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Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:15:41
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On this episode we are joined by Sarah Ann Downey, an investor at Accomplice and a VR privacy advocate. Here is snippet of all the things we discussed: Intro: Trump, Simulation theory, Pokemon Go and Mass Effect Andromeda have one thing in common. 2:00 Mass Effect 3 Spoilers. 3:15 Should you be hyped about Mass Effect Andromeda? 3:45 Pokemon GO 2 is here. What to expect. 6:00 What is Nintendo going to do about Pokemon Go? 8:00 Sarah has walked a couple hundred miles playing Pokemon Go. 15:00 The simulation is taking a turn towards the darkest of time lines. 18:00 What is the worst thing that could happen under a Bannon Presidency? 18:45 "Even if reality is terrible, at least we'll have VR. 19:30 Predicting the demise of net neutrality. 24:00 Can VR help us break out from our affirmation bubbles and safe spaces? 26:30 Companies don't have an incentive to get rid of echo chambers. 30:00 How will content creators remain authentic in the vr platforms that host them? 32:00 Can we have our cake and eat it when it comes to privacy? 35:00 The meaning of privacy. 37:00 If you can't be happy if you're not yourself. 39:00 Protecting people and free speech at the same time. 41:00 Transhumanism vs. AI waking up. 44:00 "Creating a thing that will be a thousand steps above us on the evolutionary stair care." 46:00 Sarah is the Rickitiest Rick in the multiverse. 48:30 Starting real life Pokemon with Crispr 50:00 The ultimate Pokemon Conspiracy 51:00 Defining privacy 10 years from now. 52:30 Privacy and democracy go hand in hand? 56:30 Who can you trust these days? 1:00:30 Stop watching the news and go watch West World. 1:02:20 What developers should keep in mind when it comes to privacy. 1:05:00 The implications the sensors like eye tracking will bring up in the real of privacy. 1:08:00 Will there be privacy standards in the metaverse? 1:10:00 How to protect your privacy as an individual. 1:12:00 How to connect with Sarah. Thanks again to Sarah for being a true scholar and wizard of virtual reality! Stay in touch with Sarah with the links below: https://twitter.com/SarahADowney https://uploadvr.com/author/sarahdowney/ Track from the intro is : midnight sushi by Xavi https://soundcloud.com/xavi_real/midnight-sushi-1 Please support the artists! (views are my own) Thanks for listening!
Feb. 27, 2017 · 00:53:23
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On this episode we are joined by Chris Gallello, the creator of Kitten Cannon and Founder at Purple.li. Here is snippet of some of the things we discussed: 15: Intro 2:30 Is it difficult to transition from 2D design to VR? 5:00 Using Tiltbrush to wireframe VR experiences. 8:00 How are UX designers reacting to VR? 10:00 Where does VR fit into your life? 12:00 What will make you more productive AR or VR? 17:00 Which is better for story telling AR or VR? 20:00 The origins of Kitten Cannon. 22:00 The process of publishing a game to Steam. 26:00 The 2x speed feature on youtube will save your life. (Why did it never occur to me!?) FusedVR, check it out on youtube for good tuts. 31:00 Chris's apprehension towards VR. 33:00 How to deal with bullying in vr. 38:00 Bad ideas to implement when dealing with harrassment in VR. 44:00 Who gets to ultimately decide what are "good" values to teach people in VR? 49:00 Keep an eye out for Chris's Octopus game! Thanks again to Chris for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality! Connect with Chris via the links below: https://twitter.com/cgallello https://t.co/R9stnvG3X8 Soundclip in the intro is called Embers by Laxcity https://soundcloud.com/thesecretshores/embers Please support the artist! (Views are my own) Thanks for listening
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:19:13
