New Age Spirituality

New Age Spirituality
By Marissa Newman
About this podcast
Discussion of the following New Age Concepts: Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Divination and Feng Shui. The following Religious Paths will be discussed as well Wicca, Paganism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Artwork by Pagan and Proud Of It This Podcast was created using

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Latest episodes
Feb. 26, 2008
Learn how to work with the protective energies of a selection of Dark Goddesses to respond to negative situations.
Feb. 25, 2008
Learn how the Ancient Egyptians used magic and symbolism in their religious practices...and how a "bug" became a sacred image.
Jan. 28, 2008
Upright, reversal and symbolism of the Strength tarot card as seen by various artists.
Jan. 18, 2008
Learn how botanicals from nature can improve your mind, body and spirit wellness. Future podcasts will focus on a variety of botanicals that are helpful for chronic conditions.
Jan. 13, 2008
Learn about the history of Reiki and how to become a Reiki Master.
Jan. 12, 2008
Upright, reversal and symbolism of The Chariot tarot card as seen by various artists.
Jan. 6, 2008
Learn how the healing properties of plants and other herbs can help you to maintain the health of yourself and your family.
Jan. 6, 2008
Learn how understanding the aspects in your chart can help you to optimize the interaction between you and others in your relationships.
Dec. 11, 2007
Learn how Astrology can help you understand the relationships between you and others. This podcast focuses on Romantic Relationships.
Nov. 26, 2007
Upright, reversal and symbolism of The Lovers tarot card as seen by various artists.
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