Never Ever Give Up Hope
By Carol Graham
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Do you want to succeed? Need to be inspired? Want to be a victor instead of a victim? Are you looking for coping mechanisms? This show shares stories of everyday people who refused to give up hope in the middle of insurmountable circumstances; people who have transformed their lives and want to give you their secrets of success. Their message is one of hope, encouragement, laughter and inspiration. No subject is off limits, i.e. abuse, failure, health issues, depression, coping with stress.
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Sept. 20, 2017 · 00:43:02
Madhura is a passionate coach, speaker and author who has made it her mission to help people identify their natural talents, ignite their inner potential and start living the life they were destined to live.   Madhura overcame severe depression, being abused as a young girl, and being kicked out of university.  At 25 years old, Madhura was told she would never walk again without the use of a cane and pain medications.   She was able to pick herself up and turn her life towards a positive direction with a passion to help others who have to overcome trauma and major obstacles.     As a coach, Madhura utilizes a holistic, growth centered approach to life, her business and with her clients. She maximizes the capacity for individual transformation, by teaching solopreneurs how to expand their mindset, breakthrough limiting beliefs, and overcome fears in order to create success in all aspects of their lives. If you have been struggling with any of the following, Madhura can help you:   Working to grow your business or looking for that breakthrough to help you take your business to new heights Struggling with your marketing strategy or online presence Struggling with your success mindset       Her book was written with the soul purpose of showing that no matter what obstacles you encounter, it is easier than you think to live the live of your dreams.  It will give you the tools to move yourself away from the sidelines and be the star player in your AMAZING life!
Sept. 14, 2017 · 00:32:55
Awilda Rivera is a result oriented Success Coach who has dedicated her life to helping others succeed.  Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Career Professional, or Small Business Owner  - Awilda has the tools to assist you in making the progress you desire. The Success Conversion coaching method is centered on creating measurable results. As a Certified Success Conversion Coach, Awilda uses a step by step process to help clients realize their intentions & efficiently accomplish their objectives. This is a goal oriented coaching style where the primary focus is on helping the client develop workable strategies that will enable them to take the action necessary to achieve their desired outcome. As well as the adversity and common pitfalls that many business owners and entrepreneurs face. I have learned that career professionals also encounter many of the same obstacles as they work to excel in their chosen fields; i.e. self-doubt, trouble with strategic planning, motivation, & execution. is a full-service site dedicated to helping individuals find the assistance they need to achieve their fullest potential. As a resource site, Awilda offers a knowledge share page and free downloadable worksheets & checklists. The Success Suite for Entrepreneurs & Career Professionals to come together to receive the support, empowerment and help you need to succeed! Learn tips and tools to make your journey to success easier, while in the company of like minded people who can relate to your struggles. Listen to her interview to hear about the tools, helps, and inspiration she offers for you to become successful.  
Aug. 23, 2017 · 00:36:26
Qiana Hicks is a mother, a college graduate, a career professional, and an author. Her parents were drug and alcohol addicts, and her father spent most of Qiana's youth in prison.  She has an MBA with a specialization in finance and is now managing a team of IT resources for a pharmaceutical management company in Minneapolis. Although her life can be categorized as that of a disadvantaged childhood, due to her mother’s substance abuse problems, her biological father’s absence, and her stepfather’s alcohol and drug addictions, she survived a tumultuous youth. Qiana and her siblings suffered from many forms of abuse, neglect, and poverty and had to raise themselves. At age 15, Qiana became an adolescent-parent.  But she worked tirelessly to overcome the challenges of her past and positioned herself to face the obstacles of the future. She finished high school on time, then enrolled in college immediately after graduation, and raised her son while pursuing a college degree and building a career.  Qiana REFUSED to allow her past to determine who and what she would become.  She used her experiences as opportunities and lessons for her future, making her wiser and stronger. "We don’t get to totally choose what happens to us in life, but we can choose whether we allow such circumstances to make or break us.”–Qiana HicksOur experiences are opportunities to learn from and to create a better future for ourselves. I know first-hand how to create something out of nothing.”–Qiana Hicks, MBA This is one challenging, compelling, and often heart-wrenching interview you do NOT want to miss.  Her mission is to share how anyone can use their past to build a strong future.
