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Sept. 22, 2017
Welcome, one and all, the the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show, where we are the interns. For context, see our other podcast.This week, it's crazy clown time! And it's real fun. What's your preference: red noses, or red balloons? Demon skin, or living nightmares? Jon Watts, or Andy Muschietti? Your poison: choose it.But first of all, when does the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere?Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- Clown.- It."The pairing comes through the reviewing and the versus-ing. Thus the whole world, chaos and order, turns into harmony and peace and justice and the American Way in the end."
Sept. 14, 2017
Well folks, we did it. We have returned for another episode of LNDFPS. You're welcome.This week, your choice is simple. An escape to the roof, or a rescue mission for your brother. A little cocaine to feel more aggressive, or some acid in a Sprite bottle. One singular take, or an unending string of bad things happening to bad people. Choose wisely, dear listeners.But first, Norm's. It's where life happens.Get yer hotcakes here!- - - - -Topics this week include:- Victoria.- Good Time.
Sept. 7, 2017
Welcome back folks. For the record, this is LNDFPS! Dot com. We strive to be the opposite of guilt.This week, would you rather author the deaths of your loved ones, or run barefoot in the snow until your alveoli burst and you drown in blood? Would you rather a poor film that references something great, or a decent film that makes you feel nothing? Spoilers, maybe.Oh, and send us your Disney Joel fanfic!Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Death Note'.- 'Wind River'.
Aug. 31, 2017
Oooooo. Sexy music time.Welcome folks, to LNDFPS. You've heard of us, I'm sure. This week is all about Soderbergh. Sexy, sexy Soderbergh. Or bank heist Soderbergh. You're choice I guess, but why choose? All Soderbergh, all the time! You're welcome.Fish chess. Titanic gods and minor-key social lives. You know.Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Magic Mike'.- 'Logan Lucky'.- Underscore podcast, the proof that music nerds exist.
Aug. 23, 2017
Welcome everybody, to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show! Happy to know ya. Jon's been diving deep in the memes, and Joel's throwin' stones at Hans Zimmer.This week, TERROR awaits. Will you succumb to the blind, psychotic rage of youth? Or will a possessed doll finally do you in? You'll have to wait for the end to find out!Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'The Fury'.- 'Annabelle: Creation'.
Aug. 21, 2017
Welcome back, folks. Hope you're listening to all your other favorite podcasts. 'Cause obviously your listening to this favorite podcast, the one that matters most.Ordeals aside, this week is all about Idris Elba. Well, Idris Elba as a child-soldier general and/or a gunslinger from another dimension. So that's the connection. No more questions, please.Get yer multiple drinks! And would you like avocado on that grilled cheese? Of course you would.- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Beasts of No Nation'.- 'The Dark Tower'.
Aug. 10, 2017
Welcome back, folks! If you didn't notice, WE MISSED A WEEK! Sincerest apologies, but we are back now.This week, Joel is making jokes that only Jon would get, but Jon isn't getting them. Oh, and the movies! Luc Besson strikes again with bright colors, burlesque babes, and awkward romance in a film A LIFETIME IN THE MAKING. Also Christopher Nolan gives us an alien invasion alt-history of World War II the best epic war film since Blue Valentine. Does any of this make sense?Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets'.- 'Dunkirk'.
Aug. 1, 2017
Welcome, one and all, to the latest iteration of your favorite podcast! Sleep deprivation, chronic lifelong insomnia, and just freaking the frack out.This week is a themed one, one of those perfectly-paired double features. Death, war, cute little girls who seem like red herrings but are really here to tear your heart out. Does any of this make sense? The more I listen to this show, the less I think anything makes sense. It's sort of beautiful, in its own sort of way.Get yer popcorn drinks!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Full Metal Jacket'.- 'War for the Planet of the Apes'.
July 21, 2017
Welcome to Tech Talk with Jon and Joel LNDFPS! You tuned in to the right station.This week, Shadow Shaman Jon and Forums Guy Joel watch two kind-of-related films. The match-up:- Jon Watts versus Bong Joon-Ho.- M.J. versus Mija.- Spiderman... versus Superpig.Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Okja'.- 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'.
July 18, 2017
Well hello, folks! We're just a couple of cave-dwelling podcasters, talking about computer cords and color calibration. Oh, and also movies!Southern hospitality, or songs about "Baby". Unwelcome visitors, or tinnitus. Whistling dixies, or heist maestros. Which film will the J's choose? Hard to say, you'll have to find out.But the history of candy...- - - - -Topics this week include:- The Beguiled.- Baby Driver.
