Getting to know our Readify Consultants

Getting to know our Readify Consultants
By Kahne Raja
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Coder. Web Specialist. Scrum Master. Consultant. Blogger. Speaker. Podcaster. Artist. Musician.
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Another random violin composition.
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Well. Just had to make a violin duet of this thing. Exploring various composition ideas. This one a simple violin duet.
Nov. 22, 2016
Following on from my composition course and trump winning the US election I went and hid in the forest and wrote this moody composition for my violin.
July 23, 2016
Prelude in C Minor for Piano by Kahne Raja by Kahne Raja
March 11, 2016
Gearóid Crowley is a Lead Consultant at Readify. He's from Ireland, based in Sydney these days, and passionate about helping organisation build quality products with the power of automated release management. Today I gave Gearóid a call to talk to him about his first line of code, his many years in the industry and what he enjoys most about working at Readify. In Discussion: - My first Amstrad. 1992. Ireland. - First line of code. - Building a chess game in assembly. - Solving a problem is often about how it's setup. - First job in tech. - How did Readify appear on your radar? - Life and thinking of the team at Readify. - Changing landscape of cloud computing and the resulting rise of Devops, discipline and quality. - Busy Queues. Idle Queues. - Books. The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, George Spafford, and Kevin Behr. Personal Kanban by Jim Benson. - Xmas cooking kanban board.
March 3, 2016
Luke Drumm is a Senior Consultant at Readify. He's based in Sydney, an author, a speaker, a coder, and he's passionate about building awesome software. Today I gave Luke a call to talk to him about his first line of code, his many years in the industry and what he enjoys most about working at Readify. In Discussion: - Was there a specific moment when you realised you can use magic to make computers to do crazy things? - First computer. First line of code. 1985. - Learning tech at a tiny little international boarding school. - First job. Selling computer Hardware. - Working at Fujitsu. Making the transition to Development. - First year at Readify, aka Monash.Net. - Teaching is a great way to learn. - 13 years at Readify is a pretty long slog. What has kept you here for so long? - What sorts of connections do you see between Art and Technology? - What's behind your approach to public speaking and presentations? - Books, magazines, and saving games onto cassette tapes.
Feb. 25, 2016
Mitch Denny is Readify's Chief Technology Officer. He's based in Melbourne and passionate about cloud computing, mobility, devops, 3D printing, IOT and solving real world business problems. Today I gave Mitch a call to talk to him his first line of code, what he's been up to this past week and what he enjoys most about working at Readify. In Discussion: - Growing up in the country, local computer stores and first line of code. - Our origins as Monash.Net and helping organisation get technically "ready". - Starting out at Readify as a Consultant. - Winning the presenters award at TechEd. - Starting one of the world's first .net user groups in Melbourne. - Dev pod. - Three different ways Readify operates.
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