Okotoks Evangelical Free Church - Audio Sermons

Okotoks Evangelical Free Church - Audio Sermons
By Okotoks Evangelical Free Church
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Okotoks Evangelical Free Church, located in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada is dedicated to accurately preaching God's Word. Throughout the year we go through various series based on the exegetical style of preaching.
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Nov. 19, 2017
Our "instant society" challenges our ability to identify with an eternal God. Most importantly, it alters our prayer life and expectations of God's work in our life and in the church. Rob will show us how grasping God's eternal nature should fill us with wonder, empower us into courageous action, and foster a spirit of patient endurance. Special Guest Speakers Rob and Fran Parker are the founders and directors of the National House of Prayer in Ottawa. Following Rob's 73-day Prayer Walk from Calgary to Ottawa, they relocated to the capital in 2004 to establish a ministry that would mobilize prayer for government. Rob is originally from Victoria, BC and worked as a paramedic in both the Canadian Arctic and the Saharan desert before studying at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland and returning to pastor a church in his home city. Fran was born in Calgary but raised in Cape Breton. She served in the health care field, while working alongside her husband with the Baptist congregation in Vernon, BC. Thousands of Christian believers have come to pray in the halls of government through the ministry of the National House of Prayer. Rob offers practical insight and important information to equip and encourage Christians to pray for their nation and to respond to current events in prayer.
Nov. 12, 2017
Oct. 8, 2017
Oct. 1, 2017
Sept. 24, 2017
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