Somehow Inevitable

Somehow Inevitable
By Earnest Labs
About this podcast
We take a look at some of the unstoppable, but sometimes unseen, forces at work in our society. By making sense of advances in technology, investigating the things we could easily take for granted and uncovering fascinating human stories, we’ll be seeking inspiration in some unlikely places.
Latest episodes
April 11, 2017
In episode two, we're diving into the fast-moving world of chatbots. Will this talkative new technology bring humans closer together or pull us further apart? We grab a pint with Ben Tossell, co-founder of Botlist and Community Lead at Product Hunt, and speak with Eugene Bann, founder and CTO at San Franciso-based mental health chatbot-builders, X2AI. We’re also attempting a (world first?) interview with Microsoft’s latest artificial intelligence chatbot, Zo.
Feb. 27, 2017
In our first episode, we look at how technology can be used by businesses to do good in the world, simply by encouraging subtle changes to customer behaviour. We speak to the co-founder of Tap to Give and Lunchbox about feeding schoolchildren in the developing world, and Nikki Maksimovic from Berlin-based search engine, Ecosia. They’ve found a way to use online advertising to plant trees.
July 27, 2015
In July we gathered in a pub to answer questions, talk tech and raise money for charity. Here's what happened.
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