about getting off of Slack and switching to MatterMost for podcast production.  28:00 Chuck says that his podcast production broken and his house broke, but Angular Dev Summit is working out just fine. Josh says this production line needs to be a Zero Tolerance policy.  32:00 Josh talks about working at a new paper and making sure that things get done. Josh says this maybe because they are doing this on a budget, is the big reason things fall apart.  33:00 Josh talks about Hub Spot and the free CRM. Josh describes his issues with loading data into these kinds of tools, and trying to build tasks. Josh talks about the G Mail plugin in Hub Spot.  38:00 Josh talks about he issues with his email tools. Chuck talks about the kind of features he needs to these CRM tools.  40:00 Josh says he is struggling with the outreach, and these tools need to be configurable to cater to their needs. Josh talks about doing Cold Out Reach and Warm Follow up, using these tools.  45:00 More talk on how similar CRMs are, and the one or two small differences. Josh talks about finally setting up their membership site. Josh talks about flipping the switch and making the site go live, but with a test first.  50:00 Josh talks about how the title on the membership site was broken due to the title. Josh talks about how he was not impress by Digital Access Pass.  56:00 Chuck says he was to take a look into this, because he wants to do something similar. Josh says he has not hear from John. He should be back this coming week. More talk on CRM features.  1:02:00 Josh and Chuck mentioned scripting or writing a bit of code, or learning new things.    Thoughts for the Week  Chuck - Don’t go to victim-land.  Josh - Taking the time to figure out the steps. 
Sept. 5, 2017 · 01:13:43
Episode 183  "I Don't Owe You S&%$” 0:15 It appears that we’re live.. John in Tuscany…somewhere. John says is no AC at the gym. And some talk on about superstitions on opening windows.  5:00 Chuck talks about maybe visiting Italy one day. John talks about the outdoor activity and site seeing. John talks about practicing his Italian, because less people speak Italian.  8:00 Chuck talks about going to Las Vegas with his father in-law. Chuck one the a conference and made some connections and possibly landing guess for future podcast episodes. Also, possible gaining some sponsorship. Overall a good experience for Chuck. So Chuck worked on Conferences, Podcasts, and Sponsorship.  12:00 Chuck says he might want to replace Baba again… Bells ringing. Chuck and Josh take about setup a system. John suggest some testing out a popular episode.  17:00 Chuck talks about the next steps for the publishing for the episodes. Josh suggest adding a subscribe link or button.  21:00 Chuck talks abut opposition for putting out content among podcasters or bloggers. It happens, and it is normal.  Chuck ask about who is answering John’s email. Josh says he wants to have some one in a personal assistant role.  25:00 John say he want to revamp his email, or get a personal assistant who know everything about his email. John talks about email and assistants. John talks about the Art of Computer Science guy, who does not have email. John says email is a difficult problem and no one has solved them yet..  31:00 John says he got an electronic voicemail from the IRS. But he said the word “kindly” gave them away. John talks about dealing with the IRS.  36:00 EntreProgrammers talk about auto pay and mail service. Josh ask Chuck how he is tracking sponsorship out reach.  42:00 Chuck say he need more out of Blue Tick. Josh talks about looking into Salesforce, and they figure out a plan for you. Josh talks about how emails are harvested.  47:00 John talks about screen scraping.. John asks Josh what has been going on at simple programmer. Josh talks about Ads.  55:00 Josh says sales have plummeted, it may just be because it is the end of August. Josh talks about getting a membership site finally. Josh continues to talk about what he was up to at Simple Programmer.  Thoughts for the Week  John - Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems  Chuck - Make a plan and follow it Josh - Practice ….virtue 
Aug. 29, 2017 · 01:02:05
0:15 Josh mentions that he finally got his new monitor. Some talk on monitors and tech. John says on a wimp, he sign up to run a half marathon. Wow. Rome by night. John talks about all the regulations before he can participate in the run.  John talks about he EKG test and the doctor's remarks.  8:00 Chuck talks but a new sponsor coming soon. Big news, and Chuck talks about how the routine follow ups worked. Persistence. Chuck talks about reading the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind again, and a few others that gave Chuck a paradigm shift.  12:00 John talks about being internally ready to receive. John says he like Joe Dispenza. Chuck talks about how most people are only set up for being comfortable. John talks about quantum physics and how thoughts work as far as shaping your own reality.  17:00 John ask if you know a successful person who is a pessimist. Chuck talks about a friend who has the means to continually be successfully because that is just who he is as a person. Chuck talks about manifesting other event and thing in his current situation.  23:00 Chuck says there is a power in the things that we want to do and we can make it happen for ourselves. John says that it is all in the mind set. Josh ask Chuck how many time he follows up with people. Chuck talks about his messaging and the opportunities he looks for to break the ice.  31:00 John says his sends everyone to Josh when people are looking for sponsoring. John talks about some of these prospects can be good for the company.  35:00 Johns mention that he is helping guys videos on plural sight, by sending traffic to it videos. The Entreprogrammers talk about helping courses and video with sending traffic to the area. John talks about visiting the Sistine Chapel.  43:00 Josh again, talks about dealing with the workman’s compensation stuff. John talks about how to fix the situation. John talks about running a business and have certain kinds of insurance.  50:00 Chuck talks about making changes, gaining traffic, and redesigning the website. John talks about some details to looking into. Chuck says he wants to grow the podcast audience.  John talks about text to join features to gain an audience.  Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Getting up early John -  Be willing to go further Josh - Don’t try to hack this on your own.
