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Welcome to a technology podcast with an Indian Perspective. The Tech Ka Masala (TKM) is a 30 min round up of weekly technology and internet news from all over the world but with a focus on the impact of these developments on India.
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Aug. 31, 2011
In this episode - Manan & I talk about the topic that may well turn out to be the biggest tech story of 2011 - Steve Jobs announcing his retirement. While there cant be a replacement, the succession plan has been well planned. The other stories discussed include Google's Motorola purchase, Samsung Annoucing ChatON, Reliance's 3G Tab, MapMyIndia's Carpad and we had almost forgotten HP's big announcement.
Aug. 20, 2011
Brendan Greeley joins us after a long time to talk about his feature story in BusinessWeek on Spotify entering the United States. In this podcast, he talks about how Spotify cracked the long standing question. How do we make something so much more convenient than piracy that we get people to pay for it. He also talks about his recent article on the US debt crisis and explains the standoff between the Democrats and the Republicans through the concept of game theory.
June 25, 2011
Manan and I talk about the much talked about Google Street view mapping program being launched but as soon as it did the Bangalore police sent them a shut down notice. YouTube also launched the Box Office with Band Baja Baaraat seems to be making an aggressive push into publisher content. We also spend sometime talking about 100 glorious years of IBM and wonder which new age company will still be around 100 years from today. We also briefly talk about, and NIC website getting hacked.
Nov. 1, 2009
Windows 7 is the best Windows version ever, so says Microsoft but this time everyone seems to be agreeing. Here is a TKM episode dedicated to Windows 7 special and we have Manan Kakkar join in as the Windows 7 expert to answer very basic questions and his expeiences with Windows 7 so far.
Oct. 11, 2009
What can bring china's internet to a screeching halt? - Lesbians or just the myth about a lesbian city. In other topics we talk about Kindle coming to India, Microsoft, Paypal killing a user account, Microsoft office - Starter Edition and snow leopard eating up user data. This week's news update include EU giving a go ahead to Microsoft's browser ballot solution.
Sept. 10, 2009
Tata is the top of the mind brand when it comes to cellular services but Tata Indicom has released a new plan costing Re.1 locals and Rs 3 for national calls on any network, no hidden clauses. After getting trumped in the last year by Apple, and Palm, Nokia seems to be on the offensive and is showing off its new wares. Other news that dominated the week include companies having patent developments. Microsoft and then Google. We also talk update you about a few stories that we spoke about last time followed with an email query about upgrading to Snow Leopard.
Aug. 25, 2009
After ISRO failed success with the first Chandrayaan mission, it is ready with the design for Chandrayaan-II mission. This time ISRO is planning to put actual human being on the lunar surface and is ready to spend Rs 12400 crores on the mission. Saket doesn't like it but I think the bragging rights are worth every rupee spent. In other topics, Hungama and BSNL have launched a new subscription music service, Yahoo and Microsoft strike a search deal and the Pirate bay deal may be off. We also respond to a twitter query and laptop buying advice.
July 19, 2009
After Google's entry into to Microsoft territory, Microsoft has announced a web version of Microsoft Office 2010. It matches and as Saket mention trumps Google Docs in a few ways. In other news, Facebook never disappoints in finding new ways to get itself into privacy trouble.This time it's for using user photos in ads that are being served on facebook, Amazon didnot want to get left behind in pissing off its clients and decided to delete a book sold to Kindle users. Other stories include Pirate bay's new business model, Youtue dumping IE6, and Apple kills Palm pre support.
July 12, 2009
This episode is slightly lengthy but it was a week filled with a news starting the G-bomb. This week Google announceed the Chrome OS for netbooks and marked Google's entry into the Microsoft turf. We talk about our hopes and concerns about Google's ability to support an OS. In tech news from India, the Planning Commision has launched a Rs. 2000 crore project to inter connect police stations, courts and other important offices with an ambitious deadline of 2011. India also saw Nokia launching its music store but we have our doubts if the severe DRM restriction will its adoption.
May 9, 2007
For our introductory episode we thought about getting someone who helps people realize their tech dream and so we have Avnish Bajaj, co-founder of and now with Matrix Partners. He agreed to have an informal conversation about enterpreneurship, VC funding and about his journey as an entrepreneur to a VC. The interview is a bit long (40 mins) but contains a lot of experiential thoughts.
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