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Mom On Purpose
By Jess Connell
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Mom On Purpose is a podcast to encourage and re-energize moms. Join Jess Connell as she interviews intentional, Christian moms about the real-life challenges they've faced, and the practical solutions and biblical wisdom they've found to go the distance. Regain your focus on the long-range purpose of motherhood, and be the intentional Christian mom YOUR kids need.
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April 19, 2017 · 00:37:14
As Christian wives, sexual intimacy can be a challenging issue. Worldly influences, shame, sin, and the busyness of life all make it difficult to embrace the beauty and goodness of God's design for sex in marriage.  Listen in as Jess talks with author & speaker Linda Dillow about: if being sexy, and enjoying sex, is OK for a Christian wife how to overcome real world challenges and busyness  why it's important to make sex a priority in our marriages, and how we can have God's perspective about intimacy with our husbands.
April 12, 2017 · 00:43:23
Listen in as Jess talks with Linda Dillow (wife, missionary, author, speaker) about: Why Christian wives SHOULD talk and think about sex What misconceptions and lies Christian women believe How forgiveness and acceptance in Christ can sink down deeper than our heads, into our hearts
April 5, 2017 · 00:36:18
Many moms feel overpowered by anger, and find it difficult to be consistent in discipline. "If you do that ONE more time..." "Do you want to get in trouble?" "I can't take it anymore!" Listen as Jess talks with Wendy about: giving consistent discipline practical ways to fight mommy anger how to discern whether a parenting resource is biblical
March 29, 2017 · 00:28:07
The influences of culture and modern ideas about parenting bring a continual barrage of attacks against biblical parenting. As women we often face discouragement and fears that come from culture, a lack of role models, our own upbringing, and more. Let's dig in to discover the dangers of giving in, and how we can press through challenging moments in our quest to give consistent, loving, biblical discipline to our children. Listen in as Jess continues talks her friend Wendy, about: the fears moms face about disciplining our children common challenges that tempt us to give in and give up the attitudes and truth we need to push through fear and walk in faith
March 22, 2017 · 00:55:18
Time-outs? Spankings? Loss of privileges? What constitutes "discipline?" Even self-described "Christian" sources can disagree on what godly parents should do to discipline their children. That's why believers need to look to God's Word for our understanding of biblical parenting.  Listen in as Jess talks with her friend Wendy about: How God's Word defines "discipline" Biblical principles for parents in Hebrews 12  Understanding our roles and responsibilities
March 15, 2017 · 00:25:31
Listen in to part 2 of this conversation where Jess talks with Bethany Weatherby about: What spiritual principles relate to our kids' public behavior How to retrain your kids if they aren't behaving appropriately What it looks like to communicate clear expectations
March 8, 2017 · 00:25:44
Every mom knows the struggle of the grocery store run... WITH kids in tow. Listen in as Jess talks with Bethany Weathersby, a mom of 4, about: what expectations are reasonable for kids' behavior, practical ways to train your kids, realistic ideas to include kids in your shopping, and the benefits of training kids for public outings.