Aug. 22, 2017 · 01:19:32
0:15 Technical issues with video and sound. John talks about a scam with trying to buy a sim card and getting internet access.  5:00 Chuck talks about his experience with data and cell phones in Italy some 20 years ago. Chuck says get away form the airports. John and Chuck talks about their experiences in Italy. John talks about trying to find a gym.  John also talks about making the effort to speaking Italian only.  10:00 John talks about wanting to hire to tutor for speaking Italian. Chuck talks about his crash course with Italian. John mentions their travel plans until the 17th of September. Chuck talks about the time he staying Italy and everything he explored.  15:00 John mentions liking the cornettos. John ask what he has to try while he is in Italy. Chuck says to ask he locals. More talk about the similarities today with European culture and American culture.  21:00 John and Josh talks about who is in charge at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about his recent family adventure to The Great Wolfs Lodge. Josh further describes his adventure with his kids.  30:00 John and Josh talk about how they hate  to responding to loads of emails after vacation. John says some opportunities and more emails with Blue Host and such.  32:00 Chuck talks about his getaway to get some work done and relax. Now Chuck has been planing and doing the 12 week year. Chuck says he is going to have to miss the podcast movement.  35:00 Chuck talks about this sponsorship workflow with Asana, but he may need to change how that is setup. Chuck says he is getting sponsors, but that can't pay until a month away.  41:00 Johns makes some suggestions and help Chuck think about things to think about. John talks about ways Chuck can line up new sponsors.   45:00 Chuck talks about planning to going to the Build conference. Josh ask what Chuck’s plan is for the 12 week year.  Chuck explains some steps and strategy for the next 12 years.  49:00 Chuck talks about his plans for the sponsorship on some of his podcasts. Chuck has need talking to Wes Boss and Dave Thomas.  51:00 Chuck asks how to get hooked up with Plural Sight as a sponsor. John says he might be able to do an intro email for Chuck.  John and Josh talks about the sponsors or affiliates that have been working for them.  55:00 John talks about interview Cake. Josh again talks about how helpful PluralSight will be as an affiliate for Chuck.  1:01:00 Chuck talks about what he did after his short getaway, from small steps and following the plan. Entreprogrammers talks about which numbers to care about.  1:05:00 EntreProgrammers talk about testing an debugging and thinking they are going to use the data. Josh talks about the wrap up of the book launch and what is next. Plural Sight and sponsorships.   Thoughts for the Week John - If someone is not a challenge…  Josh - You have to take risk… Chuck - You inner world creates your outer world. 
Aug. 15, 2017 · 01:07:30
0:15 We’re Live! Guess where John is at? John talks about his experience with fondue in Switzerland.  Did they dye this lake…Lake Geneva.  3:00 Chuck talks about finding a getaway. EntreProgrammers talk about stupidity in everything. John talks about forming a secret society and such. Secret society of Anti fill-in the blank.  8:30  Derick congratulate Chuck on being like Jerry Springer. John say that Europe is a bunch of rule following pricks. Derick raises a questions about why rules are in place anywhere. John talks about rule following.  12:00 John talks about how people are running on a program and the stupidity is funny. People are living life base on a social type of program.  14:00 Derick talks about starting work with a client. Derick talks about his contract job as an architect, or a non-coding architect. Derick says he is impress with the people he is working with from all over the world. Derick said with job with run for a good while and will pay the bills.  18:00 Derick talks about getting a second client who has prepaid for work. Also, was approach by  a popular fruit company that has budgeted money for him to do some Docker videos for training.  John says that the podcast he did with Chuck has landed him this gig.  Derick says he needs some time to get the class off the ground.  24:00 Josh ask if these videos/classes/training with be exclusive to the company or will it be open.  Derick is excited for the brand new class and brand new client work.  29:00 Derick talks about saying no to the latest and greatest technology. Derick talks his excitement for new computers.  32:00 Chuck talks about freaking out, and making ends meet. John says to stop trying to control the situation. We can only control our actions. John says he has try to eliminate things he did not want to happen, but it never worked.  38:00 John talks about running on the auto-pilot program and retraining or reprogram. Johns say he has to shift thinking and change the self talk. Chuck talks about trying to figure out how to overcome the cycle of freaking out.  41:00 Josh talks about journaling and embracing what is going on in your head, and get it out. John talks a book called Your Erroneous Zones. John reads some paradigm shifting quotes.  49:00 Derick talks about doubling the medication, and finally feeling like himself. Chuck talks about feeling guilt taking time off. John makes some suggestion about when and how to take a break. Derick makes a suggestion of trading time off with the wife.  1:02:00 John makes another book suggestion called The way of the Superior Man. Thoughts for the Week Derick - listen to other people…  Chuck - Lay down, have a plan..  Josh - No Thoughts.. 
