Entrepreneur Showdown with Dan Franks and Joe Cassandra

Entrepreneur Showdown with Dan Franks and Joe Cassandra
By A weekly podcast where entrepreneurs go head to head debating the hottest topics in online business, and an epic Main Event featuring a big name special guest in a no-holds-barred interview unlike any they’ve ever done.
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The Entrepreneur Showdown Podcast is a place where two online entrepreneurs, Joe Cassandra and Dan Franks, go head to head each and every week debating the hottest topics in entrepreneurship and online businesses. Each week, Joe and Dan select their favorite blogs and podcasts from the week that was to break down, discuss, and debate in a way that only they know how. Then, in the main event, they welcome a big name special guest whose content was featured in that week’s episode for a special no-holds-barred interview unlike any they’ve ever done.
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March 24, 2014 · 00:56:58
We let you down last week.  Listen to what happened and how it pertains to the article we covered today on conquering self-sabotage from Ramit Sethi.  Sometimes the issue with our problems isn't outside troubles, but actually the fight going on inside of you.  Dan and Joe dive deep into this issue in Round 1 revealing some of their own self- sabotage moments. For Round 2, we discuss an event in the life of our Main Event guest, Ryan Avery, as he has lunch with a billionaire and gets to hear the "secrets" to success.  Hear who the billionaire is and a couple of the tips he provides and hear Joe and Dan debate over it. For the Main Event, Ryan Avery is the Main speaker here, the youngest ever to win the World Champion of Public Speaking, he's a ball of energy and ready to bring it! How self-sabotage sounds and how it will hurt you. When is the best time to start your next venture? What are the 4 P's that Ryan says could help your life and marriage? How to sort out goals and outcomes (hint: focusing on solid goals lead to bigger outcomes) Keys to a successful presentation and how to prepare for each audience. BONUS: Hear Ryan Avery reveal all on our friend, Jared Easely's podcast, Starve the Doubts. Hear all about and see Ryan;s award-winning speech. Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Want to show your appreciation - Head over to Showdown Love . Com Buy Tickets to Podcast Movement 2014 How to Conquer Self-Sabotage - Ramit Sethi Lunch with a Billionaire - Ryan Avery Further Resources Follow Ryan Avery on Twitter  Ramit Sethi - Truth about Starting an Online Business The post Ryan Avery, Successful Speaking & Conquering Self-Sabotage – ES049 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
March 10, 2014 · 01:01:18
You're stuck looking for your business passion, aren't you? You're probably using it as an excuse to not get started as well, right? We've had that issue as well.  Never fear, we discuss an excellent piece from expert Stephanie Sammons on finding your business passion; however, Dan seems to have questions about some of her thoughts, what do you think? For Round 2 we discuss a post by fellow-Texan buddy, Philip Taylor aka PT Money on starting a business with little to no money.  Do you need a bunch of funding to get started and is the barrier to entry for online ventures getting worse? We discuss that and more before we bring on PT. PT hits up the Main Event and ready to make it rain! Our first fellow CPA on the show! Is building a lifestyle the key to finding your passion? Why Venture Capitalists hinder you from starting businesses. A Physical business could be better than an online venture. What did PT have to outsource because he felt others could do it better? Do you have that courage? Do you need to be extroverted to succeed? BONUS:  PT joins our buddy Jared Easely over at Starve the Doubts and hear some of the wacky answers but also the wisdom you won't hear here :D Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Want to show your appreciation - Head over to Showdown Love . Com Only a couple more days for the early special! Sponsor the Podcast Movement over at Kickstarter How to find your Business Passion - Stephanie Sammons How to Start a Business - Do you Want it Bad Enough? PT's conference - FinCon in New Orleans this September! Further Resources Follow PT on Twitter Check out PT Money rapping like a pro! The post Philip Taylor “PT”, Low-Cost Business, & Finding your Passion – ES048 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
March 3, 2014 · 00:57:27
