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Aug. 19, 2017 · 00:16:49
Are British actors better at American accents than American actors at British accents? Are the Brits just better actors? I think you will all agree....
July 31, 2017 · 00:16:58
John and Larry are just getting started talking about Britain and the American differences.  Don't worry, more specific topics coming soon. John and Larry are all over the map on this one.
July 25, 2017 · 00:17:02
Starting off their first official episode of "Britishly Speaking", John and Larry laugh about the differences in British and American words. Be sure to check out our FB page to read additional Britishly speaking stories by John.  New show logo coming soon!
July 9, 2017 · 00:20:32
We've changed the title of our show but it's still your pals John and Larry.  “Britishly Speaking” is probably NOT good English (which raises the question, is there a difference between the words BRITISH & ENGLISH?) but that’s just the point of our sparkly, vibrant new show. Stop by and take a listen.
March 5, 2017 · 00:37:30
What's your favorite mode of transportation?  John's traveled the world using many modes of transportation. Larry...not so much. Eavesdrop in on John and Larry sharing their favorite travel stories along with discussing the advancements in making travel more enjoyable.
Feb. 6, 2017 · 00:28:26
How was watching TV for you as a kid?  Eavesdrop on John and Larry as they tell about their childhood "tv watching routines" compared to how Larry's kids and John's Grand Kids watch tv. Fun stuff.
Jan. 2, 2017 · 00:25:26
Hey sports fans, don't get too excited.  This episode is definitely NOT ESPN worthy but it's a fun time eavesdropping in on John and Larry's favorites sports as a youth and what gets them up and moving about now.  And Happy New Year 2017 by the way!
Dec. 19, 2016 · 00:31:28
What does the Christmas holiday mean to you?  Eavesdrop on John and Larry as they chat about the differences in the American and British celebrations of Christmas.  Plus fond childhood stories of making their Christmas lists, the gathering of family, and the importance of the Sears & Roebuck Catalog. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
Dec. 5, 2016 · 00:28:05
Do clothes make the man?  John and Larry discuss the outfits they wore in their youth and how it was much different in England than in the US.  What influences what you wear?  What is the problem with John's socks? And can you help Larry find the right hat? 
Nov. 28, 2016 · 00:24:31
Are you health conscious? What's more important exercise or diet? Or both? Eavesdrop in on John and Larry as they talk about their exercise regime and their thoughts on proper living.  
Nov. 22, 2016 · 00:23:04
Have you changed in your personality and character over the years?  Do you have a childhood friend that was a bully who turned out to be wonderful person?  Eavesdrop on a conversation about spying on old friends on Facebook and class reunions. 
Nov. 14, 2016 · 00:20:09
John shares his story of finding his dream job.  What is the real dream job?  Sometimes what we think is the perfect dream job turns out to be a lemon.  Taking those lemons and making lemonade is what it's all about.  
Oct. 31, 2016 · 00:31:12
What do you think the future looks like?  Flying cars? Teleportation?  Mass destruction everywhere?  Larry asks John about how he perceived the future as a youth. Then goes on to discuss how some of our favorite tv shows and movies of the past completely got it wrong when predicting the future and others...well...you decide. 
Oct. 24, 2016 · 00:28:55
College, Trade School, School of Hard Knocks, how do we get the education needed to pursue our career goals? Which one is right for you?  Larry shares with John how his degree in Theatre helped him with current "day job" plus John's got some great insightful tips as well.
Oct. 10, 2016 · 00:27:04
John and Larry can't stop talking about toys. In their continued discussion, Larry learns about a fabulous toy company from one of John's most fondest childhood memories, Dinky Toys. Go check out the pictures below to see John's toy cabinet that sits in his office along with great shots from the Dinky toy collection.
Sept. 26, 2016 · 00:32:36
Another passion for John and Larry...TOYS!  Do you collect toys? What was your favorite childhood toy.  John and Larry had so much fun talking about the toys from the past, they have to come back for a second show.  Post a pic of your favorite childhood toy on our FB page or email us at [email protected]
Sept. 12, 2016 · 00:38:29
A very special episode where Larry shares with John getting the opportunity to meet his childhood hero.  A little longer than our normal episodes but again an insightful story of following your dreams, and true friendship. 
Sept. 5, 2016 · 00:37:27
What were some of your fondest childhood memories?  John shares some of his most fondest times growing up in England. John & Larry also talk about the days of "vinyl" and S&H; Blue Chip stamps. Who remembers those?  Email us a [email protected]
Aug. 29, 2016 · 00:22:57
Woulda', coulda', shoulda'.  That is something John and Larry have in common.  Eavesdrop in on a discussion about making the right career choices in life. John and Larry want to hear from you at [email protected]
Aug. 8, 2016 · 00:28:51
John and Larry had so much to say in their last episode about their experience in show biz that they had to give you a part 2. Eavesdrop on a conversation where when it's all said and done, success will only come to you by being dedicated, persistent and focused on your craft.