Welcome to the Enter VR . On this episode we are joined by two scholars and Jedi of virtual reality, Karl Krantz and Jon Oaks from SVVR. Here is a snippet of some of the things we discussed: (The podcast you've been waiting for, we finally talk only about VR!) 30: Intro 1:00 Recap of CES 2017 4:00 HMD's are still evolving in 2017. Wireless VR is coming. 6:00 THE VR GLOVE IS HERE. 8:00 (Trinity has not been on Enter VR, but you guys are welcomed to come!) 8:30 How will VR backpacks co exist with VR backpacks? 10:00 Gloves vs. Motion controllers? Why not both? 12:00 Is Oculus playing catch up? 13:00 Defining the VR winter? Is it even a thing? 18:00 VR is unlike anything you've ever owned, here's why. 22:00 The market can be a good way to uncover the truth about our most intimate desires. 24:00 Expectations and predictions for 2017. 25:00 "There's a 1,000 VR titles now". 26:00 Demo etiquette is really important going forward. 28:00 How are things coming along at SVVR these days? 32:00 Finding a niche can be a viable option for newcomers in hardware and software. 37:00 Is mixed reality as hyped up as it should be? 41:00 VR MMOs need to be a thing already ala Elder Scrolls or Knights of the Old Republic mixed with Eve. 44:00 What does the hivemind of the VR community look like in 2017? 48:00 Expert advice from SVVR. 51:00 What will set your VR application apart from the competition? 56:00 "Keyboards need to die" 1:00:05 The current state of mobile VR? "AR is going to spank mobile VR" 1:06:00 What piece of vr content is Karl and Jon hyped up for in 2017? 1:07:00 Who would add more value to the VR industry Apple or Microsoft? 1:12:00 Closing thoughts. Thanks again to Jon and Karl for being true scholars and gentleman of virtual reality. How to stay in touch: https://twitter.com/SVVRLIVE https://twitter.com/SVVR_Jon https://twitter.com/karlkrantz http://vrexpo.com/ http://svvr.com/ Sound clip in the intro is from Jazeebo, song is called Acapulco. Please support the artists! (views are my own) Thanks for listening
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:14:22
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On this episode we are joined by the legendary creator of Synthesis Universe, Olivier JT. Show notes coming soon! Connect with Olivier with the links below: https://twitter.com/OlivierJT_SU http://www.synthesisuniverse.com/ Soundclip in the intro is from : Losi - NOBLE https://soundcloud.com/bitbirdofficial/losi-noble Please support the artist! (Views are my own) Thanks for listening
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:55:26
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On this episode we are joined by Professor Nicholas Dungey from the Dungey State University Podcast and James Blaha CEO of Vivid Vision. Here is a snippet of some of the things we discussed: (This podcast gave me a month of straight up anxiety. ) 20: WARNING AUDIO LEVELS ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE. 1:25 The challenges confronting the nature of information in the 21st century. 4:30 Is there room for philosophy in Silicon Valley? (capitalism) 7:40 A crisis of alienation is impending. 12:00 The potential power of individuals is increasing thanks to technology. To what degree? 13:00 What are we preparing for? 21:10 How can the centralization of power co habit within the same sphere as democratic institutions? 25:00 How will societies adapt to automation? 31:00 Our socio political systems will become authoritarian partly due to their failure in anticipating the crisis of automation. 40:00 What now? Are we hopeless? 45:20 What will world look like in the 5, 10 years? 49:00 Universal basic income will come once the suffering becomes too much to bear. 51:00 Robot armies will make violent human revolutions obsolete. 54:00 What's the difference between reality and narratives? 59:00 The probabilities of a race war under a Bannon administration? 1:01:00 What is the meaning of tolerance? 1:09:00 Preparing for the worst case scenario for the next 4 years. 1:15:00 What are people going to do once all the jobs are automated? 1:17:00 Integrating artificial intelligence with political systems. 1:18:00 Using VR to simulate political scenarios before trying them out in the real world. 1:23:00 Using fear for good? 1:31:00 How to stop fear from being used against you? 1:35:00 What will happen the day millions of people won't be able to tell the difference between reality and virtual reality. 1:41:00 Creating VR experiences that point out philosophical lessons for humanity. 1:44:00 What philosophical questions will trans humanism bring about? 1:45:00 Would you want to live another 500 years? 1:47:00 Everybody read the "Genealogy of Morals" and "On Discipline and Punishment". 1:48:00 Biggest fears and hopes. 1:50:00 How to stay in touch with professor Dungey. Thanks again to professor Dungey for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality. Connect with professor Dungey with the links below: https://twitter.com/UrDSU http://www.dungeystate.com/ Song in the intro clip is : I dreamed a dream by Ann Hathaway Please support the artists! (Views are my own) Thanks for listening!
