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July 17, 2017 · 00:42:03
SpiderMan Homecoming 2017Screenplay by Jonathan Goldstein amp John Francis Daleyand Jon Watts amp Christopher Fordand Chris McKenna amp Erik SommersScreen story by Jonathan Goldstein amp John Francis DaleyBased on the Marvel comic book by Stan Lee amp Steve DitkoDirected by Jon WattsSpiderMan SpiderMan Does whatever a spider can Including net Sonys second best opening weekend box officeIn this episode of LEVEL ELEVENTYSEVEN we talk about the webheads eagerly anticipated solo outing Iron Man notwithstanding From the mechanical web shooters to hot Aunt May to Happy Hogans attitude to Michael Keatons Vulture we touch on a lot of things And yes we do get into some spoilers so fair warning Go see it firstYoull be glad you didThe panel Mindy Inlow Teresa Wickersham Sam Sentman Jeff Hackworth
May 24, 2017 · 01:06:19
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 2017Written amp Directed by James GunnMarvel StudiosWalt Disney Pictures136 minutes rated PG13In this special episode of Level EleventySeven we take a spoilerish look at the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a few digressions along the way of courseFrom Groots greatness and not so greatness to Yondus arc from the wild Hey thats beginning to the climactic battle between the stars Vol 2 has all the pieces that make a Marvel film a Marvel film Its got humor pathos family issues more than just Peter and his father great character moments and GrootPlus plenty of possible setups for the next chapter as Vol 3 will be James Gunns swan song at least for now What pieces of this story will inform the last installment in the first trilogy Will it be nope you gotta listenThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Dan Handley Jason Hunt
May 17, 2017 · 00:56:33
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 421 Worlds EndWritten by Jeffrey BellDirected by Billy GierhartAidaOphelia takes crazy to the extreme with her Scorched Earth policy and it looks very much that Jemma wait what just happened Fitz is still broken a bit and we have to wait to learn the fate of Philinda While Coulson and May do get to have a few moments about the bottle and what led to drinking it we dont get everything wed like to see between the two of themPlus the return of the Ghost Rider Chasing the Darkhold and all the terrible that comes with it including the organic body Aida inhabits Because it comes from a very bad placeWhat happens next Where are our heroes being held Will this be the introduction of SWORDNext season AGENTS OF SHIELD makes way for INHUMANS which will have an 8episode running following Once Upon a Time on Friday nights The panel Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Dan Handley Timothy Harvey
May 10, 2017 · 01:10:28
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 421 The ReturnWritten by Maurisa Tancharoen amp Jed WhedonDirected by Kevin TancharoenOur intrepid Agents of SHIELD are back in the real world and its not without its hangups What with Mack still being in the Framework and May trying to shoot Ophelia and Fitz getting in the way and the two of them whisking out BAMFstyle and Coulson not wanting to admit he cracked open the bottle and oh how many robot copies of the Russian are there nowBut at least it appears that Fitz wont be the villain of next season is there a next season at least not yet He again demonstrates just how good a heart he has even in the face of utter sociopathic murderous rage from his wannabe girlfriend who suddenly finds that shes not uhoh What was that about a woman scorned The panel Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
May 4, 2017 · 01:03:55
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 420 Farewell Cruel WorldWritten by Brent FletcherDirected by Vincent MisianoBack to our regular programming as the gang gathers in the postconvention bunker to discuss the latest really tough to watch episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD and not because it was badly written but because there was plenty of emotionallycharged scenes that really worked Its a really solid episode with a lot of moments that build to a few gutwrenching final minutes As we predicted Fitz looks like hes going to have some issues And our intrepid heroes inside the Framework will have to live with the knowledge that theyre not real in the traditional sense but then what are theyAnd now that most of the team is out of the Framework what does it mean for everyone How does Fitz cope with the monster he became inside How does everyone process Macks decision What will happen to PhilLindaThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
April 19, 2017 · 01:10:44