Aug. 9, 2017 · 00:33:13
Beverly Walthour, the owner of BCW Business Ventures, is a Business Strategist for women who work full-time and have an online business - or want to start one.  She has inspired hundreds of passionate women to confidently build their online business.  Beverly is a co-author of the book, Tying the Knot Between Ministry and the Marketplace, and is an award-winning educator.   During her interview, Beverly shares the fears and obstacles we often face when we want to venture out of our comfort zone and start our own business. Beverly can help you overcome each of these hurdles and become the success you want to be. She shares how visualization can help you program your day - and then watch yourself fulfill it. Every day she asks herself two questions that guarantee she will accomplish her goals for the day. They are: "Who can I serve today?" "Where can I make a positive impact today?"   Beverly Walthour is inspiring, challenging and motivating in her interview.  There are tips you will want to implement into your new online career.  Beverly's excitement is contagious:  
Aug. 2, 2017 · 00:23:31
Gloria Raynor is a woman with a heart full of compassion to reach hurting hearts. She understands her mission which is reaching out to people who are broken, sick or abandoned. Gloria Raynor, of Hearting Hearts, reaches out through the visionary eyes of God’s mandate to bring healing to broken hearts.  Her passion is to see people healed, delivered, and set free from their bondages. It is her heart’s desire that through the ministry, Hurting Heart this Hour, men and women who are an emotional disaster or have physical or emotional disabilities will receive healing and start living again. She is presently working on a book entitled the Bad Boys and Girls of the Bible and also Virtuous Women, which is a poetry and devotional inspirational book. You will enjoy her interview where she shares stepping stones to help change your attitude about yourself and began building a more positive you.  She also shares what to do about negative energy that may be controlling your life. Refuse to accept someone's  negative view of who you are! Gloria's interview will lift your spirits:
July 26, 2017 · 00:48:13
Stephen Scoggins has been referred to as an empowering communicator who educates audiences on how to heal from their past, grow where they are planted, then goes out to help others do the same.   Coming from a broken home led him into a life full of failures and disappointments.  With minimal income coming in for his family, he was forced to drop out of high school and go to work -- just to keep the electricity turned on. Roaches and Ramen noodles were Stephen's family's normal R & R time. After training for a year for the U. S. military only to be rejected by circumstances never foreseen, he hit bottom.  Taking off his shoes, climbing over the railing of an overpass, he attempted to do a nosedive into oncoming rush hour traffic. But at the last moment, he made a phone call to someone who spoke 11 words to him that changed his life forever. As a homeless man, dumpster diving for food, Stephen birthed a business, Custom Home Interiors, which is now a multi-million dollar company, located in multiple states employing over 400 team members. So.....What is the Difference Between a Rich Man and a Poor Man?   The way he thinks Stephen also states:  There is no such thing as failure -- only learning. As a renowned speaker,  Stephen's dynamic 'edge of your seat' delivery has given him the honor to share this incredible message of hope with organizations such as: The United States Air Force USO of North Carolina American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Step Up Ministries WNCN News Station (NBC Affiliate) A variety of podcasts, shows, and business associations Stephen is a member of the John Maxwell Coaching team and a recipient of Dave Ramsey's 'Momentum Theorem' award. As you listen to Stephen's interview, I guarantee you will be sitting on the edge of your seat and will definitely want/need to listen to this podcast more than once. What Stephen offers can change your life forever -- share it with anyone who is looking for a transformation to a better life. Stephen shares so many tidbits of knowledge and experience that will encourage you tremendously. 
July 19, 2017 · 00:40:56
Aimee C. Teesdale is a life coach and public speaker with 28 years experience in psychology and personal development. Aimee helps ambitious men and women who are holding themselves back, not achieving all they could be, and tired of being stuck with mediocre. She enables them to get past their barriers, become the person they want to be, and start living a great life they love. Aimee created The Love Life Plan as a way of helping her to design a life that she would love. The plan and questions included have helped her to make that life come true. She now uses the same methodology with her clients to help them do the same.    
