Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Late Night Double Feature Picture Show
By Joel Griswell & Jon Hudson
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Two films. Two dudes. It's all too much.
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Nov. 11, 2017
Welcome to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show! Hope your Halloween was okely dokely. 'Little Shop' fan-boying aside, you're in for a treat folks. Prepare yourselves for a brief revisitation to your favorite nostalgia-verse... Hawkins, Indiana! All your old friends are here, playing their stupid video games and battling splindly smoke monsters. But will this hold up to your fond memories of season one? Are slimy trash-monsters safe pets? What are high school dances? Can Eleven be the Dark Phoenix of Netflix, out-handing the manifested fear and phobia of all those she cares for? Or something like that. We don't deal in perfect metaphors here, folks. Get yer custom sodas and wings! And sponsor us please. - - - - - Topics this week include: - Stranger Things. (Plus wiki.)
Nov. 6, 2017
Bring all your friends, it's time to go, to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show! Thanks for listening; you're all heroes in our eyes.This week is all about ice queens and drunken has-beens. Snowmen, and... snowmen. Acts of true love, and getting away with muurrrrderrrr. You're welcome.And as a follow-up, this week Joel is totes over it. Easy comforts and hard love.Three beverages, Joel. Count 'em.- - - - -Topics this week include:- Frozen.- The Snowman.
Nov. 3, 2017
Hello, you fellow tab-aholics and one-tabbers, and welcome all to your favorite Internet show! Some time has passed since the last episode. But no echoes and micro-adjustments this week, so yaaaaay!! This week is all death and darkness. Demonic rituals and nightmarish death-loops, lines of salt and delicious cake, arcane icons and bubbly sorority chicks. Oh also religion podcasts and romantic roller coasters! You're welcome. Boodily bawdily boo! - - - - - Topics this week include: - A Dark Song. - Happy Death Day. - Also The Liturgists. Sponsored by: MoviePass Any service that wants to give Jon a card. COME ON!
Oct. 24, 2017
Howdy folks, and welcome to Beverage Chat LNDFPS! Um, we do have a confession to make. We messed up the audio this week, in such a way that the whole world occasionally echoes. We apologize for your sanity and its eventual draining away. This week, it's all cyber-punk neo-noire, all the time. Birth, life, death, and a surprising lack of Willem Dafoe. Is Harrison Ford a robot? Do GMO's cause birth defects? And most importantly, would you date a Joi? Now turn to page 45 in your hymnals, and we will igniciate intermission. Get yer popcorn! - - - - - Topics this week include: - What Happened to Monday. - Blade Runner 2049.
Oct. 11, 2017
Howdy folks, and welcome to LNDFPS, where we want you to get your podcast money's worth. Send your sick, sick podcast money to 123 Internet Lane. Joel sucks at lyrics and pop psychology, and Jon is getting sexy chicks fired. Excuse Joel's vagueries; he's having a whole life thing. Anyways, this week is all about Stephen King, Tom Cruise, bondage, and drug smuggling. That's it. You're welcome. Get yer popcorn! - - - - - Topics this week include: - Gerald's Game. - American Made.
Oct. 8, 2017
Howdy folks! For the record, this is the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show. That's for all you Cthulhu-steins out there.Looking for Wiccans? Angst? Puzzle games? Podcast networks? Then LOOK ELSEWHERE. Instead, the boys proffer you your choice of black-and-white or garish color. Barn friends or super-spies. Eye candy or human burgers. Choose wisely.Thank you for assuming the party admission position.Get yer soda drinks!- - - - -Topics this week include:- The Eyes of My Mother.- Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
Oct. 2, 2017
Howdy, and welcome back to LNDFPS! You've been warned. Nosferatu? This week, the boys review one Netflix sex-romance and one socio-political torture-porn. One Peter Strickland and one Darren Aronofsky. One endless repetition of past passions and pleasures, and one... oh wait. It's all life-bays and neurosurgeons from here. Penastri! Get yer popcorn! - - - - - Topics this week include: - The Duke of Burgundy. - Mother!. "Life is difficult, and dreams are strange. Things don't turn out as you plan. Everyone tells you this."
Oct. 2, 2017
Welcome, one and all, the the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show, where we are the interns. For context, see our other podcast. This week, it's crazy clown time! And it's real fun. What's your preference: red noses, or red balloons? Demon skin, or living nightmares? Jon Watts, or Andy Muschietti? Your poison: choose it. But first of all, when does the next season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premiere? Get yer popcorn! - - - - - Topics this week include: - Clown. - It. "The pairing comes through the reviewing and the versus-ing. Thus the whole world, chaos and order, turns into harmony and peace and justice and the American Way in the end."
Sept. 14, 2017
Well folks, we did it. We have returned for another episode of LNDFPS. You're welcome.This week, your choice is simple. An escape to the roof, or a rescue mission for your brother. A little cocaine to feel more aggressive, or some acid in a Sprite bottle. One singular take, or an unending string of bad things happening to bad people. Choose wisely, dear listeners.But first, Norm's. It's where life happens.Get yer hotcakes here!- - - - -Topics this week include:- Victoria.- Good Time.
Sept. 7, 2017
Welcome back folks. For the record, this is LNDFPS! Dot com. We strive to be the opposite of guilt.This week, would you rather author the deaths of your loved ones, or run barefoot in the snow until your alveoli burst and you drown in blood? Would you rather a poor film that references something great, or a decent film that makes you feel nothing? Spoilers, maybe.Oh, and send us your Disney Joel fanfic!Get yer popcorn!- - - - -Topics this week include:- 'Death Note'.- 'Wind River'.
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