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July 19, 2017 · 00:25:11
It’s great to be back after what has felt like much longer than four weeks. I feel like I haven’t lost a step. As per last week’s post I truly am thankful for the outpouring of emails, calls and texts I received. There were simply too many to respond to. As we head into the back end of July things are starting to settle down a bit which is a welcome state to be in and I even have a vacation planned for the first week of August with my family I’m looking forward to. With the start of August also means the Chicago Elevator Golf Outing is fast approaching. If you like or love to golf come out and join us for a day of fun and new this year is a competition where your foursome might just be crowned the Chicago Elevator Open Champions of 2017. Get your registrations in today for golf stay for dinner and enjoy the legendary raffle at night. News/Article Links: Man, woman use baby to rob victim in hotel elevator Changes to ASME for Residential Code Assistive stairs for the home? New devices sanitize escalator handrails Five injured in separate freak elevator accidents - NY Police investigate after child falls from escalator Escalators are NOT to be played with Elderly should not be using escalators Mall accepts part blame for tragedy – China Man falls down elevator shaft in LA – Never try to get out! NY City offers chance to register illegal private elevators Restoration could provide Porter Hardware with oldest working elevator Those crazy Australians Stalled elevator passed most recent inspections Otis outgrowing its Florence facility Elevator opereator’s special relationships Historic Murphy Elevator sign to be relit after 60 years Teen dies after falling down elevator shaft CEA Golf Outing August 4th Elderly man on escalator helped by young man 0 Likes Share Older Post Next Show 7/19/17 ANDROID LINK BLUBRRY CHANNEL ITUNES LINK YOUTUBE CHANNEL ONLINE STORE SUBSCRIBE Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates whenever news happens or a show is uploaded! Email Address SIGN UP We respect your privacy and will NEVER share or sell your information. At
June 14, 2017 · 00:20:25
It’s off to the University of Virginia next week for the fast approaching Elevator U Conference which is one of my favorite of the year. I’m looking forward to it and seeing so many of you who listen and support the show. This week is pretty short with less content which is nice to see. It means we’re doing our job to ensure equipment is safe and the news media doesn’t latch on to stories that don’t tell the whole story. Congratulations to Bobby Schaefer for being honored at the Pop Joe Memorial Golf outing on Tuesday.
June 7, 2017 · 00:22:15
It’s as if the international community exploded with accidents and injuries this past week which were a bit on the concerning side. It makes you realize that other countries around the world struggle with safety as it relates to elevators and escalators.  And while I personally believe here in the US we take safety very seriously with our standards and codes there’s always room for improvement obviously after listening to individuals and presenters at the Elevator Safety Summit.  I sure hope next week’s show is not filled with similar ones.
June 7, 2017 · 00:22:15
It’s as if the international community exploded with accidents and injuries this past week which were a bit on the concerning side. It makes you realize that other countries around the world struggle with safety as it relates to elevators and escalators.  And while I personally believe here in the US we take safety very seriously with our standards and codes there’s always room for improvement obviously after listening to individuals and presenters at the Elevator Safety Summit.  I sure hope next week’s show is not filled with similar ones.
May 31, 2017 · 00:38:54
I was truly honored and humbled to have been part of the first ever Elevator Safety Summit. I’d like to thank Bob Shepherd, Emerald McGehee, Felicity Wilkinson, Jack Day for putting together an event that did nothing but talk about how to make the work place a safer one.  Dave Turner did an excellent job introducing the presenters and it was truly refreshing to see something like this focus entirely on safety.  It also was the perfect way to honor the memory and passion of Bob Caporale Sr who did everything he could to promote our industry and make it safer.  His loss has created a hole which will be difficult to fill for so many of us.  I could feel Bob’s spirit last week in so many of you whom I spoke with.  At the close of the summit task groups were formed to focus specifically on safe working practices in a variety of high risk work related areas.  What started out as an idea became a reality last week, one that I personally hope leads to zero fatalities as well as injuries in and around the equipment we work on.  Congratulations Bob Shepherd on putting together a first class event.  Thank you for including me, I look forward to the work that completed to make our workforce safer. I also want to thank so many of you who stopped me to say hi. I appreciate it and it’s you that keep me going each week.  Stay “Safety Pinned” everyone. News/Article Links: How elevator mechanic became Canada’s hottest job Elevators in Canada in the news again Elderly woman mugged in elevator Jury awards $ to woman injured in elevator Anger rising as broken elevator strands residents    Escalator accident in MN EESF anyone?   What is it with China videos? BART’s broken down escalators The art of perception   State encounters conflicting information regarding above incident 14 people rescued in elevator – Atlantic City Elevator set on fire    Look to classic comedy for elevator guidelines 14 Year old fell into elevator shaft Woman injured by faulty escalator? Administrative action taken in escalator incident   CEA June Newsletter Published Stranded on escalator suit filed Two people stuck on an escalator Elevator U Conference
May 17, 2017 · 00:24:10
Today’s show is a smooth one. Next week is the Elevator Safety Summit and you’ll find the agenda and packet for the event. I’m really looking forward to it and meeting many people whom I’ve never met before.  This is the first type of event of its kind and I have to tip my hat to the man behind the idea for such a conference.  Coming from the field Bob Shepherd understands how important safety is and has put a lot on the line in bringing us all together to talk about and come up with ideas and strategies to prevent accidents from happening.  He’s been promoting this event tirelessly for the last year and I personally admire him for that. I cannot wait for it to start and am honored to be a part of it.