Aug. 9, 2017 · 01:12:43
Episode 179 “Starting to Sound Like a Country Song…” 0:15  We're Live! Just Chuck and Josh today.  EntreProgrammers talks about  fireworks, 4th of July,  and state holidays.  Where do we buy legal fireworks? Chuck is at a coffee shop and talks about his week paying bills. Dead AC issues.  5:00 Chuck talks about all the problems happening around him. Tons of personal issues and some business issues. Funny thing , Chuck says he is not discouraged. Chuck talks about his deal with MicroSoft sponsorship. Chuck wants to be an approved vendor as some point.  9:30  Chuck talks about letting go of one of his contractors. Chuck talks about specific need of sponsors who are looking to target geographically. Chuck talks about having to figure out the conferences and sales to gain some revenue.  15:00 Derick enters with a suggestion about upgrades to those who bought ticket to some of these conferences. Derick mentions ways to do up-sales. Chuck continues with talk about the all access pass. 20:00 Josh ask Chuck what his plan is to not get back in to this position. Chuck talks about getting a plan together and implementing ideas from the book Profit First. Chuck talks about how Profit First works.  26:00 Josh talks about the Salary process John and himself do each month. Chuck talks about reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Chuck talks about talking with his bookkeeper and cutting back on some useless services.  32:00 Derick talks about his interesting week… Short version: A phone call with a guy from Canada… Derick mentions getting a contract for 30 hours a week and wondering how to get all the working done. When a few hours ago he did not know how to pay the bills.  37:00 Derick, again talks about getting a prepay on a Rabbit MQ  contract as well. Derick says he sees the light at the end of the tunnel for his recent financial fall back.  40:00 Derick talk about the health care contractor is use to do work for, and some of the issues he had encountered. Chuck says he is glad that things are looking up for Derick.  46:00 Derick talks about his Tweet last week, and nothing happen. But all of a sudden has turn around this week. Chuck say he may have to pick up some contract work.  48:00 Derick talks about upping his medication dosage after talking to his doctor. But he is feeling a bit sick stomach wise..  Derick says things are looking better altogether. 51:00 Derick mentions that Watch Me Code is going on the back burner for now, and he does not want bother with it for now.  Derick says he is talking about this to help others not for a pat on the back.  52:00 Josh says he is going crazy with Simple Programmer, because John has been offline for the past few days. Josh talks about telling everyone when to do so far. Josh talks about way to implement Workman or Workers Compensation.  54:00 Derick says that Josh needs to looking into talking to a lawyer for workman’s comp. Josh talks about try to get answers…  57:00 Derick pokes fun at John’s story telling.. Josh talks about is dealing with a shopping cart feature or program. Josh talks about maybe using Member Press..  Derick gives some suggestions on the streaming on other features.    Thoughts of the Week Derick - Careful what you wish for Chuck -  It ain’t over till its over  Josh -  If someone does a good job, let them know.  
Aug. 1, 2017 · 01:11:22
0:15 Chuck says he could try to convince John to fire himself from Simple Programmer. Chuck says he is tried of writing show notes. Chuck has been trying to catch up. John pops in! Chuck gives an more detailed update on his podcasts situations. Chuck lays down the rules on his podcast production.  5:00 Josh gives some feedback on the workflows that Chuck has recently implemented. Things are looking better. Chuck say he does not have to have these people like him. Josh say they will like you if you are super clear with them and there is a lot of communication.  10:00 Derick talks about how is doing better, still working on feeling 100 percent. Better talks about his recent publishing deal for his courses. Derick talks about getting work doing consulting and contract work.  13:00 Derick talks about a new contracting work doing development. Derick mentions talking to people to about getting client work. Progress is being made.  19:00 Derick talks about when he will be getting the first payment for the new publishing deal. Derick says he is their first screencaster for Manning. Josh asks if he is able to implement a kind of lead magnet. Derick say he is able to do so, and he make no mention on behalf of Manning.  23:00 John says they sold over 10K book within the first few days, and out sold some big names whom launch at the same time. John also mention selling 173 in the printed copy sales. John talks about all the logicist with the book sales. John mention getting in contact with a known book agent.  28:00 John talks about how the book can up the overall revenue of Simple Programmer. Josh mention the Look Inside feature and gaining subscribers. Josh says this is the #2 source of subscribers. John talks about kill it, even while launch along people like Ryan Holiday.  32:00 John talks about the perks on using his own Amazon affiliate link. John continues with his plan and out reach with the newly launched book. Josh and Chuck talks about troubles with working with book publishers.  41:00 Josh talks about the dark sides of success. Josh talks about the account rep from Drip, and being notified about spam. Josh goes into questing Drip about pruning  their list, or deleting half of their business. Josh talks about how they discovered a person who may be seeding their list.  47:00 Josh talks about the bonus material that is apart of the book. Josh talk about using a new tool call Price Cart.  51:00 Josh talks about needing Derick’s help with setting up a membership site. Derick says there is a number ways to accomplish a membership site. Derick talks about Member Press  and Content Pro.  John says this will solve a lot of problem they have.  55:00 John says with will solve their issues with streaming HD video. John says he is Sweden. John says the best thing he found a his favor ice cream.  1:00:00 John and Josh talks about doing a short notice meet up.  Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Commitment  Derick - Don’t wait for it work for it  John - Sleep is really important  Josh - Check your thyroid, get blood work done
July 25, 2017 · 01:06:55
0:15 Chuck wants to shake some people. Chuck talks about his podcast  show notes backup. Josh ask about what the back up might be. Chuck talks about his frustrations with episodes not be released on time.  4:00 Josh stay to him, Chuck need to hire new writers. John talks about asking why things were not getting done. John says he needs to set a deadline, and expectation. John, also mentions that he need to tell new hires that “They Never Miss A Deadline”  9:00 Chuck talks about he is going to handle the situation, with getting the podcasts back on regular schedule.  Josh says this may mean that he hires new people. John says that “The New Paper goes out everyday!” 12:00 Chuck mentions that he had  to abandoned transcripts for now. Chuck say he is also probably going to put a hold on Shandi, as Gerald has stepped up in the production of the shows. Josh talk about how Chuck keeps getting a surprises with the the show notes writers.  16:00 Josh talks about a possible bot that deletes anything by Simple Programmer on Hacker News. John ask for some help form listeners to post a link on Hacker News.  20:00 John talks about his book status on Amazon.  John talks about how his book is surrounded by chesty men book covers on Amazon.  23:00 John goes by and talks about he marketed his book to Hacker News, for a news spot. But he has not heard anything. John says hew found an Entrepreneurial Cock Blocker.  28:00 Josh talks about the recent amazon link submission to hacker news by a listener. Josh thinks they are more sophisticated then the NSA.  31:00 John talks about his book sales numbers, and getting screw on the KDP selection. Chuck says it is awesome to be one of the top 25. Josh says some people do not know how to use Amazon, especially those in other countries try to buy on US amazon sites.  35:00 Josh talks about the issues the Kindle Select. John talks about this particular person who is a complex code teacher, but he was have trouble with buying the new 99 cent book off of amazon.  40:00 John talks about how he was not concern about the 99 cent price. Because it will sell over a million dollars over the next 10 years.  Also with some interest for place in China. John gives an update on the link post to hack news, and talks about up voting it  live.  45:00 John does some horn tutting about hitting a new top selling book about software developing. John talks about Ryan Holiday book launch on the same day.  50:00 John says to avoid Create Space if you are doing a launch. There're good but not for a big launch. John continues to talk about the logistics of the book launch.  52:00 Chuck says a lot of his work is paying off, and cashflow is starting to look better. Also, out reach is looking better, as he is talking to Microsoft and getting invoices paid.  56:00 Josh ask his anyone know  the hot submission page and how it works. John talks about things he could have done better for the book launch.    Thoughts for the Week John - Blast through the finish line with your spaceship. Josh -   Ready for anything. Chuck - Trust the Process.  