 When you think of personality tests or behavioral tests, you'll probably think "rubbish" or "I don't need those."  Well, Dan and Joe recently took one with their accounting team and it was eye-opening.  You learn more about yourself than you ever would think........ How would you like to be more productive? Yes, you've heard it all before, but you actually haven't.  We discuss the manifesto of Mr. Productivityist, Mike Vardy.  He has a manifesto on being the most productive you, but Joe has some qualms with some of Mike's points, are they valid? We bring on Mike Vardy in the Main Event, he's both logical, hilarious, a wrestler at heart and more! How tests, like the Kolbe test, can help you become a better manager and person. Why your body clock is key to productivity. Making a list to be productive may not be the right strategy. An easy substance...that can make you instantly more creative. Create urgency when you don't have it to get the job done! BONUS:   Check out Mike Vardy's COMPLETE story over at Gary Miller's show, it's a 3-parter! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Want to show your appreciation - Head over to Showdown Love . Com Show your support for Dan and the Podcast Movement over at Kickstarter Kolbe Test Acacia Insights - Company who taught us about Kolbe The Way of the Productivityist - Mike Vardy's Manifesto James Altucher - Write down 10 ideas Drink Alcohol for Creativity Further Resources  Follow Mike Vardy on Twitter Check out Mike's facebook page for the laundry argument! The post Mike Vardy, Self Assessments, and Being a Productivityist – ES047 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Feb. 24, 2014 · 01:05:05
How do you use your time? It's something we struggle with on the Showdown so we got some help from Jane Willmott with tips on Making the best  and most use of your time. Dan and Joe even have some of their own tips you can use right now...... In Round 2, we discuss Jill Stanton's recent video post on the difference between Niche Sites and Authority Sites.  Dan's had experience in the niche site world and can define it all for you and what goes into each...the question is.. do you need to use "different" SEO tactics to make them work? We'll need to ask Jill in the Main Event! Jill Stanton lands in the Main Event, having built dozens of authority and niche sites, she's a great resource to learn about them and the lifeblood they need to thrive.  It's easy to be scammy in the niche site world, but Jill can show you how to get around that type of branding  The BEST way to get things done besides the normal "write it down" advice.  Difference between a niche site and an authority site and which is for you. The Key Ingredient to having a successful niche site What Jill worries about with her site's ALL the time! Which affiliate programs are the best for you? Hint, according to Jill, "Amazon affiliate program is bulls***!" Learn more! BONUS:  Jill Stanton goes in-depth with our friend, Sean Malarkey over at the Money Pillow.  Her hubby joins her in the interview as well so learn about making your entrepreneurial adventures work with a spouse! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Want to show your appreciation - Head over to Showdown Love . Com Show your support for Dan and the Podcast Movement over at Kickstarter!  Six Simple Ways to Make the Most Use of Your Time Difference between and Authority Site and Niche Site - Screw the Nine to Five Pat Flynn's Security Guard Training Niche Site Chris Ducker (the Duckster) Matt Cutts - is Guest Blogging Dead? The Tropical MBA Joe's Meetup Group for Couples Further Resources Follow Jill Stanton on Twitter Bonus Interview: Learn even more about bubbly Jill over at the Suitcase Entrepreneur stickK - Reach a goal by sticking to it (definitely worth a look!) The post Jill Stanton, Making the Most of Your Time, and Niche Sites – ES046 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Feb. 17, 2014 · 01:05:01
We have a special round 1 today! We discuss Dan's recent project, Podcast Movement, which recently made over 5 figures in 48 hours! You'll need to hear about this and how to validate your new idea and why it's important with real life results, not some theory BS. For Round 2, we discuss Tom Morkes' recent article on how he enlisted the help of many A-Listers for his recent project.  Is it that important to have big names back your project? Are there specific tactics you should be doing? Joe has a problem with one of Tom's tactics that he'll need to challenge that point in the Main Event! Tom Morkes lands in the Main Event from his exotic abode in Indonesia.  But it's not all pina colada's, he's trying to get his publishing company off the ground, but he has some great tactics for increasing sales and your confidence in this chat. CLICK TO TWEET:   "Start Before You're Ready...You'll End up a Pro" - Tom Morkes Why validation is important and how Dan validated his recent idea. Become a better copywriter INSTANTLY with this one tip Dan used that propelled sales. How Tom harnessed his previous relationships to start his publishing company, Insurgent Publishing, with a bang with ZERO experience. His Sales Tactics with using the correct verbiage that will automatically increase your sales. Tom uses the word "Journal" instead of an e-book, it increases sales! Building your own internal confidence Using a donation based model is actually tested to be the best way to increase revenue. BONUS:  Tom Morkes dives into his background including going deeper in his "pay what you want " model with our friend and past guest, Natalie Sisson, over at the Suitcase Entrepreneur. Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Want to show your appreciation - Head over to Showdown Love . Com Show your support for Dan and the Podcast Movement over at Kickstarter! Grab a copy of Tom's Journal "The Creative Entrepreneur." Leave a Donation, give to charity and don't miss out! How Tom Morkes Enlisted the help of A-Listers David Hutcherson w/ Tom Morkes (thanks David!) Insurgent Publishing Further Resources Follow Tom Morkes on Twitter! The post Tom Morkes, Recruiting A-Listers & Podcast Movement – ES045 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Feb. 10, 2014 · 01:02:53
