Lost in Mistranslation
By SnapThirty
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Sept. 18, 2017
Were limits to not exist in this realm we dub reality, there would be nothing to strive beyond, to shatterContinue Reading
Sept. 15, 2017
With an unexpectedly long hiatus behind them, Kane and Matt ruminate on the facets of the universe that have plaguedContinue Reading
July 13, 2017
When the Luke is away, the Kane and Matt will spend 2+ hours talking about Jason Statham, Who Framed RogerContinue Reading
July 4, 2017
They say that an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. A deep and compassionate thought to beContinue Reading
June 26, 2017
Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat (a thought which is as horrible as itContinue Reading
June 19, 2017
It must be tough being a superhero. All that pressure. All those expectations. To live up to an impossible standardContinue Reading
June 12, 2017
Having spent a long few weeks radio silent, traipsing off to corners of the world filled to the brim withContinue Reading
May 1, 2017
Since the Earth was first formed over 4,000 years ago, evil has sought the souls of men. However, through trialsContinue Reading
April 24, 2017
When the world stands against you and you find yourself on the cutting room floor, there is only one thingContinue Reading
April 17, 2017
Since man first their image, reflected back to them on the surface of a still lake, they have pondered oneContinue Reading
April 10, 2017
There comes a time in everybody’s life when they must stop and ask themselves one important question: “What would IContinue Reading
March 26, 2017
The guys finally get around to talking about the new anime season this week and ponder what will fill theirContinue Reading
March 19, 2017
Digimon, Pokemon. Pokemon, Digimon. Whether you prefer your companion creatures to rest in your pocket or on your digital device,Continue Reading
March 12, 2017
Bell-bottoms, JNCO jeans, live action anime adaptations, Naruto AMVs. What do all these things have in common? Jack squat, butContinue Reading
March 5, 2017
With March finally upon the world, there is only one thing to do that makes sense: Talk about the brandContinue Reading
Feb. 26, 2017
Okay, so this episode might start of a little on the heavy, real world side, but rest assured, the guys areContinue Reading
Feb. 19, 2017
One hundred episodes go by and the world loses its mind. Honestly, an episode of this podcast following a timeContinue Reading
Feb. 12, 2017
One hundred. The big one. The moment when that counter hung oh so long on double digits gets the chanceContinue Reading
Feb. 5, 2017
When the Luke is away, the Frank and Jake shall play. They, along with Kane, shall also refuse to labelContinue Reading
Jan. 29, 2017
Be it passion, work ethic, or sheer insanity, those guys and gals who make manga happen sure are a busyContinue Reading
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