July 18, 2017 · 01:13:09
0:15 We’re are live! When there are 5 it is really 4. Derick is back! WooHoo! Derick says he was sleeping the whole time. In the good news, Derick mentions getting a distribution deal with Manning Books. Manning Books is picking ups some of Derick’s screencasts for distribution. Derick also has built some new video animation material for branding.  3:00 In the downer news, Derick says that his business had been tanking.Derick openly talks about is depression and therapy visits. Derick talks about how his wife helped him by calling their family doctor.  6:30 Derick talks about his medication, home life and other important events that push him to get help. Derick describes his mental battle and things he had to do to take care of himself.  10:00 Derick talks about how he has been working on things for Manning Books, and making financial changes to get  of top of things.  13:00 John talks about his concern for Dericks health and business. John suggests reading Tony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within. John talks about his encounter with anxiety and some depression. John also suggest reading anything by Dr. Wayne Dryer.  18:30 Derick says he is not a fan of medication, but is was something that help him. Derick says he most likely will not need to be on medication. Derick says he wants to talk about this on the show because depression is serious. Derick says that depression is a lair. Derick suggests  to anyone out there to find that help they need if they’re battling depression.  24:00 John talks about the roller coaster each member of the group has been on. John talks more about the getting the defense to help yourself. Johns cutting out all the bad stuff and only take in positive stuff.  28:00 Chuck chimes in on his routines, books and is faith to help his current business, and life trials. Chuck says he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. John says you are exactly where you need to be at any moment… John describes his thoughts on encountering the mid-way point. 34:00 Derick talks about the things he was looking forward to, and stopping negatively. Derick talk about getting down low enough with emotions. Derick talks about apathy.  39:00 Derick suggests checking out OSMI.org if they need help with depression. John talks about taking the pressure off. John make a great point about everyone being monkeys in suits, doing things we think that matters…  42:00 John talks about not losing the desire to make things better, and rebuilding.  Derick talks having his wife understand his situation. Derick talks about climbing out of the big “U”. 48:00 Derick talks about how the phase is “I’m Freaking Out Right Now” is a key  to notice his situation. John suggests pick something that is out of context  to break out and have a pattern interrupt.  52:00 John rants about the scientific physical experiences now feels with anxiety. Derick talks about how he diverts anxiety during a talk or presentation. Derick talks how he business is anxiety inducing or looking at the signs and noticing the “burning room.” Derick says “Don't try to pushing yourself during recovery.”  59:00 John suggests to Derick to perhaps maybe get a regular job for awhile to reduce the  anxiety and other taxing situations. Derick mentions that his therapist  suggest the same thing.  1:03:00 Chuck says that he has been feeling similar things as Derick, and his wife ask if she should get another job. John gives some suggestions to Chuck. John suggest giving it 6 months to help getting into cover stuff. Chuck talks about cutting expenses. Josh says he does not see a problem after a couple of months.  1:11:00 John talks about clients paying up front before starting business. John suggests to Chuck to put a time limit on the situation, before changing  his business situation. Josh mentions that he needs to make sure that it is working before handing it off.  1:15:00 John’s book is out!  Thoughts for the Week John - None of this shit matters… take the pressure off.  Josh - Backups and redundancy.  Chuck - Take some time to code… or do what you love.
July 11, 2017 · 01:15:15
Episode 175 “Veiny 2.0” 0:15  We're Live! Yay. John talks about a video of a father burning his kids XBox. John talks about reasons why Derick might not be showing up for the master mind call. EntreProgrammers talk about destroying their video games consoles.  2:45  John updates us on his fitness levels and goals, and cracking the diet 2.0. John talks about dropping weigh after cutting all sugar, including fructose and artificial sweeteners. Josh chimes in a what he has notice about John’s calorie intake and what he burns during exercise.  6:00 John talks about a v02 max test, and the off the charts performance. John says his new diet is about  insulin resistance. John talks about possible producing a program on the science of this  diet. 10:00 Chuck mentions that he has lost 12lbs on the Ketogenic diet. Chuck talks about going to a new doctor and getting his meds changed. Josh talks about his fasting. John ask about the medication Chuck is taking.  17:00 John talks about what is happening to your body on the Keto diet, but also taking diabetic medication. Josh talks about his small carb intake right before workouts. Basically, tricking the brain into thinking it is getting carbs.  20:00 John talks about his experiment with his diet, with pre and post intake. John gives Chuck some  suggestions on cutting out artificial sweeteners.  25:00 Josh talks about an on going debate about fitness he had with John. Josh talks about flipping a switch with his diet. Josh talks about the math of a diet and how it works, after his crash diet.  30:00 John talks about how Josh’s diet is causing insulin levels to be low and not spike. John mention reading the Obesity Code .  35:00 Chuck says that everyone’s metabolism is different. Chuck changes the subject to business and talks about his business and cashflow. Chuck talks about setting a KPI or key performance indicator.  40:00 Johns talks about how he want finding out where and how to manually find sponsors. Chuck talks about how his VA, Gerald is helping him out. Chuck talks she using LinkedIn to reach out.  45:00 Chuck talks about doing cold out reaching for sponsors. John talks about wanting to find someone to do out reach for sponsorship.  Chuck shares how he is doing out reach, and shares his Asana broad. 48:00 Josh says he sees a lot of the companies he wants to reach out to as well on Chuck’s task board. Chuck show his sponsorship package.  Chuck talks about his plan and how that sponsorships work for the client. John talks about a re sign up clause for the sponsorship plans.  53:00 Chuck talks about selling a solution, not a product. John talks about ROI with selling sponsorships. Josh mentions then interest levels and getting people to understand when a sponsorship actually works for a client. Chuck says he see away out of it.  1:02:00 Chuck talks about helping  find sponsorship for other people’s shows. John announces a new EntreProgrammers subgroup. John says this could lead to an event or conference as some point.  Thoughts for the Week! Josh - Setting your goals for the week. Chuck - Just stick too it. Make a list of things to quit.  John - All labels are bad.   