Dan and Joe admit their troubles with email marketing in Round 1, but have great examples of those who KNOW how to do it right.  If you're just starting out in your email marketing campaign, this Round 1 is for you! Having trouble coming up with an idea for a business? Sean Ogle can help with that as we dive into Round 2 discussing how he comes up with new ideas.  Joe discusses methods he's used to try and validate some of his potential ideas. For the Main Event, Sean Ogle graces us with his presence but greats the value.  Sean runs Location 180 and at the same time started a new venture, Breaking Eighty, to harness his love of golfing.  If you don't have an idea, Sean has some harsh words for you.... CLICK TO TWEET:   "Build a Business Around Things You Enjoy - Sean Ogle Who does Email Marketing right and what EXACTLY they do? Cheap, easy ways to validate and test your ideas. Sean goes through his idea process for Breaking Eighty, he defines the problem, then solves it. How Sean gets a 25-35% email response, not just open rate, RESPONSE! The hidden benefits of giving first to businesses.... BONUS:  Sean Ogle joins our friend John Lee Dumas over at Entrepreneur on Fire. Hear Sean describe how he left his job and started his online, lifestyle business.  It may be the inspiration you need. Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Want to show your appreciation - Head over to Showdown Love . Com Make Your Email Marketing Buzzworthy How to Come Up with an Incredible Business Idea - Sean Ogle Ramit Sethi - Email Neil Patel - Email Pat Flynn - Email Sam Ovens interview on the Showdown Tropical MBA - provided inspiration for Sean in the beginning Further Resources  Follow Sean Ogle on Twitter Derek Halpern - Question he asks in first email to get future customers Introducing the Pioneer Conference hosted by Sean Ogle The post Sean Ogle, Generating New Business Ideas & Email Marketing 101 – ES 044 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Feb. 3, 2014 · 01:05:24
 Is your mentality to learn important for your success?  Dan and Joe discuss some on the job training skills with a "learning-as-you-go" attitude.  Joe has a certain way he learns new processes, do you have the same style or the opposite? Find out in Round 1. Round 2 has us discussing a recent post from Stan Smith about the traits of successful blog marketers.  Dan and Joe actually found a unique trait Stan doesn't touch on that up-and-coming bloggers are now utilizing.  We may have to bring this up with Stan.....heck...you know we will! Let's move on to Stan!  Stanford Smith comes on the Main Event to give his take on how to be a successful blog marketer.  He has some sweet strategies that Joe says is, "Genius." You'll need to hear it as well as how he defined his target market.  Check out Stan! Buying the new, shiny course doesn't mean you'll be successful, hear Dan's story from NMX that demonstrates this. Should you be using vulnerability in your writing? The "Genius" way Stan gets new clients through his blog posts Tips on using recent events in the media How Stan overcomes self-doubt when publishing new posts BONUS:   Hear more blogging tips from Stan the Man Smith himself over at the FlyBlueKite Blog and Show! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions  Why a "Learn-As-You-Go" Mentality is key to Entrepreneurial Success Networking Tips from NMX 5 Traits of Extremely Successful Blog Marketers- Stan Smith Podcast on Writing with Srini Rao Social Media Marketing conference Stan Smith will speak at! Michael Stelzner on the Showdown Further Resources Follow Stan on Twitter James Altucher Facebook where he writes many posts Srinivas Rao Facebook where he writes many posts The post Stan Smith, Successful Blog Marketing, and Learning as You Go – ES 043 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Jan. 27, 2014 · 01:05:05