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 418 No RegretsWritten by Paul ZbyszewskiDirected by Eric LaneuvilleFinally the introduction of Dad and Fitz Iain De Caestecker is starting to lose a little of that selfassured swagger hes been sporting in the Framework Is Madame Hydra Mallory Jansen telling him everything Or is she manipulating her lover at the same time shes digging her claws into the rest of everyones worldIts clear that the elder Fitz David OHara has had a profound impact on his sons upbringing and resulting character and personality and its also clear why the real Fitz doesnt want to have anything to do with the man The lovable Leo Fitz is a product of his mothers influence and it remains to be seen what happens when the team gets out of the Framework and Fitz has to confront his memories of this twisted version of himselfLikewise with Mack Henry Simmons whos going to eventually have to give up the idea of being with his daughter Hope Jordan Rivera And though Jemma Elizabeth Henstridge is affected by that one relatively happy tableau shes still keenly aware that this is all just a digital makebelieve world Jemma faces a crisis of conscience of a sort complicated by the fact that Mace Jason OMara and Ward Brett Dalton dont buy her storyMay MingNa Wen also faces a crisis of conscience when faced with the notion that Hydra will brainwash and kill people to keep them compliant In the face of her failure at Baharain her failure at Cambridge and the way Daisy Chloe Bennet has been trying to get through to her maybe just maybe there are things finally not adding up Unless 1 1 terrigenesis and a lot of whoopinsProps to OMara for his very solid performance this week His life in the Framework as the Patriot is worthy of songThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
April 12, 2017 · 01:07:24
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 417 Identity and ChangeWritten by George KitsonDirected by Garry A BrownFirst a discussion of the newly released trailer for Thor Ragnarok which you can see here httpsyoutubev7MGUNV8MxU We finally catch up with Mack Henry Simmons and his daughter Hope Jordan Rivera Theyre living off the radar keeping their heads down Only Hope jeopardizes that a bit by picking up a Hydra drone that went on the fritz So when they get picked up its very much a bad place for Mack He ends up being set up by May MingNa Wen to expose Daisy Chloe Bennet as a mole within the organizationMeanwhile Coulson Clark Gregg is remembering slightly just a little more and he goes with Jemma Elizabeth Henstridge and Ward Brett Dalton to find Radcliff John Hanna in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle And things do not go well At All Fitz Iain De Caestecker is going to be one messed up dude when all of this is overThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Kammie Settle Jason Hunt
April 5, 2017 · 00:59:54
MARVELS AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 416 What IfWritten by DJ DoyleDirected by Oz ScottThe Triskelion is intact Skye is back Ward is back Tahiti is back Its old home week as Agents of SHIELD brings back a few elements of season one and actually uses them in a way that makes the whole episode much more interesting that most of the entire first season Even Grant Ward Brett Dalton is watchable in this episode Of course its no surprise that hes a turncoat still even in this made up virtual universeAnd poor Jemma Elizabeth Henstridge After being dumped in the bottom of the ocean almost drowned stranded on an alien planet now shes a zombieIn the tradition of Marvels What If series of comic books telling stories in alternate universes tonights episode sets up a world in which everything is topsyturvy How much do our heroes realize theyre supposed to be the heroes and not the villains How much will Coulson Clark Gregg rememberThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Dan Handley Sam Sentman Tim Harvey Jason Hunt
March 29, 2017 · 00:59:06
AGENTS OF SHIELD returns next week which gives us this one shot to discuss the latest Netflix offering from Marvel Television IRON FIST And judging by the mixed reception its had this could very well be Marvels first notquitemiss since the first season of SHIELDFrom offbalance pacing to a bland lead character to cultural appropriation to missed social cues the show really doesnt seem to know just what kind of show it wants to be Is it an origin story for a rich kid learning to be a superhero Is it about a wealthy socialite learning how to be social Is it a prelude to The Defenders and just a setup piece Is it all of these or none of theseShort answer yes and noWARNING HERE BE SPOILERSThe panel Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Chris Jensen Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
March 11, 2017 · 01:15:49