July 4, 2017 · 01:13:04
0:15 We’re Live! Barely alive… John talks about Josh asking questions about the lighting in John's space. John talks about his new video projects and equipment.  John continues to talk about setting up a new Rode shotgun mic for better audio quality on his videos. Josh talks about considering a hair light.   6:30  John mentions that he spent 2500 on the equipment. Not a bad investment, considering that John does many videos for Simple Programmer. Josh says that John needs to make it to where Alexa controls all the video equipment in the room. 11:00 John mention the surprising video quality on the iPhone.  Chuck asks about the difference in the sound foam  an sound panels. Chuck mentions that he is thinking about doing video at some point in the near future.  13:45 Chuck talks about his podcast processes and how the scheduling is working. Chuck is trying to determine if the podcast transcripts are worth doing. John mentions a few ways to check if people are viewing the transcripts. John also mentions that cost effectiveness of the transcripts.  19:00 John asks Josh if he know of any kinds of metrics to see the effectiveness of the transcripts, and to see if they are beneficial and cost effective.  22:00 Chuck talks about the performance of the new hires for transcripts and show notes. John goes back to the benefits of the transcripts.  Josh takes a peel at the analytics of a podcast on Dev Chat TV. John talks about how to gauge the need for the transcripts.  28:00 John wants to cut off the assholes podcasters who complain about giving information, as John helps provides traffic to their podcasts.  Josh tries to leverage traffic by using Chuck’s list. Josh continues to look into JavaScript Podcast transcript traffic. John think it is not worth doing the transcripts.  33:00 John thinks that dropping the transcripts, to move the other parts of the podcast production faster. And maybe revisit transcripts in the future when revenue is up. John talks about maybe opening the transcripts behind a pay wall.  38:00 Josh help setup an automatic Tweet to help Simple Programmers book launch using Chuck’s reach.  43:00 John shows Chuck the new landing page for Simple Programmer Career Guide. John talks about Smashing Mag. Josh talks about how they would not allow them a subscription.  50:00 Josh talks about their plans with the book launch. Josh talks about getting hooked on the Facebook group for the book. John talks about the numbers he wants to hit  for the book and career guide.  53:00 Josh mentions a Facebook Live appearance  that John is going to do soon to the group. John mention that whoever is watching this progress of the book launch is probably afraid to do their own, after all the issues Simple Programmer had.  58:00 John talks about his plans post book launch and possible tripling business.  EntreProgarmmers talk about other kinds of projects they could do once the book launch is done.   Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Finding the systems that work for you.  Josh - Ratcheting it up takes time.  John - Learning to maintain this new level. 
June 27, 2017 · 01:01:51
Episode 173 “John’s Law” 0:15 Simple Programmer Edition of EntreProgrammers. John talks about his visit at Fit Con. Highschool party? John talks about feeling like the “old pervert” at this conference. John talks about how 14 year old girl articulate building a following on Youtube. John goes on to talk about trying to network with a young crowd. John goes on the talk about traveling to and from the conference.  7:30 John talks about possibly going to another YouTube conference. John talks about his sport activities as the conference. John tries to out punch the Six Pack Ads guy Mike Chan. John continues to rant about his encounters at the conference.  12:00 John talks about learning techniques for deescalating a situation, and his experience at the expos. John explains his idea for installing a shoot gun mic.  16:00 Josh talks about his busy week and get down to the wire of the book launch. Josh talks about how in the beginning of his career he managed printed material. Josh talks she hiring someone form UpWork to help with design of the book layout.  19:00 Josh talk about his distrust with some UpWork freelance designers. John and Josh talks the Kindle book designers. Josh talks about the new UpWork hire, and the process of designing the book. Josh talks about trying to figure out why her service was more then they budgeted. 23:00 As a back up, Josh mentions hiring a firm as a back up for the book design. Josh says this is their flagship and need great job done of the book design.  28:00 Josh talks she his confidence in the book designer, who is a book publishing veteran. Josh talks he doing Op-Ins for the book.  30:00 John mention how he was explaining his book launch to a person. John say you can launch a book in a few weeks, but it will not be a premium product lacking all the marketing perks.  34:00 John mentions how some tradition publisher execute a book design and launch. John talks about promoting a video that was once from PluralSight. John says book Book Trailer is ready to go, as long as the Book landing page is done.  40:00 Josh says he has not yet looked into the emails and copy he has to create for the book.  John talks about getting of .Net Rocks, and a bunch of podcast to help the book launch.  45:00 John talks about how his book SoftSkill was available for download from a Chinese site, but after it was taken down, book sales on Amazon are up again.  50:00 John talks about creating “Johns Law” for productivity. John talks about having a personal/business assistant in the future. Josh talks about finding someone as good as Aaron for another hire at Simple Programmer.  54:00 John and Josh talks about about everyone on their team is an A plus player, and replacing Aaron is going to be a challenge.  Thoughts for the Week John - Be willing to take the skunk cost.. Josh - If you have something critical, get redundancy on it.   