 Tax Time! It's the most wonderful time of the year isn't it? Maybe not.....Still, you got to pay your dues to IRS and Dan, our CPA, has some tips on MAXIMIZING your deductions this season.  Our fellow-Texan friend Carrie Smith provided the inspiration for this with her article on enjoying your taxes (because you may get some back!) Round 2 brings up the topic about drop shipping and importing.  Is there a difference?  Will Mitchell thinks so, but Joe's having a hard time wrapping his head around it.  Will he figure it out? In the Main Event, Will Mitchell hits us up to give his thoughts on the importing business.  He discusses his strategies and how you could find the right product to start selling.  He's just a kid but has a wealth of knowledge and can help you start off your business without needing an idea. CLICK TO TWEET:   "Being an Entrepreneur is Hard as Shit." - Will Mitchell  What can you deduct on your taxes for your online business? Are you even allowed? What taxes will you have for being a freelancer? Dan's a CPA and can tell you!  Will tells you if Importing can still make you as much money as it used to. Learn the margins of importing vs. drop shipping, it might surprise you. Should you build a product instead of importing? Get your Foot in the Door of the next big Startup. The Power of the Logo. BONUS:  Hear Will Mitchell, the whiz kid, tell his story on the Outta the Box show. Inspire your kids! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Carrie Smith - Careful Cents' Enjoying your Taxes How to Make Money Importing from China Showdown Interview with Billy Murphy Alibaba  Affluence.org - Private Social Network Further Resources Follow Will Mitchell and Startup Bros on Twitter How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell - Startup Bros  Podcast on the Blacklist (take that Dan!) The post Will Mitchell, Starting an Importing Empire, & Tax Time – ES 042 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Jan. 20, 2014 · 01:04:50
Dan has a new idea....but does it need validation? We will dive into the questions you may need to ask yourself and your new idea as well as maybe some parameters that prove validation. We all use mobile apps everyday (even if you don't know it....), how hard is it to start building one? Even more on your mind, HOW MUCH is it to do it? Joe and Dan discuss their experience before diving into the Main Event with Steve P Young. Steve P Young (not to be confused with the Niners QB) enters the ring to talk about mobile apps for the first time on the Showdown.  Steve talks about his app failures and successes and what you can do to start to get into the space. CLICK TO TWEET:  "Get potential customers on camera to get their REAL reaction to your idea." - Steve P Young  Learn what idea validation is and you NEED it for any new venture you want to pursue. How do I know if the idea is validated? Learn exactly where Steve makes money and how much Steve gives you ideas on validating app ideas, SIMPLE! Should your app be FREE or PAID? Steve P Young gives the trends of today. Is there a way to get to the top of Apple's list faster? Steve explains how he hustled to get sponsors on his podcast. BONUS: Get your Slideshare presentations viral, Steve's done it and tells you how. BONUS: Steve P Young gives his most revealing testimonial about the state of his affairs, how much he makes and more.  Dan said it made him uncomfortable to listen to.... DOUBLE BONUS: Here's a FREE Course on Idea Validation over at the $100 MBA by Omar Zenhom.  Check it!!! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Startup: Process of Idea Validation at VentureStab Showdown interview with Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish of the Foundation OkDork - Blog by Appsumo's Noah Kagan Fizzle.co Article by Omar Zenhom discussing Idea Validation Mobile App Chat Podcast Mobile App Battle 10 Mobile App Insights - Slideshare Cardiio App: Touchless Heart Monitor AppCodes XYO.net - Monitor apps Slides that Rock Further Resources Follow Steve P Young on Twitter Noah Kagan being interviewed on Pat Flynn's podcast, Smart Passive Income The post Steve P Young, Mobile App Development & Idea Validation – ES 041 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Jan. 13, 2014 · 01:04:05
Joe and Dan are broadcasting LIVE from New Media Expo and are bringing some harsh truths and takeaways from their experience.  What should you be focusing on: Attending the sessions or meetups?  Joe had some blunt statements about some of the sessions that could be said to be over the line.....judge for yourself! In Round 2, we discuss a recent post from JD Roth on being the CFO of your Life. Especially with the younger generation, it is tempting to start out their financial journey with debt and rapid spending.  Joe and Dan have some quick stories and tips about their financial journey (being in their 20's.)  Do you share some of these experiences? CLICK TO TWEET: "Key to Happiness: Not caring what others think" - JD Roth For the Main Event, JD comes into the ring to give you further advice on becoming a CFO, yes you!  He's had many setbacks in his life and goes into how he overcome those struggles including his diet plans for all you New Year resolutions! We have a great discussion on how young people can succeed early on, they don't need to wait until they're retired.  JD gives specific strategies on how you can do that, Dig into this episode to find out! BONUS:  Listen to JD himself give a talk at World Domination Summit discussing Transitioning in your Life! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions New Media Expo Showdown Interview with NMX CEO Rick Calvert Joe expands on his networking tips from New Media Expo Become the CFO of your Life - JD Roth Get Rich Slowly - Site JD Roth sold More than Money - JD Roth's personal site Mr. Money Mustache - Highly recommended by JD Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich Millionaire Fastlane - MJ Demarco BOOK: How to Find Freedom in an Unfree World Further Resources Follow JD Roth on Twitter Check out JD Roth on our friend, Andrew Warner's site, Mixergy Scott Stratten from Unmarketing gave the most entertaining keynote! The post JD Roth, CFO of Your Life & Harsh Truths About New Media Expo – ES 040 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Jan. 6, 2014 · 01:04:01