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:24:29
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On this episode we are joined by Chris Smith, the founder of Juno VR, helping people breathe better with virtual reality. Here is a snippet of some of the things we discussed: 3:00 That one time, lag helped Chris in a counterstrike tournament. 2:00 Intro, What Chris is up to in VR. 3:30 Virtual reality software that trains you to breath. 5:00 Defining the meditative state. 7:30 How do you measure the meditative state? 10:00 The marketing behind making meditation applications popular. 13:00 Knowing when to try new strategies. 16:00 Using new types of sensors to augment our virtual reality experiences. 20:00 Why is breathing such an important mechanism to control? 26:00 Why you can't give Chris your money right now. 29:00 How much value is drawn from measuring exact breath? 32:00 How do you get people to keep coming back to your meditation application? 35:00 Staying positive is difficult to maintain. 41:00 How to keep the internet neutral for virtual reality in the future? 46:00 Case in point this episode is 3 months late. 48:00 Our screws up with exponential technology can be really catastrophic. 51:00 https://www.soothe.com/ https://scoot.co/ (this podcast is not endorsed in any way by these companies) 53:00 Top five apps on Chris's phone. 55:00 Top five subreddits for Chris. 56:00 Why Chris chose Unreal over Unity. 58:00 Integrating breathing sensor data into a cohesive VR ui. 1:00:30 Rumor: CV2 will have a heart rate sensor. 1:01:30 "The more people breath in the world, the better". 1:04:00 Tuba simulator coming to your neighborhood radio shack very soon! 1:09:00 Chris is looking for Unreal devs, hit him up! 1:11:00 How can the Unreal Engine improve for Chris? 1:14:00 The future of the HMD. 1:20:00 What is the role of government in the next 20 years. 1:22:00 Closing thoughts. Connect with Chris with the links below: https://twitter.com/clssmitty http://www.christopherlsmith.com/ Soundclip in the intro is: Oh Wonder - Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix) https://soundcloud.com/louisthechild/bodygold Please support the artist! (Views are my own. ) Thanks for listening.
Feb. 27, 2017 · 02:10:52
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! On this episode we are joined by a fellow scholar and gentleman of virtual reality, Kenny Nichols. Here is snippet of some of the things we talked about: 15: Welcome to the shittiest sounding podcast on the internet! 1:00 The Nichols VR dynasty has spread lots love across the cosmos. 3:00 Being different makes you an easy target to dummies with nothing better to hate. 6:00 The VR community is kind and open. 8:00 Coping mechanisms post psychological abuse. (We all have them) 11: 30 The effects of vision impairment on Kenny's career. 14:00 Higher Resolution HMDs could help the visually impaired a lot, but only if the right interfaces are created. 17:00 Kenny is working on getting more WebVR browsers to be more accessible. 19:00 The VR alliance seems like a good group to reach out for Kenny. 21:00 How can HMD's be more accessible to the visual impaired? 23:00 Wearing an HMD with glasses sucks balls. 25:00 What can be done at the game engine level to make UI more friendly to the visually impaired? 29:00 The marketing behind the movement to help the visually impaired. 35:00 https://twitter.com/joshcarpenter/status/798701917069197313 38:00 E-book reading in VR needs to come to every HMD. http://www.chimerareader.com/ 45:00 Navigating a virtual world with 'echo location'. 48:00 The ultimate conclusion of exponential technologies. 50:00 3D printing ultimately promises to let you have whatever you want. 53:00 Synthetically biology ultimately promises to let you be whoever or whatever you want. 55:00 AI ultimately promises to let you do whatever you want. 58:00 Universal basic income is the best way to deal with job automation. 1:01:00 (I say Hears the thing way too much) 1:02:00 VR could be used positivey in mental health applications. 1:07:00 The ultimate promise of VR is to let you go wherever you want to do whatever you want. 1:08:00 Too much of anything is never good. 1:12:00 Civic Center station on a Tuesday night. 1:18:00 The most intense election ever. 1:22:00 FREE PIZZAS FOR EVERYONE/Kenny 2020 1:23:00 (It wasn't hot air) 1:26:00 Your perpetual problems are profitable to someone. 1:32:00 AI government couldn't come any sooner. 1:37:00 Your model of the world is wrong. So is mine. 1:38:00 Both sides are vulnerable to the influence of fake news. 1:41:00 VR can catapult our systems of education. 1:43:00 "Having tools that help us express thoughts visually" (I need to stop saying here's the thing) 1:49:00 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trivium https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrivium 2:01:00 Southpark Vs. Rick and Morty. 2:05:00 Closing thoughts Thanks again to Kenny for coming on the show! Connect with Kenny: https://twitter.com/kennynichols http://guntersuniverse.com/ Intro sound clips include: Las Mananitas by Pedro Infante https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1Q6Zg8LPM4 Duck and Cover Nuclear safety alert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKqXu-5jw60 lumi & subsequent - pov (atlas flip) https://soundcloud.com/iamatlas/pov Please support the artists! (Views are my own) Thanks for listening