June 20, 2017 · 00:56:38
Episode 172 “Kiss off Mickey” 0:15 We’re Live! Chuck immediately says he world is blowing up. Chuck mentions having to find ways to pay things, such as server hosting. John says it is good that things blow up early, to figure out how to not go into the hole bad.  3:30 Chuck talks about how some of his revenue is not till a few weeks away, according to to sponsor payment cycles. “Its just freaking hard.” Chuck talks about an upcoming conference he is coordinating for quick income.  5:44 John asks questions about how to avoid short term solutions. Chuck talks about how at the beginning of the month he will have funds for business, but questionable for personal stuff. Chuck talks about adding possible podcast sponsor to his lists.    9:00 Josh ask what cause the “Current Crunch.” Chuck says it was paying taxes for the whole year last year. Chuck talks about his plan to not going into he red with paying taxes at the end of the year. Chuck talks about cutting on spending an saving in places where he is not using services.  14:00 John says to tells Mickey Mouse to kiss off. John talks about how they have to live an die based on looking at the monthly report. Chuck says he expected this year to look like last year as far as number goes. John says “You need buffers.”  17:00 John suggests to have your book keeper level off or spread the cash over the next few months to get a better idea of how much money you have. Chuck says this is kind of a belt tightening mode.  21:00 John talks about 6, 12 month rolling averages to gauge budgets. Josh suggests going back a looking the sales cycle, it is the summer, and that effects sales every year.  25:00 John says that Chuck is setting up himself great for the future, he just needs to survive till the future. Chuck says he is not going to be able to get to a promised project. John says just to do the deliverables, and tell your clients what you are going to do next.  29:00 John talks about threading or multitasking, and how that still slows progress. So bucket own and do the projects.  31:00 Josh ask if Chuck heard the new of Josh hitting mile stone 2, and is now a 50% Simple Programmer owner. John talks about arm wrestling his father. John says there is only two things that can only happen with money in Simple Programmer, expenses or income.  36:00 Josh talks about exporting his bank info. and built a budget around that information. Josh talks about getting a call from his bank, and how they see that he is run a business out of his account. So Josh is opening a credit card account for business.  40:00 John suggest just setting up a business account rather than changing banks. EntreProgrammers talk about business credit cards.  44:00 John talks about using 99 Designs or a designer for the UK  for the book landing page. John talks about DHH.    Thoughts for the Week Chuck - Git yer done.  John - Like is an obstacle course..  Josh - Carve away stuff.. 
June 13, 2017 · 01:15:39
Episode 171 “Veiny Bastard Program” 0:15 We’re Live. EntreProgrammers talk about trying to not discuss anything before they air. John shares information on his body fat measurements, at 11 percent. John talks about low hanging fruit and having a lot of room to grow. Be harsher on yourself as you measure your goals. John get off his soapbox.  5:00 Josh share his encounter with a very strict diet, and measuring his calories. Josh talks about the mental aspects and reaching the goals. Josh mentions being at 12 percent body fat.  10:00 John says losing weight does not take long, but getting to a certain body fat percentage is difficult. Josh talks about his conflict goal between gymnastic training and body building. Josh says the train helps him feel better, with less aches and pains.  12:00 Josh explains his maintenance levels for maintaining his body weight. John suggests workouts for Josh. Josh continue to talks the the other types of thing he was to continue and change with his workouts.  16:00 John talks about putting Josh on his Veiny Bastard program. John talks about finishing his marathon in some 4 hours this past Sunday.  20:00 John talks still doing leg day even after running a marathon. Josh talks about the Keto diet and his experience with broccoli tasting like butter. John talks about low fat diet and how sex drive.  25:00 John say vanity has a high price. Josh talks about how he finally achieved his childhood dream with his bracer. Josh asks questions about John’s two image consulting meeting. John shares how using two image consultants are creating an image for him 30:00 Josh talks about doing an interview for software developers and professionals for image. John and Josh discuss how people are dressed in the work place, and how that effects how people see them.  37:00 John mentions that Josh now is an equal partner in Simple Programmer! Josh talks about building a business is a quick way to build wealth.  40:00 John talks about Ty Lopez’s new video or commercial. John talks about the main points of Ty’s video on creating wealth.  John compares this to MJ DeMarco’s practice to building wealth.  John talks about investing in real estate to build wealth.  46:00 John and Josh discuss different ways to invest money from your business into real estate, stocks, and Angle Investing. John talks about adding a “Hey John” section in his book.  50:00 John talks about the value of his book as he is working on it. Josh thinks this is going to be a very long audio book. John talks about how they are going to blast 1 million developers on launch day. John wants to hit the biggest launch numbers in Amazon, not mainstream numbers.  1:00:00 Josh and John discuss the developmental ideas for John’s new book and the launch preparations that are coming up quickly.  John talks about another idea that is similar to the new book landing page.  1:03:00 John and Josh talk about polarizing and getting people excited about the book. John talks about Algorithms to Live By  1:09:00 Josh talks about YouTube ads on mobile, verse desktop ads. John talks about different pay platforms like ApplePay. John talks about break the store with updates.  Thoughts for the Week! Josh - Little bit at a time and chipping away, don’t despise the little things.  John - Plan your day ahead of time and cut away the distractions.