July 13, 2017
Hello and welcome, you lovely people. This is LNDFPS, and we might not be the first double-feature review podcast... but we are the best.Prepare yourself for one of the most beautiful uses of the English language, and one of the most expensive. This week's face-off: the undrinkable Red Bull, versus the voiceless Bumblebee. Does any of this make sense? Hello?I'm aliiiiiiiiive...- - - - -Topics this week include:- The Last Unicorn.- Transformers: The Last Knight.
July 5, 2017
Why hello folks! Welcome back to LNDFPS, where we debate the difficult things and find practical uses for the Firefly box set, sleeves and all. No context.(Also the opening twenty minutes of this episode are particularly angsty, am I right? Not sure what's happening there.)This week we watch kids get lost in TWO films! That's right, two children-adventure-love-dramedy films, in honor of children everywhere. Now I'm pretty sure that the 'B' film is gonna be great, considering Wes Anderson writes/directs. And I've got a feeling that Henry is a murderous sociopath whose book no one should read. It's hard to know for sure without watching these films and talking about them. But hey, who needs forethought, when you have... instinct?Sleeves? Sleeves?! What is this, the Gap?- - - - -Topics this week include:- Moonrise Kingdom.- The Book of Henry.
June 29, 2017
Howdy folks! And welcome to this much belated episode of LNDFPS. We're sorry? You're welcome? So it goes. Anyways...You know what Jon hates? Family get-togethers with drunk aunts who want to spend awkward personal time with you. You know what Joel hates? Monster films where there is no monster. Suffice to say, there's something for everyone to hate this week. Trey Edward Shults, everybody!But in all seriousness... These films are pretty great... You should watch them... Okay...Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- Krisha.- It Comes At Night.
June 26, 2017
Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- Catwoman.- Wonder Woman.
June 10, 2017
Welcome folks, to our little pocket of the Internet. Yes, this is a podcast. At least I think it is... Hold on, let me Google that. Hello Jamie Elizabeth Sampson.Choose your early bird, matinee-priced film for the week. Behind door #1 lies an airborne zombie virus and a girl who deifies her teachers. And behind door #2? A seaborne illness caused by lack cabin fever and a noticable lack of Gore Verbinski. (Must studios run every successful franchise into the ground? Does capitalism demand wringing the life out of story, until the audience puts up its hands and shouts collectively in frustration? ENOUGH, ye film moguls. A pox upon you.)Anyways...Scorpions are gross. But chilis... on scorpions? Let's talk about that. [Insert Good Mythical Morning theme.]- - - - -Topics this week include:- The Girl with All the Gifts.- Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
June 2, 2017
Well hello. Welcome to Joel's new man cave, and some sort of podcast time hole. Hope you did your homework.So this is one of those feel-bad weeks folks. You choose: all-despairing TV reporters, or adorable couples who are destined to watch each other die. All-despairing couples, or adorable TV reporters who are destined to watch each other die. There is no choice.Get yer popcorn! And heads-up for massive spoilers for 'The Prestige'. Right off the bat, around 15:00-:50. You've been warned.Brain Tetris and Valentine's Day cards written by Mary Shelley.- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Christine'.- 'Alien: Covenant'.
May 27, 2017
Welcome, one and all, to the overly-dramatic return of the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show! You may applaud now...After a bit of home-moving, the J and the other J have something very special planned for you. The problem is, they can't agree on what it is. Jon thinks it's a study of heroes and their place in popular culture. Joel thinks it's a review of 'One Punch Man' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'. Who is right? It's hard to tell sometimes.Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'One Punch Man'.- 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'.
May 2, 2017
ANNOUNCEMENT TIME, boys and girls: LNDFPS will be taking a knee next week, to handle general apartment-moving shenanigans. Plus Joel just really does not want to watch 'The Circle', even though Jon thinks it looks "all right". So no episode; catch up on your backlog of epic podcasts, or go outside or something. The weather's nice, for goodness sakes.Meanwhile, this week is either a student film starring Bradley Cooper or an art-house mess starring Sharlto Copley (ensemble film my foot). Grab your favorite meat tenderizer or AR-70, because there will be only blood and pain in this episode of the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show. You're welcome.Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'The Midnight Meat Train'.- 'Free Fire'.
April 27, 2017
Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'John Wick'.- 'John Wick: Chapter 2'.
April 19, 2017
Get your Netflix indie feels on! This week the boys have to choose wisely: mumble-core about social norms, or hi-phi sci-fi about the afterlife? Spoilers, Macon Blair wins again.Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore'.- 'The Discovery'.
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