March 1, 2017 · 00:35:40
Doesn't cooking with kids take MORE time? Well... maybe... but maybe that extra time is worth it, so that our kids can learn an essential skill for life. Listen in as Jess talks with Tracy Grossman about: Why not just be "June Cleaver" and do it all yourself? Practical ideas for including kids in your meal preparation Why it's good for our kids to learn to cook
Feb. 22, 2017 · 00:29:16
The messy kitchen. Recipes. Allergies. Calories. Food groups. Grocery store sales. Sometimes mealtime feels like a puzzle, and at other times it just feels a mundane, relentless task. Do you have trouble seeing mealtime as a ministry? Listen in as Jess talks with Tracy Grossman about: finding sanity in the relentless train of hunger and meals how to have motivation in this culturally-devalued area of daily life what attitude can change meal preparation from mundane to ministry
Feb. 15, 2017 · 00:35:39
Ever felt like you're just not a very good mom? Do you have trouble embracing the "24-hourness" of life as a mom? Listen in as Jess talks with Katie LaPierre (her real life friend & fellow-Pastor's-wife) about: the real challenges today's moms face how to overcome feelings of deficiency what it means to accept the work of motherhood how to pour your gifts into your home
Feb. 8, 2017 · 00:32:39
  The Bible is meant to be loved and treasured... and yet, sometimes there is a sense of dullness, familiarity, and boredom in our approach to God's Word. How can we find ways to energize and enliven our study of God's Word?  Listen in as Jess talks with Lisa Hughes about: what it means to make observations about God's Word how we can invigorate our spiritual growth with the joy of discovery specific approaches to shake up our boredom and lack of desire for Scripture
Feb. 1, 2017 · 00:28:21
Motherhood requires constant adjustments and flexibility. How can busy moms find time so we can be grounded in Scripture?  Listen as Jess talks with Lisa Hughes about: What challenges moms face in the study of God's Word How to grow in your commitment to studying the Bible What we miss out on when busyness keeps us from Scripture
Dec. 14, 2016 · 00:27:09
Ask almost anyone how they're doing, and there's a good chance the response you'll get is: "busy." As moms, how can we wisely evaluate each opportunity to ensure we're being led by the Spirit of God in our family commitments?  Listen as Jess talks with Shelley Miller about: Evaluating your family's commitments, beforehand & afterward Integrating spiritually fruitful activities for mom & kids How to tell if you're walking in the Spirit
Dec. 7, 2016 · 00:25:31
Extracurricular commitments can benefit our families... or burn us out. How can we make wise decisions, and rightly prioritize the Kingdom of God, in our kids' activities?  Listen as Jess discusses these things with Shelley Miller:  Wisdom for evaluating your schedule & commitments Identifying distraction, discord, and disobedience Embracing the continual work of relationship-restoration
Nov. 30, 2016 · 00:33:58
When you're the mom, organizing home is an ongoing task. We need to evaluate the attitudes we have toward the work God puts in front of us. How can we stop despising the daily, ongoing work of motherhood? Listen as Jess talks with Mystie Winckler about: going beyond Pinterest-perfect home organization stewarding what we've been given combatting a one-and-done approach to managing our homes
Nov. 23, 2016 · 00:28:10
It's easy to talk about staying connected as a family, but actually BEING together-- working through conflict, talking about hard things, and staying connected as a couple-- has its challenges. As Christian families, how can we make it happen, even though it's hard? Listen as Jess talks with Kami Crawford about: staying connected as a busy family the difference between me-time & soul-care connecting with older kids practical ways to pursue family togetherness
Nov. 16, 2016 · 00:28:01
Many women feel lonely and ill-prepared for the challenges & isolation of motherhood. In almost every other century or place, new moms were surrounded by extended family and a community of women. What can help us navigate this tough season? Listen as Jess talks with Kami Crawford about: the isolation of the typical American mom recognizing our need for others embracing the hardness of family togetherness, and  the challenges of having older kids
Nov. 9, 2016 · 00:21:57
Being Mom means embracing a previously-unexperienced level of chaos, and yet, important questions wait for us in the middle of the messes and noise: Where is my identity? What is my responsibility And how can I find joy? Listen as Jess talks with Emily Jensen (mom of 4 kids, ages 3 and under), about the "discomfort factor" of motherhood addressing our fear & desire for control how we can flex & adapt to new routines practically evaluating the systems of our home
Nov. 2, 2016 · 00:21:57
Listen as Jess talks with Emily Jensen (mom of 4 kids, ages 3 and under), about  thinking through parenting issues alongside our husbands how we can tell when we've been out of the house too much getting help when we need it seeking wisdom from older women
Oct. 26, 2016 · 00:24:39
Listen as Jess talks with Emily Jensen (mom of 4 kids, ages 3 and under), about  the lies we sometimes believe about being a mom of littles connecting with kids 1-on-1, even in a large family how to accept the limitations that come with this season of motherhood practical steps to tackle homemaking when it's all on you