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A little "extra" for your listening pleasure.
Latest episodes
Nov. 22, 2017
Episode 329 with Greg, Paul and Daniel.
Nov. 15, 2017
Episode 328: Jeff sits down with Phil in this nobodies series, a special of the extra podcast where we interview some ordinary people with a story.
Nov. 8, 2017
Episode 327 with Andy, Paul and Daniel. Stranger Things Banana Bread Barb Alcohol Marijuana Head knowledge/Heart Knowledge
Nov. 1, 2017
Episode 326 with Greg, Jon and Daniel. Reformation 500 Victory over Sin Church Laity Paper vs Electronic Bibles
Oct. 24, 2017
Episode 325 with Greg, Jon and Daniel. Mission Campus Podcast Archive “Jesus Died for you” A Chat about Vegans
Oct. 18, 2017
Episode 324 with Jeff, Andy and Daniel. Podcast Discipline Northview Culture The law
Oct. 10, 2017
Episode 323 with Jeff, Greg and Daniel. Thanksgiving Celebrities, death, and their lifestyle Celebrity Pastors?  Should we use our influence How do we engage social media?
Oct. 3, 2017
Episode 322 with Jeff, Daniel and …. Jonathan. Sunday Morning Routine Problem of Evil How free from sin are we?
Sept. 26, 2017
Episode 321 with Andy, Paul and Daniel The Human Project Video Games NFL and Protests Dehumanization
Sept. 19, 2017
Episode 320 with Jeff, Greg and Daniel topics include: Radio Voices and Comfort Foods Romans 5 Salvation and Babies Preview of Romans 6-8 Good Radio The Human Project
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