LOGANScreenplay by Scott Frank amp James Mangold and Michael GreenStory by James MangoldDirected by James MangoldProduced by 20th Century Fox Copyright 2017Agents of SHIELD is out until April which times out perfectly for us to gather round the table and discuss the latest entry in the Marvel movies except its not a Marvel Studios production thats later this year but the Fox production of the final Wolverine story LOGANStarring Hugh Jackman in whats very likely his last performance as the Wolverine this film packs in a lot of emotion along with a lot of action and is already being hailed as a not typical superhero popcorn flick Here we regale you with our thoughts and reactions plus a look at some of our favorite momentsWARNING HERE BE SPOILERS
Feb. 22, 2017 · 01:01:08
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 416 Self ControlWritten and Directed by Jed WhedonWhat an endingThis week AGENTS OF SHIELD gives us a twothirdsseasonfinale with a bang and a twist that probably took more than a few people by surprise followed by another twist followed by another twist And the road to get there wasnt too straight eitherThe reveal of the final LMD That scene between Fitz and Simmons That scene between Simmons and Daisy The fight choreography The sacrifice play This episode had everything in just the right doses mixed with just the right amount of suspense surprise and subtlety Props to Chloe Bennet and Elizabeth Henstridge for their performances tonightThe panel Kammie Settle Mindy Inlow Jason Hunt
Feb. 15, 2017 · 00:55:17
MARVELS AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 415 The Man Behind the ShieldWritten by Matt OwensDirected by Wendy StanzlerIts a game of catandmouse on this weeks explosive episode of AGENTS OF SHIELD but whos the cat and whos the mouseCoulson Clark Gregg and his team are aggressively searching for May MingNa Wen and Mace Jason OMara and in their hunt they come across pieces of Coulsons past where he and May visited Russia to retrieve a 084 for SHIELD This is before May started seeing Andrew and it serves to set up the antipathy felt by Ivanov Zach McGowan but more to set up another piece of the Philinda Experience were about to getWhile its a perfectly straightforward episode it has its moments of expectationtwisting especially with an ending that could or could not actually be what it looks likeThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Dan Handley Jason Hunt
Feb. 8, 2017 · 00:56:34
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 414 BoomWritten by Nora Zuckerman amp Lilla ZuckermanDirected by Billy GierhartIts an explosive episode of Agents of SHIELD but mainly only because we have Terrence Shockley John PyperFerguson finding out things about himself he knew not until now And its not something he likes about himself and the Superior Zach McGowan isnt too happy about it either especially after theres an incident shall we say at the office of Senator Nadeer Parminder Nagra It ends up being Daisy Chloe Bennet vs Shockley as she tries to counter his skills and abilities shall we sayMeanwhile Coulson Clark Gregg and Mack Henry Simmons continue their search for May MingNa Wen and that leads them to Agnes Mallory Jansen a fleshandblood Aussie who happens to have worked with Radcliffe John Hannah and is completely freaked by the idea that he went ahead with his experiments in robotics only were back to Radcliffe claiming to work with the longstanding goal of making it possible for Agnes to live forever Because shes got an inoperable brain tumor But Radcliffes mention of the Mainframe also tips Coulson to the fact that Mays aliveThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Kammie Settle Dan Handley Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Feb. 1, 2017 · 00:58:14
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 413 Hot Potato SoupWritten by Craig TitleyDirected by Nina LopezCorradoPatton Oswalt is back And so is Patton Oswalt And Patton OswaltThe Koenigs return in tonights Agents of SHIELD where the Russians from last seasons caper with Bobbi and Hunter are back in the employ of Senator Nadeer and Dr Radcliffe John Hannah Capturing Billy Patton Oswalt they scan his brain only to find that he doesnt have the Darkhold He gave it to Sam Patton Oswalt who passed it to LT Artemis Pebdani who then passed it back to Billy Operation Hot Potato who then put it in the Labyrinth in the secret behindthewall section of a libraryWhere the PhiLinda shippers get their moment a kiss between Coulson Clark Gregg and May MingNa Wen only its not May but Maybot And Coulson figures it out just as Fitz Iain De Caestecker and Simmons Elizabeth Henstridge figure it out back at the baseSadly no Stan Lee as the Watcher revealThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Jan. 25, 2017 · 00:58:36
AGENTS OF SHIELDEpisode 412 Wake UpWritten by Drew Z GreenbergDirected by Jesse BochcoOn tonights Agents of SHIELD things get really squirrelly as Agent May MingNa Wen goes a few rounds with Aida Mallory Jansen only not really And Coulson Clark Gregg hatches a plan that General Talbott Adrian Pasdar doesnt like but its going to work except it doesnt And Jeffrey Mace Jason OMara has a bonding moment with Daisy Chloe Bennett right before Senator Nadeer Parminder Nagra pulls the rug out from under all of themMeanwhile Radcliffe John Hannah still has a few secrets up his sleeve Whats his end game Whats his planThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Jan. 18, 2017 · 01:01:46
