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Lethal Watching is a movie podcast looking back at the classic pieces of cinema that have defined our lives so far. Please note that there may not actually be that much talk about classic cinema and more talk about who would win in a fight, Stallone or Van Damme.

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Jan. 12, 2014 · 01:26:10
So it comes to this; Team Lethal Watching awakens from a brief hiatus to announce that...they're going on a hiatus. Join Gerard, Martin and Phil as they look back on the quite frankly silly number of podcasts they did where they did very little except talk nonsense about film. There are laughs, tears and a quiz to put this current volume (if you excuse the wank hat for a moment) of the show to bed. So download the show, snuggle up somewhere comfy and let us talk you to sleep. As always.
July 29, 2013 · 01:14:04
This month the team get together in order to discuss their favourite flops, films that just didn't get an audience when they really should have done. This is, of course, nothing to do with the box office performance of Pacific Rim. Of course not. Listen to Martin Gerard and Phil as they talk about all of this stuff and some more things as well! If you enjoy the podcast please rate and review us on iTunes, thank you!
July 28, 2013 · 01:13:09
So this week we come at you again with yet more Man of Steel chat only this time we've actually seen the film! Oh God yes, an actual proper opinion about it! Listen to Gerard Phil and Martin (when he shows up) deliver their final verdict about this film before looking at the career of Steven Sodebergh and then finishing with a mighty quiz! Hope you enjoy the show and, if you do, please leave us a review on iTunes!
July 28, 2013 · 01:06:50
This month Gerard finally gets to cut loose and deliver the epic Superman Chat that he has promised since the very first Lethal Watching. Of course, this was supposed to be him versus Ben Thomas of the doyouinverts in a battle to decide if Superman really is good. But thanks to time zones and crossed messages it didn't up up quite that way but there is still a battle to be decided this week as Phil and Martin sit off to one side and talk about Dolphins. No, really.
July 28, 2013 · 01:22:45
It's May! Which means that it's time to get ready for Man of Steel which means that it's time to get a good long hard look at the career of Hans Zimmer, or rather a good listen to his career. Lots of music clips in this months show which means that there's no Shack this week but there is the latest installment of Dave Napalm and Bob Awesome where they shoot more stuff. Please email us at [email protected] if you have anything to tell us or leave us a review on iTunes! Thanks!
July 28, 2013 · 01:26:00
The team returns with all kinds of chat this week from the rubbish to the sublime to A Talking Cat?!? We also have another trip to The Shack and the further adventures of Dave Napalm and Bob Awesome who blow up more stuff. Please email us at [email protected] if you have anything to tell us or leave us a review on iTunes! Thanks!
July 28, 2013 · 01:27:00
The team returns once more or have they already been here? It's all a bit confusing as Gerard Martin and Phil are talking time travel films this month which leads to a lot of pre-destination as well as Gerard being Martin's Grandfather. Also, there is a monkey chat in the Shack as well as Bob Awesome and Dave Napalm blowing up more stuff. And if that isn't enough there's even Guest who brings along with him a bag full of quiz! Enjoy the show and if you do they please leave us a review on iTunes that would be super!
July 28, 2013 · 01:16:24
HOLY CRAP ON A JESUS STICK LETHAL WATCHING IS BACK! Excuse the caps but, come on, this is important! Gerard, Martin, Phil and Ben have been off on a mountain training like it's a 1980s action film in order to bring you the very finest in podcast entertainment. Well, the usual blather with a few extra bits. Good bits though, honest! If you like the new bits then please drop us a review on iTunes, follow us at twitter.com/abadeducation or email us at [email protected]
Jan. 7, 2013 · 00:57:08
Wait, what? Yes, we're back! Kinda, as this episode was actually recorded before Christmas but then I got sick and forgot to post it. Never mind eh? But now the episode is here as Ben Thomas of the doyouinverts throws a bucket full of questions all over Gerard, Martin and Phil and expects them to answer them. And answer them we do! Well, most of them. A few just get insulted but the hit rate for twenty questions is going to be a bit low isn't it? Merry Christmas!