May 10, 2017 · 00:30:37
It’s a heavier show than last week as we lead with an article that reports an 8 year old was killed in a home elevator accident. These accidents simply tear me up inside to no avail and as a father I can’t imagine ever having to go through the loss of one of your kids. If you have a client who has a home elevator please share the information that’s provided on the EESF website with any client of yours. I never want to read about an accident like this again. In addition the second article talks about the inspections in San Francisco which I provide some additional questions I wish the media would ask. It was nice to see Michael Fagan sharing his expertise which he did nicely on the segment. More commentary will be included in the show today.
May 3, 2017 · 00:22:49
I had a great time at the IAEC Conference last week and it was great to see and talk with vendors, consultants and contractors. It was an extremely productive week, the presentations excellent and I was impressed with the direction they are heading. As with any conference like this it provided some insight I would not have known had I not attended. Next up on the travel schedule the Elevator Safety Summit which I can’t wait to attend and present at. Elevator Safety Summit Links May 21-23 – Phoenix, AZ Sponsorship/Registration Event Link Sponsorship/Registration Event Packet Link (.pdf) News/Article Links: Construction worker falls down elevator shaft Two hurt in escalator mishap at WTC Oculus Retirement home receives donation for elevator CEA Scholarship Fundraiser Escalator maintenance mess at MTA – Scott Stringer notes Construction worker falls down shaft Broken elevator strands disabled senior citizens China: Mother saves boy trapped in escalator Man falls over side of escalator Elevator Etiquette Residents welcome long delayed elevator at Briarwood India: Elevator plunges to lower basement Man identified in lift fatality Microsoft sports some cool gamer elevator door skins
April 19, 2017 · 00:28:09
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April 12, 2017 · 00:26:17
I’d like to thank so many of you who sent well wishes for my mom as well as simply thought about her last week. She’s home and getting stronger each and every day and I appreciate every one of you who kept her in your thoughts. Check your calendars as we’ve got a few events fast approaching. If you haven’t already sent in your registration/sponsorship please consider supporting them with your attendance and/or sponsorship. Elevator Safety Summit Links May 21-23 – Phoenix, AZ Sponsorship/Registration Event Link Sponsorship/Registration Event Packet Link (.pdf) News/Article Links: Mom wants answers after toddler gets stuck in elevator The Ups and Downs of Elevator Ownership The importance of elevators in universal housing Rights groups sue BART over ‘filthy’ elevators, broken escalators BART Elevators get mixed grades in Chronicle smell check Elevator repairman punched Grandma looses balance on escalator falls while holding grandson Legislation to improve elevator safety in public housing proposed Why you shouldn’t walk on escalators? Bracing for lien times Someone needs to take a happy pill 17-month-old boy seriously injured in airport escalator accident Boy dies in elevator accident: Israel IAEC Conference in two weeks CEA Scholarship Fundraiser
March 29, 2017 · 00:33:49
I had a great time interviewing Bob Shepherd last week and will continue to promote and support the Elevator Safety Summit. If it creates another avenue to keep our mechanics safe I’ll support it forever. On this week’s show the big article had to do with what to do if an escalator malfunctions. I hope that my commentary sums up my disappointment in the reporters spin on it. I can honestly tell you how little faith I have in the general media and their inability to do the right thing in how they create safety pieces like this.
