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By Craig Shoemaker

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Object oriented development, architecture and best practices in .NET
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Nov. 1, 2017 · transcript
Learning to trust the process, John Sonmez shares tips from the Complete Software Developer's Career Guide to
June 16, 2015
Join Craig Shoemaker as he interviews Elijah Manor on the ins and outs of React.js
April 8, 2015
Whether you are learning Angular for the first time, or are learning about some of the new changes on the horizon in Angular 2 - we're all still learning Angular.
April 22, 2014
John Sonmez discusses how to get your name out there and build a future for you as a software developer.
March 11, 2014
On one side you have a mild-mannered programmer who gets tweets from famous people that were never meant for him - and on the other side you have a well-known entertainer who really wants to get those tweets! This is a very special installment of the Polymorphic Podcast which features an interview with Craig Shoemaker the professional comic where we talk about confusion on the internet and some surprisingly odd similarities between two very different people.
Jan. 13, 2014
Learn about how, why and when to use HTML5 client-side persistence APIs including Web Storage, Web SQL, IndexedDB and File System.
May 8, 2012
Building attractive, well laid-out, responsive and useful websites can be hard enough, but sometimes just setting the foundations of basic interactivity can take longer than you’d like. Ladies and gentlemen, Twitter Bootstrap to the rescue!
June 20, 2011
What exactly is HTML5 anyway? When are you able to use HTML5 and what is the significance of the year 2022? (Hint: it’s not the end of the world!) In 'Introduction to HTML5' Craig Shoemaker answers these questions and more. The new sematic markup and HTML attributes along with the JavaScript API’s slated to ship with HTML5 are all detailed in this show.
Aug. 3, 2010
David Starr is the Curriculum lead on Developer Tools and Practices with Pluralsight specializing in agile software development practices. His enthusiasm and passion for raising the bar in software development makes him perfect to join the show to discuss software craftsmanship.
June 30, 2010
Javier Lozano joins the show to discuss his project MVC Turbine. MVC Turbine is a plugin for ASP.NET MVC that facilitates composition and provides a pipeline for inversion of control for your applications.
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