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:18:29
Welcome to Enter VR! On this episode we are joined by Zhen Cao, a VR investor and UX designer. Here is a snippet of some of the things we discussed 3:00 What does Outpost VC invest on? Intro to Zhen. 5:00 What guides Outpost's investment strategy? 7:00 Microdose VR has killer app potential. Tiltbrush comparison does not match well. 8:00 What sets a company apart from the competition? Tiltbrush and Microdose are both great but they are not the same thing.* 13:30 What makes some companies more easy to invest to than others? "Harnassing human relationships is one of the greatest powers a start up can leverage." 12:00 Why E-sports are interesting to pay attention to for investors? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inke-broadcast-amazing-life/id978985106?mt=8 https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/inke#/entity "E Sports taps into our human need to want to be part of a group" 20:00 China is poised to bring E-sports and VR together. 22:00 The VR industry should take note of the monetization strategies coming out of E sports. 30:00 Will the dominance of vr arcades in China change what kinds content people will buy? 31:00 What is the worst thing you can do in the realm of moneytization? 33:00 How do you end up loosing focus of your initial goals? 35:00 Zhen is looking for the 'prezi' of vr. https://prezi.com/ 37:00 Popular IPs need to come to VR. 44:00 VR and AR will battle for your attention. How does affect investment? 48:00 Will VR adaptations of movies be better than the movies that inspired them? 1:04:00 Sell me VR property in google earth VR. 1:05:00 Zhen's thoughts on the VR AI startups? 1:09:00 Zhen's hope and fears for the future of VR. https://twitter.com/GemInVR http://www.outpostvc.com/ Intro sound clips are from: "World of Tomorrow" By Don Hertzfeldt Worshyper - Dreamt (Hard Comma White Remix) https://soundcloud.com/doandroidsdance/worshyper-dreamt-hard-comma-white-remix Please support the artist! Disclosure. The views expressed in this podcast are my personal opinions. Thanks for listening!
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:28:28
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast. On this episode I'm Joined by the lovely and amazing Erika Barrazas! Here is a snippet of some of the things we talked about: 30: Intro 1:00 Triggered warning: 2016 election recap spoiler alert skip to 1:20:00 to skip the political propaganda commentary comrade. (cue the obligatory masturbation joke) 3:00 Will virtual reality become more or less important in the next 4 years? 6:20 How to create messages that will go outside of affirmation bubbles? 9:50 The future of censorship under a Trump administration. 13:00 How do we defend a dying democracy? 17:00 Poverty is a lot scarier when you know what it can be like. 17:20 Using virtual reality as a petridish to model different political experiments, with the goal to develop better government. 22:40 Fake news is one of the many reasons why the election went a certain way. 24:00 Social media has morphed since it first began. What will VR morph into in the next coming years? Does social media provide potential parallels? 28:00 (insert skin color) power becomes a problem when hateful ideology takes hold of government. Wrestling with the freedom to hate one another. 32:00 The American public is being divided and conquered. Being poor has no skin color requirement and Americans have a lot more common goals than we are led believe. 35:00 Cults of personalities are dangerous. Please do not make this podcast popular. 41:00 Can VR help us solve our crisis of apathy? 43:00 What is the longterm psychological impact of having the "cure for boredom" in our hands? 46:00 Natural vs unnatural interfaces. 48:00 Rough seas ahead. 50:00 Can suicide rates be good metrics on whether a technology is going in the right direction or not? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave 57:00 What does it mean to call yourself a professional? 58:00 "My happy little evil." 1:04:00 Asking for forgiveness can be easier than asking for permission. 1:07:00 Business advice from Erika. 1:10:00 Bad Audio up ahead, sorry! 1:11:00 Education thrives on tools, Google Earth VR is a tool for geography. 1:15:00 This podcast is not a place for political correctness. 1:19:00 The need to start a drone security company. Will drones armies will be used against us? 1:22:00 Cannabis edibles will make VR great again. 1:26:00 Closing thoughts. Thanks again to Erika for being a true scholar and lady of virtual reality. Thank you for listening Stay in touch with Erika with links below: http://evrealities.com/ https://twitter.com/SV_SocEnt The song used in the intro was Smallpools - Karaoke (Manila Killa Remix) Please support the artist! https://soundcloud.com/nickraymondg/smallpools-karaoke-manila-killa-remix-thissongissickcom-premiere-free-download This episode was recorded in November 2016 (Views are my own.)