March 22, 2017 · 00:42:24
On the show today I share an interview I had with Bob Shepherd last night.  Bob is the Executive Director of NAESA International and man dedicated putting together an event that focuses solely on safety in our industry.  The selfless idea and promotion behind the event may be difficult for some to understand the goal should not after reading Bob's letter and listening to the interview. Since I have family that works in the field I want to make sure they come home to their loved ones each and every day.  I encourage you to support the Elevator Safety Summit by attending and/or sending in a donation to show that you too care about safety in our industry. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and it’s not impossible to imagine the future without any accidents.  Please take a moment to read Bob’s article, listen to the show and I promise it will provide you with a pretty good idea what this event is all about.   Event Details - Elevator Industry Safety Summit -| May 21-23 – Phoenix, AZ Sponsorship/Registration Event Link Sponsorship/Registration Event Packet Link (.pdf) STAND WITH ME FOR SAFETY! – BOB SHEPHERD 150 plus more for Safety, will you help me?            I am not writing about elevator codes, government agencies or elevator gadgets, this time it is all about safety as it should be!             Well, here we are just two months away from the start of the first ever Elevator Industry Safety Summit, which will be held in Phoenix on Sunday evening May 21st. Nowhere in the world has an elevator industry event ever been entirely focused on safety, with people from all aspects of the industry coming together for a sole safety goal, to just save lives!  Most people know by now from my writings and my many conversations with my friends over the years, that I put my heart out there on my sleeve totally exposed, I hide nothing and always share my thoughts honestly.             So, here’s my heart: I need your help! Although we have many registered for the Safety Summit to which I thank them all, we need far more to get a more diverse collection of elevator industry people and to help pay the bills. When I started this initiative, and brought it to the NAESA board, I had just completed a feasibility study to see what support having a Safety Summit would garner from the elevator industry, the support at that time was tremendous from all I spoke with. I could have filled Yankee Stadium and Fort Knox with the promises of support at that time months ago, well here we are today and I need that same energy and support at this moment to make the Safety Summit a greater success, I need you all standing beside me in Phoenix.  I thank each of you who have registered already and the people who have promised to register, but I need that support now and much more of it. As I stated in a previous writing of mine, the only poker NAESA has in the fire or stake in this safety game is the NAESA vision to promote safety, as NAESA always does. NAESA does not have NAESA employees working in high risk environments, but our membership and many others do. NAESA saw a need and is trying to help.             NAESA saw a need to unify the elevator industry on safety and NAESA and many others recognized that a united effort was needed to create a uniform list of Fatality Prevention Processes (Safety Absolutes) which could be applied throughout the industry and then followed by all.                    At this moment and being 100% honest, NAESA stands to lose monetarily, because proceeds may not cover the cost of this event. Of course, NAESA will if needed pay the short-coming proudly if it helps save one life, but I would be much happier and less anxious if NAESA, being a non-profit, didn’t have to pay this remaining contractual burden alone.  I guess with hindsight being 20/20, NAESA should have made it a trade show, we could have filled the place and had the venue bursting at the seams. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the same can’t be said for a 100% safety event? Safety should always be the main show, not the side show!            Please help me, yes, I am the person with my heart on my sleeve and this Safety Summit was my dream together with Bob Caporale Sr, all in the name of saving a life! Bob knew this Safety Summit was going to happen and that is was being dedicated to his pursuit of elevator safety for all.             I have heard from some that I write too much personal stuff, well to me there is nothing more personal than safety. I am not a marketing or sales expert, I am just an old guy, who started as a coffee boy many years ago, who speaks and writes from the heart and one who will never give up on safety until the day I die. Then after that, I hope many others will keep Bob Caporale’s and my dream alive, going and growing. What more can I say? Please help me to save lives!             