Episode 411 The PatriotWritten by James C Oliver amp Sharla OliverDirected by Kevin TancharoenEarly in the season Agents of SHIELD gave us a new origin for Jeffrey Mace Jason OMara one that wasnt consistent with his comic book roots Now an Inhuman The Patriot was a slightly new take on the character Except now we find out thats not the case And whats in the case And why is Burrows Patrick Cavanaugh suddenly the most important man in the room Turns out General Talbott Adrian Pasdar has concocted a little secret and its now up to Coulson Clark Gregg and the gang to figure out how to save the cheerleader director and prevent the outing of a secret that could destroy SHIELD all over againMelodramatic enough PoppinsMeanwhile more anxiety for Radcliffe John Hannah and Aida Mallory Jansen as the LMD of Agent May MingNa Wen now has a mission but no direct control from either of them What if she figures out what she isThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Dan Handley Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Jan. 11, 2017 · 01:03:40
AGENTS OF SHIELD Episode 409 Broken Promises Written by Brent Fletcher Directed by Garry A BrownAgents of SHIELD returns with the beginning of the Life Model Decoy uprising as Mack Henry Simmons and YoYo Natalia CordovaBuckley realize theyre the only ones who recognize the threat Aida Mallory Jensen represents Seriously did no one else see any movie in the 80sThe 80s references were flying fast and furious tonight as Aida took over the SHIELD base leaving Coulson Clark Gregg and May MingNa Wen to protect the Darkhold while Fitz Iain De Caestecker and Radcliffe John Hannah use some 80s tech to fight Aidas intrusion into the mainframeMeanwhile Mace Jason OMara Daisy Chloe Bennett and Jemma Elizabeth Henstridge move to rescue Vijay Nadeer Manish Dayal from her crazyloony sister the good senator Parminder Nagra Its all going to end in tears folksThe panel Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Dec. 7, 2016 · 01:10:08
Episode 408 The Laws of Inferno Dynamics Written by Paul Zbyszewski Directed by Kevin TancharoenAGENTS OF SHIELD goes out with their winter finale wrapping up the Ghost Rider storyline and launching the new LMD theme for the back half of the seasonThis week Robbie Gabriel Luna and Eli Jos Ziga have their final confrontation while Coulson Clark Gregg and the gang try to figure out how to stop Eli from setting off a nuclear bomb in the midst of Los Angeles And even though Mace Jason OMara should have done it weeks ago he finally has the brainy notion to of course with the notion that Daisy Chloe Bennet has been undercover Agent Johnson this whole time Mack Henry Simmons and YoYo Natalia CordovaBuckley come to an agreement on more kissing and less talking especially since Elena was almost roasted by Elis selenium trap at the warehouse And the surprise teaser we got after the episode More YoYo in a sixpart web series SLINGSHOTMeanwhile Aida Mallory Jansen has a secret that involves Agent May MingNa WenThe panel Mindy Inlow Kathryn Sanders Sam Sentman Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Nov. 30, 2016 · 01:06:27
Episode 407 Deals with Our Devils Written by DJ Doyle Directed by Jesse BochcoAGENTS OF SHIELD returns with an Aside and a Bside on the main story On the Aside May MingNa Wen Mack Henry Simmons and Daisy Chloe Bennet deal with the aftermath of Eli Jos Ziga suddenly becoming someone with carbonbased createoutofnothing powers and the disappearance of the rest of the teamOn the Bside Coulson Clark Gregg Fitz Iain De Caestecker and Robbie Gabriel Luna deal with being not quite dead and the ticking clock to figure out how to get back to the right side of the tracks a journey that takes them through sepiatoned repeats of scenes we just watched only now with other side perspective Its only the fact of Aida Mallory Jansen being able to read the Darkhold that allows them to surviveSo whatcha buildin there Aida And who is Hope MackThe panel Mindy Inlow Kathryn Sanders Dan Handley Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt
Nov. 16, 2016 · 01:33:20
DOCTOR STRANGE is still the movie to beat at the box office and we now have the announcement that the Inhumans are coming to television in a big way Whats next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe What happens in Phase 4 Will the Fantastic Four ever come home to a movie that actually tells the story of the Fantastic Four Will SheHulk ever get a series Whats next for the Netflix showsThe panel Kathryn Sanders Maia Ades Mindy Inlow Sam Sentman Thomas Townley Dan Handley Timothy Harvey Jason Hunt