July 12, 2017 · 00:37:03
A uniquely qualified professional speaker and consultant, AnnetteReeder is a Nutritionist and graduate of Biblical Studies.  She founded Designed Healthy Living, Design Publishing and now Flavor of Grace Ministry. Annette is the author of six books including Treasure of Health Nutrition Manual, Healthy Treasures Cookbook, and Baking with Whole Grain Goodness. In her interview, Annette shared how many people live two lives.  They eat one way in front of others and then eat in secret and feel guilty.  This roller coaster can cause depression and extreme anxiety.  When you think of yourself as depressed, stressed, TIRED, or 'fat', it creates an unhealthy picture of yourself -- but that can be changed! After years of dealing with the guilt, shame and being overweight, Annette hit bottom.  She had to make some changes as she was of little value to her family as her health was rapidly declining.  She took control and now can help others in the same vicious cycle. If you want to feel better, have a better sense of well-being and get healthy, don't miss any part of Annette's interview:    
July 5, 2017 · 00:31:41
Daniel Ameduri is a self-made millionaire, the founder of Future Money Trends and the proud father of three. After pursuing his dreams, Daniel did not lose hope when his world, as he knew it, collapsed. In this interview, Daniel shares his story of how he turned that around.  It is now his mission to teach everyone how they can too.   In his stimulating, encouraging and informative interview, we can each glean wisdom and tips into improving our own financial world.  Daniel's goal is to help us become financially free.   Daniel offers a FREE WEEKLY NEWSLETTER to   Get Wealthier Every Day: Income, Stocks, Gold, & Market Updates  
June 28, 2017 · 00:40:05
Janet Bonnin of Fine-Tuned Families is an Accredited Life Coach and Parenting Educator.  Among her many credits, she is the creator of The Fine-Tuned Family Cycle and has a growing YouTube Audio and Video Podcast Series called “Wise Parents, Wise Kids.”   Since 2001, Janet has helped busy parents reduce stress and discord, and achieve more peaceful, happy and thriving family lives. She helps parents focus on what matters most, and coaches them on closing gaps between where they are AND where they want to be.   Janet shared several tips regarding communication within our families.  One of them is to create a code word for "help."  It is a word that your kids can use to let you know they need you - NOW. Dropping everything and helping them when they need it speaks volumes to them - it gives them the security they need knowing that you are there for them.   You won't want to miss Janet's compelling interview and also to hear her story of her son.  He was in a near fatal car accident and through sheer determination was able to recover remarkedly well.  This was a pivotal time in Janet's life when she realized how important communication was and how she could help other families through times of extreme stress.  
June 17, 2017 · 00:39:27
Cynthia Mazzaferro is a Motivational Speaker, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, a retired physical therapist of over 30 years where she taught individuals on injury and stress reduction and runs a variety of workshops and seminars utilizing many life-changing techniques.  Cindy's passion is to assist people in their personal growth, health, and purpose. During Cindy's interview, she shared her own experiences of abandonment, lack of self-love, fear, loneliness, and despair.  Yet she is now living a life that is miraculous, happy, healthy and filled with joy, passion, and authenticity.   Cindy offers many tools to help you experience the same positives in your life which are shared in her book.  She also offers her services as coach and mentor. You will enjoy her upbeat, enthusiastic interview: 
June 10, 2017 · 00:57:25
Angela Rushing is a world traveler, adventurer, trust and freedom seeker, health and fitness enthusiast, animal advocate, and author. After a successful career in the beauty industry as a top hairstylist in Los Angeles, it looked like I had it made, although my life felt empty and incomplete, unfulfilled and deeply depressed. Having grown up as the only child in an alcoholic family, I self-medicated well into my thirties and forties to numb the pain of my childhood and adolescence. I finally reached a point where I knew I had to make a significant change and find real meaning in my life, or I would likely die. Her message rings true: You can't overcome obstacles in your life while in 'victimhood.' My book is called The Birth Mother Roller Coaster: Navigating through guilt and fear and arriving at self-love and completion. It is an account of how I became a birth mother. I share my lonely childhood growing up in an alcoholic household, my teenage and young adult years of depression and my own drug and alcohol use. I knew my experience leading up to my adoption/placement and the feelings that came with that must be shared with the world. Still today, adoption and specifically, the role of the birth mother is still such a taboo subject and so rarely discussed. The fact that there is so much shame around the birth mother that there is little opportunity for her to experience healing, or to even realize that healing is a real possibility. Shame doesn’t allow for healing, in fact, it lives in some of us for our entire lives, preventing intimacy and closeness with friends and partners. Often, birth moms are so filled with shame and self-hatred that they never feel they deserve to feel happy. They may become addicts, criminals or commit suicide. There are so many adoptees who excitedly search for their birth parents, to have their hopes and dreams shattered (again) because often the birth mom has never healed, never given herself the chance to reconcile her shame, never had a support system. Consequently, she shows up deeply damaged and incapable of having a healthy functioning relationship with this child who so desperately wants to connect with his or her biological parent. This often results in the devastation of the adoptee being “rejected” a second time. Angela is also involved with an organization to help our four-legged friends. This speaks volumes as to who Angela and her friends are! Helping those who cannot help themselves. Here is the link to check them out and help our precious furry friends from literally, becoming dog meat. Animal Hope and Wellness Whether you are a birth mother or an adoptive mother, Angela has the insight to help you work through all the emotions surrounding that decision. Her interview will grip your heart whether you are a mom or not. You don't want to miss this interview:
June 3, 2017 · 00:46:03
Crystal Olguín Duffy is a former high school teacher and consultant who is now an author, essayist and stay-at-home mom to three little girls including a set of identical twins. Her essays on parenting have appeared in Twins Magazine, You & Me Medical Magazine, Mamapedia and she is a contributing writer for Twiniversity, an online support network for parents of multiples. Her Memoir, Twin to Twin, is her first book and was written during the span of 1,000 naps. She hopes that her story inspires men and women to have the strength and courage to stay positive and move forward through any type of adversity.   After two miscarriages, Crystal was ecstatic to hear that she was having twins until.....the doctors told her they may not survive and their condition was extremely rare. As you listen to her story, you will be holding your breath wondering if she or the babies will make it through this ordeal.  Every moment is an eternity as Crystal is waiting for her unborn children to arrive and questioning what else could possibly go wrong.