Below is a list of sponsors, in no special order for the Safety Summit to date, but they are all truly special to the industry and the safety cause, I, NAESA and the industry thank them all from my heart:  GAL Canada – Steve Husband and the GAL Canada Team TEI Elevator - New York City Schindler Elevator – Vince Ribibero and all the Schindler team MHT Codes & Consulting Specialists - Marc Tevyaw GAL – Doug Witham, Steve Orts and all the GAL team Davis L Turner & Associates - Dave Turner Elevator Safety & Technical Services - Lee Rigby and team Otis Elevator North and South America Otis Elevator World Wide Engineering ECNY – Elevator Conference of New York Motion Control Engineering, Inc. - Ashur Kanon, Debbie Prince and team KONE Elevator Brugg Lifting, LLC – Martin Rhiner and team OMEGA Industries – Greg DeCola and team NAESA Canadian Region – Marc Tevyaw, region team and the members CJ Anderson – Tom Sybert and team Elevator Radio Show – Tom Sybert EIWPF – Elevator Industry Work Preservation Fund QEITF – Qualified Elevator Inspector Training Fund IUEC – International Union of Elevator Constructors Code Data Plate - John Rearick and team Delaware Elevator – David Smarte and team Vator Accessories, Inc. – Lisa Grimes and team Coaker & Company, P.C. - Jim Coaker EHC - Escalator Handrail Canada - Patrick Bothwell and team JSG Elevator Consultants - Michael Fagan, Frank Fletcher and team   Above is a great group to build on! Forgive me it I missed a name, you will all be listed in the event program and on banners at the venue.   Let’s work together to help save lives by doing whatever it takes, life is worth the effort! I love you all!    Thanks for listening and your support, be safe! In the Public Interest! Sincerely, Bob Shepherd 609.780.5551 “Stay Safety Pinned”
March 15, 2017 · 00:27:14
There’s a wide spectrum of articles on the show today, some have me losing more faith in the human population and others giving me hope in the media and them spreading the word on escalator safety when accidents happen. Either way there’s lots to cover on the show today and I thank you for tuning in.  Oh, and let’s hope the white stuff on the ground is the last we’ll see for a while.
March 8, 2017 · 00:23:10
Leading this week’s show is a story of horrific proportion. Please support the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation www.essf.org and their mission through their online and printed educational programs for kids.  In the last two weeks there have been accidents involving two children that most likely could have been prevented if both children and parents were aware of how to ride escalators safely. It’s not a feel good show today on any level. Show Links: www.elevatorradioshow.com key word search show 461.
March 1, 2017 · 00:32:42
Just a quick note regarding the Elevator Safety Summit, in order for you to secure your room and get the special room rate you need to book it directly with the Sheraton Grand Phoenix as soon as possible. Space is filling up so don’t wait till the last minute like I normally do and end up having to locate a hotel room that’s down the road.   You can register for the event by clicking here.  Do it today and thank you as always for tuning in to the show today.
Feb. 22, 2017 · 00:22:40
I’m back from the EESF Annual Meeting and wanted to thank everyone for attending. It was productive and I’m proud to be a part of the transition team in where the foundation is heading. A terrible accident occurred on my way home Friday morning in Florida.  During an incident where passengers were being assisted in getting out of a stalled elevator a mechanic was killed when he fell down the elevator shaft.  It’s one more reason why you should be supporting the Elevator Safety Summit which will be held in May. This is our prize pack giveaway show so stay tuned to the end to see if you are the winner. We’re giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card along with some cool goodies donated by the following companies.   C.J. Anderson & Company, Colley Elevator Company, The National Association of Elevator Contractors, The National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities, The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, Peelle, GAL, Truxes, EMS Group, Elevator Bob’s Elevator Pictures, Minnesota Elevator,  ElevatorU.org, Elevator World Magazine, Elevator Cab Renovations, Parts Specialists Inc, Elevatormanstories.com, CodeDataPlate.com, Elevator Riders Riding Club, The pQEI Inspection App & Maxton Manufacturing
Feb. 8, 2017 · 00:23:34
I wish I never had to cover another story again that involved a child being killed by a home elevator.  If you have a home elevator please click here for information on how to help ensure that it’s safe.  As a parent I can’t imagine living through anything like this and our hearts and prayers go out to the family. Next week The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation meets in Mobile, AL for their Annual General Meeting and as a board hope to do everything possible to prevent accidents like this from happening in the future. No show next week as I’ll be attending the meeting.
Feb. 1, 2017 · 00:26:27
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Jan. 25, 2017 · 00:28:59
Interesting show today.
Jan. 18, 2017 · 00:21:45
Good short show today which covers a landlord being sued for not having elevator repairs made which should be an indication for others who do the same thing to see similar suits launched. It’s sad that it takes this kind of action to prevent tenants from being stranded in their own homes. In addition BART offers an explanation for escalator issues system wide.