Feb. 27, 2017 · 01:37:38
Welcome to the Enter VR podcast! This episode features: Android Jones, Anson Phong, Manish Gupta, James Blaha, Jordan Braunstein. Here is a snippet of some of the things we discussed: 20: More housing woes in San Francisco. 2:36 Android Jones saves you from a life of eternal torture. 3:00 Starting an "afterlife ponzi scheme". 4:00 Introductions 6:00 Will teledildonics bring about the end of humanity? 12:00 Can technology satiate our need for love? 16:00 What will be the state of mental health in a ubiquitoes vr future? 18:00 Can a simulation pass a romantic turing test? 19:30 "A neural net that can write and read memory" 22:00 What are the limits of AI? 25:00 "AI is the symbol for the coming of the anti christ. " 35:00 Merging humans with AI? The path towards general intelligence. 40:00 "The biggest humilition to human science that you can think of". 54:00 Robot armies will end all human revolutions. 57:00 Burning Man is a pattern interrupter. 1:03:30 The future of art. 1:15:40 How Android Jones reconciles his relationship with technology and nature. 1:21:00 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toba_catastrophe_theory 1:23:20 We are the last generation of non genetically modified humans. 1:27:00 Profiting off the prevention of suffering. 1:32:00 Crispr coming to a biological 3d printer near you! 1:35:00 A glow in the cris code clone. 1:36:00 Last comments and how to stay in touch. Thanks to Android and Phong for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality! Thanks again to James, Manish and Jordan! All views my own. duh. Connect with Android with the links below: https://twitter.com/microdoseVR http://microdosevr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/microdoseVR/ Intro song by Desiigner. Song is called "Panda" Please support the artist! https://soundcloud.com/lifeofdesiigner/desiigner-panda
Aug. 15, 2016 · 01:52:23
Notes and time stamp: 1:00 Industrial grade robots at the price of a laptop. Dan Corkum joins the show. 2:17 A robot arm you can plug to your wall and run on batteries. Can these robots be programmed with Unity or Unreal? 4:00 "This is going to change robotics". The future of interacting with robots. 5:00 VR and Robotics intersect. 7:20 "Robot get me a sandwich". 8:20 Communicating complicated constructs more intuitively. 11:00 Dull, dirty, dangerous. 13:00 Suffering does not have an inherent value. 14:10 Synthetic leather made from mushrooms. 26:00 Trying to comprehend hate. 33:00 VR and AR will break your mind. Moving the Overton window. 37:00 How to prevent VR affirmation bubbles that are more thick than ever before. 40:00 Moving the Overton window. 44:00 Witnessing the making of the post scarcity economy. 47:00 A realistically terrifying future brought to you by AI. 52:00 Phrenology is making a come back... 55:00 Adding techno magic to racism. 58:00 Will the human species ever conquer racism? 1:04:00 Why would we "need" AI? 1:11:00 ALL mechanics will be out of jobs soon. 1:12:00 Machine vision tries to mimics human vision. 1:21:00 We now have the technologies to build an Utopia. 1:26:00 Will AI designate you're next job based on the needs of the society? 1:29:00 Is AI going to "tame" humans like we tamed the wolf to become the modern dog. 1:32:00 Google "Clathrate gun" 1:38:00 World peace is within reach. 1:39:00 The boundary between mind expansion and brain washing? 1:45: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c2MJ71DEWg 1:48:00 The future can and will be better. Thanks to Dan for being a true scholar and gentleman of the metaverse Follow up with him with the links below: http://www.carbon.ai/ https://twitter.com/carbonrobotics The clip in the intro is from an adult swim commercial. Please support the artist.
