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Hosted by Joe, Paddy and Jesse, Linux Luddites is a podcast where we try all the latest free and open source software and then decide that we like the old stuff better. Join us for news, reviews, and interviews with key industry players, as we bring you all you need to know from around the Linux and FOSS world.
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Dec. 21, 2016 · transcript
00:01:25 2016 in Review 01:12:29 Thanks, and the Future 01:18:26 Prediction Scorecard In our last show of 2016 we looked back over the events of the year, plus rummaged through the entrails to see whether the last twelve months had turned out how we’d previously predicted. And whilst one thing we didn’t see coming this […]
Dec. 12, 2016
00:01:06 News 00:40:48 Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 00:51:55 Feedback 01:05:35 Ubuntu Touch Damn it, Canonical. In our penultimate show, your Luddites genuinely wanted to be able to look forward to a glorious Linux-powered convergent future. But the harsh truth is that even after years of development, Ubuntu Touch remains stubbornly half-baked. Whilst progress on […]
Nov. 28, 2016
00:05:48 News 00:40:03 More Pi Gubbins 00:54:41 Feedback 01:03:19 Chapeau 24 For those not wanting to risk life and limb by living on the bleeding edge, a new release of Fedora is always a good time to look at derivatives based on the previous version. So this show we span up Chapeau 24, which aims […]
Nov. 14, 2016
00:03:09 News 00:32:49 Linux Voice/Linux Magazine 00:40:39 herbstluftwm 00:51:40 Feedback 01:08:39 Elizabeth K Joseph on OpenStack OpenStack has the justified reputation of being a complex set of technologies. This show we talked with Elizabeth K Joseph, whose new book provides an overview of the platform and some much needed practical hand-holding through your first few […]
Oct. 31, 2016
00:01:35 News 00:41:50 Paddy’s First Taste of Pi 01:08:40 Feedback 01:18:59 Software Engineering? After kicking off with the latest news, this show features a frank first impression of the Raspberry Pi, your feedback, and a discussion about the state of modern software engineering. Head on over to our website for full show notes with links […]
Oct. 17, 2016
00:06:51 News 00:54:57 KDE Plasma 5.8 01:15:47 Feedback 01:24:51 Phoenix OS With Joe and Jesse positively gushing over Plasma 5.8, this is clearly not your great-grandfather’s KDE. And sticking with the desktop theme, we also span up Phoenix OS, a properly windowed Android for your PC or tablet. Head on over to our website for […]
Oct. 3, 2016
00:04:55 News 00:51:49 Feedback 01:01:36 Rob Landley Interview With GPL enforcement back in the news, we thought we’d cut through the bull and speak to someone who’s been there, done that, and only got a very tattered T-shirt in return. So, after our usual news and feedback, we welcomed Rob Landley back on the show […]
Sept. 19, 2016
00:05:20 News 00:44:44 PiBakery, Tasksel & Magic Device Tool 00:59:30 Feedback 01:12:22 elementary OS Loki As well as our regular news and feedback, this show we talk about PiBakery, Tasksel and Magic Device Tool, which are three utilities that could improve your productivity. And also the latest release of elementary OS, which won’t. Head on […]
Sept. 5, 2016
00:01:05 News 00:38:04 UbuCon Europe 2016 00:47:20 fish Shell 00:58:55 Feedback 01:10:29 Desktop Customisation After the news, we hear about the upcoming UbuCon Europe from two of the organisers, Jesse goes fishing for compliments on his new choice of shell, we chew over your feedback, and round things off by disagreeing about the benefits of […]
Aug. 22, 2016
00:04:10 News 00:52:07 GalliumOS 01:00:19 Feedback 01:13:45 Lumina Desktop Environment First impressions matter, so it’s a bit of a shame that the new Lumina desktop looks fugly out of the box. Something it shares with Xfce which, smartened up in GalliumOS, is proving a real keeper on Joe’s Chromebook. So is there hope for Lumina? […]

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