 In Round 1, we look at a post from our friend Laurel Staples over at Go Fire Yourself about building the RIGHT mindset to success.  We go the longest ever on a Round 1 as it is soooo important in your growth and success on your career path.  Learn how Dan went on a "fast" and made everyday much better! We learn about time management and efficiency in Carrie Wilkerson's most recent about pears.  Yes, a Pear-able about pears (witty!)  Joe and Dan dive into personal stories of their own based on Carrie's points.  You'll need to go check out the post yourself and get your eureka moment while reading it, all from pears! CLICK TO TWEET: "Focus on Getting to NOs, not the Yes'" - Carrie Wilkerson Carrie comes onto the Main Event and comes with energy!  She has some awesome words for women and also some tips on pursuing the most profitable and efficient niche for you.  Carrie also isn't some single bachelor, she's a working Mom with kids at the same time and has time to cook dinner.  You're going to be amazed at the advice Carrie freely dishes out and she's alot of fun as well.  This is one of Joe's favorite interviews and we think it'll be one of yours as well! BONUS: Listen to Carrie's awesome story over at the Rise to the Top with our man David Siteman Garland.  She has the best personality ever! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions  Do You Have the Right Mindset for Success? - Laurel Staples A Pear-able about Getting Things Done - Carrie Wilkerson Listen and Watch Carrie's story in her OWN words, powerful video! The Barefoot Executive New Media Expo Further Resources Follow Carrie Wilkerson on Twitter Follow Laurel Staples on Twitter Check out Laurel's awesome Podcast! The post Carrie Wilkerson, Entrepreneurial Mindset, & Getting Things Done – ES 039 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Dec. 30, 2013 · 00:54:31
 In Round 1, we discuss the 10 Commandments, that's right.  Not the Moses 10 Commandments but the 10 Commandments of Side Hustlers.  Dan believes one commandment is more important the one Joe highlights.  Dan goes into more detail on our Twitter strategy that has had MASSIVE results in a short time, check it out! In Round 2, Joe and Dan dive into a Futuristic article from Rob Rawson looking into the Year.....2020.  Are many jobs going to be taken over by robots? It's a scary thought, what can we do?  Dan thinks there may be population issue due to this, Joe thinks people need to get more creative with how they make money. Which side are you on? CLICK TO TWEET: "All Repetitive Work Will Be Replaced - Rob Rawson For the Main Event, we bring on Rob Rawson comes on to give us the harsh truth.  Rob's built 2 companies and he's a walk-the-talk man and will help you do the same.  Rob provides some insights on the TYPE of work that is going to be replaced in the coming years and what you need to do to pivot from A to B. We also dive into outsourcing and how to make your team productive even if you aren't in the same state or even country! Rob's the man for that! BONUS: Hear Rob's SWEET story on our friend, John Dumas' show, Entrepreneur on Fire. His Ah-Ha moment is great! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions  10 Commandments of Side Hustlers - Side Hustle Nation with Nick Loper Showdown episode we discuss Marc Guberti's strategy (Dan thinks it's spammy) Holiday Mashup where we discuss OUR GOALS for 2014 - Wide open for all to see! 7 Trends for the Future of Work - Rob Rawson Staff.com - Rob Rawson Time Doctor - Rob Rawson Marissa Mayer takes away remote privileges at Yahoo! Study that Working from Home increases Productivity Further Resources Follow Rob Rawson on Twitter Why Entrepreneurs will Rebuild the Economy Outsourcing 101 with our friend, Chris Ducker Follow Nick Loper on Twitter The post Rob Rawson, 10 Commandments of Side Hustles, & Future Work Trends in 2020 – ES 038 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Dec. 23, 2013 · 00:57:00