Aug. 15, 2016 · 00:59:59
Time stamp and notes: 30:00 Intro 1:00 How has VR changed Cosmo since he began working in the field? 3:00 Why VR appeals to Cosmo. 4:00 Is there something VR will never be able to achieve? 8:00 Will vr porn eclipse all the good VR applications out there to their detriment? 9:00 How do you teach people in VR? How do you know if someone learned what you wanted them to learn? 11:30 Cosmo's tips on getting shit done. 19:00 Does creating VR experiences count as free speech? What are the boundaries of this form of "free speech". 31:00 Teaching kids to eat healthy with augmented reality? 35:00 How good of a simulation will we be able to create? 37:00 Are you addicted to your phone? 39:00 How do you prevent mind prisons? 42:00 Would Pixar branded content conquer the VR market? 45:00 Thoughts on the Vive's sales figures. 49:00 What's the best way to get into VR? 57:00 Cosmos perspective on how the industry has changed. Thanks to Cosmo for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality! Follow up with him with the links below: https://twitter.com/cosmoscharf Anime in the intro is called "Dartanian". Please support the original artist. Thanks for listening Get in touch with Enter VR via twitter: @entervr
Aug. 15, 2016 · 01:14:56
Time stamp and notes: 1:00 Intro 1:30 What does a break up feel like? 3:00 How Charity got involved in VR. 5:00 What is experience? Will we ever find the answers to the Hard problem of consciousness? 13:00 Using VR to develop catharsis? 15:00 How do we visualize emotions in VR? 18:00 Elijah Wood is starting his own VR horror movie company. 20:00 Using simulations to create psychological profiles of all of humanity. 25:00 Anoymously releasing a vr experience that reliably gives people ptsd. 26:30 Can VR empathy get out of hand? 35:00 Education in VR is going to be crazy! 43:00 Don't forget, you can always take the headset off. 47:00 What responsibilities do artists have when working with the VR medium. 49:35 The effects of length of time when trying to deliver a message in VR. 52:00 Can machines replace artists? 56:00 What will the jobs of the future look like? 1:04:00 How would you spend the rest of your life if we had a "Star Trek" future? 1:09:00 Where will VR lead the human species towards? 1:11:00 Read the books: -Wool -The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect 1:12:00 Closing thoughts Thanks to Charity for being a true lady and scholar of virtual reality. Stay in touch with the links below: https://twitter.com/charitylovesvr https://twitter.com/jamesblaha Thanks for listening The song at the intro is called Old days. Link to soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/barongfamily/old-days
Aug. 15, 2016 · 01:05:52
Time stamp and notes: 1:20 "Something like the Singularity is happening". 2:15 What is the Singularity? 4:30 We will become incapable to live without our smartphones. 37 5:37 What is holding back the progress of the technology? 9:12 Humans expect change to be linear. 10:43 Different paths to the singularity. 12:30 How do you get the human species to pay attention to the technological change around us? 15:00 Making humanity proactive about the rise of AI. 16:26 The machine economy is already here and our human systems are not ready for the amount of change this will bring about. 18:00 Technological unemployment is one of the defining issues of this generation. 20:00 Why Marc Andresseen is wrong about the machine economy. 23:00 Programmers will also see their jobs be replaced by software. 26:00 What happens when a sizeable proportion of people can't make a living? 27:00 Revolution is longer possible in the 21st century. 30:30 What will the balance of power look in our life times? 36:00 Creating an open movement that will equalize the balance of power through the acquisition and democratization of exponential tools. 39:00 Go learn Tensorflow! 45:00 Why universal basic income could fail. 49:00 No one has a good answer to the exponential problem of the machine economy. The collapse of human civilization will be caused by our inability to adapt to the machine economy. 53:00 Running out of your government quota of robot anal massages. 56:00 An open initiative to democratize cognitive enhancement. 59:00 What will we you do when computers "wake" up? 1:03:00 Open source AI has fatal vulnerabilities. Thanks to James, Eriks , Maggie and Liz for being scholars, ladies and gentlemen of virtual reality. Follow up with them with the links below: https://twitter.com/jamesblaha https://twitter.com/EriksStrals Song in the intro is by Enya. Please support the artist! Thanks for listening!
