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A podcast featuring panelists of engineers from Netflix, Evernote & LinkedIn talking over drinks about all things Front End development.
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Latest episodes
Feb. 5, 2018
For our 50th episode, we are on stage live at the 2018 ngATL conference. We are joined by four of the talented speakers, Aimee Knight, Simona Cotin, John Papa, and April Wensel to talk about the state of Angular.
Jan. 22, 2018
We are back in 2018, for the first episode of the New Year we have two special guests, Shirley Wu and Amy Wibowo to talk with us about freelancing and running your own business. We discuss how to start freelance work, how to manage clients and how to handle difficult clients.
Dec. 19, 2017
It’s been a great year! With 2017 coming to an end, we’ve decided to talk the highlights, trends, and disappointments of the year. We also talk about what we’re excited about in 2018.
Nov. 27, 2017
Often times in our careers we’ve wanted to speak at conferences, meetups or even within our companies. It’s been a great way to share ideas and things we’ve learned. Giving a tech talk isn’t always the easiest thing. In this episode, we’ll be discussing what we’ve learned from our experiences and share advice on ways to help improve your next talk.
Nov. 14, 2017
In this episode of the Front End Happy Hour podcast, we discuss how as front end engineers we can impact security vulnerabilities in the applications and websites we are creating.
Oct. 30, 2017
In a previous episode, we discussed working with a recruiter during a job interview process. In this episode, we’re joined by Netflix recruiter, Bianca Bortolussi to discuss ways to help your engineering profile stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.
Oct. 15, 2017
Writing great code isn’t always the only part of our jobs. In order to impact changes on our teams or the business we need to be able to persuade others to buy into your ideas. This could be in the form of migrating to a new technology, process or even adding a new feature to a product. In this episode, we are joined by Shirely Wu to help us discuss how we can best sell our ideas and make an impact for our teams or clients.
Oct. 1, 2017
We all had to start somewhere. In this episode, we are joined by Preethi Kasireddy to talk with us about her and our experiences of being a beginner to coding.
Sept. 14, 2017
There’s always a lot to be done, but having a good work life balance is extremely important. In this episode, we are joined by Sarah Showers from LinkedIn, to talk with us about work life balance. We share our thoughts on what work life balance means to us and how our companies help foster a healthy work life balance.
Aug. 28, 2017
Maintaining and scaling code is an important aspect of our careers. In this episode, we discuss and share ideas to help keep a healthy codebase that will scale with your company.