In Round 1, we discuss a recent blog post by Shannon J. Hernandez about Gaining Control of Your Branding Efforts.  Dan and Joe discuss their experience with blogging to supplement their podcast.  They disagree about the viability of what they've tried to do in the past, and brainstorm about what they might do in the future. They also discuss using their peers in the blogging and podcasting space to not only make themselves better, but their podcast as well.  What are their recommendations for branding yourself as an authority figure?  Tune in! Then in Round 2, Dan and Joe discuss reinventing yourselves.  James Altucher recently put together an Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Reinventing Yourself, and William Shaker responded via podcast with his opinion on the piece.  There are some far out revelations in this one, and you'll be shocked to hear the different opinions presented in this Round 2. How many books must you read to reinvent yourself?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  All parties disagree on this one!  What do you think? William Shaker of the Endless Possibilities Podcast joins the party to dig deeper into some of his thoughts.  William has built companies that earn in excess of a million dollars a year, so he definitely has some boots on the ground experience. CLICK TO TWEET: Mentors are the single most important things you can have at the beginning of a business career. -William Shaker William also talks about strategically making mistakes, and how to turn those mistakes into lessons.  He is a big time mindset guy, and discusses both mindset and habit forming. BONUS: Check out William Shaker as he joins our girl Laurel on the Go Fire Yourself Podcast HERE! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions NMX Holiday Mashup Meetup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley 6 Actionable Items to Gain Control of Your Branding Efforts Showdown Podcast on Networking w/ John Corcoran Ultimate Cheatsheet for Reinventing Yourself William Shaker on Entrepreneur on Fire Keith "Rich Dad" Cunningham Shopify Podcast Answerman - Cliff Ravenscraft Dan & Joe Debate Leadership Dan's Blog Post on Being Different Joe's Blog Post on Presentations Dan's Expert Roundup on the Sophomore Slump Further Resources Visit WilliamShaker.com Follow William Shaker on Twitter Follow Shannon Hernandez on Twitter James Altucher Online James Altucher on Twitter The post William Shaker, Reinvent Yourself, and Gain Control of your Branding – ES 037 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Dec. 16, 2013 · 00:54:13
It's our week to host the Holiday Mashup! We had a blast last week and now we had a few tricks up our sleeves! Jared Easely and Cynthia Sanchez join us again for a round of laughs and lessons. Round 1 has us tackling the Top Christmas questions out there.  Hear Joe and Cynthia disagree on one of the most controversial topics of the season..... It's a ball of giggles you'll need to listen to. Dan takes the reins in Round 2 to bring us down to earth with what our show is all about. Entrepreneurship.  What IS entrepreneurship and who really are entrepreneurs.  These are some tough questions and Jared reveals something tough going on right now, it's an emotional and inspiring moment that we've never had on the Showdown. In the Main Event, we close out the 2nd part of the Mashup with questions from the audience, we discuss who our "Dream" Interviews with.  Some are possible, others.....it may take awhile.  But we will never give up! In the podcasting area, we discuss if you should charge people who want to come on your show, is that an ethical tactic to used for your business? Also, "Would you ever start a podcast with a spouse?" To close out the Mashup, we all give OUR GOALS for 2014, our concrete goals.  Will you hold us accountable? Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley  Starve the Doubts with Jared Easley Oh So Pinteresting with Cynthia Sanchez See the First Episode of the Mashup Here Marie Forleo Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach You to Be Rich Gary Vaynerchuk John Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire James Kinson of Cash Car Convert Ellory Wells of Empowering the 80% Tomi Grover Joe's Wife, Sam's, blog: Flour in Her Hair Further Resources Follow Jared Easley on Twitter Follow Cynthia Sanchez on Twitter The post Holiday Mashup with Jared Easley and Cynthia Sanchez – ES 036 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Dec. 9, 2013 · 00:48:31
Round 1 brings on TWITTER! We look at an article by Marc Guberti on a specific strategy on Twitter to bring on more followers.  Joe and Dan aren't going to agree on this, Dan sees this tactic as spam and Joe is more free-spirited and shares his results testing it out.  If you enjoy Twitter, you might want to consider this strategy. We're stoked to be heading out to New Media Expo in Vegas in January 2014.  Joe's a bit nervous because he's never been to a large conference and not sure of what strategies to use to get the most out of the conference!  Dan already has some experience from his days in real estate and offers his thoughts on the process.  To solve this, there's only one thing to do, GET THE ORGANIZER OF THE EVENT ON AND GET HIS ADVICE.  Check! "2014 is the Year of the Web Show" - Rick Calvert CLICK TO TWEET THIS PREDICTION Rick Calvert, the Founder of New Media Expo, jumps into the Main Event to give his advice on attending conferences the Right Way! Rick talks about : The Misconceptions of Conferences How to Meet your Favorite Bloggers/Podcasters What to Do Right Before a Conference What 80% of people do wrong at a conference, be the 20% He also has some predictions for 2014 you might be surprised about.... BONUS: Hear Rick Calvert tell all about starting up New Media Expo and more over at Become a Blogger's Podcast, it's a can't-miss-it episode! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley Twitter Article from 16-Year Old Marc Guberti Post on Conference Tips on New Media Expo New Media Expo Blog Go to New Media Expo and meet us there, we'd love to hang out! Robert Scoble Jenny the Bloggess Travel Blog Exchange Conference Chad Johnson on Twitter Further Resources Follow Rick Calvert on Twitter How to Get More Twitter Followers According to Derek Halpern Follow Marc Guberti on Twitter Follow Entrepreneur Showdown on Twitter Great Talk by Guy Kawasaki on the 10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make The post Rick Calvert, Getting the Most out of Conferences & Gaining Twitter Followers – ES035 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Dec. 2, 2013 · 01:08:19
PR can be mega expensive for your new venture, but you don't have to feel at a disadvantage.  For Round 1, Dan and Joe discuss how you can do YOUR OWN PR for your business.  Learn some of the strategies we've used to get press, and some of the tools you can use without having to even open your wallet.  Hustle for that exposure! We dive into Networking, that yummy N word that sends even the most outgoing to a feeling of a little nervousness.  "Go network at events" is an old adage, but what does that mean and what can you do to be better at them?  We look at some of our experiences at events and ask ourselves questions such as, "What if I'm an introvert?" You're not going to want to miss these tips! John Corcoran provided the inspiration for this discussion and we're about bring John on.... Use the Forum the Person you want to Connect with USES - John Corcoran CLICK TO TWEET Yes, you made it, to the Main Event with our friend, John Corcoran!  We dive into TONS of topics on networking with John including: the importance of following up and the benefits, where to find those you want to network with, how to END conversations (Joe has a great personal story on this), and a great tip on relationships with networking, Should your spouse be networking side by side with you so they don't feel left out? You won't want to miss John's take. Head over to John's site, Smart Business Revolution, and pick up the E-book we discussed in the episode on Networking and Creating a Plan for it, tell him we sent ya! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher BONUS: Listen to John Corcoran discuss his backstory in the Clinton White House, his podcast and more over at JD Blogger, go now! Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley Skip the PR and Do it Yourself! 5 Killer Shortcuts for Networking at Events Smart Business Revolution HARO (Help a Reporter Out) Quora Interview with Jason Womack New Media Expo How To Work a Room (book) Book Yourself Solid (book) Jaime Tardy at Eventual Millionaire - the Legendary Connector Further Resources Follow John Corcoran on Twitter Listen to Jaime Tardy use HARO to gain exposure The post John Corcoran, Networking at Events, & Do the PR Yourself – ES 034 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Nov. 28, 2013 · 00:48:15
When Carl Mattiola, now of ClinicMetrics, first stepped foot in the entrepreneurial world to begin developing his new SAAS product, he was terrified! Carl helps wrap up our SAAS Entrepreneur Month here on Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents, and it is only fitting as he is one of The Foundation's most successful graduates! ClinicMetrics is a SAAS product focused on helping physical therapists see exactly what is going on with their business.  He was shocked how many of these businesses in the health care field didn't even know the health of their own business! Carl takes us through his limiting beliefs, the idea extraction process, how he gets money from potential clients before ever having a product, and more! We also talk with Carl about how he started small when trying to learn a foreign industry, and how even though you might not be an expert (yet), being honest with people will get you to where you want to be. Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher BONUS: Hear Carl Mattiola tell his story on Doubt the Doubts HERE. Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley Carl Mattiola Online Carl on Twitter ClinicMetrics Clinicmetrics on Twitter The Foundation Further Resources Carl Mattiola on Smoking Hot Coffee Carl Mattiola on Life Long Learner The post ES Presents: Carl Mattiola of ClinicMetrics appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