Nov. 25, 2012 · 01:11:56
This week the three members of Team Lethal Watching come together to discuss lots of topics including but not limited two; disparaging another of Phil’s movie theories, Martin’s lack of movie watching, Gerard’s encyclopedic knowledge of Uwe Boll’s filmography and a quiz that threatens to TEAR APART THE PODCAST. Listen and enjoy!
Nov. 11, 2012 · 01:11:00
The triumverate returns with Gerard Martin and Phil hitting the mics for this weeks Lethal Watching. A What We Last Watched section promptly turns into a Bond fest then they settle the debate on whether or not CGI has ruined cinema. Then, as the grand finale, there is the most SHOCKING QUIZ YET AND NO MISTAKE. Get it listened to!
Oct. 28, 2012 · 01:04:23
So, as promised last week, Gerard can't be bothered turning up to join Martin and Phil in the scary shed for another round of Scaretober fun. There's only one thing you can do in a situation like this and thats to bring in a random guest; one Ross 'Chooban' Hendry, famous for the Edinburgh Zombie Club! And he settles down in the shed to have a good old chat about the films that he found scary and all that. Get listening now!
Oct. 14, 2012 · 00:44:26
This week in the first of the SCARETOBER Specials Martin is ripped to shreds by a rampaging werewolf! At least, he would have been if he had turned up for the show rather than having the man flu. So Gerard and Phil are left to deal with the attacking waves of zombies as they attempt to sort out a load of films as OPPOSITES ATTACK. What is that all about? Just listen to the show to find out you fool!
Sept. 30, 2012 · 00:58:52
This week's episode very nearly didn't happen, thanks to a GarageBand error that resulted in corrupted project files, swearing and a great many google searches. But Phil did manage to save it meaning that you can hear him Martin and Gerard talking about all kinds of things like Post-Bond Careers, a new quiz and lots of other good stuff. Please listen to the show then drop us a review on iTunes!
Sept. 16, 2012 · 01:32:40
Gerard takes control of the podcast and uses it to get something off his chest; those times when you see a really good trailer that gets you all pumped up and excited then you see the film…and it's a damp squib at best. Martin and Phil join him to kick a few films in the teeth which is why this weeks episode is a bit longer than usual but it's all worth it! All of it! Every single bit! Promise! No, my fingers aren't crossed. Oh, alright they are. Get listening and send your feedback to [email protected]!
Sept. 5, 2012 · 00:53:42
This is a very special episode this week, one that was planned to have been episode 50 but never mind eh? This week Ben Thomas aka the doyouinverts is given full control over the podcast to do with as he will. So, expect songs, Gerard's relaxing voice, Martin recoding from down a well and Phil proving that two hearts can indeed beat as one.
Aug. 19, 2012 · 00:53:20
This week it's Martin's turn in the hosting chair so get read for his A Game! Well, his C game at the very least. C minus. Anyways, this week he set Martin and Gerard the task of re-casting The Expendables so did they succeed? Did they manage to pick a new team without killing each other? Or did they last until the quiz and THEN tear each other's throats out? Get listening and find out!
Aug. 5, 2012 · 01:16:58
This week we were an expecting an agenda that would cover three sides of A4 paper that would be coming at us like Cleoptra. But, thanks to Barnageddon 2012, this was not the case so Gerard leapt into the breach with an Agenda For The Ages. Or, at least, an Agenda Done In Five Minutes. So, join him Martin and Phil as they rattle through his agenda and wax lyrical about a whole load of stuff.
July 22, 2012 · 00:58:12
Wait, what? Did I hear you all ask for a new format? Well isn't that lucky! Because due to a combination of broken laptops, a handy post it and a willingness to push the boundaries Gerard Phil and Martin and are coming out you with new bits and bobs and a whole section created by a very special guest. Seriously though, we want to improve the show and make it as good as it can be so if you have any feedback please drop us a line at [email protected]
July 8, 2012 · 00:54:00
Gerard, Martin and Phil are in a mood, a cow killin' mood. But nt just any cows but sacred cows! Join them as they take some of the thnings that YOU MAY LIKE and listen to them SHOOT THEM DOWN. Also: Phil does an impression of a digeridoo, Gerard sings and Martin shocks everyone. If you like the show feel free to email us some feedback at [email protected] as we're very lonely so the merest touch of human contact would be nice.
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