June 6, 2017 · 01:06:33
Episode 170 “Cheap Bastard” 0:15 We’re Live! Derick is frozen, kinda. Chuck wants to rant about having a cancelled guest because of sponsors.  John talks about finding a pattern of refunds form a particular customer.  5:00 Josh talks about his reasoning for asking for a refund. Chuck, said that John should go to a movie, and if it was not a good, to as for a refund. Chuck talks about  taking the EntreProgrammers advice about doing an urgent time sensitive deal for sponsor slots. Chuck talks about doing a pre-sale on his book.  9:00 Josh say that chuck when to opposite direction of a pig farmer this pass week. Derick talks about a jerk giving away his course for free. Derick says he need to create a sales sequence.  11:00 John talks about reading a great book,  Algorithms To Live By . Josh talks about the issues with the emails on the last sale at Simple Programmer.  Josh shares his email flop. Josh say him may not want to do FAQ emails anymore. Josh say he may just highlight just the bonuses.  17:00 John talks about a Tweet from Drunk Old Bastard, and how they turned in this situation around. Josh talks about other ways them could have converted on the course.  22:30 Josh described that cost for an email subscriber. John and talks about training customers, and how doing fire sales are not good for business.  26:00 Derick talks about a friend’s course that returns very low sales on UDemy. Derick talks about doing or noticing geographical pricing on courses.  30:00 John talks about new customers and return customers, and small percentage for sales are form return customers. Derick talks about his discount situation at Watch Me Code. Derick says there is a balance to be found when doing discounts on products or services.  35:00 Josh talks on customer lifetime value, and cost per subscriber. Entreprogrammers talks more about discounts, which is like buying customers. John talks about price tiering.  39:00 John talk about the different tiers of discounting. Josh talks about noticing the ShutterFly discounting pattern. Chuck says most people will react to the price that make sense to them.  42:00 Derick talks about a game discount supplier. John talks about how the best customers will learn the discount pattern or frequency. Josh says the whole point of a discount is urgency and scarcity of a product.  47:00 John talks about resistance to sales. Derick talks have finally cracked the 8K number on his mailing list. Derick interactive publishing company for multiple kinds of media. Derick mentions that his lead magnets are begin to work.  55:00 John says the key thing is to own the source, or ow the platform for blogs and content. John talks about publishing all video as a membership type site for Simple Programmer.  Thoughts for the Week Josh - When you don't have time for a checklist, that is when you need a checklist. John - Pomodoro Technique…  Derick - Focus on the right thing Chuck - Being deliberate…
May 30, 2017 · 01:24:39
Episode 169 “Short on Top, Long on Sides” 0:15 Chuck mention he would not mind being a pig farmer. Entrepreneurship is taking a toll these days. Derick cracks jokes about John’s situation at Simple Programmer, and Josh’s Apple Air Pods.  3:45 Chuck talk about having to pay taxes, paying a lot of money out, and maybe having to do something desperate. Chuck talks about his email conversation with a former sponsor.  7:00 Chuck talks about having to do some deep discounts and other dealings with this former sponsor.  10:00 John talks above creating perceptions within a business, in order to follow through with business. John more about the 100K goal that Chuck created for himself. John talks about hitting goals first that are steps to the target.  15:00 Josh makes a suggestion on Chuck’s LinkedIn profile. Josh says that benefit of huge goals or targets make you think in ways you haven’t. John thinks that Chuck did have a great month.  21:00 John says that at any given time we can only do what we are capable of doing at the time. Josh suggest a time sensitive offer to gain some quick income. Chuck mentions going back to quarterly and annually sponsor spots. 28:30 Josh says the easiest place to get money is from those who already gave you money.  31:00 John talks about going shopping to change his image, and not look like a muscle bound freak.  Johns says that he bought stretchy pants at actually fit. John says that he is ban from wearing tank tops. John says that experience has open his eyes on image.  40:00 Johns talks about the perception he was putting off according to his new stylist. Chuck makes comment on the perception rant. Chuck ask if John was taking the videos down. John says this is a moving forward change with image.  45:00 John talks his plan for changing up the Simple Programmer brand in to something more mainstream. John eagerly awaits feedback from the mastermind.  50:00 Chuck talks the difference of marketing when going mainstream. John says the next book he writes will not be about programming, but about self development.  John talks about expanding out of the niche into the more mainstream.  53:00 Josh says this change might be something that Chuck would be interested in doing with podcasts.  55:00 Chuck mentions taking over a couple of shows, but is not sure when this will happen.  57:00 Derick says he is actively looking for client work within companies for training purposes. Derick says that What Me Code is still paying the bills, and he is done with one of his clients.  Derick talks about his income numbers with Watch Me Code.  1:05:00 Derick says he is still waiting on his big final success with Watch Me Code. Derick say he feels that he can’t not give feedback on the rest of the guys, because they are somewhat far ahead of him business wise.  1:08:00 Derrick talks about he video game youtube channel, and a viral video he created.  1:12:00 Go to entreprogrammers.com/apply to join an EntreProgrammers Subgroup! One spot left!  Thoughts for the Week John - Use an expert as leverage.  Josh - Know when to say no..   Chuck - Make a plan and get with it.  Derick - Timing is everything.   