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Joe and Dan dive into a Round 1 about Group Presentations. Having come off their own speaking gig at Podcamp Dallas.  Joe discusses mistakes he made and how you can avoid it.  There's also some tips Dan dives into in how to Wake UP your crowd! Discover how you SHOULD NOT start your presentation, it could KILL your presentation, and not the good kill! Round 2 brings up the Holidays! You're about to get bombarded by cheer and more and more ads to buy STUFF.  This topic was inspired by Natalie Sisson's recent post on Making Sales during the Holiday Season. We discuss the freemium model and also how to stand out when you have information products.  Natalie will provide more insight in.... THE MAIN EVENT with Natalie Sisson.  She's a true lifestyle entrepreneur traveling around with her suitcase internationally.  Natalie has some excellent tips on increasing exposure during the hustle and bustle.  Learn her tactics for increasing sales during the holiday season, her strategies for releasing a book, and how to use SEO to your advantage.  Also, Natalie has just a bad-ass accent, she could make the Phonebook sound good. Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher BONUS: Listen to Natalie over at Turndog Millionaire and hear about Natalie's mistakes and how she started to believe in herself and take the plunge! Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley How to Nail a Group Presentation Podcamp Dallas Make More Sales During the Holiday Season Natalie Sisson's new 5-star book - "Suitcase Entrepreneur" Natalie Sisson's Product - Build Your Online Business Oh So Pinteresting Radiohead - Pay what you Want Treat Your Next Presentation Like a Shark Tank Pitch Best Business Books of 2013 Podcast Awards Further Resources Follow Natalie Sisson on Twitter Derek Halpern's Bonus Sandwich Strategy at Pat Flynn's site Increase Online Sales during Holidays with Spring Metrics The post Natalie Sisson, Selling During Holidays, & Nail Your Presentation – ES 033 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
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Today we continue SAAS Entrepreneur month here on Entrepreneur Showdown: Presents, as we welcome on Esther de Boer of Shootzilla. Esther has a background in photography, and has run many businesses of her own.  However a software based business is something that was never on Esther's radar until she became a member of The Foundation. What makes Esther de Boer different from some of the other SAAS entrepreneurs we have spoken to is that she has multiple other businesses that she is running, in addition to Shootzilla.  We discuss systems and tactics Esther uses to keep everything on the tracks, and to make sure one businesses does not suffer because of another. Esther also did something different than the normal teaching of Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish in The Foundation.  She pursued a SAAS product in a space that she was already very experienced in.  However so far Esther thinks she made the right call! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher BONUS: Hear Esther de Boer tell her story and answer the hard hitting questions with Andrew Warner on Mixergy HERE. Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley Shootzilla Shootzilla on Twitter City Sessies (Other Business Mentioned) 2 Rings Photography (Another Business Mentioned) Further Resources Esther de Boer on Twitter The Foundation The post ES Presents: Esther de Boer of Shootzilla appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.
Nov. 18, 2013 · 01:01:17
For Round 1 today, learn how to grow your blog to get your first 100 readers.  We're starting to build a blog readership to compliment our podcast and we found a killer article with tactical advice.  We found 1 interesting tactic that you can implement right away, check it out! In Round 2, Joe and Dan discuss Marketing. Yes, you've heard us discuss it before, but this is based on a recent podcast from Think Act Get (we've already interviewed one side with James Schramko) now we get the other part of the duo with Ezra Firestone.  Ezra is a killer marketer and we get a chance to define marketing before Ezra gets to swoop in and change our definition! Keys to Business: Visibility, Conversion, & Repeat Business - Ezra Firestone CLICK TO TWEET Ezra Firestone lands in the Main Event and ready to rumble.  Learn his ONE place to focus your marketing expertise right now.  Joe asks him about referrals and Ezra tells you why it could be a flawed business model to rely on.  Ezra packs this interview with TONS of advertising tips and tricks, he also shows you how to GAIN MAXIMUM exposure for your brand and the exact strategy he uses to do for his own brand.  This is an exciting episode, we had fun making it for you! Download in iTunes | Download in Stitcher BONUS: Hear Ezra Firestone's back-story over at Infinite Pie where he was guest.  Learn what makes him different, hippish and how he leverages this to build multiple businesses and audiences. Mentions Holiday Mashup w/ Cynthia Sanchez & Jared Easley How to Get Your First 100 Blog Readers at Push Social Think Act Get Marketing Episode with Ezra and James Schramko Smart Marketing Website of Ezra Firestone MJ Demarco's Fastlane Forum full of Millionaires Lesson From Ashton Kutcher on the Showdown Joe's Article on Business Insider using Shark Tank Zite App Think Act Get Willpower Episode - Their most downloaded ever Think Act Get Sex Episode - Listen at your own risk :D Further Resources Follow Ezra Firestone on Twitter Ezra's Interview on Entrepreneur on Fire FB Ads Lab Amy Porterfield on Facebook Ads The post Ezra Firestone, Marketing, and Get Your First 100 Blog Readers – ES 032 appeared first on Entrepreneur Showdown.