Aug. 15, 2016 · 00:58:42
Time stamp and notes: 30: What is VRChive? 2:00 The origins of VRChive. 4:00 A new frontier has opened up. 8:00 What did the first year of the second wave of VR look like? 14:00 Working on VR while living in paradise. 17:30 Imposing your will on your clone. 18:00 Startup founders in VR share their advice on finding a founder. 23:00 The long term vision for VRChive. 27:00 You will be compelled to explore the version of reality you are most familiar with. (360 videos vs. In engine) 33:00 Social VR is where VRChive will shine. 36:00 Making VRChive style 360 gifs. 38:00 What the VRChive team does to relax? 43:00 What not to do when pitching your vr startup. 45:00 Open source vs. walled gardens 51:00 The long road to launch Thanks to Evan and Ka'i for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality! Follow up with them with the links below: https://twitter.com/VRCHIVE http://vrchive.com/ Song in the intro is from the Sleeping Dogs soundtrack.
Aug. 15, 2016 · 02:03:33
Time stamp and notes: Intro: Dealing with wet shoes. 1:00 Japanese people can't handle their expectations about Paris. https://www.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/4a3cce/paris_is_too_dirty_for_the_japanese_tokyo_travel/ 4:00 VR and AR are on the spectrum of mixed reality. AR will integrate itself into your life with useful things. VR will entertain you immersively. 7:00 The conceptual weaknesses of a perfect implementation of AR. 10:00 Using SLAM (simultaneous localization And Mapping) to get positional tracking in AR. 12:30 Why Google Glass was not an AR device. 16:45 What will be the most ideal external input device for AR devices? 20:15 As of the publishing of this podcast AR has become hotter than VR thanks to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is the killer app of AR. 23:00 A stereoscopic webcam view of the world is coming. 24:00 What is a transparent light field display? 27:00 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Mann http://www.laptopmag.com/articles/exclusive-cyborg-steve-mann-on-alleged-mcdonalds-assault 32:00 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lifecasting_(video_stream) 33:00 What is the worst thing you can do with VR? 35:00 Will we us VR for mind reprogramming? Will brain washing with VR become more effective? http://www.channel4.com/programmes/black-mirror/ 36:00 Can you reach a trans state in VR? 38:00 Will you get withdrawal symptoms from being detached to your technology. 39:00 I did not end up using the Unreal Engine. I was worried the stream would break. 39:30 Machine learning and VR have yet to truly intersect. 42:00 Will the Have's trap the Have not's in a reality of their making? 43:00 The Sword Art Online of VR is coming? 45:00 How will machine learning be applied to VR? 46:00 Exponentially accelerated progress. 49:00 Will renewable energy save us? 50:00 Power has been centralizing over time. One day there will be a drone army that won't need anyones consent to do whatever it wants. 53:00 Self improving machine learning algorithms could get out hand? 56:00 How fast is the future approaching? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pq-S557XQU https://www.ted.com/talks/jeremy_howard_the_wonderful_and_terrifying_implications_of_computers_that_can_learn?language=en 58:00 Quad copter taxis will be a thing? 1:02:00 What is the promise of AI? 1:07:00 Will AI replace our scientists? http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26400902-utopia 1:08:00 http://localroger.com/prime-intellect/mopiidx.html 1:11:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRhq-yO1KN8 1:18:00 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6bekli_Tepe 1:21:40 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accelerando How do we retain our human identity? 1:22:00 Can we restart civilization in space? 1:24:00 Will AI help us govern? 1:25:00 https://www.amazon.com/Superintelligence-Dangers-Strategies-Nick-Bostrom/dp/1501227742 1:27:00 Why we party. 1:27:30 Looking back at Alpha Go. 1:30:00 What factions do you align yourself in Fall Out 4? (spoiler alert) 1:33:00 Can AI develop a desire for self determination? 1:35:00 Meat in the petridish is a moral imperative. 1:36:00 The 21st century is about how to go about having our collective cake and eat it without destroying ourselves and the planet. 1:38:00 There is a larger infinite number of simulations than there are infinite real universes. 1:41:00 Rick Sanchez is our idol. 1:41:45 What would you do with your own clone? 1:46:00 The magic of marketing 1:57:00 There are no Vives in Chinese jail. 2:00:00 Closing thoughts. Thanks to Noah and Alpay for being true scholars and gentlemen of the metaverse! Follow up with them with the links below: https://twitter.com/noazark https://twitter.com/alpaykasal Stay in touch via twitter @entervr Thanks for listening. Intro provided by Rick and Morty. Please give the creators of Rick and Morty lots of money.