May 31, 2017 · 00:45:33
Becki Reiser is an author of Through My Tears - Awash in Forgiveness.  Becki has lived through the worst nightmare a parent could ever have -- her daughter was murdered.  But that is not the whole story - what happened after the murder is nothing short of a miracle. The book opens with the night of the murder and the dreaded knock at the Reisers’ door. One of the author's young sons went to the door, saw the police officer, and, too shocked to do much else, went to wake his parents. From that moment on, nothing would ever be the same for the author and her family. In fact, nothing would ever be the same for the officers, doctors, friends, family, and the Reisers’ hometown. What follows is a detailed account from eyewitnesses, officers, and the author of what it was like to discover that a missing daughter was actually a murdered daughter. The remarkable aspect of Through My Tears is the intrepid bravery of Becki Reiser and the instant and assured assertion that the murderer was forgiven. The forgiveness soothed ragged hearts and offered solace and strength.
May 27, 2017 · 00:36:52
Keri Fulmore is a Medical Intuitive who helps people connect to the root of their health and emotional blockages. Keri uses a blend of medical intuition, functional medicine, and nutrition to connect with her clients.     Five years ago, Keri was bedridden with a big health crisis of body-wide nerve pain that attacked her overnight. I could barely get out of bed, let alone take care of my children.  It was one of the darkest storms of my life.    I went through a lot of hopelessness in my health storm.  The pain I had in my body was a 10 out of 10.  Everything I did, required fighting back tears.  I remember lying in bed, the pain burning me like battery acid on my nerves, feeling exhausted, crying from the depths of my soul for help.  Praying for help.  I also remember feeling like there was no way out. That my prayers were not heard.  Medically, there was nothing wrong with me.  I often wondered how I could even get better if I didn’t know what was wrong.  I reached moments in the pain where I wished it could all be over.  I prayed for God to take me home, or show me a way.  I had reached my rock bottom.  Then she found a way.   Keri has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated with a diploma in Acupuncture in 2004 from the Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology. At the same time, she studied Herbalism from the Wild Rose College in Alberta. She also studied Nutrition through the Alive Academy and Functional Medicine with the Functional Medicine University and is now a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner.     In Keri's interview, she offers simple tools on how to take control of your health and give you a light to hold onto in the darkness.  
May 17, 2017 · 00:44:02
Deborah Malone’s first novel Death in Dahlonega, finalized in the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Category Five writing contest! Deborah was nominated for the 2012 and 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award in the novel category. She has worked as a freelance writer and photographer, for the historic magazine Georgia Backroads. She has had many articles and photographs published, and her writing has been featured in the Tales of the Rails, edited by Olin Jackson as well as the Christian Communicator and Southern Writers Magazine. She is a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association, Advanced Writer’s Association, and American Christian Fiction Writers. As successful as Deborah has been as a writer, she has had more than her share of overwhelming circumstances. In her interview, she shares how to work towards your goals even in the midst of challenging life circumstances. Her daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor at three years old.  Her surgery, together with radiation and meningitis, left her severely disabled.  Deborah's daughter is now 39 years old and Deborah cared for her through her own abusive marriage of 26 years. Deborah understands the strength of the human spirit. She also understands the need to push past your pain and do what you love to do. Deborah is an avid storyteller.  Listening to her interview, you will be anxious to find out what happens next.      