May 23, 2017 · 01:00:17
Episode 168 “Shock Collar!” 0:15 John talks about take your iPhone 7 into the shower. John talk about every time they hire an expert, they John and Josh still know more than them. John says to only thing they lack is the time to get to all the ideas they have. John explains that the more money they have, the more issue that have getting too extend their business into new areas.  8:00 John mentions that he made the same mistake he tell Chuck not to do.John says you either implement it or project manage it.  12:00 Chuck talks about having a hard talk with Jamie about the podcast editing. Chuck talks about finding an new podcast editor. John says he the asshole who tells everyone to fire their employees.  Chuck talks about communicating with your help or employees to make sure things are getting done correctly.  19:00 John tell Chuck that he should be careful not to fire someone prematurely. John  says you have to be thrilled with your help to make things work.   21:00 John ask if Chuck got a transcriptionist, but not a show notes writer. Chuck says he thinks he may have mess that up. Josh talks about the order of publishing of the podcast. Chuck says he have at least 8 episode going out every week. Chuck talk that different type of transcription services he has used in the past. Still wait on technology  to get better.  28:00 John mentions using Hot Jar to find out how many people actually use the show notes. John say a better workflow will up the output production. Chuck talks about getting started on   the Kickstarter for React and Elixir shows.  32:00 Chuck talks about how people at the Build Microsoft conference are reaching out o him for sponsorships. Chuck explains how people got interested in the sponsorships. Chuck talks about changing his philosophy on acquiring sponsors, and how he want people to get an great ROI.  37:00 Chuck talks about helping the customer reach their ROI as a sponsor as a new approach to selling sponsorships. Chuck talks about going to other kinds of events outside of developer conferences to find sponsors.  43:00 Chuck says that Grace is no longer doing conference task for him, he is now having more meetings or call to help stay on track.  Chuck talks about doing things in a 3 month plans.  46:00 John talks about having to many ideas and thing to do as the shit hits the fan. Chuck show his tasks board, and tell us how it works to keep him on schedule.  59:00 2 more spots available for Entreprogrammers Subgroups at entreprogrammers.com/apply Thoughts for the Week John - Plan ahead for the days you are away Josh - Ckicken and waffles!  Chuck - “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything”
May 16, 2017 · 01:16:36
Episode 167 “Turning Sh!t Into Shitake!” 0:15 We’re live and there are 4 of us! John tells us about a strange phenomenon and his video responses. Crazy stuff. John talks about receiving his Apple Air Pods in another strange event.  6:28 Derick tells a story about about a double from amazon. Derick talks about his strange coincidence. Derick asks about a tale about at Simple Programmer. John shares about working with someone to create a course for Simple Programmer. John talks about a mistake on the video. Josh and John talk about trying to salvage the video.  15:00 Josh talks about the uncertainty of the quality of the course. John goes on to explains being accused of stealing the course, and going on to verify the content on UDemy . Come to find out… it was stolen by the hired person.  22:00 John talks about trying to turn this around, by using the actual author’s course to replace the stolen material. Tony the author agrees and launch the course through Simple Programmer. Bubba gets called out publicly. John talks about confronting Bubba.  32:00 John talks about how he learn from his mistakes of not check Bubba’s background. Josh talks about his mistakes as well and cognizing the warning signs.  40:00 Stressfully week at Simple Programmer. Chuck is in Seattle at Microsoft Build. Chuck asks Josh about how he using LinkedIn. Josh gives some pointers on how to use LinkedIn to reach people in a more professional connection. Chuck talks about using BlueTick.  48:00 Chuck talks about looking for sponsors at the conference, and doing in person meetings. Derick talks about his webinar, replacing floors and washing machine. Derick talks about camping with ADHD kids.  52:00 Derick says the webinar went well, and sold 58 spots for the webinar. Derick describes this email sequence. Derick talks about the different JS language he is offer in the videos. Derick talks about what he is offering with his Docker videos.  1:00:00 Derick talks about his survey, and what he learn from it to create the webinar and sales page. Derick is not going to do webinars in May, but plans to get bak to the e-book.  1:03:00 Josh talks about Micro Conf. and a story about a 2 Star review. Josh talks about catching flak about doing a review in the course. Josh and John talk about the out coming and down votes on this review. Thoughts of the Week Derick  -  Do the Copy Hour Course. John -  Turn shit into shiitake.  Josh - You don't know anything. Chuck - Reaching out to people…
May 9, 2017 · 01:04:33
0:15 Live on a Monday! Weird.. Luis gets ahold of Chuck after hearing the podcast. John talks about running 20 miles. John is still training for the marathon, that is going to happen in the next month. Chuck stalls on the Keto Diet. Chuck mentions using the internet and researching what he need to do to bring down his blood sugar.  4:30 John talks how what Chuck need to do to possibly bring down is blood sugar. Josh suggests taking MCT oils or brain octane oils by Dave Asprey. Josh thinks that Chuck is though the hard part of the Keto diet.  9:40 josh talks about increasing his fat intake  and the effects. John talks about going in and out of ketosis and fasting. Chuck talks about hiring a new book keeper, and attempting doing 100K in  sales this month. Chuck finds out the BlueTick does not work in Safari.  14:00 Chuck talks about having issues with his VA in the Philippines. Josh talks about someone has not been fired in awhile. John talks about how family is in high regard in the Philippines, and this may be the issue with a missing VA.  15:00 Josh and Chuck about having an emergency fund. John suggest having some stored salted pork. Josh talks about testing book covers, and running Facebook Ads.  Josh talks about doing Facebook ads and having some issues with text. 21:00 Josh talks about working with Ad sets.  John and Josh talk about the process of the book launch and Facebook ads. Josh talks about reaching cold traffic and retargeting. Josh continues talks about the many different ways to reach cold traffic, warming up and audience, and creating effective ads on Facebook.  32:00 Josh talks about the 99 Design contest, and how the poll was being reused or copied by designers. John talks about how to do a 99 designs contest. John thinks that 99 designs is worth the work.  36:00 Chuck talks about having issues with his podcast editor, and podcast are not getting done. The EntreProgrammers talk about Chuck’s situation with finding a new podcast show note editor. John thinks that Chuck should turn he podcast editing into an in house editor.  49:00 Chuck is postponing Ruby Remote conf. and is going to take care of the product side of things. John talks about interviewing MJ DeMarco of Millionaire FastLane! John say having huge following allows them to get big names for interviews.  53:00 John talks about leaving the Sub groups applications open. Apply at  entreprogrammers.com/apply . Thoughts For The Week Chuck -  Share our warts…  John - It is easier to forget where you were…. Josh - Trilled to be where I am…
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