Aug. 15, 2016 · 00:43:19
Time stamp and notes: 1:30 At the intersection of Hip Hop and Virtual Reality. 3:30 How does the World Cup of Hip Hop work? 8:00 The challenge of telling stories in VR without being gimmicky. 9:40 How to do 360 video documentaries the right way. 12:00 Why use virtual reality to tell underground Hip Hop stories. 21:00 Using virtual reality to supplement art. What will the future hold for the hip hop and virtual reality? 25:00 How will artists make a living with virtual reality? 31:00 Fears and apprehensions about VR as a technology. 36:00 How do we avoid a dystopian future with technology? 37:00 Best ice cream sandwich is the neopolitan. 39:00 L.A has too many good places to eat at. 40:00 Make a cool VR experience and you might just win an EMMY! 41:00 Closing thoughts Thanks to Robinne for being a true scholar and lady of virtual reality! Follow up with what she's up to with the links below: https://twitter.com/robinneb http://www.takebackthemic.com/ https://www.projectgreenlight.com/ Song in the intro by Molotov. Please support the artists! Stay in touch via twitter @entervr Thanks for listening!
Aug. 15, 2016 · 00:58:28
Time stamp and notes: 1:00 The origins of Atom Jay. 3D printing meets VR thanks to Terrence McKenna. 6:00 Personal 3D printing is a volatile landscape 9:00 The implications of 3D printing. The spread of distributed freedom. 11:00 Personal 3D printing will have cultural ramifications. 12:00 How do you start a business around 3d printing? 16:00 The applications that intersect the world of 3D printing with the world of VR. 33:00 Does 3D printing need to become approachable to the average person? 35:00 Terence McKenna spoke about VR extensively. 48:00 What will our future cultural divides look like? Thanks so much to Atom JAay for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality. Find him in VRChat! Thanks for listening! Follow enterVR on twitter for more updates and info. Song in the intro is by Estas Tonne. Please support the artist! https://estastonne.com/
Jan. 11, 2016 · 02:08:20
Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the Enter VR podcast! On this episode I'm joined by my friends Dara Bonakdar, James Blaha, Steve Gehrman and Eric. Come along as we discuss a whole range of topics. Here is snippet of some of the things we talked about : 1:00 Recap of CES. (please don't sue me Christopher Nolan!) 5:00 Quad copter taxis are coming. 9:00 Hunting down drones with drones will become a business. 11:00 Grandmas can't compete with VR porn reactions on youtube. 12:50 It doesn't matter whether this reality is a simulation or not. 16:00 CV2 of the Rift and Vive will have AR capabilities. 20:00 Discussion on the price of the Rift. 48:00 A hand job is still a job. Virtual reality brothels will be a thing one day. 56:00 Which HMD is the most comfortable? 1:02:00 Will Android win the VR race in the long run? 1:13:00 Get ready for the self driving car economy. 1:43:00 The hidden reason why Foveated rendering is important. Thanks to Steve, Erick, Dara and James for being true scholars and gentlemen of virtual reality and thank you for listening! Follow up with the links below: https://twitter.com/jamesblaha http://seevividly.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/darabonakdar [email protected] http://tentonraygun.com/ http://distantfutu.re/ [email protected]
Jan. 11, 2016 · 01:02:46
Hello and welcome to another installment of the Enter VR podcast! On this episode I speak with Orion Bukantis from Logical Increments about getting the PC hardware necessary to run good VR this year. Let's get educated! Big thanks to Orion for being a true scholar and gentleman of virtual reality and thank you for listening! Keep in touch Orion with the links below: http://www.logicalincrements.com/articles/vrguide/ [email protected] https://twitter.com/logicalinc