May 13, 2017 · 00:43:14
Two months shy of her third birthday, Susan Goudy was sexually abused by a sixteen-year-old neighbor. Although she unconsciously buried this horrific experience deep within herself, the deep-rooted fear that resulted continued to influence her decisions, happiness, relationships, health, and more for many years.  Susan Goudy earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in social work from Arizona State University. With a strong background in psychology, counseling, and social work, as well as certifications in neuro-physical reprogramming, bio-energetic synchronization technique, and psychological kinesiology (Psych-K), Susan works to heal physical as well as deep-rooted emotional issues. Her many years of experience are featured in her writing. In The Journey from Fear to Love Is Shorter Than You Think, Goudy describes the awakening into a life that finally freed her from the mental, physical, and spiritual chains of her past. Her memoir is sprinkled with self-help tips that will give readers the tools they need to get “present and focused” and to take an honest look at what they are or are not doing to create the lives they currently live.  Susan knows from firsthand experience that living in the shadow of your past can cause you to forget that you have the power to take charge of your life. No matter what may or may not lie in your own past, let Susan Goudy help you become more awake, aware, clear, and empowered. It’s time to stop being a victim and to leave excuses behind. It’s time to realize just how powerful and wonderful you are, have been, and will always be!
May 10, 2017 · 00:29:48
Cynthia Simmons, a Chattanooga native, is an author of three books including a historical novel, Pursuing Gold which is a story written about Chattanooga, Tennessee during the Civil War.    Cynthia hosts her own radio talk show, Heart of the Matter.  She also writes for Leading Hearts Magazine and has served as resident of Christian Authors Guild and co-founded Homeschool Answers.   Cynthia homeschooled all five of her children from grade one THROUGH high school. During her interview, she shared a dark time in her life when a series of extreme circumstances bombarded her.  For one, her husband contracted a life-threatening brain infection and required 24/7 care for years.  Cynthia shares how she never gave up when many negative situations hit her at the same time. You will appreciate Cynthia's passion and excitement in her interview Her novel, based on historical fact is entitled Pursuing Gold  --  If you are a history buff you will love it. 
May 3, 2017 · 00:36:42
Kathleen Pooler spent the first 18 years of her life in a loving, supportive family. The next 25 years were engulfed in the abyss of two abusive marriages. Pooler rescued herself and is now dedicated to helping other women (and men) do the same. She hopes to help others find their inner strength through sharing her hard-earned lessons in her new memoir.  In addition to dealing with her two failed marriages, she was diagnosed with cancer and her son was abusing drugs. Hope is often the only thing between you and the abyss She sums up her message in these seven tips:  A loving family, solid career and a strong faith foundation do not guarantee a problem-free life. We all have everything we need within, but we need to claim and honor our own inner strength to get the life we want and deserve. Abuse, in any form, is harmful. Emotional abuse may not cause direct physical harm, but it can be damaging to your mind and your spirit. The very things you think are holding you back from having the life you want can serve to help you find your way to freedom. Hope matters, ven when all seems hopeless in the moment. Give yourself permission to GRIEVE!   Nothing can rescue you until...  you decide to rescue yourself In Kathleen's second interview she shared the story of her son's drug addiction in her soon to be released: On the Edge of Hope:  A Mother's Journey Through Her Son's Addiction.  She gives coping tips on how to deal with your child's addiction and how to find your joy and gratitude through a situation that, at one time, seemed hopeless.
April 26, 2017 · 00:34:20
Kristen Harper is a speaker, entrepreneur, and health and wellness expert.   Kristen has a unique connection with her audience that derives from her own personal journey towards wellness and happiness.  Before becoming a success, Kristen struggled with health issues and an eating disorder.  Kristen founded her company Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC in 2009, with the goal to help people all around the world become healthy.  She is a certified Nutrition Consultant, in addition to holding a Master of Administration, with an emphasis in Health Promotion, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. She is presently studying to become a Registered Dietitian. Kristen Harper is a Health and Wellness Speaker.  She inspires audiences to keep Healthy, Happy, and Motivated!  Kristen Harper is the Founder of Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC   Her company provides Hair Analysis and Increase Your Vitality Programs to clients worldwide to balance body chemistry naturally.   Kristen's interview will stimulate you to take charge of your health