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Dec. 8, 2016
On Fin Tales today we spoke with Alberto Mingardi, who is Director General and Co-Founder of the Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy’s leading free-market think tank, and also an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute, in the United States. We spoke about Italy’s recent constitutional referendum, the rise of the Five Stars Movement, its interaction with the Northern Alliance, and the fate of Italy’s prime minister, Mr Renzi. We also discussed the potential upcoming banking crisis, primarily involving Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, and the consequences for Italy’s continued membership of both the euro currency and of the EU itself. Recorded: 7th of December, 2016 Music by Scott Holmes
Nov. 18, 2016
On Fin Tales this morning, ten days after $300 billion dollars worth of cash in India was declared worthless by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, we spoke to to Alasdair Macleod, Head of Research at GoldMoney, about the implications of this extraordinary event both for India, and for the world. We covered the event itself, what caused the announcement, what may lie behind the announcement as regards the global banking system, and what the consequences may be as regards crypto-currencies, the gold market in India, and the potential eventual emergence of a gold-backed Yuan via the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which India is set to join in 2017, in conjunction with China, Russia, and Pakistan, along with several other central Asian nations. Recorded: 18th of November, 2016 Music by Scott Holmes
Nov. 2, 2016
On Fin Tales today, six days before the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election, we spoke to Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute, in Auburn, Alabama, about the election and its possible economic effects, whichever way it goes. Along the way we touched upon the gold market, Janet Yellen’s tenure at the Fed, Gary Johnson’s libertarian party performance, and the proxy cold war going on in Syria. Recorded: 2nd of November, 2016 Music by Scott Holmes
Oct. 18, 2016
On Fin Tales this afternoon we spoke to Godfrey Bloom about Brexit and its global implications. The topics covered included the actions of Prime Minister Theresa May on Article 50 and the repeal of the 1972 European Act, the built-in inertia of the UK political establishment and its opposition to Brexit, the effect of Brexit on the EU, the future of the Euro currency, and the potential for secession around the world in places such as Texas and Catalonia, potentially spurred on by Brexit. We also discussed the future of UKIP, the UK Independence Party, and how supporters of Brexit to help persuade UK politicians to keep it all on track. Recorded: 18th of October, 2016 Music by Scott Holmes
Oct. 11, 2016
To coincide with the U.S. Presidential Election, tonight we thought it would be interesting to talk about the financial consequences of current U.S. Foreign Policy, and how this could affect the dollar’s current world reserve currency status, especially combined with the result of the presidential election in November. We spoke with Patrick Barron, who’s an American economist, who has spoken internationally on such affairs, including in the European parliament, both in Brussels and Strasburg, and at the Institute of Economic Affairs, in London. Recorded: 10th of October, 2016 Music by Scott Holmes

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